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2000 BOMB 

Virginia Military Inst 

Lexington, Virginia 
tfr ' Volume 10^" 






f M Ai / ' 


H II ft W 



l^tla&m /^^tti^Sl 



I lLW,",!-', ," '*f Wl l )fW>,(W I »l'W ,' I I I MHM 

r - r t l . 

■CLASS Ol T 1 

'» •'" 

94. HALL 

On November 1 1, 1999 the Insti- 
tute celebrated its 1 60th year in 
existence. The highlight of the 
celbration was the awarding of 
the Distinguished Service Award 
to William A. Hallet Jr. 47 and 
Peter M. Meredith X 50B. The VMI 
Foundation's highest honor, the 
Dsitinguished Service Award is 
awarded to those whose pro- 
fessional acheivements, 
contribtions to society as well as 
to VMI have brought credit to 
the Institute. After addressing 
the Corps of Cadets, a review 
parade was held in their honor. 

■9 r -- ^ 











For over 160 years, the 
Virginia Military Institute has 
produced leaders, not just in 
the military, but in the private 
and civilian sectors as well. 
We come from all over the 
United States and from every 
corner of the world. From 
every walk of 
life and 

culture. Some 
of us come 
here knowing 
what to 

Some of us 
are oblivious 
to the system 
we are about 
to enter, but 
we are all 
together, by 
the desire to 
knowledge, learn discipline, 
and become the leaders of 
tomorrow. The self-sacrifices, 
hardships, and adversity 
each cadet must deal with 
and overcome, leaves us 
well suited and ready to 
take on the challanges that 
tommorow's leaders will 


HAiN of Command 

Colonel Leroy D. Hammond 

Executive Officer 

Colonel Michael M. Strickler 
Director Of Public Relations 

Colonel James S. Park 


I ' 


* .-' 



••tot ' 

Colonel Robert L. Green 
Director Of Cadet Affairs 

Major Julianne Flu 

Asmsiatit Director of C \\ 

Commandant's Staff 

Colonel James .n. JoyneR 


Deputy Commandant 

Major Laura Offsteim 

Deputy Commandant for Cadet Life 

Captaim Gary A. Bissell SGM Alviii N. Hockaday Holly Leach Lynn Brizendine Kay Hanes 

CVwmidwtS3 Srkoi ■AniMfcinnioini -. CoKrs Danielle Morris Sandi Shiplett 

Commandant Secrataries 

Regimental Staff 

Kelly R. Underwood 

Regimental Commander 


John T. Hartsock 


Justin Q. Wood 
S-5 Captain 

Timothy M. Joyce 
S2 Captain 

Stephen E. Fern 
S-6 Captain 



Tom B. Craiq. 

S3 Captain' ■-' 

Charles J. Brady IV 
Regimental XO 

Collin P Mahle 
S*4 Captain 

Harold R. CAffcEg" 

S-l Ln i ■ 1 1- > \TT 

Christopher P. Haddoc 


Regimental Sergeants 

Richard Z. GRoen 

R. Price Lykims 

Brett L. Carter 

Color Guard 

William M. Boulware 
Sergeant Major 

Victor E. Zottig 


Anthony M. Gelormine 




David B. Russell 





Nathaniel W. T. 







Shawn T. Seqreti Steven E. Mcmenamin 

S-l S2 


Paul M. Lee 

Executive Officer 


Nicholas M. Harding 


Justin V. Cole 

Scott J. Kuebler 

I S-5 

Chris J. Lowrance 

Derick P. Boqdon 

Sergeant Major 


Commamder Executive Officer 

William S. Johnson 






Whitaker R. Johnston 

First Class Officers 2000 


Charles Keane Jones 

Vice- President: 
Kelly R. Underwood 

Justin G. Wood 

Second Class Officers 2001 


Charles C. M. Bunting 

Vice- President: 
Charles A. Ransom 

Aaron L.Mitchell 

Third Class Officers 2002 

Mark D. Grigsby 

Vice- President: 
Jackson S. Castleberry 


Joshua Schreiber - Schoovan 


First Class Representatives 

President: William T. Warthen 

Vice President for Judicial Affairs: Nathan K. Friedline 

Vice President for Operations: Odudu E. Ekpoudom 

Prosecutor: James A. Boatright 

Prosecutor: Nathaniel W. T. Rhodes 

Second Class Representatives 

Assistant Prosecutor: 
Assistant Prosecutor: 
Assistant Prosecutor: 
Assistant Prosecutor: 
Assistant Prosecutor: 
Assistant Prosecutor: 

William C. Alley 
Douglas T. Bates IV 
William M. Boulware 
Richard T. Bruce IV 
Reocel M. Mercado 
Adam Wovtowich 

President - Murray, BC 
Vice President - Epperly, DB 
Secretary - Vordermark, MT 
P.C.C -Alvarez, DA 


Alpha - Burns, |\V Echo - Thornton, |A 

Bravo - Bartolomeo, |R Foxtrot - Huffman, WW 

Charlie - Clarke. EL Golf - Englehard. DC 

Delta - Cox, ] Hotel - Skusa, BD 

Band - Kennedy, TD 

Phillip D. Hopkins 
Matthew T. Williams 
Jason R. Maslow 
Robert Kennedy, II 
Thomas J. McCarthy 
James H. Banton 
John E. Chisolm 
Alec T. Morris 

Operations Officer 
James C. Witten 

William D. Ferguson 
James K. Meyers, II 
Douglas A. Massie 
Stephen E. McMenamin 
Eric J. Schnable 
Richard A. Holland 
Stephen J. Roman 
Craig A. Giorgis 

Brent D. Kennedy 

Second Class Representatives 

Keith A. Just 
David R. Nagel 
Russell W. Savatt, IV 
Brian C. Wilson 

Alpha Company 

Hard Core 

Bravo Company 

Ball Bustin 

Charlie Company 

' •' 3 !*v' BH k 


,. i&n -...- h^iW*^ Wut&Mk* 

Cold Steel 


First Sergeant 

Drew R. Conover 

Master Serqea^i 

Delta Company 

P iS 

Al^ s if4?l 

Mad Dog 

Echo Company 

v fc 


. * $&*? 


Nathan K. Friedline 

Company Commander 



Frank L. McCabe 

First Sergeant ; 

Picture Hot Available 

Platoon Lieutenant 

4 s 


1 Reocel M. Mercado | 

Golf Company 

/ A 
Uood and GutsL 


Hotel Company 

Hard Chargin 

Band Company 

Colonel John A. Brodie 

Director of the Regimental Band and Pipes 

Drum Major 
Matthew Keller 

1st Platoon Lieutenant 
Brent Kennedy 

2nd Platoon Licutc 
Paul Kecton 

1st Sergeant 
Jon Tempone 

Operation Sergeant 
Kevin Consedine 

Master Se 
ames Michu 








In Memorium 

Our Brother Rats 
Class of 2000 

duante amann 

Nathan Kowrach 

David Stormont 


Nathan Kowrach 

David Stormont 


y ^Jp; ^1 

■ ■ 

Christopher L. Abbott 

Naples, Fl 

v y 

Eric M. Adams 

Chesapeake, VA 

Landon R. Allen 

Clifton Forge, VA 

Corky, Shoeless Joe 
Army ~ Electrical Engineering 

Army ~ Economics 

td" Allen 
Marine ~ Mechanical Engineering 

years, the discipli 

Of course how was I to know that 
-ahead would be the experience of a lifetime. I'm 
really not sure how I want to be remembered when 
I leave this starchy old place. Maybe as a member 
of the notorious PSP or founder of the SDC, or maybe 
as the shortest #1 served (28 hr). Who knows I prob- 
ably will be remembered by my roommates as al- 

mates and FT44. To Craig, NY is the place to be. 
We've seen a lot together and been at the brink of 
success and failure, most of all we survived. For the 
future! only ask which South American country would 
you like? To Chris, speak up son, I've always enjoyed 
'breaking into your quite world, preferably with the 
claw. I will always remember you and of course seek 
you for medical attention. To Beau, the wounded 
soldier. Most closely linked to my kin, cowboy hats 
and hunting, I'm just sorry my vote didn't count as 
much as the others. As for everything else, the sparse 
living of the "I" and the harsh yet somewhat reward- 
ing experiences that I have encountered, has pre- •• 
pared me to take on any challenge life has to offer. 
But when I look at myself and the journey I've trav- 
eled I see a great deal of growth. For several years 
I have searched to find how God fits into my life and 
as I began my firstclass year he revealed himself to 
me in the way I have been searching for. I have to 
thank God for providing me with two incredible par- 
ents whom set the stage for all that I have achieved. 
As for the future, life is a long strange trip and I can 
only brace for the next adventure. 

^How long was it? Forever? Could have done 
other things I guess. Could have sipped from the 
clear springs of the Sierra Nevadas. Could have 
found answers on the seas. Could have caught the 
plague and faded from this earth unknown and 
unwept. Instead I buried myself in a landslide of 
confused understanding. Underneath the blunt un- 
knowing of these eight corners I reached out my 
hand, and felt the hands of others grasping in a like 
manner. Fingers clasped and through times and pains 
we pressed forward against the obtrusive elements. 
It was dark mostly-ana our hands were cold, but we 
held on. 

, The hands'that have helped me have 
made me strong. With this strength the leaden weight 
of fate can cause me no fear. I will leave the nest 
soon and fly my own way. I will leave that which has 
torn me to bits and then stood by whitest the hands 
of others nursed back to life. I will leave, but will 
never forget. 

Roomates... Kevin Braun (Keep chillin) 

Danny Boyers (Don't worry kid, I'll call 

Vern Dooley ( Kid you better call me) 

Activities. ..Cadet Waiter 3,2,1 (My fondest 
memories of the I) Track and Cross Country 4,3 (No 
comment) Soccer Club 21 Rock Climbing Club 1 
Chilled 4,37S^Jook No for an answer (defines my 

WTiooooo!TA7here dqes fhTs!3runT rednecFbei 
gin? Gotta luv "the I" fonehowing me all the things 
not to do as a leader. Ifvkcan remember all " 
mistakes of the commandant's office then I'll be> 
the best officer The Marine Corps has ever : 
Here's to all the nights flyin' down the 164/81 corridor 
at Mach 1 beating taps status checks; frat 366 \ "' 
always be the coolest pldce to throw down; r. 
Bullsnips buddies Fat Boy Slim, Soul Fighter, Sticks, 
Buzz, Jester, Gecko, LZ, and The Marine Luv Fl< 
Goddess, I'll see you at The Big v... Hey Candidate 
Joyce, you better get some rofetet fuel! (just kid- 
ding argh argh argh) To all those OCS victims that: 
couldn't bring themselves to finish what they started, , 
best of luck finding something that you'll feel asi 
good about doing. Hindsight is 20/20; remember 
tnat.Can I get an amen for all the Mechanical Engi- 
neers that suffered and slept through class with me? 
William Wardace. Soul Fighter, Stew, Bull Rat Nates 
and the rest of you crazy cats; I couldn't have made; 
it without knowing that I wasn't struggling alone ** 
least we know that the purple reamer is in good 
hands. God help "Industwy" if we ever get jobs!!! 
=)To my email girlfriend, you made my prison sen- 
tence bearable. GPA Killa, you were worth it. Tom 
ring figure date, maybe I should have let you bac 
out on me. To my rat girlfriend, I called it straigh 
about you, nasty thing. To all the rest, thanks for the | 
good times ana the lessons learned. And for those! 
crazies that I helped make it through the ratline so 1 
that they could experience three more years of j 
VMI good deals, ha suckas!!! I wish you the best and I 
seriously suggest a semester at a real college Al- 
ways do the right thing for the right reasons and 
remember your experiences when you are leading I 
the corps. Keep our dykeTifoe traditions alive when 
It's your turn to condemn some poor souls to four { 
years of hell. In Dedication, Determination, and Dis- j 

Landon Allen 


1997- Craig Himel 

Mike Newton, Patrick Schaerrer 


1997 - Brian Hornamann 
2003 - David Mayo, Josh Robinson 


1997 - Mike "The Dyke" Guarin 

2003 - Trey "Trizae" Dressier 

^ V. 

Ronald J. Allen, JR. 
Shrewsbury, MO 

Ron, Porkchop, Macho Nacho 
Navy ~ Mechanical Engineering 

Daniel A. Alvarez 

Springfield, VA 

Michael E. Amann 
Stafford, VA 

Army ~ English 

Navy ~ History 

tie "real world", I often prayed that I would make 

I chose VMI because 11 

le most challenging of all the optl 

: he right decision. I chose VMI because I thought it 
/as the most challenging of all the o " 
onsidering and that if could prepare me o be a 

haval officerl t became brutally apparent that VMI 
would be a challenge when.l was "welcomed" to 
he Corps of Cadets by a sweatyred faced, scream- 
hg corporal who didn't seem too sure that I should 
t>e at VMIthe number and depth of the friendships 
jhat I have at the end of four years. From my per- 
'pective as a rat, I never anticipated that I would 
iave some of the best moments of my life while a 
fcadet (although many of theim did not include be- 
hg at VMI). I have befriended people I will never 
orget, and done things I probably couldn't have 
tone elsewhere.To all my roommatesthroughoutmy 
our years here,(Mike,Brent Harrlngton,Brent Kennedy, 
phuck.MartyRyan) thank you for putting up with me 
bnd I'll miss all of you. To Band Company: I truly be- 
feve that this is the best company at VMIYI am proud 
:o say that I was in the Band, and wouldn't have 
;>een in any other company. To our rats, Shawn, Kyle, 
Htuart. ana Goober, you have a long tough road 
ftihead of you, but don't give up. I guarantee that it 
kill be the best trip of your life. Shawn, I never had 
'loubts you would do wellYou surpassed my expee 
nations as a student, cadet, rat, and mostly frieridYou 
ave a bright future with many doors wide open to 
ilou.Keep up your effort and intensity. My last piece., 
pf advice to you for surviving three more years is to* 
'ilways put things in perspective. To use a familiar 
l i|uote, "Don't sweat the small stuff At VMI, there's a 
pt of "small stuff" to worry about, so don't let this 
i )lace get to you. Finally, I need to thank my parents 
| or their constant supportThey listened to me cry on 
I he phone as a ratand listened to me complain as 
: in upperclassmanThe bottom line is that they al- 
ways listened. I wouldn't be where I am without you 
Mom and Dad. I love you!! I also need to thank my 
lancee, Elizabeth, who was always there to turn to 
/hen things weren't nninn rinht rnftpn> 

Needless to say, I am relieved that four years have 
come and gone. I am glad that I chose VMI as my 
school, no matter how much I have grown to hate 
her; I have likewise learned to love her— blemishes 
and all. I thank God (Who I have learned Is not a 
silent One) for a chance to live, a chance to do 
something/anything of some importance in life, a 
chance to irritate my the name of 
positive change. Thank You for never turning away, 
^although I often fled. I thank my mother, who has 
Sttways loved me — even when, in my earlier youth, I 

5 an incorrigible burden— and who taught me the 

knows, I was"q grade-school menace turned high 
.school tornado. But you never stopped believing in 
me, that I was a good kid, even when everyone else 
had given up on me, and left me for the streets. I 
thank my father for teaching me perseverance, and 
Instilling In me the courage and conviction to fight 
for what I believed in, even when it meant being 
alone and hated, Also, I thank you for never hiding 
your weaknesses, so that I could learn from them. I 
thank my brother for letting me look up to him all of 
these years. You/re a good role model. And to all my 
friends at the T— Jeb, Alec, Ben, James "Satan, 
Tony E„ Drew. Jimmy B„ Devo, Scott, Scarface, Fer- 
ret, Pat McD., Timmy J.. Steve McM., %an M , Andy 
"Tsar; Kell U., Justin W„ Supon, Inyama. Hdddie. Chazz 
etc, etc. — I'm sure-going to miss you guys. You made 
VMI bearable. Go about life with a passion to help 
^jnd rebuild, those who have been hurt and that which 
rabs been torn-down: 

*| What is your life? 

|ffFor you are a mist that appears for a little while 
cm then vanishes. 
— James 414 

Mike Amann didn't have an ordinary cadetship 
while at VMI; but then again Mike wasn't an ordinary 
guy. As the son of a government family, he moved 
around quite a bit, spending time in Arizona, Califor- 
nia and Hawaii. In 1992, Mike settled in Stafford, 
Virginia with his family While in High School, Mike 
enjoyed performing with the Jazz Band and helped 
create a varsity lacrosse team. Mike was particu- 
larly fond of water sports and activities. He served as 
a lifeguard for the YMCA and Stafford County Parks 
and Recreation. During his life spend around the 
water, Mike became a certified Dive Master and 
enjoyed wreck diving with his father. Mike arrived at 
VMI on that fateful August day in 1996, when we all 
traded in our youthful freedom in exchange for some- 
■■thlng a little more interesting: the life of a Rat. After 
a year spent enduring the rigors of the ratline and 
the VMI lacrosse team, we decided to room to- 
gether for the academic ratline. We both took our 
hits during third class year. After a lot of consider- 
ation, Mike decided to realize a dream he had for 
quite a while, and become a United States Marine. 
He trained at Parris Island, SC: Camp Lejuene, NC; 
Camp Pendleton, CA and a brief tour with the In- 
structors Battalion at TBS Quantico. VA in order to 
eventually become a Crew Chief of an Amphibian 
Assault Vehicle. Mike returned to VMI in pursuit of a 
Degree in History and continued his training and ser- 
vice with the Marines as a reservist at NAB Little Creek, 
Norfolk, VA. Mike was a quiet and reserved indi- 
vidual at first glance, but I grew to know him as a 
brother and a.loyal friend. His strong motivation and 
great determination allowed him to follow his heart. 
May we all live as true to ourselves as Mike did. 


1997 - Edward Ramatowski 
2003 - Shawn Herrick 

1997 - Ki Kim 
2003 - Charles Wagner 


Seaton E. Angley 
Shavertown, PA 

«^3» ^! 

John B. Archer 

Appomattox, VA 

lesse FfTvlendoza 
Michael H. Angley 

Radarman 3™ Class, US Navy 

Seal Team Commander, Stoop Ninja 
{rm ~ ('■iH'WHiry Army ~ Chemistry JMath Minor _ 

"■(guess this isTfiefTrsTstep toward fne endThis was 
definitely the right decision for me as I was coming out 
of high school. I just want to say thanks to my family 
for supporting me. To mom ana dad, I finally got you 
to give me some space although I had to do it the 
hard way, the VMI way of doing things. Heather, thanks 
for being there to cheer me up even though you 
thought! was smoking crack-when I applied to VMI. 
Dale, you have been the older brother that I never 
had and I am sure we will always be best friends. 
Thanks for caring so much. I love all of you and don't 
know what I wouldhave done without each of you. 
Now it is time to reminisce about the past three 

Co, H, 28 ,h Infantry, 8 

World War 
World War II, Europe 


Purple Heart 
The insanity of VMI is finally over. It was toug 
there for a while, but I made if That's all I have t< 
say about this place. Harold, although it wasn't un 

der ideal circumstances (or maybe it was), that Sat- years. The ratline... well it was the rat line. It was the 
urday of hell week was one of the best days of my founddtion for some of the best friendships anyone 


life. Statementl'Watch this!" ResponseTm not gc 
puke." AftermathfDamn hell !?! Justin, in the battle 
of Good (chemistry majors) vs. Evil (chemistry pro- 
fessors), we win! * jared, "Note how the wild dingo 
smells his prey, attacking in teams of two: - To my 
other brother rats: Stefan "Quality comes from 
■Connecticut-conduct pro, anyone?", Ethan "Big 
worm" Ross "Dude!" Matt "Hazin's Amazin" Colin "Mr. 
Mahle, bone them, bone them all ?!?" , John "Oh- 
hell no!!" Ben "You nasty little maggot, STRAIN!!': 
"Fat" Tony, Pat "Lee Harvey Haddock': and all the 
rest... I'll see you on the other side. Rah Virginia Mil !!!!!! 

Rat-4, Guard Room Assault Force-4, Number One 
Club-4, Conduct'Pro-4. Golf 1" Corporal3, Nearly 
got busted3, Goimrfaster Sergeant-2, RDG2, Got 
busted-2. Told I wasBtallowed on RDC 1 s ' class year- 
2, Conduct Pro-2. Trot Class Private-! American 

dream of although three of them left me 
stranded here for three years: Coop. Chad, and 
Spev. But it wasn't until my third class year that I met 
the best friend and roommate possible. Micah, it 
has been a blast! We managed to have a good 
time no matter if it involved the random seal mis- 
sions, kareoking. Hank, or just staring at each other 
from across the room. Mac, I hope the rest of our 
lives are filled with the same amount of "qualitiness" 
because I know we will stay in touch, Sami, we are 
finally roommates,- so now I don't have to run 
way down to your room for a good laugh. Cat 
back up with .me after you're done enjoying tl 
huah lifestyle. Shawn, thanks for joining me on trv 
flip side of rank. Nick, the summers were full of 
good times, great beer, lots of fishin' and many BV 
beauties. Craig, Derrick, Mike, Jared, and Peter, just 
remember that a country boy can survive this place 
too. Well everybody, I have really enjoyed it and I 
hope to that we will all cross paths in the future. I 
don't know what else to say except Micah, I'll see 
ya when we move our stuff intd our room at the 
retirement home. P-TOWN! 

Christian A. Arllen 

Ivy, VA 


Army ~ Electrical Engineering 

Rat: 4: Pvt: 3: Sgt: 2 everyone makes a mistaki 
Pvt: 1; Rat Challenge: 4, S. Glee Club: 4. 3; Chapi 
Marchall: 3: RAC VP: 2: R«p Pres.: 1; CCS: 2; CC 
Pres.: 1: Rm. 3/2/128 Rubber'Band Ball Team; Dear 
List: 4; MRE Bomb Brigade: 2% 

I think that if you live tpgether for three yea> ; 
and the only thing you ever argue about is whethci 
or not to open the window at night, and the merit c| 
overhead light use it means that you must hav 
become fast friends somewhere in between thos 
arguments. Perhaps it happened during the man 
conversations about ignorant boning practices c 
certain Tac Officers, 'or intellectual conversatior 
about our "beloved" I, or all the 3/2/1 28 production 
that you and I kind of took the back seat on, having 
the least amount of musical talent in the room. Pej 
haps it had something to do with the two of us be- 
ing the only faithful ones to the 28s. We survive* 
and appreciated Will Dawkins (including Gen. Patto: 
and the Texas A&M Band), and that French kid wh>i 
stunk but I know that the key to my survival was yo 

ens the countenance of his friend (Prov. 27:17).' 
greatly appreciate you brother.- The Lord has usei 
you greatly in my life, and ! know that He will cor 
finue to use you in others lives as long as you remai- 
vQitbf'j!. Thanks for all the encouragement. Can' 
I I luly the 2 nd huh? I'm excited too. "The frienc 
who attends the bridegroom waits and listens fc 
him. and Is full of joy When he hears the bridegroom 
voice. That joy is mine).06>hn 3:29)." - Chad 

ence, Chemistry-1. The Last Class-4.3.21.. forever. 

1997 - Gary Compton 
2003 - Thomas Lauro 


1997 - David "Coop" Cooper 

2003 - Craig Howard, Derrick Overstreet 


1997 - Jeff Henderson 

2003 - Jacob Agnew, David Bull 

Robert J. Arvin III 
Oswego, IL 

Richard E. Baltimore, JR. 

Powhatan, VA 

B.J. , Mailman 
Marine Corps ~ History 


Army~ Civil Engineering 

Alhaji S. Bangura 

Greensboro, NC 

Army ~ Economics 


Private 4.21; Cpl 3; Sat 2; Hotel Guidon Bearer 1; 
"' IX Representative \: The Standard 1; Rat Chal- 

e 3.2, CIC 1; Big Red Club 4H; Black Sheep of the 

>TC Unit 4,3,2; Bottomfeeder 3; Disenrolled 2; S-5 
Guide 3; Cadet Staff 1; Strength and Fitness 

> 1; Vtvll Firefighters 1; Club 142 1; Scott Ship ref- 
ge 21; 

Well, four years at VMI. What can I say but that 
It wasn't for the friends that I made here, I would 
ave almost nothing positive to say about this place. 
ure I got a great education and a degree but with- 
iut people like Brian, Clint, Jason, Duke, Kyle, Tony, 
iam, Fudd, Pat, Matt, Touchy Feelly Neely, Tim, Paul, 
aul, Carl, Fuzzy, Kim, Will, phd Tharen, this place 
/ould have really sucked. You all made this place 
■earable with the only two methods I think you can 
lo it by: laughing and bitching. And even though 
0% of you think! shouldn't be getting married yet, 
ou're all invited. Kristen, besides my parents, you 
ave had to put up with this place the most whether 
be the distance between us or the bitching. I love 
ou for sticking by me through my last two years 
ere. ■-, Mom and Dad, you have definitely put up 
(tith fhe brunt of my complaining about the place 
"nd I thank you for it. You have done a hell of a lot 
3 make sure that I finished here. To the NROTC Unit, 
orry things didn't work out but I feel that I have. 
loved on to better. I probably make things out to 

fearned a lot rat year from Ed and Matt Probably-, 
hore than I ever wanted to but I have to say thanks, 
b the 142 rats of 2003. never turn your backs on 
ach other. Loyalty is a key to success here. You 
light not be able to stand each other but be there 
ta back each other up when someone is in 
eed.Nate and Mike: I know that the two of you are 
I a better place and I thank you both for the time 
pat I was able to spend with you and what I learned 
fom both of you. 

Hard to believe we made it this far. huh? Here 
we have come from two drunk/sick ba""ards 
slumped over a canoe together to 'VMI men! what- 
ever that means. I have known Rich for about as 
long as I can remember, in fact I would like to thank 
his father at this time for my first experience with 
Playboy many years ago. Rich has indeed ALWAYS 
chosen the 'road less traveled,' sornetlmes for spite 
I think, and other times I am certain that he has 
.better vision than the rest of us and is able to see 
^he Dukette and the keg of beer at the end. Along 
this 'road less traveled', Rich never hesitated to take 
a hap (it's in the dyke-line I think) , but as we near 
the end of this particular journey it is quite clear that 
he will persevere whatever failures come his way. 
For instance, his failed attempt at a third #1 this year, 
resulting in a disappointing #4. So, with a lot of help 
i from the Governor, and little (if any) from the rest of 
. the 'Chain of Command! Ricn will join the ranks of 
: VMI men with his sanity in tact. He is a friend for life, 
: and a true Brother Rat . . someone to trust your life 
with, and someone to argue your whole life with in 
■ our case. We may disagree on many things Rich, 
but I know damn well you will always be there for 
me in the end, and you can count on the same 
from me. Rich, fbday may have been a s""y day, 
just like the 1460 before it, but tomorrow looks a hell 
of a lot better. Keep your gloves up"\PK The ONLY 
thing about this school that I'm thanftful for right 
now is my education and my life long friends I ve 
met here. Scott, Paul, Mick, Whistle-Britches, Kenny, 
\Joey, and everyone else (you know who you are) , I 
rappe we never lose touch, I hope we have better 
filings to talk about other than VMI when we see 
ejach other, and I hope for the best for all of you. To 
IvpTi and the rest of my family: you're my motiva- 
tion, I love you, and I hope I continue to make you 
' Dad, thanks for. picking up the tab. I love 
You're my idol! 

Well this has been the mark of my cadetship. not 
surrendering until I don't have any options left. I'm 
typing this with 10 minutes left because if I don't I'll 
get a failure to comply. That is what I've had to deal 
with my whole cadetship demerits, penalty tours, 
and pointless rules, they suck, and for my room- 
mates thanks for nothing, all those SMIs that I had to 
stand alone because you kids had to form up with 
the ever so "popular" band. Didn't really do much 
during my cadetship, sucked up a lot of bones like 
everybody, did my thing, never gave up without a 
fight, well most of the time. To all the people after 
me all I have to say is shame on you for coming to 
this school 



1997 -Ed Bonham 

2003 -Joseph Pederson, Phil Smolinski 


1997 - Trey Dail 

2003 - Skip Carleton 

1997 - Dale Burdette 

Will Alexander, Heidi Theule 

James H. Banton, Jr. 

Chesterfield, VA 

Marine ~ Civil Engineering 

: .^iTTk^h^t^t^meadlaid - "WhaTaTong 
• strange trip It's been." Rat year with Devo and Jim 
was great pulling our "all nighters" Plus you can't 
forget that our room was the 4" class arcade room. 
It was too bad that Matt didn't make it through with 
'tis. I'll always remember the time we all got Jeff 
that night of exams and Uncle Ron came in our 
room to try and find the coffee maker with Jeff 
naked under the bathrobe! Third and second class 
year only got better with Alec and Scott entering 
The room. Between our wrestling matches and little 
parties (So Co and puking out the window) in the 
room, no wonder our grades weren't the greatest, 
but hey we made"it and are still here! There are so 
many experiences we had together that are price- 
less. I don't even know how to explain them all 
without taking up the entire space in this Bomb. I 
can't forget the rest of the guys from Goldcoast, 
did we have a good time or what? Dan and Jeb 
with their yelling after taps, Ben always being the 
friend from home. Dave, Tony and JJ Money always 
•trying to get out of something! We can never for- 
get Bubba who always gave us a run for our money 
and Keane always wanting some food. Never will 
I forget the PLC guys, Matt Tharon, Khaler, Clough, 
and all our honorary members. We showed all the 
rest how things really get done. Never forget the 
Third Squad Salute! Then there was Dferg and I at 
Parris Island for the greatest/worst summer of them 
all. Plus Sloth, Steve, and "Cat" with our late nights 
In "the Lair/ Club Bone." The most thanks goes to 
God and my Family. Without all of you there is no 
way I would have made it. Mom, Dad, thanks for 
giving me that extra push to get me going Every- 
one here will remember you guys and the sisters, 
especially with the matching jackets! As for my rats, 
stay focused and never lose sight of your dreams. 
Even though VMI has significantly changed, try to 
make to best of it. There Is still some things you can 
learn from this place. Hey as Jimmy Buffet says, 
"Some of it's magic, some of it's tragic, but I've had 
a good life all the way." 


1997 -Jason Roberts 

2003 - Dan Haeker, Justin Trenta 

Guillermo A. Barquero 

Arlington, VA 

Joseph R. Bartolomeo, Jr. 

Chesapeake, VA 

Air Force ~ Computer Science 

--ComTngTo - VrvTTfouT yedTTdgbTreairyTiaa' no 
idea what to expect. I remember being dropped 
off and seeing all of the upperclassmen in their bath- 
robes just relaxing and thinking to myself, this place 
isn'tsf.hat bad. Well, I was in for a rude awakening; it 
never got better. I went from being a rat. to being a 
rat with a radio, to being a rat with a ring and finally 
a rat with a rat. I am however very indebted to VMI 
for the lifelong friends that it has given me. They 
have made my stay here all the more bearable and 
even enjoyable. I don't know if I would have stayed 
here had it not been for them. Lei Wang, Aaron 
Cantley, Mike McDaniel, FJ Lucero, Bobby Kennedy, 
and Frank Jackson, I will never forgive you for mak- 
ing me'stay at VMI, but I am certainly glad that I did. 
To all of my rats in CB 116, nang in there 
and just remember to make the most of your time 
here at the "I" You will hate it while you are here but 
it will be something that you can look back at with 
pride, for you have chosen the road less traveled. 

My Activities - Wrestling 4, 3 ; Boxing 2, 1 ; Sem- 
per-Fi Society 4, 3 ; Cervantes-Marquez Club 4, 3, 2 
; Big Red Club 2, 1 

Bob-O, Bart 

Army ~ Economics 

Wow - four "years" iiTTieTis~corning" fo~ cTclose - 1 
never thought the day wawld come. VMI turned oui 
to be nothing like I though^ I've learned here thai 
nothing is what it seems. Something that looks s(l 
perfect from the outside can be severely screwecj 
up on the inside. For those who can't read between 
the lines I'm saying VMI isn't VMI anymore. No mat] 
ter what anyone says, VMI IS DEAD!!! The one thing j 
will cherish about my stay here is my friendships. Th<] 
people I call friends here are more like family Matl! 
we've been through a lot irrrijjr 3 years of HvinM 
together. I know every time we get together in the 
future we'll always have good ole' Great Bridge tc: 
laugh at. TJ. you've been a "fun" addition to room 
150 to say the least. Aaron and Josh. I can't say j 
blame you for leaving but I wish you would've huncj 
around. Crowg, VMI screwed you something bad! 
Hope you enjoy your stay at Ole' Miss. Chad ancj 
Derek, you guys were great co-dykes, we learned <i 
lot in 1 18. Chad, I know I gave you a hard time buJ 
I appreciate you listening to me. Fudd, where woulo ; 
be without our weekend bitch sessions? There wad 
no one better at complaining about this dump than 
usl To my rats, thanks for not being too much of d 
pain in my ass. Dan, cheer up, the IsTes will ;ome dqj 
win again and the Jets curse ha 
Pat, I'm proud of you. I dldr 
come here but I'm glad you did You made the rigtr 
choice. Steve, you still owe Crowgey $5 and thanka 
for the tip, waiters around the world love to see you 
Calm down Steve, It's just c joke. To the guys on the 
OGA, its been a lot of fun and remember, alway: 
question authority. To Mom & Dad, thank you fo 
putting up with me. I know I've been a pain. Wei 
everyone, it's time to leave VMI in the rear view 
mirror. So long to the forrViations, the nasty food 
and everyones favorite Commandant. VMI will be 
officially dead and buried with the passing of the 
Class of 2000. Activities: India Cor 4; India Co. Pres- 
ervation Society3.21; Private- 4.3.21; OGA- 1; Ice 
Hockey- 41; VMI Firefighters- 21; Hated VMI- 4,3,21 - 


1997 - Dave Harback 

2003 - Juan-Carlos Sanchez 

1997 - Blair Gregory 
Patrick Szvetitz, Dan Bertram 

Paul N. Belmont, III 

Richmond, Va 

Jeremy L. Berry 

Ft. Worth, TX 

Army ~ History 

ntfcft-'CuFTrom TFe"Trdcl< Team. ^Tnc ere tHankT 
bach Bozeman. I never could have quit andM was 
jrobably the best thing that happened to me'here. 
ijot involved in Catholic Campus Ministries and found 
pme real good friends who made this place a whole 
ft of fun and gave me something to look forward 
po that helped me come back here when the rest 
if jt was crap. I became the President at the end of 
lis year.3-Glee Club. 3rd then 2nd Cpl. ACIC VMI 
utreach. Assimilation Committee, Mess Hall Com- 
littee, Dean's List, Teamed Diocesan Encounter for 
ampus Ministries, President of Newman Club 
Catholic Campus Ministries)2-Glee Club, Sentinels, 
CIC VMI Outreach, 1st Pit Sat., Dean's List, Coordi- 
ated Diocesan Encounter for Campus Ministries, led 
.Ml contingent of Spring Break trip to Little Haiti, Still 
ewman Club President now referred to as the Stu- 
ent Campus Minister. 1-Glee Club, 2nd Pit Lt, ©Co. 
pmmander MNMB Dean's List, Coordinated second 
jocesan Encounter for Campus Ministries, Led see 
hd trip to Little Haiti, Still the Student Campus Minis- 
^r for VMI/Lexington. Learned to Play.Guitar.l did a } 
It of things while I was here, all of which I am proud 
if (most of which). Despite the fact that this place 
.las (and probably still is) a hole, I am proud to be a 
Taduate of the last all male class. I'm proud of what 
Iwas able to accomplish academically. Especially 
coring (to the best of my knowledge) the only per- 
fect score on a McCleskey Test I am also proud of j 
:jie fact that I did not let this place turn me into an ' 
nimal as I feel it does many. I've tried these pasf^ 
jiur years just to be a decent and honorable guy.\ 
pmething the Honor Code now seems void of. 
lostly though I am proud and honored to have spent 
sarly four years as the Student Campus Minister for 
|CM at St Patrick's. I want to thank. Burr Datz for 
nowing me what a real community is and Mike 
^lleher who taught me that VMI can't make me 
;to anything. Instead I make VMI into something 
hd I am more than VMI will ever be. It is a part of 
ho I am but it will never define who or what I am. 

Jughead, Frat Boy 
Army ~ Mechanical Engineering 

JeTeTnyT^CTeT^a^eTsTtyTusTTik'^aTiy otheF"oT> 
stacle. He deals with stress in a positive way and is 
truly good at heart. He is a truly impressive cadet as 
a result of the ideals and values that heholds near 
and dear. He is generous and will always be- there for 
his brother rats... to him it didn't just wash off with the 
mud! Nathan K. Friedline. 

The first word that comes to mirid when I hear the" 
name Jeremy Berry is dedication. Everything he does, 
he gives everything he's got, whether it's his studies. 

and brother rats. Jeremy's the guy that will look out 
for his friends under any circumstance- Jeremy, I'm 
glad to have known you and proud to call you Brother 
Rat. -Mlten K. Bhavsar 

HIS LICKSI" This saying is very dear to me because it 
represents what VM.Tputs you through. I would first 
like to say that without my mom and family this dream 
would not be possible met and I love them dearly for 
staying with me through the thick and the thin. The 
next thing I hold dear Is my brother rats without them 
who else would be able to put a smile on my face. In 
closing I will never forgot this place and the values it 
puts in you, GOD'BLESS V.M.I. To my rats stick it through 
and I promise to see you guys at your graduation 
with a beer in one hand and a smile W> my face. 

Will-Will, MP3 Guru 

Army ~ English 

In quoting Machiavelli "The end justifies the means!' 
Not always the best motto to adhere to in a place 
of honor, but it is what kept me going. I started out 
as a Mechanical Engineer as a Raff matriculating 
with the Mass of 97+3; I struggled with it for a long 
time, until I realized one of two things were true... A) 
Will, you're not going to graduate from VMI, or B) 
're going to switch your major. And since the 

"end justifies the means" I figured it's better to have 
a VMI English Degree than a Tech Engineering de- 
gree. So, Ttook a semester off, and came back 

force. Here I am, two years later, and graduating. An 
entire English degree in two years! (Including sum- 
mer school AND a session at VCU over Christmas 
Break) But here I am... The only Beverlin to ever 

there for me, even when I didn't want them to be... 
They were there through the numerous Band Co. 
Trips, girlfriends, a fiance, and tough 22.5-hour se- 
mesters. This degree is as much theirs as it is mine. My 
roommates never seemed to let me forget it when 
I was wrong either. Thanks Armando, Mike and John! 
However, there was one who was more influential in 
my collage career than anyone, and that would 
have to be God. You know I love Ya, even though I 
sometimes have a funny way of showing it. Thanks 
for lookin' out for me these four years, and keeping 
me safe. This goes out to You most of all. I love You... 
I love all of you... ('97! '97! '97!) 


1997 - Brad Aughinbaugh 

2003 - Scott Trask, Josh Hillsman 


1997 - Randy Boersma 

2003 -Jeremy Ongley, Justin Vorrasi 


1997 - Eric Patterson 

2003 - Tarn B. Rackley 

Miten K. Bhavsar 

Martinez, GA 

Babar,l'he Other Gupta, tshavsmiten 
Army -~ Mechanical Engineering 

Miten is very intelligent and if he could tap into a 
' reservoir of motivation he would be something to 
recon with. He is surely the guy that you would want 
to have by your side when 6n a road march, on 
recon, or just shooting the bull in barracks. He is 
"funny, down to earth and easy to get along with, 
unless of course you are trying to correct his ap- 
pearance. Upon graduation. ITiope that you, one 
of my best friends and rat roommate, have a great 
life... I'm sure that you will earn the admiration of 
many. Four years down, a lifetime to go. -NKF 

Roommate, smart ass. Brother Rat, and 
friend. It isn't so easy to put to words to Miten. At 
the mention of his name, a smile and images of his 
Barracks-renowned exploits come to mind. Miten is 
the kind of irrepressible spirit that everyone admires 
and wants to be around. He is serious and steadfast 
when required, but always ready with an offensive 
joke or witty verbal riposte. Having Miten around 
has made the vaunted "VMI experience" bearable 
and, I daresay, enjoyable. From eating my food 
^box empty to turning a horrible day into something 
to laugh about, you've been a friend that I'm grate- 
ful to have. -MWL 

First and foremost, i want to thank my par- 
ents for helping me make it this far... without your 
love and support I couldn't have done it. Nate and 
Mike, it's been a heck of a cadetship. ,We made-It 
through some good. times and some not so good. 

Tater, Tater Tot, Bickhead 
Navy ~ Mechanical Engineering 

SSpfTF kirowixQctly~hQJM^pTJt aTwhat I want to 
say, a lot of it is blur but I will try and put down what 
sticks out in my mind as noteworthy. When I first 
showed up on matriculation day, never having seen 
the - *!; little did I know the way this "lovely" Institute 
would change my life. As most of my BRs know, I 
came from a little agricultural town in Idaho, home- 
schooled, never having been away from home. I 
had big dreams and a never say quit attitude which 
has brought me to where I am now, commissioning in 
the Navy with a flight slot. A lot of changes have 
happened to fne>.most of them" good I hope. I ve 
seen the good and the bad, been corrupted some 
but survived without permanent harm. I didn't like 
being at VMI but it took my procrastination and threw 
it out the window, also the pressures of VMI made 
me a much more devoted Christian. 

What would VMI be like without my room- 
mates and countless friends? They are what makes 
VMI survivable and are something that I will have 
forever. I have never made more or as quality of 
friends as I have made here. I would like to say 
thanks to "Cellblock 124" for the countless nights of 
ridiculous and great fun when we had better things 
to do than jusf to kick back and forget it. Thanks 
Will, Joe, Beau, Paul, Nick, Ron, Ed, . , ., and all the 
rest of you for being there, I am going to miss youqJL 
Thanks to my mom for being there on the other e'rm 
of the line when things were down, and thank yoW 

Lord for His commitment and strength. 

Arrow Head, Tinker, Pilloiu Face ' 
Army ~ Mechcmical Engineering | 

Hey^iake - where to~begin? The four years yi | 
were here. You Wanted Some, and You Got Som I 
Great things have always Bestowed upon Jake di 1 
ing his special encounters through out his four yea ] 

Hmmm Let us count theways. One, how abol 

the Pete Rose impersonation when you slid headfiil 
down the third stoop. This was only after we tape I 
you up and told you to stop talking @#&". Two, le| 
talk about the fire alarm you pulled at JMU. Threl 
one step too slow. If only, you took TWO steps 1 
once instead of one! And then.-, of course, therej 
the mystery as to where you go when you disai 
pear. When you are out there in the real world, or 
last advice from all your boys, watch that weig. 
because you were really pushing maximum densi < 
when you returned from summer break. On a sea 
ous note, we still love ya! You've been a good frier] 
and roommate. ,J 

Well, now it's my turn to write. What ■] 
bunch of nice friends I've got. Thanks. But serious! 
I would like to of course thank God. my parent! 
grandparents, brother, sister, and family for all of tn 
support you've given me over the last four yean 
The guidance you've given is invaluable. Jesse, kee 
it up the next two years are far better than your la 
two. Even though Adam left he'll be a friend for lif. 
And then my good friend Dave who will be with i 
wherever we go. Id also like to thank my grump) 
neighbors in <28, Andrew, Seldon, Sam and Keanif 
You guys have been great friends and I know yc; 
will miss me visiting your room to bug you. I know: 
will. Then there are my roommates. I don't kno 1 
how four years at this school can be summarized, 
do know that whenever times were tough, I coul. 
always look to them for b smart aleck remark, 
can't wait to get away from living in the same roor 
with all four of you, but I know I am going to n 

~ Dykes 

1997 -Joel Harding 
2003 -John Christopher "Nuck" Noah 


1997 - Dan Hall 

2003 - Gary Pembleton 


1997 -Joel Kusterer 
Roman Krol, Edmund Guy 

Matthew D. Black 

Yorktown, VA 

James A. Boatright 

Fayetteville, GA 

Air Force ~ Economics 

Afte7everyTHn~rve" j^tTnyseTf througFTat VMI, 
n tempted to say that the struggles have -been 
lore than they were worth. Between serving con- 
jnt, marching off countless hours of Pis, and 
ig through the weekends of probatioii here 
t school, I have always managed to stay in some 
3rt of trouble. But before I can place a value on 
ly cadetship based on these things. I have no choice 
ut to consider all the good that has emerged in 
site of myself. I have been more than blessed to 
e always had the unending support I so desper- 
y needed from my loved ones. Most impor- 
antly, I have to thank God for s my life, those in it, and 
le chances I've been given.! Mom and Dad, even 
I knew where to begin, I could never find the words 
j say how much your love and patience has al- 
ays meant to me, especially these past four years. 
ove you two more than I could ever say.. thanks for 
v/erythingl! Nicole, thank you for always being the 
ig sister I could look up to, I love you. And to all my 
ays, you know who you are, you guys make this 
ace a little bit better. But the best thing that has 
^ppened to me since I came to VMI is without a 
(oubt, Ashley. I don't think I could have made this 
ast year without you by my side, and I can't imag- 
3 where Id be wifhout you. You are my world and 
'erything in it, and I. tove you with all my heart, 
ank you for being everything I could ever want in 
woman... I love you!! In consideration of all these 
lings, if I had the chance to do it all over again 
lowing what I know now, I would. 

"Boat" ^ 

Marine ~ Economics 

Stonewall Jackson: "What islife without honor? 
Degradation is worse than death!' Jefferson Davis: 
"All we ask is to be left alone."Margaret Mitchell: 
"Southerners can never resist a losing cause.Tewis 
Grizzard: "If I ever get back to Georgia; I'm gonna 
nail my feet to the ground.'As a native Georgianer 
and son of the Confederacy. I came to call VMI my 
home. Over the past four years„,l,have seen vMh 
transform through the age of political correctness 
and the ignorance of Ruth Bader Qinsburg. I have 
■s^en things and been places most people will go 
through life and never experience, Along the way, I 
mdde the best friends life could ever hope to offer. 
For that, I am grateful. Thank you to for all 
the love and support over the past four years. I 
. don't know what I would have done without it, Thank 
you to my friends. Jon, through the ups and downs 
you were always there for me. We may have had 
our share of differences, but they never got us down. 
Whit, you made this place tolerable and I wish you 
and your family the best. Tom, keep the faith 
brother... and Will, you do the same... you always 
did. These late nights-will pay off in the future. Nate 
and Ed... let honor be the bind that holds us to- 
gether. Greg.., thought I had forgotten you... the 
only word that cbmes to mind is brother. You taught 
me more in six months than the Institute taught me 
in 4 years A thank you is in order, Lite is a learnina 
experience, and the education VMI provided me 
will go far; however, the real education didn't come 
from the books, but from the Institute itself. I will 
^ake to the grave that my rat year was the most 
-tftansforming experience of my life and unfortunately 
tjfjat experience does not exist anymdre... like all 
gkod things... it has come to an end... 

Air Force ~ Mechanical Engineering 

TTis'a' great] bTofesslon" TFe7i~is~meTa"scinaTion* 
of watching a figment of imagination emerge 
through the aid of science to a plan on a paper. 
Then it moves to realization in stone or metal or 
energy. Then it brings jobs and homes to men. Then 
it elevates the standard of living and adds to the 
comforts of life. That is the engineer's high privilege. 

The great liability of the engineer com- 
pared to men of other professions is that his works 
are out in the open where all con see them. His 
acts, step by step, are in hard substance. He can- 
not bury his mistakes in the grave like the doctors. 
He cannot argue them into thin air or blame the 
judge like lawyers. He cannot, like the architects, 
cover his failures with trees and vines. He cannot, 
like the politicians, screen his shortcomings by blam- 
ing his opponents and hope that people forget. 
The engineer simply cannot deny he did it. If his 
works do not work, he is damned. 

On the other hand, unlike the doctor, his is 
not a life among the weak. Unlike the soldier de- 
struction is not his purpose. Unlike the lawyer, quar- 
rels are not his daily bread. To the engineer falls the 
job of clothing the bare bones of science with life, 
comfort, and nope. No doubt as the years go by 
people forget which engineer did it, even if they 
ever knew. Or some promoter who used other 
people's money. But the engineer himself looks back 
at the unending stream of goodness which flows 
from his successes with satisfactions that few pro- 
fessions may know. And the verdict of his fellow 
professionals all the accolade he wants." 
-Herbert Hoover 


1997 -Jack Smith 

2003 - Rich Eytel, Pat Lavoie 


1997 - Greg Reynolds 

2003 - Matt "McQueer" McQueen 


1997 - Ryan Shy 


Christopher M. Boswell 
Martinsville, VA 

Charles T. Boyer 
Richmond, VA 

Daniel E. Boyers 

Lynchburg, VA 

Army ~ Economics & Business 

WeO" am "sifting nere~ara place" rrratTnad To 
-learn how to use when I came to desk. In 
the past three plus years I have learned a great deal 
about myself and Just how quickly the world as you 
know it can be turned upside-down. I have learned 
-discipline, accepting change, and to roe with the 

gunches, so to speak. I never thought that I would 
e doma this th nking about life beyond VMI and 
the real world. It's a great relief. I hate to say it but 
I am a two-year summer school veteran, but they 
were good Times thanks to JoJo, Scotty-Mac, De- 
von and Matt; whether it was girl trouble or Scott 
losing the battle with windows, somehow we sur- 
vived. Another thing, thank God for golf!! I played 
all four years and sometimes think that it was the 

probably would have had a 4.0 but you live and 
learn. So, thank you Sarah, Michlene, Beth. Megan F 
and Megan K. For what it is worth. I will miss my 
complaining sessions with Worth, Matt, Bill and Bubba 
(room 104), Jimboat, and Keane of course. 

nights that should have led to months of confine- 
ment but we are finished and I love all you guys, Jim 
Martin, I wish that you had made it back for our last 
year but sh" happens and same with Bill Meyers. 
Rats: just make it through! Good luck to everyone 
and keep your head up. Mom, It has been a trying 
four years and I am glad that you were beside me 
for the duration no matter what our status. I could 
not have done it without you. And Dad, without you 
I would have never been here in the first place. 
Thank you for the words of wisdom and encourage- 
ment and not letting me quit You mean the world 
to me and words would not do how I feel any jus- 
tice. Thank you for" making me a better man. In 
closing... I would like to say farewell to VMI, I sure am 
glad that it is finally over and I now close this book 


1997 - Trip "Big Worm." Costen 

2003 -Josh Rakes, Todd Wagnon, 

Greg Harris 

Navy ~ Electrical Engineering 

SasI reflect on my stay at the Institute, I would like 
to first thank God for everything I have been blessed 
with. Without my faith, I would never have been 
able to endure the trials and tribulations of my life 
and I certainly would have never made it out of 
here alive. Second, I would definitely have to thank 
my parents, The past 22 years have been a trial for 
all of us, but the constant support and love, although 
not always acknowledge, was especially appreci- 
ated. Third, I must thank my brother; I don't have a 
better friend In the world. Finally, for my friends out- 
side these wails. 'Without you guys I would never 
have had those places to crash, anyone to pay for 
my drirjks or any of Those idiotic adventuresThese 
three and a half years have been a crazy ride. I 
came here for football and although my career 
didn't pan out as anticipated, the memories are in- 
credible. I've had to watch a lot of my best friends 
go because of the stupidity of this place, but I will 
remember everyone and every story that we shared. 
To all my friends who made it through, it was a great 
time and I was truly blessed to know you all. And all 
the rats, I know you'll get through fine, keep your 
heads up. Kyte of Hvfand Kim away from the 
bushes. For Tim, Phil, Andrew, and Greg, you all are 
the rest of my family. How we survived I will never 
know, but we made it. I consider myself lucky tb 
have lived with you all, I learned a lot about my set 
that otherwise I never would have known. I cannot 
write enough words to express the thanks I owe you 

with whatever you choose to do.l probably shouldn't 
have come here in the first place, and I know I would 
never do it again but I have taken the best from 
here and left the worst behind with the hope we all 
meet again further on down the road. 


1997 - Chris Berger 

2003 - Wes Kite, Sungmin Kim 

As I look back on thepast 4 years I try to think jj 
what inspired me. The atower is quite simple: nj 
sister in heaven. Eventhounh you have never seel 
me wear the uniform or seen post you were with n fl 
during my entire cadetship. I know that VMI was tl N 
place you would have been most proud of. I to<l 
the challenge for you and these four years are dor 1 
in your memory and I know that you are proud 1 
me. Without you VMI would have been impossibll 
Amy, I carry you' in my heart forever. 

I cannot believe that- it is time to fina* 
leave this place, have we been here this long? Fir; 
I would like to thank my parents for the endle 
motivation, swift kicks' in the ass and of course tn 
endless amount of love. Your love and support ketj 
me coming back every semester. Mom. you are rrj 
best friend and the best parent a guy could havl 
You are a gift from God. Dad and Sue thanks forthl 
support during my time abroad and during the pal 
4 years, you are both tremendous people. Grandrr] 
thanks for keeping it real. All my friends from th 1 
burg thanks for the dorm space and beveragd 
during my weekends. 

This is Danny's roomy and friend, just like in the oil 
corps. Danny, never stop getting' if. Keep the drtvj 
ana the focus and above all, the hearts of all th 
women. You've got a gift, brother. No, its not the 
its your absolute sincerity. That is too hard to fin| 
ana too valueble avirtue to ever loose. One morl 
word of advice, Bro's before Ho's. Yeatl 

Yeah Eric. 

'. I leave with two quotes one from my hero an 
the other from Eric. "To gfve anything less than you 
best is to sacrifice the gift" Pre. "Pain is just weal] 
ness leaving the body" a(c\ Fellows keep it real an 
■ live life like today is yourlast. 


1997 - David Cooper 

2003 - David Mayo, Josh Robinson 

Charles J. Brady IV 
Chesapeake, VA 

Marine ~ International Studies 

After nearly three years of frozen nights and nu- 
erous rubber band ball battles, I think it is safe to 
ly that Chad has become a roommate and true 
lend, The sleepless wonder has utilized his talents in 
|jr defense against attacking rats and unwanted 
aving cream bombs. 

i It is difficult to summarize qhad and the strength 
his convictions in so few wolds, but I will try. Chad 
>ur faith in Christ has been an encouragement to 
e on numerous occasions and your good advice 
is been a blessing. Your devotion to Vfvtl and all 
e principles on which it stands have more than 
epared you for a journey of life through which 
od will lead you. 

God speed brother, 


"No training for the present seemeth joyous, but 
fievous: nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the 
bacable fruit of righteousness to them which are 
pcerclsed thereby. 

Hebrews 12:11 > 

Bushy, La Bush, AP, i 
Army ~ History 

OTRaTcaTTllayTTsnTcoTege supposed tcTbethe" 
best 4 years of a person's life? well, ..I'm not sure 
about that but somehow I found ways to have fun 
at VMI. You Phishheads in 148 (T-Balfs, Dove, Jefe, 
and Shawn) know what I'm talking about, we made 

you're o real mooch but a genuinely, good guy. Eric 
- slit some throats for me, duder;8(air, how can I 
thank you baby? I couldn't have made It without 
ypu. You're the sweetest. Christian - my semester 
off at VCU was a blast. Mom and Pops - thanks for 
putting up with my shit these last 4 years (not to 
mention the 1 8 years before that). Slade ■-. stick with 
private status, dawg - don't tool out! Everyone else 
I chilled balls wfth- LATE!!! One last note—What a long., 
strange trip its been. 


1997 - Blair Gregory 

2003 - Michael Hang, Nichole Kramer 



1997 - Richard Reid 

2003 - Slade "The Blade" Levenson 

Jason S. Brown 
Sperryville, VA 

Charles F. Bryan, III 

Richmond, VA 

Army ~ Civil Engineering 

Army ~ Civil Engineering 

Marine ~ Computer Science 

WeirTguessTwiFsTar+TFiis ouFTFie same wayfhaT 
•almost everyone else has. It has been a really long 
time, but now it is almost over. First of all I have to 
thank all of the people that have gotten me through 
this. I have to first thank my parents for giving me 
'-this opportunity and giving me the love and support 
that I needed. Without you. I really don't know if I 
would have made it. I would also like to thank my 
brother, Paul, for helping me out, especially with all 
of his old work, while he was here. I would also like to 
thank my girlfriend, Amber. Having you gives me 
something To look forward to every day and espe- 
cially every weekend. Having you is one of the best 
things that has ever happened to me. I know that is 
has been hard putting up with all of the crap that is 
associated with this place and I would really like to 
thank you for the love and support that you have 
given me. I also have to thank all of my friends that 

have asked for three better roommates. 

I guy 

Df th. 

best friends that I will ever have. Somehow, in a 
place that is full of disappointment and depression, 
we managed to have a great time. I will never 
forget all of the nights we stayed up late talking 
about some of the dumbest stuff, the games of 
spades, the pizzas, the room wrestling matches, and 
all of the other stuff that we managed to get info. 
Because of you three, I have to say something that 
I never thought I would say, it has been great. To all 
of my other friends, of which there are too many to 
list, I would like to thank you all for being there when 

needed you. To Bob. Tommy, and all of our other 
dykes, keep your head up when this place gets you 

:: .■. ■ ■ ~:,:'r tried 'o ;r ; .-. .-..---• best way that I 
know to get through this place. I know you will all do 
fine. Now. I guess it 'is finally time to say something 
that I have wanted to say for 4 years, LATER! 

■"How can one sum up four years of intense misery 
in but one paragraph? I suppose the least I could do 
is to thank all the little people out there who made 
such an adventure possible, and then denounce them 
for their obese misunderstanding of VMI. But seri- 
ously, I have enjoyed every minute of hating this place 
and I will take with me from here more than I could 
ever have expected both in values and in habits. 
Winston R. Brown, "Winston" "Rush"' Shamus" "Shaft", 
"hey you" and especially "Beeper" whatever your 
liking, came here a we lad expecting to like the 
military enough fajnaybe join it. But like so many . 
others, discovered it was where all the losers of soci- 

everyone and not live in a cardboard box. To my 
parents, I couldn't have received more love and 
support. To my grandfather, thank you doesn't say 
enough. To James "D.A.N." Royce, Jason "Rescue/ 
Squirrel" Rasch, and even Matt "Physical V Fatty" 

it and t 
nyone V 

Parker, my glorious roommates, thanks for sharing 
the pain. To Ed and Matt, you were right, this place 
sucks. Rats... Strain! To my fellow firefighters in Lex- 
ington, God help you all. And to anyone reading this 
annotated masterpiece, remember, "If life doesn't 
look good, beauty is only a light switch away." 

"The most pleasant artd truest of all friends" Th 
what I would say to anyona^ho would ask of Cha 
Charles was the only person; I had ever met that I 
no enemies, and if for some strange reason I 
Charles would make that person his friend. He shai 
one of his best friends from an enemy, and turned 1 
persons life around. I see Charles as a miracle mc 
He is someone who was taught the lesson of honor ' 
before VMI (from The Good Doctor of course). Che 
would admit to the most embaracing of acts, no rr 
ter the humiliation, but after the ridicule from those cl 
by. all would admire him for that trait. He stands 
and walks with confidence, (another acquisition fr 
The Good Doctor). He Is the one who will step up < 
take a bone when others turn their heads. Charles 
a self-knowledge like no other. He knows who he is e 
what he wants, and cares nothing of what others th 
I know little of Charles's rat year except "Charles li 
just plain pizza please!" I had first met him when 
introduced himself to me; the first thing I thought \ 
"What a geek!" later to learn that he was a compi 
science major and earned the nickname "Compi. 
Geek" (although he preferred "Computer Nerd"), 
first couple months as a third classman Charles he 
rough time living in room 31 1, he didn't know any o' 
new roommates, and they didn't really give hir 
chance. His three roommates lost out on that, ' 
laying their understanding of the "most pleasa 
truest of all friends, Charles made solid friends his f 
years here at VMI, even with some Keydets that 

landed himself a good job with the Navy, trying to 
close to his sister I guess, and will be the second m 
successful of the room!! Jwb 

ty M & D, GM & GD, A and B and the 1 7's. 


1997 - Mike Brown 
2003 - Tommy Baldwin, Bob Cuthbertson 

BV3 '4 


1997- Matt Smith 

2003 - Trip U pshaw, Alex Samms 

-"**" .-^ 

James W. Burns, III 

Richmond, VA 

Army ~ History 

. VMI did not teach me anything about hard work, 
j'nor, courage, and discipline. VMI did nof.mold 
e into the man that I am today. Nope. All of that 
jff is just silly propaganda that VMI uses to lure 
ospective students. All of what VMI attenipts to 

II is frankly bovine excrement. 

Mom and Dad you have taught me so much in 
e past twenty-two years. From the both of you, I 
ive-Jearned the true meaning of honor. Mom, from 
>u I have seen the meaning of strength. I am truly 
nazed at the way deal with school and family, 
lile remaining sane. Dad, you are a great inspira- 
>n to me. In you, I have fourad courage. You have 
jen through so much, yet you keep on trucking I 
= that a lot. I know the day will come when I will 
ach your level, both as a man, and a father. When 
at happens I know that I will have achieved sue 
sss. Although I might not have been the most 
;troverted son, I do want to express my gratitude 
id love for ya'll. 

Dave and Elizabeth, I just wanted to let ya'll know 
>w proud am to have ya'll for siblings. There have 
;en many "moments" and fall-outs; however, we 
we still remained strong. Please know that I love 

I II dearly. Dave, you have so much potential. I 
sh you well at the next level. I know you'll do very 

Ashley, you are the rr\ost compassionate, kind, 
jring, and loving girl I know. You have made my 
orlda better place. Thank you for putting up with 
y wine and cheese over the past year and a halt^ 
iwe you one. I think you-know what that present". 
II be! 

Bill. Matt(s), and the General, living with ya'll has 
sen nothing but a blast. Although we have spent a 
ajority of the time giving constructive criticism, 
3 have remained great friends. Remember to keep 
touch. Best of luck. 

Air Force ~ English 

"It is a great profession. TherelSfh© fascination of 
watching a figment of imagination emerge through 
the aid of science to a plan on a paper. Then it 
moves to realization in stone or metaKor energy 
Then it brings jobs and homes to men. ■■Then it el- 
evates the standard of living and adds to the com- 
forts of life. That is the engineer's high privilege. 

The great liability of the engineer com- 
pared to men of other professions?^ that his works 

spre out in the open where all con see them. His acts, 
^ep by step, are in hard substance. 1 He cannot bury 
his mistakes in the grave like the doctors. He cannot 
argue them into thin air or blame the judge like law- 
yers. He cannot, like the architects, cover his failures 
with trees and.yines He cannot, like the politicians, 

.screen his shortcomings by blaming his "opponents^ 
and hope that people forget. The engineer simply 
cannot deny he did it. If his works do not work, he is 

On the other hand, unlike the doctor, his is 
not a life among the weak. Unlike the soldier de- 
struction is not his purpose. Unlike the lawyer, quar- 

-rels are not his daily br.eod. To the engineer falls the 
job of clothing the bare bones of science with life, 
comfort, and hope, ■ No doubt as*the years go by 
people forget which engineer did', it, even if they 
ever knew. Or some promoter who used other 
people's money. -But the engineer himself looks back 
at the unending stream of goodness\vhich flows 
from his successes with satisfactions that few profes- 
sions may know. And the verdict of his fellow profes- 

Stonaf is all the accolade he wants" 
Vv -Herbert Hoover 

V. ..,. 


Harold R. Caples 

Lanexa, VA 


Army ~ Civil Engineering 

Where to begin"? It's been an interesting four years 
getting to know you and living with you. We've had 
some interesting and exciting times in our days at 
the I. I'll never forget the numerous nights watching 
our favorite movies from "the box" while writing 
projects, lab reports, and doing enviro homework. 
We only have COL Schneiter and the CE Dept. to 
thank for our many hours together. I was a little 
worried about you when you started to attend MBC 
with Celeste, but you saw the light and have moved 
onto the numerous women that belong to your 
harem. We've downed many a brew together and 
I know that we've enjoyed having to take care of 
certain BRs (namely Easy E) in the aftermath. I've 
enjoyed your New Kent County antics and being the 
jppm."bitch I'll never forget your endless jokes told 
at the expense of others in the Corps. It's going to 
be hard going through life without your famous hand 
gestures, and references to "the wizard" Don't stop 
using your colorful language and proudly carry the 
nickname we gave you for the rest of your days. 
Good luck in getting a job at an engineering firm, 
going to grad school, or finding some wench that 
can put you on lockdown. Never forget what we've 
been through together and the things and people 
we've had to endure in our four years of hell. 

1997 - TroyMosby 
2003 -Jimmy Hitch 


1997 - Mike Moody 
2003 - Adam Wymer 

Joseph W. Carter 

Midlothian, VA 

*V^ ^v 



Timothy J. Catalano 
Akron, OH 

Air Force ~ Civil Engineering 

CAT, The Godfather 
Army ~ Civil Engineering 

^ A 

Ryan C. Cengeri 
Bethlehem, PA 

Air For% ~ History 

■ I have found that the best way 
is to compare it to a boxing match. ..VMI is like a 
boxing match, as time passes you get to know your 
opponent better but you grow very tired in the pro- 

feess. VMI has taught me to fight through many 
struggles and I have Teamed many things throughout 
the years, but it is time to move on to a new oppo- 
nent (the future). I would like to thank everyone 
that helped me surpass my struggles. Mom, Dad, 
Wayne, and Linda, thank you all so very much. You 
all have been so supportive in my decision to do 
"the road less traveled." Mom, there is not enough 
words in the English dictionary to show how appre- 
ciative I am in all you have done for me, the support, 
strength, courage, love, and compassion you have 
shown me has driven me to excel in all my 
accomplishments... Thanks Mom, I Love You. Dad, I 
know things were a little strange at the beginning, 
but I have seen through the years how proud ypu 
are of your son, thank you Dad. Grandpa and 

*€randma Philips, I cannot thank you all enough. The 
many visits you all did and support you all have shown 
through the years really helped me survive this insti- 
tute. To all my friends, you all were the best, listening 
to my silly stories ana sticking by my side, thank- 
guys. Finally, I would like to thank all of my BRs that 
helped me get through VMI, without you all's sup- 
port this experience would probably not have hap- 
pened. Thank you all and good luck in your future 


Tim Catalano entered VMI not knowing just how 
great of an impact he would make. His basketball 
and football careers were short, but impressive stints. 
He clings to his Italian/Irish past that would make the 
hardest of Godfathers shake with disbelief Not a 
day goes by without Knute Rockne's words of wis- 
domlooming in his head. He is intense in all of his 
activities, and workouts are unparalleled. I really think 
the Ultimate Orange is working Tim. And for the life 
of me, I still cannot put a finger on why he loves 
staying at the Institute for such long periods of time, 
But this is probably.all part of his great scheme that 
he is not ready to share, or should I say we are not 
ready to hear. His uncanny advice, that he is never 
without and is always ready to bless us with is price- 
less, infinite wisdom of life, women, and sports can 
never be matched by any mortal. Tim, as much as I 
hate to say it-you're a lightweight. But no party is 
complete without the guy passed out in the corner 
at 8pm. This cannot be proven nor denied, just specu- 
lated because of a lack of evidence right now. You 
came to VMI with the aspiration of being an officer, 
and soon you will be there. But until then, you are just 
a man stuck in a boy's body; hopefully you will look 
older in Army green. You're an easy person to read 
and there Is not one sarcastic bone in your bo"'- 
your two greatest gifts to all who kno' 
proud to ptoud to call Tim a true friend 
know that relatively few will ever read this, and 
this point that allows me to write such kind 
about him. Tim. your trash talking and explosive 
impressions will never be forgotten. God bless, good 
luck and always remember: 4 years of friendship, 
and hopefully many more. Jimmy Sheldon 

Extracurricular Activities: Fb®tball-4, JV Basket- 
ball-4.2, Slemp Preservation Society-4,3.21 Cadre 
Cpl3. Cadre XO-1 Big Red Club3,21 Pre-Law Soci- 
ety3, IntramuralsSl Cadet Assistant-21 TJ Walker's 
roomate-4,3,21, S-2 Staff3,2, 

I cameTo VKCwith lvirp!e~hair, ancTThaTpre 
much explains the restyf my cadetship. " x 
hooked me up with a dykeVtind he was as unique 
I was. Rat year was a breeze, and I managed S 
stay a private all four years. ' Second-class year v jj 

' cleaning 
all the broken i 
year? Hmmm, rwasthere.'T even managed to s1| 
sober some weeks. For the most part, no one cau;| 
me; so I haven't had to spend confinement or mail 
PT's, cause god knows there was enough alcoil 
and girls to occupy every weekend. Once a mor J 
or so, after my gracious exit from the track tear I 
also got out for some PT. For the two weeks or . 
that Lee wasn't on confinement, the three of A 
(Joe. Lee, and I). ..wait, make that the four ofl 
(John, your sorry ass mode it in here)... went out aJ 
ravaged various girls colleges, restaurants, and g: 
ters. I would have never made it through withe 
Mom. Dad, Laura, Andy, Ronnie, and Tom, let alo. 
the kids, and everyone else that took pity < 
Lexington. The best part of VMI is that I'm leavi 


7997- Chris Berry 

2003 - Robert Johnson 


1997- Derek Fix 

2003 - C. Paul Green 


1997 - Rob Youngren 

2003 -John Noonan, Brian Holt 

Anthony E Cerella 
Hampton, VA 

Micah Y. Chandler 

Port Republic, VA 

Fat Tony, Cindy, Cinderella, Francois 
Army ~ History 

~ fwilfHwayirTreasure my 3ayTaf^MT - .~o'lTiaT~ 
arhow sick and twisted that sounds. I have had all 
inds of fun at this place and I've been exposed to 
very single possible kind of stupidity. I have partici- 
ated in some random activities like, running through 
ie steam tunnel behind barracks with "Doug" de- 
3nding 142 (The Lion's Den) from the angry smurf, 
>nd getting tied up by rats and being placed in the 
ourtyard. I've also dealt with all the Institute stuff: 
le pointless speakers, the useless formations, and ' 
-ie numerous 'good deals" from the commandant's 
■ffice. Over all it has been an agreeable experi- 
nce I will always remember.. Now that my time at 
'Ml is coming to a much-antijpipated close 1 would 
<e to thank the people that helped me survive. 
irst and foremost, my family. Mom and Dad, your 
jpport has carried me through four years. Thanks 
or always backing me in all my choices. To my 
sters, thanks for "letting me" move back into the 

ouse during furloughs it was highly apprecl- 

ited. I also have to thank my dykes Scott G., 

cotty Mac, and Willy. "Thanks" for your guidance, 
~te CQRB bible study sessions, and the random cav- 
lg expedition into The depths of the earth, I must 
ilso thank Bethany for her love, patience, and friend- 
nip, She will always have a special place in my 

eart. And while I'm on the subject of "special" To 

ie rats of 142, (Will, Mark, Kyle, Joe, Phil, Joe. and. 
ian) tough it out! VMI is worth the years of pain and 
Drment. Keep your heads up and always remem- 
er your dykes and the antics of Room 142To my^ 

R's Jeff Rhodes (my co-dyke) thanks for four* 

ears of unintended comic relief. Scott Hillyer, thanks 
or helping me survive life in 486 our rat year, 
chulkins, enjoy your pilgrimage to Israel. Keebler, 
Dr the rest of my life I'll look around whenever I hear 
iat high pitched whine. To my roommates... Clint 
-or the Cause" Mundinger, BJ "I'm angry ...listen to 
ie" Arvin, and Brian "Tender Warrior Skusa I wish 

ou the best of luck after VMI and DIBS ON YOUR 


Navy ~ Mechanical Engineering 

To~S~rt^ith~ I would likeTo trianT my family for 
all their support and encouragemnet, I cannot be- 
gin to express my appreciation to them for every- 
thing they have done for me. Thanks' Mom and 
Dadl! You too, Grandma!! The end is coming, but 
not soon enough. At the times of being a rat and a 
third, it seemeaso long and endless. Yet, as I look 
back on the last few years, it seerrjs like such a blur. 
I just cannot wait for the day when I can sit back 
and say "I am done with this place" The best quote 

M»have heard about VMI was, "It is betterto be FROM 
Vmi, than to be at VMI" To my rat roomates, Steve 
and Carl, I wish you the best in your careers after this 
place. It was a blast. To my other, rooomafes, 
Tony(AKA Fat Tony) try not to be so tough. Scott, I 
wish you the best of luck in the Air Foree,~-l am sorry 
to hear about your flight spot, but I know someday 
you will make a great pilot. I will miss the wrestling 
matches we had, but not the long nights of study- 
ing. To all my fellow ME's that helped me out with 
the homework and studying, thank you so much for 
the help. I could not have done it without you guys, 
to the rest of my fellow BR's. I wish you the best in 
your careers. To my rat, Donald, keep your nose 
clean, study hard, and be good to your dykes. To 
my girlfriend. I Cannot express my thanks or appre- 
ciation for the support and understanding you have 
had with this school I know if ha„ been a touar 
change getting use to all VMI's rules and regula- 
tions, Dut all I can say is thank you. You showed me 
a great deall about life and what there is to look 

^forward to after VMI. Please know I will never for- 

-«et what you have done for me 

f ^ 

Todd R. Charrington 

Villanova, PA 

Army ~ Economics 

"It is d great profession. There is the fascination of 
watching a figment of imagination emerge through 
the aid of science to a plan on a paper. Then it 
moves to realization in stone or metal or energy. Then 
it brings jobs and homes to men. Then it elevates the 
standard of living and adds to the comforts of life. 
That is the engineer's high privilege. 

The great liability of the engineer com- 
pared to men of other professions is that his works 
are out in the open where all con see them. His acts, 
step by step, are in hard substance. He cannot bury 
his mistakes in the grave like the doctors. He cannot 
argue them into thin air or blame the judge like law- 
yers. He cannot, like the architects, cover his failures 
with trees and vines. He cannot, like the politicians, 
*SGr.eervhis shortcomings by blaming his opponents 
and hope that people forget. The engineer simply 
cannot deny he did it. If his works do not work, he is 

On the other hand, unlike the doctor, his is 
not a life among the weak. Unlike the soldier destrue 
tion is not his purpose. Unlike the lawyer, quarrels are 
not his daily bread. To the engineer falls the job of 
clothing the bare bones of science with life, com- 
fort, and hope. No doubt as the years go by people 
forget which engineer did it, even if they ever knew. 
Or some promoter who used other people's money. 
But the engineer himself looks back at the unending 
stream of goodness which flows from his successes 
with satisfactions that few professions may know. And 
the verdict of his fellow professional is all the acco- 
lade he wantsr -Herbert Hoover 

Herbert Hoover 

1997 - Scott Grogan 
2003 - Will Johnson 

Robert A. Chenault 

Ashland, VA 

John E. Chisholm 

Port St. Lucie, FL 

Army ~ Economics 

.^fTs1>eerrdTong"dncl~a'zy ricJe - AnTI BefTer 
-for Taking the road less traveled. I don't know about 
that. And if I had it to do over" again. I'm not sure I 
would have made the same. decision. But I don't 
regret any of it. As much as I have complained 
Kjbout this place, it has given me some opportunities 
I would have never had anywhere else. It has given 
me the opportunity to meet some of the best friends 
I'll ever have. Grayson. Mike, and Jason, yall have 
been the best roommates anyone could ask for. All 
those nights sitting up talking and laughing are things 
I'll remember the most about this place. This is just 
the beginning for bigger and brighter things for us. I 
look forward to continuing "this here thing" on the 
other side. To Adam, it has been a pleasure this year, 
I've treated you like a brother and I have tried to do 

fo be fine. To Dad, thank you for teaching me how 
To never give up and To overcome The Tough times 
use I definitely have had plenty of them, nook up 
you a great deal and everything you have ever 
old me has left a lasting impression on me. I appre- 
ciate the love and support you have given me over 

The Chiznek 
Army ~ Psychology 

Christopher M. Clark 

Vienna, VA 

Air Forceir Psychol 


the years. To Mom, thank you for catching me when 
I didn't think I could make it through this place. I will 
remember those phone calls that we used to have 
during rat year forever. You believed in me when I 
lost hope and i know you would have come up here 
anytime at the drop of a hat if I asxed you to. I can 
never repay you for that but just let you know that I 
love you and appreciate it more than you will ever 
know. To Andy, Justin, Bob, Tommy, and Andrew, don't 
give up because one day ydll are going to be in our 
position. It will bst here before you know it To my 
dyke Eric, and my boys on the fooTball team Q. Rich, 
Pat Punch, Tom, John and Greg, iT has been a blast 
fellas. Well, it is abotftthat time Catch ya on the flip 
side. PEACE"! ^ ^* 
Activities: Football 

>have made the long journey. I have finally made it 
to the end of the road. Now the real world waits. I 
would first like to give thanks to my Lord and Savior. 
Jesus Christ, for giving his life on the cross so that I 
couly live. God, without you I am nothing. I thank 
you for waking me up each and everyday. I thank 
you for the shelter and getting me through the storm. 
When I have-siipped and made mistakes you have 
continued to show me your mercy and love. I would 
like to thank my mom and dad for not letting me 
give up. Morticed Dad, you have always and con- 
tinue to be there far me even when I screw up. I do ■ 
not thank the both 'of you as much as I should, but 
you knpw I will always love you. To all partners and 
VMI ladies, you know' who you are. I thank each 
and every one of you keeping me laughing and 
being there when I broke down. I also want to say 
thanks for putting up with me. I know at times my 
personality and mood swings drove you all crazy 
sometimes, but you all always let me slide. To my 
RATS. To the "First Lady of Room 178'.' Jennifer Carroll. 
I am glad I had the opportunity to be your dyke. I 
thank you for watching out for me, your big brother. 
I consider you one of my closest friends, my little 
sister. Don't let anyone stop you of your goals and 
don't let people bring you down, keep smiling, keep 

laughing. I will be checking up on you. To "Ree-Ree" 
Jeff Foy. You are my little brother. I never tola yolsL 
appreciate you watching out for me. Thank you.™ 

(how there were times we banged heads, but you 
Know if you ever need me. that! am there, your big 
brother. I apologize if I was not a good dyke or if I did 
anything wrong. Maybe I was trying to hard too 
have the same relationship my dyke and I had. You 
are on of my partners, please don't forget that, I will 
always have my memories ands-place for you all in 
my heart. Much love to you all. My blessings are with 

"IT is a greaT professiS 

Then it moves to realization in stone or metal 
energy. Then it brings jobs and homes to men. Th< 
it elevates the standard of living and adds to tl 
comforts of life. That is the engineer's high privilec 

The great liability of the engineer cor 
pared to men of other professions is that his w( 
are out in the open where gjjjcon see them, 
acts, step by step, are in hard substance. He car 
bury his misfakes in The grave like the docTors. 
cannoT argue Them into thin air or blame the judc 
like lawyers. He cannot, like the architects, cover] 
failures with trees and vines. He cannot, like tr 
politicians, screen his shortcomings by blaming I 
opponents and hope that people forget. The enp 
neer simply cannot deny he did it. If his works do n' 
work, he is damned. 

On the other hand, unlike the doctor, his 
not a life among the weak. Unlike the soldier d 
struction is not his purpose. Unlike the lawyer, que 
rels are not his daily bread. To the engineer falls i) 
job of clofhing The bare bones of science with "' 
comfort, and nope. No doubt as The years gc 
people forget which engineer did it, even ift 
ever knew. Or some promoter who used oth 
people's money. BuT The engineer himself looks bd? 
aT the unending stream of goodness which "-■ 
from his successes with satisfactions ThaT fe> 
fessions may know. And The verdicT of his fe'llo 
professional is all the accolade he wants." 

!*!■ -Herbert Hoover 


1997 -Eric Ash 

2003 - Adam Britt 

- a , a 


1997 - Terry Minor 

2003 -Jennifer Carroll, Jeff Foy 


7997 -John Bushman 

2003 - "Skeletor" 


Edwin L. Clarke 

Springfield, VA 

Ed, Baby Spice, Dobby, Baby EMie 
Army ~ Mechanical Engineering 



Jeremy P. Clary 
Blackstone, VA 

**s ^T 

- y 

Jason L. Clough 
Melbourne, FL 

Army ~ Civil Engineering 

Marine ~ Civil Engineering 

It all starts with rat year. First was the bedtem bat 
ico incident, which I am still upset about. Thelwres- 
ng, which usually ended with Ed pressed up against 
le heater. The chess games in Ed's dykes room 
ith Bush and The Last of the Mohicans. I think we 
(ed best the time we partied top^ss with the 
iweetbriar girls. The most important thing at the 
nd of our first year was that j realized Ed would be 
ly friend for life. With 3rd class year came Ed's new 
ickname "baby spice" and the beginning of the 
ver so unfortunate Roxane incident, Ed's traditional 
>om entrance with, "huh, this place blows" and the 
ory of "there was this onetime when my dykes 
layed cards during an inspection". With 2nd class 
ear came Ed's trashcan hug phase and his "alcohol 
bad theory!' Of course there was Ring Figure, or at 
iast I think there was. The time we went to Ireland 
>r spring break. Our crazy cab driver, the "memo- 
ibilia" store, the ever so helpful RUC, and Ed help- 
g me realize that I needed to go with the girl from 
le disco. First class year Ed made the vow to never 
3end a weekend here at VMI. Christmas break in 
alifornia. Celebrating the Irish New Year, smoking 
ur Jamaican cigars and remembering friends of 
ast. Ed is one of the best kids I have ever known, 
e is a true gentleman and a genuine friend. Every- 
ne loves Ed and I am happy to be a part of his life. 

What is VMI? Those that know,-the common re- 
sponse is; it's a place where integrity, leadership, and 
honor are born and bred within its inhabitants Well 
maybe that is true, maybe it isn't. VMTfor me has 
been a place of condescension, and a place where 
freedom and originality are removed from the ca- 
det that was once a real person. One where ex- 
pression is thrown out of the window, once one steps'^ 
within its walls. One of the initial reasons I came here 
■yi/as to see how life in a military environment oper- 
Wed. Well I received two important things from 
VMI. Military life is not for me, and what you see on 
the-outside is not necessarily reflected on the inside. 
The four years I have spent here have been all but 
enjoyable, but the friendships and acquaintances 
made here surpdss anything worldly enough to trade 
them for. Before l-end this, 1 must thank my dad for 
staying on my ass, because if he had not, I may not 
be where I am today. I also must thank my second 
family, the Johnstons, for making me one of their 
own. They have provided a lot for me and to repay 
them would be unequatable. But just the same 
-THANK YOU. To all of my friends and the people that 
I have met here, good luck on all endeavors that 

that part of life that they refer to c 

USA , "All that we see or seem,, is but a dream, within 

nger onanenge i.z ; spc „ 

Y\ ; Irish American Club 2lk^ a dream. 

1997 - Mike Renn 
2003 - Jerry Hoffner 


I can remember the first time I saw Jason in ae 
tion. It was Rat year and he tried to kill Todd in my 
room. The first time I hung out with J was studying for 
our 2 na semester Rat Chemistry Final. Both of our 
grades went from B's to C's Need I say more? Then 
There was the time 3 ,a class year J convinced me to 
go on a Rat force march after a fit of drinking. We 
Though we were going to die. 2 nd Class year we 
became the Charlie Company Softball Champions 
and Jason started turning me into a true baseball 
;fqn. That summer school session with him was my 
best summer ever. Those days at Lex Alive where 
we found out that J was the coolest thing since Hot 
Pockets, or should I say Kid Rock? Then we thought 
we killed the Deer Slayer and we almost added a 
.few numbers to the kill list. J was the responsible one 
ana 1 would stay behind and study instead of drinking 
every night with Lee and myself. That summer I went 
to Florida to see the Warp Tour with J, thirty plus hours 
of no sleep to hear Blink's version of "Scrubs" Then 
there was the gambling ship and our trip to the world, 
Jason is a great kid who you want on your side, I 
have wondered many times why we are such close 
friends, I want to thank Jason for all of the great 
times and great laughs. I know twenty years down 
the line that J would not hesitate to try and put my 
ass in a cradle. . 

Rank (Dumb 3,2)-Pvt. (Smart 21)-Disgruntled 4.3.21- 
Rugby 4-Did not blouse gloves 2Softball Champs 2- 
CCS iSemper Fi Society 3-Title IX 1-Lex Alive 2/1- 
Cold Steel 4,3,2-Ballbuster 1-Member of UN 181-1 

1997 - Doug Baker 
2003 - Tom Bliss 

1997- Brett Springer 
2003- Cullen Monk 

Army ~ Economics 

_. away from being called his brothers name. 
As Twins they confused a lot of BR's and professors. 
Joson spent a lot of time with his girlfriend up at Mary 
Baldwin where he found it relaxing to be away from 
tti\e hassle of VMI. He concentrated on club permits 
dnd his future Army career more than he did aca- 
demics. Third class year he did the exchange pro- 
gram with Norwich university to find out what other 
schools were like and spent most of his time in our 
great neighboring country up north, Canada. See 

hard to earn it, all you had to do was show up at drill 
and they practically ignored you the whole time. 
First class year was a good year for the members of 
S-14. No more rolling hays, no more cleaning the 
room, and there was more time to act out our band 
impressions before parades. The Rats of S-14 were 
blessing from God to relieve the pressure of gradu- 
ating Firsts. Jason and his roommates used them to 
■ their utmost abilities. Dave and Brian, you did a good 
job, keep up the good work, and thanks for all the 
help this year. 


Marathon Club - 4 
Triathlon Clui5Mk2 ^| 
Ranger Compgpf- .3, 2, 1 
Ranger Challenge - 2 
Glee Club - 4^ ; 
Search and Rgfcue - 3, 2, 1 
MNMB Staff - 1 
OCF - 4, 3, 2, 1 



The first time I saw Justin I could not tell him 
apart from his brother Jason. As the years have gone 
on I can not only tell Justin apart by his birth mark on 
the side of his head, but also by his great personality 
and^eandid demeanor. Justin is a friend that will al- 
ways be there for you not matter what. After living 
with him'for four years there has been very little that 
Justin has not offered to hetp me out with. He has 
had some very hard times at the Institute, all the way 
from the squeaking leg brace of cadre week to the 
constant battle .to see if he can afford the next 
semester, to the fiasco over commissioning. After 
spending many nights at Justin's house in Virginia 
Beach J understand more about him and the deci- 
sions as to why he chose the Insititute. His former 
days in Civil Air Patrol as well as pictures form his 
many travels with his father on active duty with the 
Navy are no doubt an influence. Well Justin you made 
it. You figured out a way to always deliver enough 
beer working the entire holiday season more than 
once in order to pay for the next semester. You wrote 
the White House and got a letter allowing you to 
commission and you have the desire than no injury 
will stop you from attaining your goals-. You had the 
firs and this translated into your dreams becominr "" 
reality. You have done this and jugglei 
friend in the process which obviously' 
time managment skills. You are the mellowest 
who never gets mad over anything, and you ar 
going to be an officer and gentleman. No matter if 
you get Military Intelligence which is your first choice, 
or you end up in a tank, you will have a great time 
because of your positive attitude. Thanks Justin, for 
your support and advice. You-.deserve only the fin- 
est old friend. I wish you and Maggie only happiness 


1997- Adam Letts 

2003- David January, Brian Wacker 


AnTinTT four gllonousTVears orVMTl7e"eTsb pri 
leged. At least! can say\ have taken the "I's" be 
shots, and unless there is sotrie unforeseen mistake 
will have passed the test.Flnst of all, I would like 
thank my mom, and dadThanks for always beii 
there for me, and sorry you had to with stand fc 
years of my bitching about this place. Most of a 
would like to thank my brother Ian '91, you are tl 
only one in the fam that truly knows how bad tl 
place sucks and now four years of PT's and confin 
ment can dul! the mind and spiritBut no matter wh< 
you always had encouraging <3dvice.But. on ft) 
bright side we both have some good stories to t 
about this place. Kate and Kerry, your humor ai 
encouragement were always appreciated, Unliii 
most cadets, I knew what VMI had in store for m 
and J knew why I came.However, there was not 
day that went by that I did not curse this place at. 
dream of life at another collegeTo my rat roor 
mates, well three of four ain't bad...Fudd, I think yo 
are the only person I know that could have possib 
withstood three years of me as a roommate. V 
had a lot of fun along the way, from some late nigt 
and late weekend afternoons, to the endless P 
and confinement... Low, I still don't know how ,t{ 
did it, you were the model cadet, too be 
others didn't realize the contributions you made ar 
;ontributions you could have made to this plat 
/er\ the opportunity, but you were not an c 
sser and I respect you for that... "Hey bartende- 
nink joe-boo needs a refill". ..BIG GAY AI, what ecl 
iy, you are the second best athlete in the roor] 
face it. You were always, there for a good laugl 
and I'm sorry for the numerous times the shrine W' j 
destroyed.. Kennon, you-VMill do fine here, you we I 
a good rat, and you always took care of me Dor] 
get down on this place, your time here will suck, b I 
it will be over before you know it. .More importanlj 
your close friends are the only people that can he] 
you through this place, take care of them and the 
will take care of you. .Pat, Jae, Andy, Kyle, and P 
thanks for everything, and best of luck 


1997- Christopher Hobbs 
2003 - Dan "Flash" McNair 


1997 -Jerry White 

2003 - Kennon Kincaid 

Christopher V Cornelli 

Hauppauge, NY 

Jeb T.M. Cox 

Athens, TX 


Patrick S. Coyle 

Chester, VA 

Army ~ Economics 

Army ~ Civil 

i nee 


Army ~ Civil Engineering 

"Itisagreat profession. There is the fascination of As I sit here and reminisce abouf rvy 1 i u n 

atching a figment of imagination emerge through VMI, I cannot help but to feel mixed emotions of 
le aid of science to a plan on a paper. Then it sadness and joy. A new chapter of my life is about to 
loves to realization in stone or metal or energy. Then begin, and its words have been forever-Influenced 
brings jobs and homes to men. Then it elevates the by my experience here at the Institute. Wheh I came 
andard of living and adds to the comforts : o.f life, to this school, I was an immature and irresponsible 
rat is the engineer's high privilege. ~4sai^ kid, who had no idea as to where my life was headed. 

The great liability of the engineer com- Four years of character building agony have 
ared to men of other professions is that his works changed that though. Now I am a mature and re- 
■e out in the open where all con see them. His acts, sponsible man, and still have no idea where my life is 
ep by step, are in hard substance. He cannot bury traded. That's all right however, for 1 know what I 
s mistakes in the grave like the doctors. He cannot have learned at this anachronistic place, will aid me 
'gue them into thin air or blarne the judge like law- in making wise decisions, 

3rs. He cannot, like the architects, cover his failures : My friends I will miss. We struggled through 

ith trees and vines. He cannot, like the politlcicns, a lot together, overcoming many obstacles. They 
;reen his shortcomings by blaming his opponents have becomemy extended family, and- the bonds 
nd hope that people forget, The engineer simply we have formed will keep us together untitdeath I 
annot deny he did it. If his works do not work, he is : will never forget them, and I will never forget VMI. 

On the other hand, unlike the doctor, his is ] 
at a life among the weak . Unlike the soldier destrue 
3n is not his purpose. Unlike the lawyer, quarrels are* 
ot his daily bread. To the engineer falls the job of 
othing the bare bones of science with life, com- ' 

ItT, and hope, No doubt as the years go by people \ 

irget which engineer did it, even if they ever knew. ■^ > ->-. > ... y y 

r some promoter who used other people's money, 
Jt the engineer himself looks back at the unending 
ream of goodness which flows from his successes, 
ith satisfactions that few professions may know. And ■ 
le verdict of his fellow professional is all the acco^ 
he wants!' 

Herbert Hoover 

Patrick Coyle's experience at VMI was less ardu- 
ous academically than most, but sporadic fits of 
work have maintained his enrollment. The English 
curriculum has not kept Patrick too busy, but his other 
hobbies have. Fortunately, he has learned not to 
push his luck anymore. As a founding member of 
the #1 club rat year, he has walked the tight rope of 
dismissal over these past years. To relax, he and his 
roommate often made the trip to his house for a 
weekend full of beer, pool, and movies. Never very 
exciting, but it was always fun. Patrick has had a 
few crises in his life from acquaintances at Mary 
Baldwin. I guess he never listened to the advice 
about staying away from that school. Fortunately, 
he did not get too disillusioned and has found one 
worth keeping With an English degree, there is not 
too much promise for Patrick in the future... so he is 
going 'Into the Army. HOOAH! We all know he will 
do. ..fine. Finally, his aspirations for cadre material- 
ized first class year as Hotel Company Executive 
Officer. He probably just knew the CO. Despite 
Patrick's varied obligations to the corps and his scho- 
lastics, he has always found the time for his friends. 
His romantic idealism has always been admirable, 
and it motivates his desire to be his best and do the 
right thing. 



1997 - Wallace Inge 

2003 - Andy Alissandratos, Matt Dixon 


7997- Mike Belenky 

2003 - A.J. Rickel, Dupont Tu 


1997 - Tim Moore 

2003 - Lara "Perv" Tyler 



Jason W. Crabtree 

South Boston, VA 


Thomas B. Craig 
Suffolk, VA 

Grayson W. Craun 

Zuni, VA 

California, Crabs 
Air Force ~ Computer Science 

Sol TifTdTnyselfaf the"endofThe7oaoT 'Theroad 
-lesstraveled. Was it worth it? J would have to say 
yes! It seemed just like yesterday I walked through 
Jackson Arch for the first time.' I never dreamed this 
| time would ever come, but boy has time really flown 

First I would like to think God for giving me 
strength and direction. To my parents for their un- 
conditional love and support - 1 love you all so much. 

Tnato my friends, who helped me along the way. 
thanks guys. 

As I prepare to leave this honorable Insti- 
tute, I can't help but to think how it's not the same 
place as when I first arrived. First of all, I think women 
should not be here In the first place. Second, being 
a part of VMI and seeing the school from within is a 
vastly different picture from the way it presents itself 
on the outside and to the rest of the world. Each 
year it seems to get worse. As a rat I was so moti- 
vated to be here. Everything had a purpose. But 
now I see the whole picture as well as everyone else 

■ in the great class of 2000. 

The only thing I'm taking from this school is 
some of the best friendships I've ever had, some of 
the greatest memories, and a fat ass ring! As for any 
last words - 1 should have went to VA Tech 

Army ~ International Studies 

^The "Ripped Bedst" has fought his way through 
VMI, up the Hill of Science, and up Breakout Hill. He 
has carried his BR's with him, broke down all impedi- 
ments in the way of our class, and challenged the 
Communists in the Commandant's offices. God sent 
Moses to free the Hebrews, Lincoln to free the slaves, 
and Tom to free 2000. He is not a robotic "yes man" 
He is an individual: "Do this JO'yner!" He is an Airborne 
killer, a romantic lover, a learner of foreign politics, 
an eater of Chinese, and a citizen soldier. His steel 
soul is for killing while his soft heart is for Allie. This 3.0 
brain is for learning while his bottomless stomach is 
for General Tso Yer, ; Tom is more. He is a future large 
target, rank wise and physically, for any enemy sol- 
dier However, it will take a direct hit from a howitzer 
to bring the "Beast" down. He has shown us all that 
he is ready for the Army from his position of Golf 
Company 3 ,d corporal to Regimental S3, but is the 
Army ready for Tom? I know for a fact that Charlie 
isn't. Hooah Tom! 

Army -\Economics 

It is hard for me to wrffie this. Most of these will ti 
the same. Most wilt tell yVi how long and hard tM 
trip was, and that it was wwth it and they'll miss it! 
will not miss it. I will not missparracks. I will not ml 
the parades and formation^, t will not miss the ij 
spections and demerits. I will not miss the Tacs arl 
the administration who have done nothing but maci 
me hate the military. As a matter of fact, there 
only one thing that I will miss about this place, ar 
VMI can't even claim it. "It" is the people that I ha> 
met here and the friends I have made througho 
these four years of hell. I have met some of the be 
guys that I will ever meet, and I do not thank VMI f 
it, I thank those guys who were there for me all the 
years. To my roommates Jason„ Mike and Rob I cai 
not express in words what you guys mean to met 
came to VMI with two brothers, but I am leavir 1 
here with three more. They say misery loves cor 
pany, well, I will tell you first hand that I was - 
able, but I loved the company. Thanks fellas, 
never fully repay you all for helping me get throut 
this place. I can only offer you guys a lifetime 
friendship that has no strings attached. If you ev 
need anything, don't hesitate. Heather, I can't bee 
to explain what you have done for me these fa 
years. In summation, you have -gotten me throui 
This place. Your undying support for even/thin 
have done here has been unmatched by no one 
can't apologize enough for the way I have been 
times, and I don't understand why you put u 
me through its entirety, I couldn't have done i 
out you. Thank you. Have you'To my parents, Bre 
Whitney, Mr and Mrs. Behrends, Brad, and Kathryr 
am coming home. Now'Mpu all have to deal wi 
me! Thank you for all of y<SU( support over the yea 
Time for the next chapter in the story of my life, 
know it will be a good one. Activities: Baseball 

1997 - Ed Bonham 
2003 - Mary Gettier 


1997 - Tim Moore 

2003 - Briton "Brain Dead" Landry 


1997 - Nate Shepperson 
2003 - Andrew Lawson 

William L. Davis 

Bellevue, VA 


Charles G. Decher 

Newport News, VA 

Aaron D. Demory 

Woodbridge, VA 

Navy ~ Mechanical Engineering 

Army -English 

Army ~ Computer Science 

' R"at year martcecTffie cebmning oFrny cadeTship 
id my 3 V2 years on restrictions. 1 learned from my 
■kes that getting out of things Was just as irhpor- 
nt as grades. And from Brett Springer I learned 
jt not all cadets are "locked-on" Listening fo their 
ict instructions I became who I am today. A First 
ass Private without any responsibilities. 

Third Class year I made most of the drink- 
3 buddies that have "plagued" me since then, 
e weeks were spent in the search for a weekend 
ittle. The weekends were spent in the pursuit of 
ose tricky pink elephants. 

Second Class year ; was the great search 

nagement skills I even had time to set a 
nter on fire. 

First class year, the last sprint. I actually never 
Dught Id make it without being suspended. The 
jgest milestone is my restrictions finally being lifted, 
itn Mardi Gras to look forward to I plan to milk this 
it year for all the cheap thrills I can, . 

And Id like to thank my roommates Ryan, 
e, and me pseudo-roomie John for keeping the 
ie fun, and the beer flowing. 

Thanks to my family for having the patience to 
deal with such a ball of energy as myself. I have 
lived a very tremendous, high paced Jfe thus far. I 
would like to thank John Truageon and Aaron Bruce 
for making me a champion on and off the mat 
Thank you Levi. Thanks Jacob, without you I would 
never have made it my final year. Thanks to Eric 
and Mike, we had a bunch of laughs. Why does if 
frighten me to know we will have many more? Thanks 
to Larry and Jenny Keel To my friends: "So are you 

Thank you to all of the following people that 
helped me through my cadetship: My Family: Annie, 
Clarence, and Jason Demory, my son Jaelyn Demory, 
my fiancee Karen Brown. My best friends Daemon, 
Pervis, and Slick-Nick. Roommates: Jhbone, 
Meathead, FJ, and Bobby. My Dykes: B.J. Grinage 
and Billy Edmunds. My Rat: Mike Gilbert. Donnie and 
Jackie walker. Ramon Williams. The < 

to Larry and Jenny Keel. To my friends: "So are you The VMI basketball coaching staff and players past 
tp my thoughts as food to life" (7 5) Have.. .fun. ..see and present, Jason Bell, E-double Dre-day. Sanchez, 
ybu after the metamorphosis. Dmo, Warren Johnson, G .Lester, Kenny Brooks, 

that I forgot. Lasf but not least, The Keydet Club for 
^giving-me the opportunity to obtain a college di- 


1997- Steve Strain 

2003- Janek Wierzbicki 


1997 -Jason Foresman 

2003 - Jacob Inge, Levi Spellman 


1997 - B.J. Grinage, Billy Edmunds 

2003 - Mike Gilbert 

Army ~ Electrical Engineering 

Rose, Stoner, Dopey, Snuffalufogus 
Army ~ Chemistry 

Air Force ■ 


\anical Engineering 

I'm done. It's done. No more. I came to VMI, not 
' because I knew people who went here or because 
I wanted to be a military man, but for the challenge. 
The experience has lived up' to that expectation 
everyday of my four years. VMI has molded me or 
■should I say forced me into being a certain way. 
Here exists an environment where the best way to 
succeed is to be idealy military and without indi- 
viduality or originality I'm not saying that my friends 
with rank are without imagination or not original, just 
that being the ideal good soldier will prove a fast 
track to the top. It is a military school after all. VMI 
is not bad though;jt produces men of integrity honor, 
courage, character, and discipline. All these traits I 
take from here with a pride that few know. To my 
friends, I met you here so this is good, and you guys 
are what made this place bearable even enjoy- 
able. Now we go our way and remember how bad 
it was here, but love the memories anyway. Thanks 
go out to my family for being there for me in every- 
thing, and to the electrical engineering department 
"for making it very hard to graduate. Long live the 
first class privates, heart and soul of the corps. 

"All that is gold does not glitter" 



wake you up during those thunderous snoring 
sodes. Although we neard that tobasco sauce works 
good. "My lips are burning" 

I just want to thanlrmy parents and family 
for the support they have always given me. If it 
weren't for them I wouldn't have even been able to 
complete all that I have completed. Thanks John 
(my dyke), Mike, Dave, and Nick for teaching me the 
was of the "I" I also would like to say thanks to all my 
friends .here, because you made this place so much 
easier. P-How surprised I think both of us were the 1" 
day we saw each other at this place, thanks for all 
the fishing trips, Seldon-dear spotting and cruising 
the strip, KK-fc 
-actices I \ 

fo'r Radford and all the good memories of 3 rd class yr 
we had some good laughs, Dave- for all the good 
times up at the cabin and at your house(you will be 
missed), Kenny-for our long talks and good cigars. 
Phil- for our many crazy nightsfl wish there could 
have been more) Jake/JoshAJeff-for all our Tech trips 
and parties in Richmond. Ian, my closestfriend here, 
thanks for everything from our trips to 
NY, to the good times at Tech., the day- 
laughs, and all the times you let me stay ar your 
place. Thanks Gil and Brian Lee for ali the good Tech 
trips. Thanks for taking be into your weird worlds: 
Mad Cuban, Dave, and James or should I say T-bone, 
D-money, and J-dog. And to my Rats: Paul and 
Mark... Thanks for taking care. -of me during my last 
year here! It is definitely your best year here. Good 
luck to you for the other Three years you have. And 
both of you STUDY!!! 

A good friend of mineVTony Esteve (The Mad C 
ban), once told me that during matriculation he pick* 
me out of the crowd as beingWhe first cadet who wol 
leave... Well it's been four years and approximate 
200BR's later and I'm sti I here I con'l say it = alwo 
been fun or that I didn't think about transferring to Tec 
but I'm glad I stuck it out. I dan attribute this accor 
plishment to one thing and one thing only, my friem 
and family. The friends that I have made during nr 
slightly painful and very agonizing stay here at the ' 
will last a lifetime and beyond. I'm not sure that anyor 
knew what they were doing when they stuck all of > 
together in Delta, but I'm glad they did. We have he 
many interesting experiences together ranging fro 
the time we had to take Ben to the hospitalbecau; 

into JM hall and were scared off by the "ghost 
never forget the late nights with Dave (A.K.A. Davie 
spent in the N.E.B. dungeon, realizing that Tony he 

would have been memorable, but to be honestl 
couldn't remember them Sunday morning. I can scl 
that I won't miss awaking to the sound of Dan "Yuttinu 
at three in the morning, usually followed by Jet? bar I 
ing like a hyena, or trying to fall back asleep will 
Jimmy snoring. Every member of our little group rtfl 
their own unique little attributes, all of which seemt] 
make the rest of barracks stare and wonder. Th] 
Delta Crew (Alec, Jimmy, Scott. Dave, Tony, Beij 
Jeb, Kelly. Dan, and myself) is the best group of frienc 
I'll ever have, and you alrhad better keep in touc 
no matter where you end up... 

Mom and Dad,.ttoanks for all your help, 
may not have said it before^ but I love you guys, an j 
I couldn't have made it through here without you. 

As for what VMI was like for me, there J 
only one way to describe this place . . . The days la:' 
and eternity, but when you blink a week has alread! 

1997 - Paul Bickford, Brad Harris 
2003 - Chris Polidora 


1997 - John Jenkins 

2003 - Paul Keddel, Mark Davis 

Timothy A. Dowdy 

Petersburg, VA 

The Artful Dodger, JD-Hogg 
Air Force -^History 

Army ~ Psychology 

Army ~ Economics 

Hey and now forever, i remember those times, in 
fiose walls all that we did, all that we did drink! 
nmy and jack alike it did not matter we were a 
amily then one big happy discombobulated family. 

i the wee hours of the morning till we could sleep 
o more we were awake wjth a gladness to be 
rothers. to be that band something different, some- 

se we were all liars and buyers of a fake brick of 
istingness, something we cojjld all afford and burn 
xever but a cherry is only red so long as it young 
nd doesn't run, away though some couldnt help 
ut burn up rising into the vasfblue sky and fly higher 
lan those damn swaying steel poles which in front 
f we stood when we too we little soldiers, though, 
ever really marching, we more like boxcar bound 
obos, that's what we were, the whatever for who- 
ver, and whoever crossed our path was entitled to 
II thot whatever we were. I am lucky enough to 
ave made great friends like Tony Gagliardi who 
'rote the above poem and who unfortunately 
ouldn't make it to the end of the ride- and who 
Iso loved this place more than anyone I's 
do bad VMI cut his career and that of Justin 
uzczykowski's short- when in actuality they were- 
3me of the brighter cadets the Institute had to of 
ar. I was blessed to make the acquaintance of guy 
te Brian Lee, Kyle Pabin, and many... many more. 
Iso had the fortune of being reunited with an old 

est friend in Matt Wright. I couldn't forget the 

nportant people in my life my family: Mom, Dad 
.shby, RT. Parker. One more special brother in my 
jge against mediocrity in my closest partner in Jus 
n Maestri. Without any one of these companions 
'ouldn't have persevered as far as I have. As for the 
istitute...l'm glad to leave. I wont miss-it. I do, how 
ver. appreciate the valuable lessons I have learned- 
will no doubt help me in my future pursuits. I'll miss 
le fellowship- always. 

Most people say that when college is over, it all 
went by so fast. Are you kidding me!!! Lets just say it 
went by and everyday I was faced with some sort 
of BS. One thing that I'm glad I did more. than any- 
thing else was when I took a break from this-hole and 
headed out west for a semester. All the things that I 
had experienced here finally began to make sense. 
I hope it eventually becomes a requirement for ev-\ 
eryone to leave for a semester, in order to put all the 

..nonsense of the place into a better perspective. As 
"for the women situation, I am proud of the girls that 
chose this place. Some of them are very impressive 
individuals, BUT, this experience had been unique, 
and I wish that it had been left alone-. -I feel bad for 
the classesitiat will follow, because attending this 

s type of a schdbt in a single sex environment was very 
special, and it wiH forever be altered One of the 

| things that I have always pondered in my mind is, 

; "How many amazing individuals will I meet through- 
out my lifetime?" I truly believe that most of them 

' have been classmates of mine over the past four 
years. Maybe they haven't reached their peak just 

■ yet, but I can't even' begin to fathom how well some 
of these guys are going to do when they are given 
their chance to shineTo my classmates, thanks for 
everything guys.'" I'm not a Virginia boy. I never will be 
a Virginia boy. but I have felt very accepted by you 
and your families over the years. I have so many 
dam sets of parents right how that I've -lost track 
Eric and Kev, we stuck it out, I'm going to miss you 
guys. I wish I wasn't confined to so few words or Id 

^mention everybody. Tony, Franklin, Jeff, I never would 
fpve survived without your support. Mom, Dad and 
e^en Bill, I love you guys. 

With everything said and done, when asked 
hell?',' I have to say, "Basically" 

1997 - Aaron Bur don 
2003 - Matthew Keck 

VMI. what actually does that stand for? I have many 
different definitions for VMI. I really can't express my 
feelings about this place like I want, until the last leg of 
my cadetship ends. Although, I can say that some of 
the best times of my life were here at VMI, believe or 
not. I'm sure my friends here can vouch for that as well. 
It might sound absurd to say things about this place 
when you are still here but what's done is done. To all 
my boys who I rolled with throughout my stay at the 
Institute, Fourdoor, Flair, Baldo, Rafman, Double E, Polak. 
DP and to the rest of my boys and you know who you 
are, we had the best times. I will never forget the ex- 
cursions to the noke, imu. cherries ridge, or even up to 
the Palms for a few fate night drinks. I can't believe 
that my time here is coming to an end. When I started 
.1 never thought I could put up with constant abuse of 
power that goes on. But you learn to laugh at it and 
just forget it "The toes that you step on today will be 
connected to the ass that you kiss tomorrow I hope 
everybody at VMI will learn to live by this quote. Well 
now I have to get a little sentimental on you. I want I 
to thank a few people. First I want to think my par- 
ents for the constant support, always telling me I can 
do it and also with the steady flow of letters. One 
thing that sticks out in my mind about the letter was 
my dad would always end the letter with, "keep a 
good tude': "obey the rules': and "love you" well I 
love yall too. Thanks. I also want to thank my broth- 
ers and my sister for their constant support as well. I 
love yall too. Last by not least I would like to thank 
Shannon for all her support. She was there with me 
throughout my cadetship. If I was mad she was 
there, if I wanted to complain she was there, and if I 
just wanted to talk she was there. Thank You Shan- 
non. I love you too This class history wouldn't be 
complete without mentioning my roommates one 
more time. Flair, Fourdoor, Baldo, and Ratman thanks 
the memories and I couldn't of made it with- 
Stephen "94" and 
men ever. 

out yall. Hugh Jr. "65': Hugh III "92': 
Timothy "00 The best four VMI n 


1997 - Max Hopkins 

2003 -John Bell 

John W. Downs 

Gallatin, TN 

Ian P. Doyle 

New Port Richey, FL 

Army ~ Biology 

Fat Boy, Big Red, Floridian 
Army ~ Economics (French Minor) 

Eric M. East 

Salem, VA 

Army \Economics 

"Wey Doyle, what's the agenda for today? Wait, 
we don't have to ask you because you tell us every- 
day. We never knew why you asked DeRose for that 
tarqpon, but after living with you we all finally " 
urecr-it out. Mr. PMS " 
and happiness into 
Oh yeah; for all those girls that you thought were the 
one. . . lets justsay GOOD CAtL. One last thing, keep 
that temper under control. 

I have counted on many people to help 
me get closer to the ultimate finish line of the T 
GRADUATION. I owe the world to my Parents and- 
then some. Nothing is going to make me happier 
than seeing my parent's smiles as I accept my di- 
ploma and say, "I wouldn't have done it without 
them" Of course I need to thank my siblings: Ryan, 
Amanda, and Sean for their support. I just hope I 
have been the best role model I could have been 
for all of you. To my dyke, Chris, for teaching me the 
ways. Thanks Matt and Will, I hope I have taught you 
the same. Fern-you have been a great friend and I 
know you'll be my surgeon. Kenny-nobody laughs 
like you; you're a great friend. Jeff-It's been torture 
but fun, thanks for my first ride to the airport. Josh- 
eventhough you're balding our friendship will never 
end. Jake-grumpy sorry for the hand, you've been 
a great friend and roommate Pelton-thanks for 
being my grommit buddy and helping me througB| 
Seldon-thanks for helping me shake things loose evS 
ery once in awhile. Keane-eventhough the age thing, 
we've always related, and you have become one 
of my best friends. Sam-videocams, Joe's cabin, 
and icyhot are some memories. I've created a mon- 
ster. You are a true friend and-l look forward to the 
.rest of our lives as friends, or maybe brother-in-laws? 
Paul-snoring & annoying, but damn friend. 
There isn't enough space to write about all our memo- 
ries but they'll be more! Dave-I'll .be carrying you 

- -._ je with me, ' 

thank you all 

, w e of the Institute (the one with the Done-lap 
and the big belt) entered this school. He came from 
the world of farm implements -and beautiful women 
from the Greater Gallatin, Tenn. area. He professed 
■hatred of UT and a great deal of love for Jack 
Daniel's Black. I ended up in the same rat room with 
this man and am proud to be the first friend he made 
here. We met because he was bewildered with the 
rag city and found something familiar in a BR who 
was wearing jeans and boots-namely me. We en- 
dured a ratline and four years together. That coun- 
try boy grew up with me in Club 439, Stalag 359, JC.'s 
"o:!~r, ."" and ffifsfinal year in the unnamed 157 It 
was a queer twist of fate that John and I ended up 
in the same rat room. Yet it was a hell of a lot of 
good luck because we've been best friends for four 
years now. Down Downs is a man of many talents. 
There is probably not a more determined and tena- 
cious cadet ever to attend this school. He wore Ac 
Stars and rank all three upperclass years. But that 
isn't what I'll remember him for The trips to the Moth- 
erland (Tennessee) and Roanoke come to mind. And 
as for the record, I was not the man who corrupted 
John, I only sped up the process. We laughed to- 
gether a hell of a lot and bitched together a hell of 
a lot. We also butted heads more than once. Some 
stories will go down into the record books: the "blue 
goo" incident, the-underwear in the trash chute, tfie 
Gold Bond contiutifh. I can't say that I lived with 
John for exactly four years. He probably spent more 
time in the Science building than in the room, but it 
paid off. Where John goes now is the army and 
sometime in the future Med School. But remember 
John, Scouts Out, Wid don't forget your friends. You. 
picked me up whelss I needed it, and that is a debt I 
can never repay One more thing- whether or not 
people liked him herfikis irrelevant, he will surpass 
everyone Success is the only thing John knows. 
And John, don't forget the Crown Vic incident I 
owe you breakfast. 


1998 - Josh Metcalf 

2003 - Will Diaz, Matt Brady 

I. find this history har&to write because I re> 
don't have anything goooVto say about VMI but I 
believe that it has been a positive experience ancl 
has made me a better person The best thing abc f 
VMI is the relationships that- 1 have formed w" 
roommates, the team, -d/id everyone else th J 
played by their own rules instead of the Ts" 
thing about VMI is that you learn very quickly wi] 
will stick with you through thick and thin and who 
turn on you. If it weren't J^or_these friendships 
would have never been able to make it this far. Tha 1 
all of you for the support. It's been a team effortTo \{ 
those heads that stepped on toes for reasons u -J 
known, The Brady Bunch and The Goon Squad, ji| 
remember what goes around comes around aca 
you guys will not realize this until the protection a 
VMI is gone and the real world bites you in the aM 
But I guess I could also turn this into a positive b: 
cause I have learned to deal with people that I dor 
particularly care to be around or care for. A shai 
out to all of you guys that kept it real and didn'1 
this place change the person that you were befo 
VMI. I am also grateful for all my friends at horr 
that supported me through it all, Mortz, Spark, Dre 
Jen Rus. Thank you. And a special shout out % 
unique individual, GL on the DL, l-will never forget 
times we have had. You are a very special perse 
and don't let anyone tell you different. To all of rt 
predecessors that taught me how this place < 
and watched my back, thanks for making sure 
never took VMI or the heads that run it too sei ' 
TdClub 140 rats, I hope I showed you guys the rope i 
A piece of advice, VMI is 'what you make of it. Dor ' 
let it get you down because this place isn't worth j 
contrary to what most think- Good luck to all of yc 
and thanks for looking out for us To my parents arj 
sister, thank you guys for being so understanding c 
supportive (especially with my grades). Thank yc| 
for keeping me focused on my goals even though 
seemed to deviate numerous times. And you gu 
are right as usual; it is going to pay off in when it is 
over. I love you. Peace. r I 


1997 - Chris Coats 

2003 - Matt Smith, Will Richardson 

1997 - Andrew Staich 
2003 -Jason Annis 

Augustine O. E. Ekpoudom 

Yorktown, VA 


David A. Emmerich 

Boones Mill, VA 

Derek C. Engelhard, Jr. 
Radford, VA 

Air Force ~ International Studies 

Air Force ~ Mechanical Engineering Air Force ~ Mechanical Engineering 

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood. 
And sorry I could not travel both 
And be one traveler, long I stood 
And looked down one as far as ) could 
To where it bent in the undergrowth; 

Then took the other, as just as fair, 
, And having perhaps the better claim 
Because it was grassy and-Wanted wear, 
Though as for that the passing there 
Had worn them really about The same. 

And both that morning eaiially lay 
In leaves no step had trodclen blac 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 
Somewhere ages and ages hence: 
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, 
I took the one less traveled by. 
And that has made all the difference, 

Robert Frost 

an enemy. Right now I see a whole world watting for 
me, and I don t want to keep it waiting. Good luck to 
everyone on their journeys. . 

They-gave me this fair amount of space to sum 
up four years of VMI. All I really need is one 

word HELL! I am not going to bash the "I" too 

hard. I do, however, owe the Institute some thanks 
for supplying me with the greatest friendships and 
experiences I could ever ask for (such as frat fights. 
Clarion trips. Daytona, VT ... you guys know who you 
are). I could not have made if past the first day 
without the help of the class. From roommate to 
roommate, from new to old barracks, this has been 
a trip I will never forget. It has taken me four years to 
figure out why I came to this school and to under- 
stand what I was working so hard for. Now that I 
know, I can spend the next four years catching up on 
everything I have missed. I am going to save the last 
.thank you for mom and dad. Without you guys, I 
would not be here. Thank you for the support I 
needed to get through this place. All the long drives, 
high phone bills, and not so great report cards has 


1997 -Jason Middough 

',003 - Jamar Freeman, Andrew Williams 

1997 - Steve Strachan 
2003 - Gordan Fox 


1997 - Andy Clark 

2003 - Will Gentry, Dawn Short 

Dave, EPP, Pappa Smurf, Epperlady 
Army ~ Chemistry 

WeO'sTTiartimeTo? 7ny"I<ey"3efsFiif51«fiereTg"eT 
■to look back and reflect on my four years here at 
the "I" After everything is said and done I know that 
I will look back on the years I spent here as a great 
time in my life. Yeah. I know it is cheeze but I will miss 
k«the place... not marching, waking up too damn early, 
or all the other BS that we are subject to as keydets. 
The things that I will miss are the weekend excursions 
with my boys, laughing at all the stupid stuff with the 
kats in 154, late night WWF in the science building, 
keeping watch over the 1" stall, trips to the palms, 
running the block, and most of all, all the great friends 
that I have made here. The friends that I nave made 
here are worth every minute of crap that I put up 
with over the last few years. Thanks to MOM. DAD, 
and CINDY for the support (both mentally and finan- 
cially), Grandma and PaPa for all the letters. 
Grandma E, for the cornbread. Big John, Ted, and 

The Mad Cuban 
Army ~ Mechanical Engineering 

>tow~cari7put into words the "Mad Cuban"? Well 
lets see. It all started third class year when Jaxx and 
I get out little bundle of joy. Man what a year that 
was full of permits and bones for the most random 
stuffs Including the MEP conference and the exclu- 
sive number 2 club, which only has two members! 
Always remember Navy SEAL FTX as the Waterproof 
Cuban. As Tony grew and matured in the Club 19 
atmosphere his grades did not. This would result in 
many academic records like number of times tak- 
ing Calc II and most consecutive time spent here. 
Second class year found us w/o JJ-Money but defi- 
nitely not hurting for roommates. It was now time to 

home away from nome. Doc Jones for the 
agement (2 squirts and a pickle), the guys in 154. my 
revolutionaries on the OGA, and all the people who 
make this place bearable. Last but not least Nikki, 
and Chop...! hope that I have past something along 
to you that you can be proud of, hang in there, keep . 
your grades up and laugh at this place every day 

ing on Wallace. Think of all those long nights in the 
dungeon OH WAIT that was Devo; you were in the 
room with James asleep. And Ring Figure what a 
blast that was. Full of funny "Tony stories!" Which are 
stories that are 65% fact and the rest is just invented 
to help the tale along. Well after all those useless 
web sites you visited and all that time you spent in 
the X you still managed to pull off good grades. Now 
a rat mentors, you have a rat the exact opposite of 
you. Hopefully he will soon learn that anything that 
you say while laying down is useless. It has been.d 
long and winding road for Tony from a 2yr. stint ps 
cadre to guide. Over the last three years TonyRSB 
taught me a lot of things. Like you can't weaP 
Hoffman Dyke' every time you leave the 'I.' Or you 
can't go up the down escalator, slam crowd surfers 
and survive society with no tact. I really appreciate 
all that you have done for me and with me. It would 
have been a long three years without the Happy M.F 
Cuban. Always remember in life it is either who you 
are and what you know or what you are and who 
you know. Thanks mom and dad. I would have never 
made it through here without your support. To all the 
d&gs^may your path from here lead to success. 
Keep in 

Army ~ International Studies 

one semester left to go crtA/MI, I still thought i 
essary to write my thanks toYhose people who ha I 
made my career here, and Dstress career for I hal 
spent many a day in this place, a pleasant one. I I 
first thank the people most important in my life, rl 
family Mom and dad you have always encouragil 
me to succeed. You have always encouraged rl 
to seek out my passions, to find what the world ccl 

Driving one kid to this practice another to that pn<l 
tice, never did you try and limit our dreams, howev 
silly they might have been at the time.( Cello/Sc 
For this reason your kids are the people that ttv£ 
are. Strong, conscientious, loving human bein] 
molded by the two greatest people ever. I hog 
someday that I can be in a relationship as beautil 
as yours, and that I can give my children as much i 
you have given yours. Krista, Katherine. and Mel 
Thew I love you all. I know that you will be success I 
in anything you try, and if ever you fall be confide] 
that this big brother will always be behind you j 
pick you up. Phil, Tim, Tom, and Andrew I had sonl 
of the greatest experiences of my life with you gu'l 
It would take a whole section of this yearbook I 
describe them, and even then it would not do the J 
justice. We will take them with us for the rest of el 
lives. I thank you altfor helping me laugh when til 
place made me want to go nuts. I love you gu\l 
and I hope that we remain friends forever. Phil 1 
years brother. To all of my other friends, from horr] 
Ed. Haroun, Horn, Todd, Ben. Thorn, and Sherm arl 
from the Institute, you guys have added endlej 
amounts of knowledge to my life, and I thank yoi 


1997 -John Thibadeaux 

2003 - Chris Lambert, Nicole Weaver 


1997 - George R. Ferguson 
2003 - William J. Sinkinson 

1997 - Dale Moore 
Mike Demayo, Matt Van Wie 

John F. Ferguson 

Newport News, VA 

William D. Ferguson, III ? 

Farmville, VA 

J-Dawg, Hitman, Speedracer 
Air Force ~ Electrical Engineering 

D-ferg, Ferg, Prince -of Farmville 
Air Force ~ History 



Stephen E. Fern, Jr. 

West Terre Haute, IN 

Marine ~ Biology 

| As these four years come to an end and we 
brother rats) depart our ways, I look back and re- 
fect on our achievements. I love being part of the 
Jass of 2000 (LCWB). I couldn't ask for better BR's. 
;'e stuck together to accomplished our rat-line, and 
e prepared each other to take this world b'y the 
prns. I am a better man because of my. many 
arned experiences here, and I thank my room-- 
ates (James, Charlie, Ray and West) and BR's for 
at. I also thank my parents, my sister Rose, and my 
Ike, Paul, for giving me the support I needed to 
yercome adversity oehind these VMI walls. Things 
eren't always dark and gloomy as we witnessed 
; rats. The dozen classmates in electrical engi- 
sering made the academic-rat-line easier to over- 
Dme. We heckled each other to the point of no 

Force, Scott, but we might not be able to heckle 
throw monkey wrenches into the daily grind as 
; did here in our EE classes. I'll see you too, "Big 
gre" Steve, and run up another $200. tab with you 
id "The Heckler" Scott tru dot. To my own POW 
ts in.Club 141: Wes "Bobby Boucher" learn how to 
pvel faster and use the inside of your head in the 
ture; and Chris, keep the grades and tackles com- 
b. I am fortunate to have accomplished the fol- 
ding: Smokestack Climb 4, Accessory to toilet 
femolition 4, Rat Artillery/Weapons Crew 4, Hitman 
ght Ops (never captured) 3, Rat Rumble Boxing 
tarn (unauthorized) 3, Sqruilz Killer 21 Dam Builder^ 
, Club 141 Olympic Alterndte 1, Cpl. 3, Sgt. 2, Lt. 1>. 
:\A/B Forever. 


1997 - Paul Reedy 

2003 - Wes Lessett, Chris Walsh 


to pass French. I will always remember the way things 
were during our Rat year, and that memory has kept 
me pushing for my goals. No other class dfter 2000 
will have the pleasure to know what VMI really was. 
For that I am truly sorry, you have been deprived a 
great experience.To my Brother Rats, thank you for 
making this place bearabler and for the 
memoriesTLast of the Old CorpsrMy best friend Eric, 
'you have been there for me more than you will ever 
know. Thank you, I could not have made it through 
without you. Ken. you made this place interesting 
and the weekends crazy. Stay wild! Room unity, fam- 
ily sticks together During my four years here I have 
rode the "Rocltet Bus" to Clarion, danceq 1 with the. 
Penguin and was.backstage with the "homos" at 
Bryn Mawr, went to JMU88TA way to much, slept in 
an elevator shaft at Sweet Briar, seen Pat McGee 

. played some beer pong, seen the Lynchburg 
Jail, played some WC.W. wrestling in the basement at 
the "Grove", and met too many "scandalous" 
women. With all of -this you can bet I was always 
accompanied by Eric, Ken, Mac, and sometimes 
the cast of Derek, Dave, Rich, Paul, Luke, Big Matt, 
Chad, Mickey, Adam, and always Tojay, Matt, and 
Marshmallow the other Members of the Loyal Order 
of the Bruised Camel. Mom and Dad, thank, you for 
everything, I cannot put in words how much you 
both mean to me. Granddad and Grandmother, 
rapnk you for all your support and feeding us on the 
vKfeekends. Eric loves the salmon. Uncle Tommy for 
bSing a VMI football legend and the only relative 
frltei the OLD CORPS. Jim Bob and Dre, hang in there 
aria defeat whatever challenge life throws at you. 
James, thank you for giving me a Ratline. You gave 
me the tools to be successful. Drace, Irv, and Adam, 
miss having you guys around. My time at VMI has 
concluded but the memories will live on forever 
"Some of its magic, some of its tragic, but I had a 
' life all the way'Tiger Echo Forever" 

VMI. I really appreciate everything that you have 
done for me. 

It has been an interesting four years. I have 
made a lot of great friends and had some good 
times. Some of my VMI favorites have to be room 
confinement and PTs. But, looking back I really feel 
like I was given a lot of opportunities that I would 
have never been given at a 'normal' school. Soccer 
was a roller coaster but an overall good experience. 

Pig - Keep waiting you will find the right girl 

K.K. - Stay old. 

Tdylor, BS. — If you ever need to tell stories at 
.night give me a call. 

Carl and Cuddlefish — Thanks for cleaning up 
my mess. 

DavejO - Keep that 'study' stocking cap on your 

Ian - Take care and enjoy those Hooters girls. 

Sykes — Get some note cards to keep track of 
your conquests. 

D'Rose - Stay sleepy. 


1997 -James Pridgen 
2003 - Dre Boggess,Jim Bob Crews 

1997 - Brian Bagwan 
2003 - Dale Griffin 

Air Force ~ Economics 

Raymond P. Fletcher 

Shippenville, PA 

Fletch, Fletch Dog, Big Ray, Rainman 
Army ~ Civil Engineering 

Sean P. Foley 

Alexandria, VA 

I really don't know wr\pt to say about this pi; 
I don't know why I came fWe or what kept me 
but I am thankful that I am s|most done. Throuo 
iy 3.5 years here I kept wishing that I could goT:| 
and redo the college process.. I don't know ' 
made it through here. When I arrived here as a] 
did not expect a lot of things that were throwl 
me. In the admission catalogs they neglect tcj 
you the fact that you can't leave here on the wf 
ends among countless other things. Third class y 
got in a footrace with the Tac and earned mys 
semester vacation. For some reason I decide 
come back. After changing my major from E( 
to History. I finally decided on Psychology. Itseei 
like the smoothest and fastest track out of herej 
weren't for all the trips to JMU, VT. and various c 
places I don't think I would have been able to k: 

you sleep 12 hours a day. your only here half 
time. Barring that I don't screw up between 
and May. I will be reading this at JMU next seme- 
chilling, taking 6 hours and walking away with 
VMI degree. Knock on wood. I would like to thj 
my friends and family for their help over the ye 
Kevin: you were always watching over me. 
saved my ass quite a few times. Aunt Dolly: 
always believed in me when other people dout 
me. To all my friends who gave me crap for g< 
here but supported me. To all of my boys at 
oyer the years for helping me get through this pic 
We had some good ttrnes and quite a few lau 
Most of all I would like to thank my parents Witt 
your support and patience | would have never 
it this far. This degree is as\much yours as it is 
Every time I would wandercf track you always 
me back on it. 

First Class Private 
#1 Club, Rack Challenge. Saturday and Sun 
drill team, Big Red Club, 

As I look back I realize that my time here was 
' quick indeed. While you're a cadet, quick is not the 
word which comes to mind when you're sitting in 
your room trying to think of the next thing that will 
burn five minutes off of a weekend on confinement. 
^Weekends here... needless to say, were not fun. In- 
stead, they consisted of thinking of ways to get 
drunk or ways to annoy everyone else in barracks. 
The seal team is a perfect example. Those that 
read this and understand know what I'm talking 
about. Others may know it simply as the "trick" but 
there was so much more. Returning from the tail- 
gate parties and, the beverages that were readily 
abundant, stick in my mind with a fond little glimmer. 
Outside of that, my VMI experience was something 
I won't ever forget, nor would I repeat for any small 
sum. I had a great time here and I met some amaz- 
ing people that will be life long friends. Thanks yall. 
You made this place possible. Especially those of 
you in Theatre. I had a great time and would not 
trade one monet of it for the world. Thanks Jo. 

But that's not to say they were the only 
people that made this place possible. Mom, Daa, 
without you guys. I wouldn't have made it through. 
And no, I'm not referring to the funds that VMI is 
thanking us for. I mean the moral support. The times 
when I was down and called home to hear a friendly 
voice. Those are the times when I needed some- 
one the most andyou guys were there.' Nannie and 
Aunt Mary, neither of you have any idea how nice it 
was to get all of those letters. They really helped 
pick me up. Plus, It gave the spider that took up 
residence in my box something to do. ..rebuild his 
web. Grandpa dkd Grandma, thank you too. You 
guys gave me a iKk in the pants when I needed itr- 
Either through verbmsupport or the love both of you 
have. Thank you dB>~N ot~-.evervone is here, so for- 
give me. Cheryl, Caleb, Lindsey, guys from the Mead- 
ows, everybody, thank you for being there. This 
place has been a voyage of troubles ...but there 
have also been some good times. I appreciate an 
will treasure everyone of them.... high or low. 

>'ye had more experiences here at VMI than I 
would like to share with anyone. However, there are 
a few that know them, and probably had some- 
thing to do with it. Whether it was the time it took 
the nelp of a roommate to drive back from Tech. or 
re-arranging the room before a parade because 
one roommate thought he was better than another 
at something. Ill never forget-any of it, "we should be 

sleep cause dne of us didn't want to. My boy's Charlie, . 
Selaen, James, John, Dave, stay hungry, stay alive. 
Life did suck here at the "I" but it sucked for all of us, 
and that made it a little better. I learned a lot here 
at VMI, and I suppose Ishould be thankful for my four 
years here. The Institute taught me a lot about my- 
self, and made me part of who I am today. Some 
may debate whether that is good or bad, but I'll let 
them fight it out. I can't say that these college years 
were the best of my life, like everyone says they 
should be, but rather just a part of my life. I couldn't 
change it, not even the least little bit of it. My best 
friend once said that you shouldn't regret something 
because you can later learn from it. She was right. I 
would like to thank my Mother , for your love, I knew 
you were always there. My Dad, for being a friend 
and not just my father I Love You, Man! My brother 
and sister, for giving me a'feal family. And MelissaTraB 
your love ana support, my best friend. I love you aW 

) good 


1997 - Sean Ladrigan 
2003 - Tim Rogers, Chris Semenowitz 


1997 - Matt Spencer 
2003 - Mike Lipari 


1997 - Kevin Ash 

2003 - Lars Wagner 

Thomas M. Forsyth 

High Point, NC 

Beefcake, Beef, BQJMacdaddy, POS 
Army ~ History 

am" grateful to~h7iveT<nw~airbnTiyTbrotheF 
I was gone for a year but still when I comeback 

jur second class year it was 'is if nothing had 
3nged between us. I would like to thank Dan, Eric, 
d Kenny, for being so close to me as friends and all 
the good times that I had here, there were a few, 
is do solely to them. I would like to tell my rat Joe 
' to loosen up and not take the Institute so sen-, 
sly ail of the time because 'if you do that you will 

it get the best of yourself. As all of us go our 
sarate ways just remember that we should never 

anything get in our way. LCWB. 


Nate Dogg, Diggity Dogg, Fast Eddie 
Army ~ Chemistry 

I "believeTF waslateTn the"ev©r!tng - during Second 
Class year, when Nate and I were talking about our 
recent trials and tribulations. Nate was holding down 
S-1 Sgt., Assistant Prosecutor, and a tough Chemiotry 
curriculum. Needless to say, he had pTehfyof free 
time. Of course, we both had a lotto balance and 
were both wondering why we even put up with it all. 
However, one thing was said that night which made-, 
it all apparent. We both came toiittlis one conclu- 
sion — now could I be satisfied with mediocrity? Our 
Motivation didn't lie in showing anyone up — we just 
couldn't be satisfied with mediocrity. Sieither one of 
us'had picked VMI because we wanted the easy 
path, Nate, you've always put a lot.on ; your shoul- 
ders, in no-way shirked from your duties, and never 
. failed to rise to the occasion. I think it'sbee,n a tough- 
four years, but knowing and counting on each other 

and despite all the tough times, I have never regret- 
ted my decision. I have learned how to get beyond 
all of the complaining and bickering to realize how 
I. i i i I used to thinl 

that I would do it all over for some exorbitant amount 
of money — not a chance. I have-far too much to 
look forward to th life tb waste any time doing things 
over again. I am damn proud bf my performance 
here at the "I" and I would not da thihW. differently if 
given the opportunity. At times I havei : -hated the 

Blace, but I know deep down that I love it.Pom and 
ad...ya'll have always been there for me: (--thank 
VSod everyday that ['was blessed with such wonder- 
-fffll parents. are a fine bunch and it was 
dra honor. I wish all of you the best of luck; : and I thank 
ySu for your motivation and dedication. And finally,-' 
ls|Wed the best for last... Maria, my soon-to-be'wif& 
awo partner in life, I know not how to express my 
freights and feelings for you in words. You have 
grfih me the most valuable possession that one could 
evMjhold near and dear.../ove. Lastly, a piece of 
adwje to whomever wants to take it. atten- 
tion to life before it passes you by! -God Bless 

Army ~ Biology 

1997 - Daniel Evilsizer 
2003 - Joseph Ingram 


1997 - Daniel Owens 
2003 - Chris "Bobo" Mision 

VlVII"WhTFewater CTub3earch ana Kescue Team: 
Class Ring Design Committee. Allied Health Club. Eagle 
Scout AssociationVMI... well its over. Its amazing 
that these four years seem to have slipped by so 
quickly, and yet even as I write this, the time until 
tomorrow CMD, and the escape in my jeep seems so 
faraway. Rat year is a distant repressed memory, but 
to address a question that everyone asks... "was it 
hell?"...Vern, you know the answer, as we all do. This 
is not a place for ratline stories; we've been there, 
done that, and no one will ever understand... and 
after our class, the last class, though few wish to say 
it... it is over. On this note. I would like to say to the 
administration, stop perpetuating the lie. We know 
the truth. Looking back. I thank God for His love and 
devotion, for there were many times I lifted my eyes 
to "the hills and He was always there. Without Him, 
nothing else matters. Joshua 1:7-9. Mom, Dad, Sarah 
Anne, fngnk you for all of your love and support, you 
have been there for me long before any of this ever 
started, I love you. My dear Alison... words escape 
me when I even begin to describe how thankful I am 
for you, and our love. From the moment you en- 
tered my life that fateful summer night, thank you for 
sharing in all the laughing and crying, you are a bless- 
ing that I will always thank God for... there is much 
more to come. Qranddaddy, you understood why I 
chose this place long before I even entered Jackson 
Arch and I wish that we could just cast a fly and talk 
it all over one more time... thanks. Big Worm, Crazy 
Cracker, the legacy of 374, 253 and 117 will always 
go on. Thanks for The great times, the late night BS 
sessions, ram'en. and the reasons for taking FCP we 
made it together. Josh, late study and the herbarium- 
never again, we made it, keep laughing, Aim High. 
-Ethan. IT<now I'll run into you, probably on some 
"board" just don't bust your teeth. Sean, Semper Fi, 
and never retreat. John, Matt, Seaton, Justin: the 
crew from new barracks, keep the motivation high. 
Chris and Steve, we made it: best wishes to you and 
yoursl Sam and Seth, stay strong. Finally, to the Class 
of 2000. it was a privilege, struggle, and a party, ybll 
are the reason I'll return take care. VFCP Forever. 


1997 - Keith Peterson 

2003 - Sam Newsome, Seth Ostlund 

Derrick C. Funches 

Trenton, NJ 

Charles M. Gallienne, 
Richmond, VA 


Christopher D. Gamble 

Anderson, IN 

Air Force ~ Economics 

Army ~ Economics 



"It is a great profession. There is the fascination 
'of watching a figment of imagination emerge 
through the aid of science to a plan on a paper. 
Then it moves to realization in-stone or metal or en- 
ergy. Then it brings jobs and homes to men. Then it 
elevates the standard of living and adds to the com- 
forts of life. That is the engineer's high privilege. 

The great liability of the engineer com- 
pared to men of other professions is that his works 
are out in the open where all con see them. His acts, 
step by step, are in hard substance. He cannot bury 
his mistakes in the grave like the doctors. He cannot 
argue them into tfjin air or blame the judge like law- 
yers. He cannot, like the architects, cover his failures 
with trees and vines. He 'cannot, like the politicians, 
screen his shortcomings by blaming his opponents 
and hope that people forget The engineer simply 
cannot deny he did it. If his works do not work, he is 

On the other hand, unlike the doctor, his is 
not a life among the weak. Unlike the soldier de- 
struction is not his purpose. Unlike the lawyer, quar- 
rels are not his daily bread. To the engineer falls the 
job of clothing the bare bones of science with life, 
comfort, and hope. No doubt as the years go by 
people forget which engineer did it, even if they 
ever knew. Or some promoter who used other 
people's money. But the engineer himself looks back 
at the unending stream of goodness which flows 
from his successes with satisfactions that few pro- 
fessions may know. And the verdict of his fellow 
professional is all the accolade he wants" 
! -Herbert Hoover 

"1 would first like to thank my family for the support 
that they have given me over the past four years, 
without them I might not be sitting here writing this. 
You guys have always been there for me whatever 
thexjircumstance. In a sick way I guess I should 
thank you for sending me to this "scary" place. 
Tatum. the General was right when he told you I 
would make it. Mom's, Dad's.-Tatum, Meghan, Henry, 

to "real" college because if I was not here, good 
chance I was there. Thanks for the floor space that , 
you gave me every. weekend that I came to visit. 

The only reason that I ever enjoyed returning to 
this place after furlough was to see my friends. There 
is no way that I can mention you all but you know 
who you are. We made the most of this place, from 
endless nights trying to figure out how to make mil- 
lions (without investing in gold), fall break trips to the 
river, Charleston, Hotlins (Country Cookin), Randy- 
Mack (why did we go there again?), Richmond (that 
strange apartment), and summer school (Beirut, 
enough said oh and there was Steve Irwin) to men- 
tion a few. Through it all you guys made this place 
mean a lot more to me. Billy, Bubba, and Worth I will 
miss all of you next- year. You guys have been great 
roommates and more importantly great friencjs, 
Thanks again tor the great times we snarea^^^ 

There has never bedn and never will again 
anything that comparesYq the experiences I h< 
had on this tiny hill in Virginia, Of course, I can't re. 
say that I'm sad about the drdeal being over. Th 
are some things that I would Jove to forget; 
there are also those things I will never forget to lei 
about the madness of our seemingly endless tirrv 
Hades. I would love to forget those lonely nic 
without my Nikki, whom I owe so much for puff 
up with my ever^changing mind. I thank my mot 
for always reminding me that anything is possi 
and for supporting me to no end despite my cou 
less imperfections. And last but not least, Gc ' 
always helping me see'the better days ahead I wo J 
love to forget the homesick feeling I get evi 
four years away from Indiana. I would love to ford 
the anger that the ratline bred within me but, atl 
same time, it may have been that anger that men 
it all bearable. Its knowing you're not the only c| 
that endures the insanity that somehow makey 
acceptable. Always remember that Arik. I'll nevj 
forget falling asleep to the sounds of Sarah a\ 
Chris's "question of the night" Nor will I for 
extraordinary cynicism of Craig and his plans 
over a small country and eventually the world. Be* 
and his hydroxycut rages that may have resultec 
our WWF grudge matches will always be a fun 
thing to look back on. Together, FT44 is what 
were and wow, what a group. I'll never forget tryiii 
to decipher Steve's handwriting and our endle] 
laughter during finals and while abroad. Nor 
forget the times us Biology majors had down in 
Worth; "That's no good! -and "Dr. Turner we we : 
wondering if..." In the end,, there is no question th 
it was all worth it. Even though I would love 
forget what it's like to be a cadet, I will never forg 
to love the fact that I can say I did it. Believe it 
not, graduation is what we have been working t 
wards all this time and somewhere in the back 
our minds have always thought "Someday" Gue 
what guys? Our Someday has come. 

1997 - Tom Haskins, Mike Edwards 

2003 - Ron Vaughns, Kenny Moseley, 

Alicia Williams, Daniel Whitehall 

1997 - Charles Ayers 
Tom Sheedy, Craig Blackwood 


1996 - David Kahn 

2003 - Arik Gerke 


Michael J. Gereau 
Escanaba, MI 

Guru, Old Man, Caribou ■; 
Navy ~ Mechanical Engineering 


John R. Gilbert, Jr. 

Methuen, MA 

^ *T 


Craig A. Giorgis 

King George, VA 

Army ~ English 

l (Four years ago I chose to take the road less trav- 
lid. It was a childhood dream for me to attend a 
ittary school. Now as I look back through the 
hts, the activities I have attended and the mili- 
!<)y training I have received was all worth it. '■•Sure, I 
•p to sacrifice and forfeit many parts of my civilian 
It to accomplish what I have today, but I am a 
after man today. 

! - Everything that I have set my mind to. I have 
iiieved it. My Mechanical Engineering Degree. 
Tt Mathematics Minor and to finally getting my pi- 
otraining slot for the Navy. To prove a point. any- 
Big you put you mind to cop be achieved with a 
ife hard work. 

There were dark daystn my cadetship that 
e me in the gutter. If it wasn't for my loving par- 
3fs, a kind sister, a great friend (Amy) , my grand- 
arents and my roommates (Ron, Brent H„ Joe, 
Juck, Marty, Brent K.. Ryan) my dark days would 
•he been longer. To Ryan, hang in there. Once a 
5) always a BR, no matter how long it takes. Brother 
its forever. 

1 For the Rats (Kyle. Shawn, Miheala, Stuart), Ron 
±i Brent of The Cave, Room 136. who could ask 
■ a much better group. The Rats have exceeded 
eery expectation. When I am separated from you 
Si's, I am lonely. Once you get attached to some- 
BB. it is hard to let them go and the friendship that 

have will last forever. For we are the Mdgnifi- 

t Seven, 
f For Kyle, there will be long days ahead. More x 

in once I have banged my head against the wall*. 

:ause of problems with class or excess demerits 
chose a difficult major and military career. If 
ever think that you are not going to make the 

ide, just think of me, your Dyke. If I can make it 
tough this place, I know you can. 

Quote: "Be careful what you wish for, you just 

|ht get if 

I carThonesTfy sayTTiaT T5y living I -,-■'•>' 

within a system that ironically seems to want to ex- 
tinguish the free thought and intellectual develop- 
ment of its own students and with a student body 
that generally seems unconcerned with its educa- 
tion, I have found a better education than if I would 
have attended some "other" school. This is in part a 
result of my early and steadfast a.wareness of the 
system's distrust of the ScottShip crowd (especially 
the fourth floor)- those professors and their students 
learning far less than their more "practical" co-work- 
ers in NEB and Mallory- and never took my growth as 
a student for granted, because it always arrived out 
of some kind of struggle. Whereas if l.had attended 
that Liberal Arts college, I might not have realized 
what a special and fulfilling thina the word, "why" is. 
' I'm proud that I never fell into the self-complacency 
: trap of blaming our school's "hardness" of academ- 
' ics and physicality for all the poor grades I received, 
instead finding the hardness all the more reason to 
drive on and not take for granted an education 
some remain to only dream of. VMI was a gut-check 
that lasted four long years. Now that I'm done I am 
inclined to smile for I have done my best. Thank you 
firstly and above all to my mother- s a maternal spirit 
of love and stoicism unsurpassed or matched by 
any. I thank both my brothers for their invaluable 
lessons and values I learned early orHthrough them 
and their teachings. Thanks to my grandmother, the 
pillar and figurehead of our family from whom we all 
derive our strength, Thanks to Lt. Col. McDonald and 
■sCol Bedell for your tough criticism. Thanks to my 
afher brothers: woody and Ben. Evan, J apd D: never 
q&it fighting for what you believe. Thank you, Nina, 
faf enriching my life beyond all preconceived no- 
tfatos or expectations, you are truly the love of my 
lifj&You went on crying that your code was nobte, 
buf,,human nature was not good enough to prae 
tidSit. And no one rose to ask the question: Good? 
- by what standard. . . And if you wish to go on living, 
what you now need is not to return to morality 
but to discover it" John Gait Atlas Shrugged 

Gorgeous, Craigery 
Marine ~ International Studies 

ATFhougn - ! am Hardly THeTirsfTo sayTTTis - it is~Tidr3 
to believe that our year has finally come. I can't say 
that time has flown; however on may describe the 
ratline, it is long , . . very long. To be a part of this class 
is an honor I can't quite describe. And only the se- 
lect few of us know the honor of an FT-44 member- 

My cadetship had its ups and downs, from ac 
days to being dumped to months of confinement to 
several knee surgeries to making the best friends of 
my life. I was a happy rat (despite my popularity 
with the RDC) and a miserable third, but the semes- 
ter abroad in a veritable tropical paradise didn't hurt. 
Second class year brought me the first inklings of 
what was later famed as the "bionic knee" and 
.taught me exactly how much worse this place is on 
crutches. Luckily Ring Figure, possibly the most fun 
weekend of my life, came before the cripple days. 

Throughout all of it, I have had only the best of 
' Matt 

lends. Chris. Chris, Paul, Steve, Brent, 

the list 

v/ouldn t 
listen, and backed me up when I needed them. They 
were my roommates, on cadre with me, on the RDC, 
in the band, neighbors, and we saw each other ad 
nauseam. Chris and Chris, my roommates of three 
years, you guys are the most loyal friends a keydet 
could ask for; there is not nearly enough space to 

financial advice and to attempt to taste every beer 
in the greater Richmond area. 

To mom and dad, thanks, of course, for all the 
help with the doctors and everything else parents 
do for persecuted rats and company XO's. Thanks 
•also to my two brothers Dan and Scott who, while 
they still haven't figure out why anyone would come 
here, came to visit me as much as they could. 



1996 - Michael Russell 

2003 - Kyle Haire 


1997 -Derek Atkins 

2003 - Evan Szymanski 

1997 - Matt Smith 
2003 - Chris Huff 

Army ~ Economics 

■l wduBWeTo sTarFEyThanlcing alToTThe people 
■that helped me through these. four years. First and 
foremost, I want to thank my parents. Mom and 
Dad, thank you for your loving support throughout 
my life and especially these past four years. You 

have such strong support and encouragement from 
all of you. I am truly grateful to have such a close 
family who believes in me and supports me all the 
time. To my fiance, Kristin, words cannot express 
how much yo£\mean to me and how much your 
support has helped me. I am anxious and excited to 
experience every'step of life with you by my side 
and to never ever have" to "take a weekend" to 
come see you or use the phones in the sweat- box 
called the phone room again! I LOVE YOU KIDDO, 
was to form friendships that would last forever. If you 
ever need anything all you have to do is ask. To the 
"05" crew: Robbie, Grayson, and Jason, I could not 
-have asked for better roommates. You made the 
good times great and the bad times bearable, thanks! 
We had lots of great times together and I will never 
forget that. To Jon and Eric, my study partners, we 
spent a lot of stressful late nights together and we 
always managed to get the job done. And to the 
rest of the baseball players, Eddie P EE, Landstein, 
and Spradlin I had tun in paradise with ya'll. Kenny & 
we have the biggest rings no doubt about it! To 
Hopkins. Fedor, Dowdy, and Boyer its been real. Let's 
all keep in touch to always celebrate that we are 
out of here! Andyand Justin — You were great dykes, 
keep working hard and set high goals, you can 
achieve them! Owss of 2000: good luck in every-, 
thing you do and remember life is short don't waste 
time and don't havmanv regrets! These four years 
were truly an expeffeistce. vj will take away many 
memories and many friends. I can't wait for the 
alumni life I'll see all of you on the outside! 


1997 - Ryan Early 
2003 -Justin Biggs, Andy Bar den 

• m *> «t 

Speedy, Gonzo, Mondo, Gonz 
Army ~ International Studies 

Air Force ~ Mechanical Engineering 

N They say that a JOURNEY of a thousand miles 
begins with one step. It had always been a life long 
dream of mine to attend a military school and be- 
come one thing in my life, a soldier. In my long iour- 
neyikhave taken many steps that have taught me 
both good and bad things. However, if I was asked if 
I would ever change anything in my life, my answer 
would be a simple no. All my-experiences nave led 
me to be the person I am today. As Stonewall Jack- 
son once said that a person may be what ever they 
resolve to beLl decided that I wanted to be one of 
the best soldiers irvthe US Army. Never had I felt such 
pride as when I wore a maroon beret and jump boots. 
VMI has thought about honor and never giving up, I 
will take all of the traitspnd use them for the rest of 
my life. Along my journey I have had ups and downs 
but there have always been people there who have 
shown me what true friendship is by being there. I 
couldn't have made it through VMI without Gods 
help and mercy and I will thank him everyday for the 
rest of my life. But most of all I made it because of 
the support my mother and father showed. I dedi- 
cate these last four years of my life to them, be- 
cause they deserve it. This diploma is for them. My 
349 roommates Michael, Will and John, all I have to 
say is thank you for being the best of friends, tl 
memories I have of you will remain in my mind f< 
ever. Michael you are the closest thing that 
to a little brother, thank you for accepting me ifYfl 
your home and always being there, never forget 
That if we ever go to combat I ve got your back in a 
hot LZ. Good Luck to you and Merrisa. To my rat 
Marco, I never thought Id make it this far when I was 
a rat, but nonetheless the end is in sight now. Hang in 
there little bro I know you'll make it always remem- 
ber to have pride and never give up. To all my rats, 
be tough and drive on, remember That when times 
are tough instead of taking a step back take two 
steps forward and push yourselves even harder. As 
my dyke said to my co-dyke and I four years ago, 
"makes us proud" Thank you Derek for all your help 
A Rah Virginia 'Mil. And may God always look out for 

Well here I am trying-fo sum up all 4 years an4 
session of summer schooVthe summer school si 
sion could probably be several pages all by its! 
into this ridiculously small space. Just like with evH 
thing else, I've put this off until the last minute. Nl 
that I'm forced think about it one of the lessons 1 1 
learned here is that there is always plenty of Time] 
get things done. As much as Id hate to say it, oveil 
I had a great time during my stint as a'keydet Thil 
was the infamous 30 hour Canada trip (rememlj 
thaT one guys?). The spontaneous dance parti] 
the numerous hours spent watching DVDs, the trip t 
Charleston (remember that one Mlten, probably r 
huh?), the weekends 'with the good ole roomf 
and the countless times uptown when we probal 
shouldn't have been. 

Lee. Ryan, John, Miten...its was one hell of a tirl 
and thanks for being there through it all. Its gq 
without saying-thanks to Mom and Dad for ccf 
stantly getting on me about those grades and i 
somewhat tolerating all those hair-brained scherrj 
I told you about. Also for supporting me in all 
choices and decisions I've had to make over ' 
past 4 years. 

To the rats I leave this piece of advice:, M§| 
your own fun or else this place will be miserable 


1997 - Derek Stephenson 
2003 - Marco Midence 

Dykes ~~~ 
1992 -Jason Church 
2003 - Ed Donohue 

Daniel E. Graham 

Keezletown, VA 

] Big Worm, Crazy Cracker, Gramer 
[ Marine ~ Mechanical Engineering 

Paul Gray 

Hampton, VA 

<& «? 


Christopher P. Haddock 

Portsmouth, VA 

Army ~ Computer^ cience 

Pat, Fish, P-Town, HaddockCP 
Army ~ Economics 

J Without anything else said, Thank God for-bring- 
b me to and keeping me atVMI. Thanks also to 
Kaplain Park for his unrelenting pursuance of my 
Jiritual life. As much as I have hated this place in 
je last four years, it has been ultimately good for 
|e. The past four years have been the most impor- 
tnt years of my life without a doubt... It has been 
(time for mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual 
iowth. No other place on earth have I seen such a 
we between brothers, as we have within the Class 
i 2000. As I prepare to leave VMI (a year late as it 
jay be... but I am still leaving) I do so in haste and 
Ith great reluctance. For This institute we hate 
roughout four long years has become home, I will 
)t miss the many "hoops" we. are required to jump 
rough, the ridiculous left-handed salutes of cer- 
in members the faculty, and the Idiosyncrasies of 
e administration, I will, however, miss the greatest 
ends I have ever had. It's funny how we take what 
e have for granted until it's gone.Ross. if you ever 
d your way out of A-land; Please call me. I will 
sea you to fix my teeth. Josh, what can I say, you 
e the tree. , .don t forget your roots! Drop a bomb 
i this hole before it corrodes beyond recognition. 
>an, No one else I can think of will make a better 
arine officer. You are the constant reality and fire 
'117 All of you are the eternal members who 
present 374,2531 1 7 We have all chosen the road 
ss traveled and the journey has been so much 
after with you guys for support. As a class, the last 
ithout women, we have been neglected by art, 
stitute who too often forgets that we are the lasf 
maining memory of what VMI was before. ..them. 
e are the end of the line and this great institution 
ill never be the same. I would like to close with a 
jote that has been my theme since 3 ,d class year, 
comes from an old surfer maxim. .."Sometimes 
>u ride the wave and sometimes the wave rides 
>u" This has been applicable in every single tough 
uation I have encountered. 
God bless VMI and God Bless the class of 
100 Romans 8:28 

"It is a great profession. There is the fascination 
of watching a figment of imagination emerge 
through the aid or science to a plan on o paper 
Then it moves to realization in stone or metal or en- 
ergy. Then it brings jobs and homes to men. 'Then it 
elevates the standard of living and adds to the com- 
forts of life. That is the engineer's high privilege. 

The great liability of the engineer com- 
pared to men of other professions: is that his works 
are out in the open where all con se$ them. His acts, 
Stiep by step, are In hard substance. He cannot bury 
his mistakes in the grave like the doctors. He cannot 
argue them into thin air or blame the judge like law- 
yers. He cannot, like the architects, cover his failures 
with trees and vines He cannot, like the politicians, 
screen his shortcomings by blaming his "opponents 
and hope that people forget. The engineer simply 
cannot deny he did it. If his works do not work, he is 

On the other hand, unlike the doctor, his is 
not a life among the weak. Unlike the soldier de- 
struction is not his purpose. Unlike the lawyer, quar- 
rels are not his daily bread. To the engineer falls the 
job of clothing the bare bones of science with life, 
comfort, and hope, ■ No doubt as the years go by 
people forget which engineer did\it, even if they 
ever knew. Or some promoter who. used other 
people's money. But the engineer himSelf looks back 
at the unending stream of goodness 'Which flows 
from his successes with satisfactions that tew pro- 
fessions may know. And the verdict of his fellow 
professional is all the accolade he wants" 
St -Herbert Hoover -.- 

Wow-I I don't know where to start, except I can't 
believe it's almost over. Looking back on the last 
four years, I must say it has been quite an experi- 
ence. Although Id never go through it again, I admit 
I have absolutely no regrets about coming here. The 
friendships I've made and the lessons I've learned 
here are sure to last a lifetime. I have a long list of 
people I need to thank, starting with my parents. 
Mom and Dad, without your undying love, support, 
and confidence in me, I would never have been 
able to last a week through this place. My most 
sincere gratitude goes out to you, and I hope I've 
made you proud. Nanny and Papa, you both have 
truly been a source of inspiration to me since day 
one. , With your many words of encouragement, 
.boasts about what a great guy I am(?), and, of 
course, cash, I have accomplished something many 
thought impossible. Mary Beth, thanks for having me 
down on weekends and treating me to a "real' col- 
lege experience. Larry, thanks for all the great times 
we had when I came home. To the Class of 2000, 
the last class of the Old Corps, what can I say? We 
did it! LCWB, baby! To my roommates, Justin, Scott 
and Stefan, it's been great. I much as I hate to admit 
it (Stefan), I couldn't have asked for better room- 
mates. Scott, good luck with the Air Force, and 
Stefan, good luck becoming a business tycoon on 
Wall Street selling stock that you learned all about in 
Chemistry class. Justin, the only guy who put up with 
me for three long years. ...can you believe it's over? I 
know you'll be successful in whatever you do, just be 
sure to remember all the great times we had at the 
1. To John, Nick, Nooga. Wild Man. and Luke. . WOW.. P- 
Town makes me happy! From all the road trips, nights 
stuck at the I, and crazy nights back home, we ai- 
rways managed to represent, Ben and Pat, I hope 
I've taught you well, good luck, and remember to 
do as I say, not as I do. To conclude, Id like to quote 
the famous songwriter Jimmy Buffett with a line that 
sums up my cadetship: "If we weren't all crazy we 
would go insane!" 


1997 - Billy Scott 

2003 - Andrew Marsh 

1997 - Raynor Roberts 
2003 - Pierre Ngankeu 


7997 - Jason St. Clair 

2003 - Ben Booth, Pat Gonzales 

Beacon of Freedom, Beacon, Lurch 
Army ~ Civil Engineering 

Army ~ Civil Engineering 

Carl B. Hammond, Jr. 

Silver Spring, MD 

Carlos, Carlos Viagra, Captain 
Army ~ Ctinl Engineering 

RnaliyT alter 4 years of paying ouraues we've 
■finally made it to the end of the tunnel! I can hon- 
estly say I will not miss this place much, but I will 
always cherish the friendships that I have made. 
Having never seen this place before I matriculated, 
»l.was blessed with a great rat roommate in a great 
company. Scott, your "inside" info on the ratline and 
pranks on our "roommates" (if you can say that) 
kept me going through the toughest of years 
here... thanks. 3rd class year came and so did my 
introduction to the land of tools with the rank of 
corporal, Tha1\year brought a new set of room- 
mates and friends that I will hopefully keep forever. 
Mark, it seems like Only yesterday that we were sleep- 
ing in the locker room, eating Bellaris' ice cream. 
We've come a long way since then, and had- many 
laughs. Thanks for your unique sense of humor, al- 
though it may have been pointed at me half the 
time, it kept our room going. John, what can I say, 
you are probably one of the coolest guys I have 
ever met. You've got a great sense of humor, though 
■your music taste might need some work. I'll miss 
your witty comebacks, and your nocturnal" lifestyle. 
Will, why do you have to be so rational! All I have to 
say is C&C, Aerobe 335, Nintendo, and Tough Guys.- 
You definitely have creativity. I'll miss the heated 
debates and bitching sessions between the privates 
and the rankers.. Finally Paul, you were the one guy 
in the room that shared my opinions of the school 
and the military- Yb'u will make a fine Marine and 
pilot, even though are aren't as "yut" as people think! 
(a good thing) -I feel lucky to have had the room- 
mates I had. Somehow, with different personalities, 
we meshed and had a good time. To the other 
guys, too many tatiame in this history, I'll miss all the 
BS'ing in the rooms and weekend trips (I like wooden 
bears, so what!). Finally, I want to thank my family, 
without them, I would not have made it to the gates. 
Who knows what the future holds for us all, but as 
long as I live, the memories of our hard time will re- 
main. Who knows, maybe there's a few lessons to 
be learned in it all. See yq! 

It is a great profession. There is the fascination of 
watching a figment of imagination emerge through 
the aid of science to a plan on a paper. Then it 
moves to realization in stone or metal or energy. Then 
it brings jobs and homes to men. Then it elevates the 
standard of living and adds to the comforts of life. 

pared to men of other professions is that his works 
are out in the open where all con see them. His acts, 
step by step, are- in hard substance. He cannot bury 
his mistakes in the grave like the doctors. He cannot 
argue them into thin air or blame the judge like law- 
yers. He cannot, like the architects, cover his failures 
with trees and vines. He cannot, like the politicians, 
screen his shortcomings by blaming his opponents 
and hope that people forget. The engineer simply 
cannot deny he did it If his works do not work, he is 

On the other hand, unlike the doctor, his is 
not a life among the weak. Unlike the soldier destrue 
tion is not his purpose. Unlike the lawyer, quarrels are 
not his daily bread. To the engineer falls the job of 
clothing the bare bones of science with life, com- 
fort, and hope. No doubt as the years go by people 
forget which engineer did it, even if they ever knew. 
Or some promoter who used other people's money. 
But the engineer himself looks back at the unendirm 
stream of goodness which flows-from his successef 
with satisfactions that few professions may know. And 
the verdict of his fellow professional is all the acco- 
lade he wants!' 

-Herbert Hoover 

Over the past four y\ars, there have been il 
merous ups and downs wrHi(e at school. If notforlj 
love and support of my family and friends, I do rl 
know if I could have made* if to graduation. It I 
started back in India Co., with one of the best grol 
of guys I have ever known. We had some grel 
times and a lot of fun Rat year. There was nevel 


ing at W&L, JMU. Tech, and in 337! The highlight 
Second Class year was Ring Figure weekend. T 
images that come to 'mind are Rachael in her dr( 
andtare feet out in front of Cameron Hall, Paul w.4 
his sunglasses and party juice, and Stretch runni 1 
around with his coffeepot! Other thoughts thi 
come to mind when I think of 237 are the hidden 1 
and the many late nights of movies and video gamd 
I have made some amazing friendships and I fel 
honored to have been given this opportunity. Stretc I 
Paul, Jeremy, Dinger, BJ, Tim, Bobbo, Joe, Luke, Johnl 
P, Rich, ana so many others - you guys have beJ 
incredible and I will miss you!As much as I will misst 1 
best group of friends I could ever ask for, l.amsJ 
tremely excited about getting out of here ail 
spending the rest of my life with Rachael. I love yt J 
thanks for putting up with everything the past coufl 
of years and for waiting for me. Mom and Del 
thanks for everything over the past twenty-two yec [ 
I could not have asked for better parents Da' 
and Susan, thanks for 'everything - your caring ai 
u — , meant so -muc" "- 
■ the memories. 



1997 -Jeremy King 
Ian Cavanaugh, Ryan Forsness 

1997 - ObiEzekwe 
Kevin Solomon, Darnell Griffei 


1997 - Cliff Shifflett 

2003 - David Rothchild 

1: - S 



Christopher L. Haney 

Riner, VA 

v - 

Nicholas M. Harding 
Gallon, OH 

Army ~ Mechanical Engineering 

The Birthmark 
Army ~ History 

@ ^1 

William B. Harrington 

Elkton, MD 

Triple H 
Army ~ History 

Christopher Haney has weathered VMI with sev- 
- al peculiarities. He is unlike any other cadet \ have 
v/er met. He has always been one of the most 
ongenial people I have ever encountered, Jsut he 
3S also been very lucky. Most of his luck is attribut- 
ole to his intelligence, but it makes most people 
he\ more comfortable to label it as fortune rather 
tian competence. He is a t(ue redneck, admiring 
■ie newest camouflage fashions. Chris was never 
illing to miss a Boy Scout event, much less stay here 
hen he could get away by exploiting his relation- 
hip with the Boy Scouts. As an engineer, he spent 
iany hours working and cursing projects and other 
ssignments However, I must say he spent more 
Tie sleeping than any other human I have ever 
;en. Like anything else, Chris has succeeded aca- 
emically despite his narcolepsy. Eventually. Chris' 
ck ran a little thin. An alcohol #1 and a #3 put a 
amper on his cadetship. Chris' silent protest was 
lat he NEVER marched any of those PTs. Once ! 
gain, luck was on his side along with some inge- 
ous elusion by the cunning Mr. Haney. Chris' last! 
ifluence on VMI came as a member of Golf 
lompany's Officer Corps. He led less than a few : 
fatoons to "distinguished" parade performances, 
jhich ranked among the most outstanding in the 
orps' history. Never daunted, never restrained, and 
sver tamed are all words that describe Chris Honey's 
<perience at VMI He has left his mark here and on. 
efch of us. He will always be a part of what we' 
herish about this Institution. - N 



2003 -Josh Middleton, 

Mathias "Hans" Anderson 

I met Nich on August 19, 1996;?^lrst,day at the "I" 
and he. Chuck, Frank, and I were all living in room 
405. We had sweat parties, forced marches. Rat 
Challenge (BV Run where Nich "didn't" beat Mc< ;uire 
up that hill) hanging with Cpl Stafford, Prldgen, and 
Bates. Pep rallies, stealing the spotlight from the thirds, 
throwing apple cores at me on his way to the show- 
ers. Naked Night and the infamous BG. Rat year ended 
with Virgin night for Ryan. Nich, anb me, Spring FTX 
w/ the Navy fed to Nich going HUA. Third class year 
l%;h was a company and rat challenge Cpl. Study- 
ing late sometimes found Nich and hlschair squeak- 
ing in unison or random appearances of Beat Down. 
326 TV nights came about when we had "no" home- 
work. Ftnols .brought out the best in us 
year.ihrowing Be^anbags at Nich^'? Second-class year 
Nich was a cadre Sgt. Rat rooms never looked bet- 
ter. This is where Nich really stood out as a leader. 
Not once can I remember one person saying some- 

set an example for who knew him. Ring Figure was 
our halfway mark and-Nich wasn't sure he was going 
to make it through in time. Studying every free 
minute..Nich prevailed. First class year marked the 
beginning of the end. Being an even goofier first 
classmen (if possible) he became known to some as 
the human torch, he stayed up all Tsiaht throwing 
snowballs at thirds and seconds and Chasing rats 
down at W+L.. His feet on the way to New Market 
made everybody stick it out. Mostly, Nich has been 
brother to me. The most honorable and loyal man 

I ever know. I miss him already. 

Finally this day has come, I can finally leave the 
Institute and venture out into the world, out on my 
own. But strangely I feel sad about leaving VMI, the 
friends and even the enemies that I have made over 
the years. VMI has taught me how to live under a 
strict code of discipline, and ironically at the same 
time how to have fun under those same rules. If one 

, single phrase could sum my experience at VMI it is, 
"Misery loves company have formed the strongest 
bonds of unparalleled friendship amongst my fellow 
'inmates! So Id like to thonk Mike, Ron, Shawn, and 
Kyle (club 1 36) for being such good friends and room- 
mates. Can't forget Elizabeth, congratulations. Will 
"William Wardus" especially for helping me get 
through that horrible experience known as Third class 

v.year. Andrea, I'll never forget you. Conrad, you too, 
I wish the best to you and Jessica. Ben, only 50% 
survived, good luck in your future career in the Ma- 
rines. Long live 424! Finally Id like to thank my parents 
(yes, me, the one who never appreciated anything, 
Thanking you) for working so hard to pay for this 
expensive place and always (well, almost always) 
supporting me, even when I was wrong. Lastly, Id like 
to say goodbye to my Rats by telling them some- 
thing my dyke told me. (I didn't believe him, and you 
probably won't believe me but he was right and 
now so am I) Stuart, more than any of our rats, I've 
watched VMI change you into a strong willed indi- 

don't know if that's good or bad) and I couldn't help 
but be proud. You can accomplish anything if you 
set your mind to it, I'll really miss you and I'm so proud 
of you. Mihaela, I was apprehensive about taking a 
female rat at first, but you quickly dissolved those 
fears. I was. . Goober. . .my special little Rat, try and 
take care of yourself without me. Just the sound of 
your name always put me in a better mood, nothing 
can stop you and nothing is out of your reach. 


1997 - Drace E. Clevenger 

2003 - Stuart Chambers, Mihaela 


Jonathan T. Hartsock 

Vinton, VA 

Matthew R. Herrnberger 

Eighty-Four, PA 

Scott C. Hillyer 

Dumfries, VA 

Army ~ History 

Air Force ~ Chemistry 

Marine f Economics 

■ wjic 

the end in sight it's hard to believe it's almost over. 
The Institute has given me the experience of a life- 
time and I have tried to make all I can of it. From a 
-lonely rat, to an Ac Pro king. That experience is 

Priceless. To my roommates Jim and Whit, what can 
say but it's been one hell of a ride. Whit, just re- 
member I was your roommate in a few years when 
you pull me over as a state trooper and Jim, be- 
come a lawyer so you can bail me out in a few 
yearsYou both t-iave been true friends and for that I 
am thankful. To- mvsister. and especially my par- 
ents, I could nevef thank you enough for your con- 
stant love and supportWhat just started out to be 
"only six months" turned into a few years and you 
were always there for me, no matter how bad of a 
mess I got myself into. I could have never made it 
this far without you. I love you. And finally to Hilary, 
what else is there to say but I love you more than 
anything in the world. You made these last 5 years 
•-fly by- You stayed with me despite my cadre telling 
me that we wouldn't last four years together Through 
all the the times when we went weeks or sometimes 
months without seeing each other you have stayed" 
with me. I can quote Winston Churchill when he 
said, "My most brilliant achievement was my ability 
to be able to persuade my wife to marry me. Hilary, 
I love you and look forward to spending the rest of 
my life with you: Well VMI I've given you all I could 
possibly give and'l have no regretsTrust In the Lord 
with all your heart and lean not on your own under- 
standing; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he 
will make your pates straightrProverbs 3:5,6 


^'lt is a great profession. There is the fascination 
of watching a figment of imagination emerge 
through the aid 'of science to a plan on a paper. 
Then it moves to realization in stone or metal or en- 
erg^s Then it brings jobs and homes to men. Then it 
elevates the standard of living and adds to the com- 
forts'of lite. That is the engineer's high privilege. 

The great liability "Of the engineer com- 
pared to men of other professions is that his works 
are out in the. open where all con see them . His acts, 
step by step, are in hard substance. He cannot bury 
his mistakes in the grave like the doctors. He cannot 
argue them into thin. air or blame the judge like law- 
yers He cannot, like the architects, cover his failures 
with trees and vines. He cannot, like the politicians, 
screen his shortcomings by blaming his opponents 
and hope that people forget. The engineer simply 
cannot deny he did it. If his works do not work, he is 

On the other hand, unlike the doctor, his is 
not a life among the weak. Unlike the soldier de- 
struction is not his purpose. Unlike the lawyer, quar- 
rels are not his daily bread. To the engineer falls the 
job of clothing the bare bones of science with life, 
comfort, and hope. No doubt as the years go by 
people forget which engineer did f 
ever knew. Or some promoter wt 
people's money. But the engineer himself looks 
at the unending stream of goodness which flo 1 
Trom his successes with satisfactions that few pro- 
fessions may know. And the verdict of his fellow 
professional is all the accolade he wants." 

-Herbert Hoover 


1997 - Brad Pickelsimer 

2003 - MIA 





don't turn this history in I'm getting a 10-2-20, 
the hardship, sacrifice, and punishment I wouldn't he: 
come anywhere else if I could go back. I've ma 
friends here that I know I can always count on., 
haven't found that anywhere else besides my fan 
Tony. I'm not sure if I would have made it through ' 
first year with out killing "him" if it wasn't for you. 
thanks for always, having an ear to listen when I 
down Kyle, Matt, Joe, Brian, JD, and everyone 
forgetting thanks for great "times. Rich and Pi 
thanks for dealing with my crap, I'll miss you gu 
Mom, Dad, Tori, you have given me nothing but 
support through everything, even when I 
serve it... all I can say is thanks and I love you. Lat. 

Phillip D. Hopkins, Jr. 

Marshall, VA 

Air Force ~ Mechanical Engineering 

Army ~ Psychology 

The Nature Boy 
Army ~ Economics 

Well where do I start? I really didn't start knowing 

year it was! 

Dney, Cuban, and the country boy. What a com- 

ive until third class year. And what a year it, was 
we had! (^Hooters 

lation; and what 

perience all in itself. Watching Dave get Into a 
>nfrontation with the Metro cop at the republican 
invention was another episode in our RANDOM 
(ents of the year, I thought that third class year 
as supposed to suck , It's been the best year here 
it! (and we haven't been able to milk permits 
ce)Coming back as a second just wasn't the same 
th the early retirement of Jaxx. And the name 
/itched accordingly form 'Club 19' to 'Hotel 19'. 
ith the usual sardine packing of barracks we had 
)OUt six roommates, and a three hour tour as uncle 
/kes. before we settled with P-funk and J-dawg. It 
as definitely a welcome improvement; if nothing 
ore than an escape from the square root club of 
sars past. Ring Figure was. ...hectic. ...but worth It. 
id after a few cans of pledge second class year 
ated across the floorThe next thing I knew I had 
class stripes and, shockingly, Hoffman out-ranked 
! Still the hardest guy in The chair force depart- 
ent, this meathead decided to walk 80 miles to 
9W Market, Why? The world may never's 
Jen a fast & fun four years. Youd better stay in 
uch so that I can complete my "Urban education 
Dave Hoffman" I'm expecting an invitation.,. .you 
low what I mean. And Id better get to be best 
an or something so uncle Ron does not send me in 
louse, (yes, some of us just can't get enougl> 
place). Aim high!! (Sorry I couldn't resist) Well- 
hat can I say my four years here really hurt. To all 
y BR's especially the Delta Force I hope I made 
iur stay here as entertaining as you mine. Delta 
te: AK (guns), Devo (computer), Cuban (base ops), 
id Jimmy (lookout). Thank you for making me 
ho I am I'll miss you kids. Later HoffTo my family 
ank you for always being there for me and help- 
g me through this. To Sarah thank you for loving, 
ipporting, trusting and believing in me. Love David 

"It is a great profession. There is the fascination of 
watching a figment of imagination emerge through 
the aid of science to a plan on a paper Then it 
moves to realization in stone dr metal or energy Then 
it brings jobs and homes to men. Then it elevates the 
standard of living and adds to the comforts of life. 
That is the engineer's high privilege. 

The great liability of the engineer com- 
pared to men of other professions is that his works 

-are out in the open where ail con see them. His acts, 
S|ep by step, are in hard substance. He cannot bury 
his mistakes in the grave like the doctors. He cannot 
argue them into thin air or blame the judge like law- 
yers. He cannot, like the architects, cover -his failures 
with trees- -and. vines He cannot, like the politicians, 

; screen his shortcomings by blaming His -opponents 
and hope that people forget The engine'er simply 

I cannot deny he did it. If his works do not work, he is 

: damned, 

On the other hand, unlike the doctor, his is 
not a life among the weak. Unlike the soldier de- 
struction is not his purpose. Unlike the lawyer, quar- 
rels are not his daily bread. To the engineer falls the 
job of clothing the bare bones of science with life, 
comfort, and hope-. No doubt as the years go by 
people forget which engineer did* it, even if they 
ever knew. Or some promoter who used other 
people's money. But the engineer hirriSeif looks back 
at the unending stream or goodness which flows 
from his successes with satisfactions that few profes- 
sions may know. And the verdict of his fellow profes- 

Vonal is all the accolade he wants" 

-■■» -Herbert Hoover 


1997 -Jason Bade 

2003 - Mark Carr, Charles Cowherd 

1997 - Ralph Terrence Minor 
2003 - Hugh Randolph Logan 

I first approached the four walls of barracks, with 
my theme song and belt, as the 1 4 time world champ. 
After a few defeats and a handful of conquests, I'm 
leaving the 15 time world champ. I had the opportu- 
nity to perfect my leadership skills, as I attempted to 
command a group of locked and cocked cadets, 
ferociously driven to master that military leg of the 
"stool-Alpha company. More importantly. I was 
forced into truly understanding the word "friendship" 
. VMI gave me the best gift possible, the greatest 
and truest friends one could imagine. Rowdy, 
Fourdoor, Ratman, and the one and only Baldo (Yes, 
I did create the name), a simple "thanks" alone could 
never put into words the gratitude I have for helping 
me through everything, and more importantly put- 
ting up with my, shall we say moodiness throughout 
the whole ride - I pray our bonds last a lifetime. 
Mom,' how many gracing words could I not think of 
to say what I needto. Without you I would not have 
made it through this "wonderful" place. Your con-'-i 
stant motivation and belief kept me focused and 
my head up, you are the greatest mother and friend 
I could ever hope for- 1 love you. Dad, I could never 
imagine a more supportive, dedicated, and most 
importantly understanding person to turn to. Your 
constant support and belief in my goals have been 
the driving factor in my success, I pray someday I 
can be the man you are. Somer, you have always 
shown me the way I should be and act. without you 
this place would have keep me angry and discour- 
aged, most of all I think we all appreciated the so- 
rority-Ha Ha, - Woody, VMI has in its own small part 
transformed me, though much of the credit is owed 
to you. Without your sometimes annoying and frus- 
trating ways, I would still be that pud boy, half assing 
everything, Willie and Billy, Despite what you think 
now, VMI does have a purpose for you, if not you 
would not have chosen to attend; you will discover 
this soon enough. Well, it has been quite a ride - but' 
don't get me wrong it has been nothing like "Takin' a 
ride on the Spaccccce Mountainnnnnnlll!" and I could 
have never done it without the horsemen-Thanks 


1997 -Jason Bade 
Willie Hale, Billy Schaller 


William W. Huffman, III 

Chesterfield, MO 

Bill, Huffy 
Army ~ Economics 

Nigerian Nightmare, Spawn of Satan 
Army ~ Electrical Engineering 




■l have 

first got here in the summer 1996. I realized quickly 
that me at VMl would not be an easy fit. My year in 
room 445 was definitely a memorable one. The 
constant abuse suffered from by my new room- 
mates, the infamous sock incident, ana the dreaded 
cage, left me bewildered and humbled. In all hon- 
esty, my roommates were the only thing that kept 
me sane and somehow I managed to struggle 
through the year. 

The next two years would be devoted to ensur- 
ing that I didn't let the place change me. Countless 
trips to Charlottesville and innumerable hours on the 
telephone kept me in touch with the outside world. 
I kept my nose clean and endured the place as best 
as I could. As an upperclassman in Cell Block 4, we 
passed the time by constantly teasing each other 
about the most meaningless things possible. 

To me, the "VMl experience" is nothing more than 
a test of one's patience. Just when you think you 
*Ba.n't be any lower, VMl somehow manages to kick 
you down even more. I can't honestly say that VMl 
has made me a better person but it has taught me 
to make the most with what you have. I can finally 
see the light at the end of the tunnel and with iuck. 
knock on wood, I will stay out of trouble and gradu- 
ate in Spring. V 

Tommy and Phil, I wish you the best of luck. Don't 
worry, believe it or riot, the time will fly by. I want to 
thank my roommates Matt. Worth, and Bubba. With- 
out you guys I don't think I would have made it. Lets 
make sure that we always keep in touch. Most of all. 
want to thank my Mom and my Dad for always 
listening and always being there for me. 

'Well, looks like it's time to graduate and get the hell 
out of this place. My decision to attend a small institu- 
tion brought me to Lextropolis four years ago. I was 
dumb, didn't know anything about the Ratline and I am 
gladHhat nobody gave me pointers or anything to pre- 
pare-me for it. It has been an honor to be a member of 
VMI's Last Class with Ballz. I hate this place but all of you 
fellaz, BRs have always motivated, inspired, supported, 
and in numerous occasions saved my butt from getting 
into more trouble with the Bigots (Administration), and 
helped me cope with the grief of loosing my dad last 
semester To all the Original Hardctiarging Hotel Com-- 
pany brothers (notthe. India Company dorks) I ain't got 
nothing but mad props and respect for all ybll. To all 
ydlt on Administration's hit list that refuse to bow down 
to Bunting's and Joyner's crap the last couple of years. 
Keep it Real and stay true to yourselves. To all ybll get- 
ting married after graduation, hope things work and 

that yall chose the right lady Yfcill know that all dem 

biatches out there are scandalous as hell. Alright, all I'm 
saying is that ydll be careful and don't ever let any girl 
attempt to run your lifeTo all ybll fellaz getting a com- 
mission in the Armed Forces.... don't be ignorant and 
think ybll know everything about leading a platoon while 
in fact ybll don't know much Lead Dy example for 
Godsakes, know your troops and look out for their well- 
being and above all use some common sense when 
making decisions. To all yall'heading into the workforce 
like myself, make sure you get what you want and enW 
joy whatever it is that you're doing as a job. To all ydll 

going to grad school have fun and enjoy regular 

college for a change. To all you seconds, thirds, and 
fouth classmen MAKE SURE YOU MAJOR IN SOME- 
FOR, I wish all ydll a prosperous and wonderful future 
arid God Speed. Peace. I'm out (in December that is). 


1997 -Justin Chezem 

2003 - David Teslak, Patrick Botlero 

Well let me make trfe nice and sweet so tl 
everyone can have something to remember I 
with. Its been four years arcti now I'm finally gett 
out of this place and all I can say about that is 
hell yeah. Its been real even though if I ever see 
place again it will be to soon but I just want to 
some people know out there that I wouldn't he 
been able to get through this crazy situation wi 
out them. First my roommates for the past thr 
years. Matt Martin and Nick Mollehauer. You gi 
have always been down since day one, from goi 
to tech and picking up ladies to Just going up to' 
and having a good time, I'm going to miss smelli 
your funk in the morning to your loud snoring at ni<; 
good luck with the navy goose and maverick. A 
my favorite room away from my room, the boys. 
3-2-1 39. All five of you guys will be my boys for life : 
matter what you get into just remember to keep 
real no matter what. Well since I'm going into t 
Army I guess it would be nice of me to acknov 
edge my MS IV's especially Joe Pop. 
Fort Leisure, and Jake Wilson "Come On" not aj 
for being the man with everything, but for 
good times we had in Texas. Also I can't- 
about my spring break crew, Mickey Deez's you 
boy the crazy Puerto Rican and FJ. Last I must gf 
love to all my friends not here who kept me nornr.i 
while being here my boy Justin at Tech, Larry^ 1 
Marshall, David at E&H, but last my boy since del 
one, love you forever man Nick Jones from Willial 
qnd Mary All of you taken care of me like faml 
since elementary through college so this is for yrij 
guys thanks for everything and no matter what sit* 
ation we fall in remember to all the girls we got, tt^J 
clubbing we did, to the .fights we got into with r j 
reason why just remembenon thing guys. "Forevl 
Pimpin Never Slippin, That's How It Is ' And in concll 
sion to my Parents for making me-stay at this placl 
and taking care of me and loving me forever. u\ 
broke sister love yeah to, and thank you God f' 
giving me the strength to win this battle Actlc'l 
Jackson over and Out 

3t o; 1 

all tfl 

> f u°|| 


1997 -Jason Middough 

2003 - Garcth Best, Banks Dupree 

Alan B. Johnson 
Norfolk, VA 

gGay Al 
Navy ~ Civil Engineering 

7& &*> 

William S. Johnson 

Fredericksburg, VA 


Whitaker R. Johnston 

Lynchburg, VA 

Scott '-\ 
Marine ~ Economics 

Army ~ History 

What can I say about the VMI Experience? If 
hything I learned a lot of new things about myself. I 
hd feelings, emotions, and thoughts that I had never 
|<perienced or portrayed before. But I can also say 
at I would never do it again. I feel my four years at 
Ml can best be described with a quote from Don 
bwson of Dazed and Confused when he states, "All 
W saying is I want to look back, and say that I did the 
est t- could while I was stuck in this place. Had as 
luch fun as I could while I was stuck in this place, 
joyed as hard as I could when I was stuck in this 
ace" However, I owe a lot to the people that 
piped me get through all of t the mayhem that in- 
corporates VMI. First of all, I want to thank my par- 
pts for supporting me and hqving faith in me. Thanks 
frthe countless times you brought all of us food at 
e tennis matches. Now I want to thank somebody 
ho means the world to me and that is you Amy. 
nee the day we started dating, over four years 
ho, you have been my girlfriend and best friend. I 
ve you dearly and thank you for dealing with ev- 
•ythmg that revolves around dating -a VMI dude. 
:2ving a girlfriend to lean on not only during my rat 
I3ar, but also throughout my cadetsnip made such 
A difference. Your love and desire for me to sue 
ped helped push me through the numerous ob- 
tacles and prevented me from quitting. I owe much 
r my VMI diploma to you. To my rats, it will be over 
pfore you know it. To Lowrider, it has been great 
pvlng a friend like you, for I have learned so much 
pout life from you. To Liam and Fudd, it was great, 
[ing with you guys. Liam, how did you deal with' 
Ndd's odor for so long? To all you virgin privates, we 
now where it's at! To the entire class, "Soon you 
eople will be leaving these hallowed halls and go- 
Q out into the real world. I've got one bit of advice 
|>r you: watch out for number one... but don't step 
p number two!' 

Well Brother Rats quoting sfmfght from the 
General's mouth "We were given the opportunity to 
have the last taste of an old distinguished wine aaed 
in tradition and camaraderie." My experience here 
has proven to live up to this prophecy, t hove met 
the best friends in the world, I have the best educa- 
tion possible and when I want I can shine the hell out 
- of a pair of shoes. During the ratline; you don't really 
have the opportunity to make friends, you are more 
xgoncerned with survival. Third class year proves to 
Be the time where friends are mdcte. ' The "Delta 
Ggng" helped me get through this place from Shaun, 
Alec and Jimmy to Ben, Dan, Jeb, Kelly, and of course 
the Ferret, you guys are the best. As second class 
year approached and with it the receiving of our 
'-rings (and the absence of the Ferret)' frh'et the two 
j best friends anybddy could ask for. Tom and Will are 
i opposites and i think that is the very reason that 
; between the two of them I have everything you 
i could ever ask for in a friend. In Will I could always 
I find a drinking partner. Tom was always up for a late 
I night study session (ie study 5 minutes bullshit for an 
.hour), Thank you guys-for always being there. As for 
my rats, and yes this includes all 5 of you, just re- 
member to study, you will be hard pressed to find 
somebody that failed out of here for not having 
shiny shoes. The Institute will never bethe same, the 
difference between rat year and third class year is 
. undeniable. I will always love the Institute for what it 
instilled in me as a rat and that is how I will always 
^remember the Institute. I would not be what I am 
■ loday if it were not for my parents support (both 
financially and more importantly emotionally). Mom 
a$d Dad if it were not for you I would be nothing and 
have nothing, I am forever indebted to you for your 
I6|jfe, support, and understanding. I thank you from 
the. bottom of my heart. 

"I am in favor of making a thorough trial for peace, 
and if we fail in this and our state is invaded, to 
defend it with terrific resistance." - Stonewall 
JacksonAII we ask is to be left alone" - Jefferson 
Davis". ..draw the sword and throw away the scab- 
bard," - Stonewall Jacksorf'Aim, fire low. and may 
God have mercy on their souls!" - Stonewall Jack- 
son John 3:16 Genesis 2:21-2:23 Genesis 3:1- 
3:13"The Southern States... find themselves very 

Enlightenment. They represent, collectively, the last 
and best hope of conservatism in the American Re- 
public. If the conservative cause is to survive at all in 
the United States, as a political philosophy, as an 

^approach to the perplexing problems of our rootless 
and edgy civilization, it will be largely because a 
body of tradition exists within the South and will not 
lie down," - James J. KilpatrickToday, it is popular to 
give into public opinion, bat is popularity? VMI was 
once the greatest military institute in this country. 
Unfortunately, it was the victim of liberal political 
correctness and made to conform to the ideals of 
people who know nothing of what makes great 
men great Our country will suffer because of the 
Supreme Court ruling and it will be only too late 
once this nation realizes its evils. Fortunately. I was 
able to come to VMI during the time of the Old 
Corps and learn the essentials that it once taught. I 
can only pray that there will be leaders behind me. 
and there will be, but VMI will never be as it once 
was. Friendship among honorable men is the best 
thing VMI had. I am indebted to my roommates 
and BR'S that I have grown close to during my four 
straight years. VMI is the only thing that lean call 

"home other than home. I want to thank my parents 
for all that you have done for me during these four 
years and my life - I could not have become what 
I have become without your guidance and instrue' 
tion. New Corps - God help you. 1 Corps - 2 


Ginsberg - May you choke. 


1997 -Jim Wrenn 

2003 - Kyle Padgett, William Couvrette 


1997 - Andrew Smith 

2003 - Barrett Mclllheney, Justin 

Fentress, Eric Edwards 


1997 -John Morrison 

2003 - MIA 



I am now" ready for the world, or so that's what 
■they tell us. I guess they right. I mean the 
world can't be any worse than this so I guess I am 
already prepared for anything. Just like everyone 
else, the Institute has been the best and worst of 
l» is definitely a love hate relationship.! have 
learned much more than I thought I would. Makes 
sense right? It is college. The funny thing is that I don't 
1 - - * jught me nearly as much as every- 
nyljoys: Red Red. sup dude! You 
are no longer allowed to buy Liz any drinks, you may 
have been buyjn' but you did me no favors. Pig, 
candles and a radio are all you need every now and 
then. Keep on fishih'. Jiggles, you talk more trash than 
any pretty boy I've ever Known. And yes, it is bigger 
than mine, but I got style and knowledge. Super Sam, 
left handed worlds series just won't be the same. Try 
not to spaz out, slamming co-workers heads on the 
floor won't work out there. IP You're sexy for a red 
head. Don't forget, that we have both traveled to 
same wild road. Rosie, I will always miss your laug'h, 
•but never your snoringTry to stay away from those 
hot tubs, their rough on your ass. Tina, I may be an 
old man, but I will always nave more hair. Jake, you'll 
always be extreem. so get a new car. Chiz, I love 
you Kid. White is alright! Thanks guys; for your sup- 
port and criticismYou have all made me grow. I will 
always be just a phone call awayTo Dave-o, my friend, 
and my brother, I owe you everything. You have 
changed my Me thrdligh your strength and courage. I 
will never understand how you could be so strong 
and peaceful during your struggle Watching you 
leave this world was the hardest thing I have ever 
had to do But at the same time you showed me to 
appreciate everymlng that I have, and to be happy- 
to wake up every day. I will always have our memo- 
ries, both good times and bad, and I will never forget 
you. I love you and WJtaf«ss\ou. I thank my parents, 
brothers, family. Liz, Jake and close friends for sup- 

Corting me. To my Rat, Andy, don't give up. This will 
e the best learning experience of your lifeYou will 
learn about yourself, and' it will make you stronger. 

■was told to write a history about my life here at 
VMI, but as I sit here at my desk, I realize that my 
cadetship is something I would rather not remem- 
ber. Now don't get me wrong, there were good 
timdss and those! will remember, but telling about 
them might get me in trouble. More importantly 
though, are the people that got me through my four 
years here, for without them,-who knows what might 
have happened. First and foremost, I would like to 
thank my parents. Mom and Dad. thank you for the 

is gave me the hope and desire 
I needed to succeed, Secondly, I need to thank the 
roommates and along the way. Kenny and 
John... bombing the mail truck, among the various 
other things we did to make rat year easier... thank 
you. Bill. Mac, and Tim... although we realized that 
we didn't work out as the best of roommates, your 
friendships helped greatly as I worked through the 
various PTs and probations I served 3'° class year. Jim 
and Boz... where do I start?? The weekend parties (a 
case of beer and a DVD) in 218 to the various other 
things we got into. We might not have been the 
most scholarly cadets 2 M class year, but nobody 
can say we didn't have fun. And beo 
too many to list, and I don't want to 
out, to all my friends along the way... hanks for 
there, and making the trip a little more bearabl: 
and a hell of a lot funnier And last but certainly not 
least. ..Hayley... although we have only been to- 
gether a short while, you have already helped me 
more than you know. I only hope the future for us is 
as memorable as our first few months. Thank you for 
putting up with me here in prison. ..and I love you for 
that." For the rats of 118. ..Aaron, keep on truckin. 
The road doesn't get any easier, but the light at the 
end of the tunnel definitely does get brighter. Keep 
your head up and be good. Todd, Josh. Matt, and 
Greg, tfi^goes for you too. And now, the party '- 

1997 - Ian Brooks 
2003 - Andy Reel 


1997 - Shannon Ferguson 

2003 - Aaron Campbell, Matt Spears 

Dykes ~ 

1997 - Ryan Shy 
2003 - Michael Poliquin 

Benjamin J. Kaler 

Boothbay, ME 

John D. Kearney, Jr. 

Springfield, PA 

Crappie, The Bomber, The Lover 
Marine ~ ff-istory 

II In a room of personalities, the Bomber surely could 

?brry his Maine attitude anywhere. Does Boothbay 

yen really exist, God I hope not. Charity Haskins. 

ght black jeans and an abundance of flannels, that 

1st went out of style last decade. That's our Benny! 

man who could, and did fall in love at the drop of 

.dime. "If I could I would and we'll leave it at that!" 

man so diverse in his ways, a man who brings so 

uch to the table. He would give you the shirt off his 

ack, or the tighties that cover #145, On one hand I 

iouldn't wdnt to have anyone else sitting at the bar 

'ith me. On the other, he just wouldn't be listening 

p a word I'm sdying, and he \^ould be checking out 

hich girl he was going to tall to next. We'll always 

^member KC that's our Benny. He left us and went 

> Maine, he came back to achieve his dream. Benny 

,e folded laundry on Fridays, we sprinted the 

leaches of Panama City (and you even did a little 

w crawling), and we now carry those 'bars: Those 

>ars' that made us come here; those bars that made 

fc stay. Benny you might have been the glue of 146, 

■w you will always have the smallest arms. So long, 

:e ya down the road. Joe Now it is my turn. This is 

close to another chapter. The days were long but 

lie weeks were short. I knew from the day I walked 

flrough those arches I could make it. It was a struggle 

ipy in and out but now it is over. Guys, Joe, Jim, 

bson we did it together Thanks! Brent old 424 only 

0% survives. I have made friendships that I wouldn't 

ade for the world. BRAVO so long, we were a tight 

■ unch from the first day together we made it pos^ 

Die for each other. So long. Institute, I look forward^ 

b the future and will always live by the high stan- 

drds you instilled in me. The Corps has changed 

'ice my arrival and for that I'm saddened, but I 

lelieve we will continue on the right path. Mom and 

iad you made this all possible for me and I will never 

:>rget that. Thank you! Nate, and the rest of you 

ats: good luck and have fun! Until then-Ben 

Activities: Semper Fi Society 4,3,21, Secretary 2, 
llodel Arab League 1. Strength and Fitness Club 3,2 
bxing Team 1, Cadre 2 

Captain E-mail, Permit King, 
Marine ~ Economics 

Activities - "Rat" ~calte7nicT?aT~3~&R~ "FiTsT 
Class Pvt. 1; Big Red Club 4,31; Ice Hockey 4,31; Blood 
Drive CIC 4,31; Strength and Fitness Club 31; Chem- 
istry 4,3,21 T ■ 

In four years I have seen the best and the 
worst of the Institute. The worst part of course being 
the toleration of skirts, at the once^.all male VMI. It's 
a real disdppointment to see VMt~§© down quicker 
-•thon, well...' VMI is definitely not what if was ond for 
'Maternity will never be the same. Having chicks here 
was the most un-American decision ever made. 
i sorry 
Ml-or they forgot 
what It wss-to them. Through the help of select 
\ alumni (JDKRBNjand my dykes I know -what VMI was., 
[ and should be and-.for that I am grateful. Even though 
'; I bitch and complain, there were good times here, 
i because of my friends. It was highly suggested that 
i I go on vacation Second Class year and you guys 
> never forgot me, you helped me feel like I never left. 
; Will as my "bestest" friend if it wasn't for your pessi- 
mism ana the balance of .my optimism we would 
never of gotten out of here. Will ond D-Ferg we're 
the only survivors of. 433, you guys-are always there 
for me as I am for you. Eric, my permits that got us 
home to God's country were a blast Scott, Jimmy, 
Alec. Shaun and the .-est of <.v>old Coast and Tiger 
Echo we had a lot of fun and good times,, thanks for 
being there. To my family, I' could have never have 
done this without your support and love. Josette, 
^hether it was phone, via email, or visit you were 
-always there with love, help and support, you made 
tne time here fly by. I love you, my family, and ev- 
eryone else that help me get through" this ordeal 
q|it|ed VMI. To VMI thank you for the injustices'and 
bjjhg an all around pain in the ass that will help 
make me a success. 


Abbott W. Keesee 

Fairfax, VA 

Army ~ English 

When his head isn't in the clouds with dreamy 
thoughts of Lisa, Abbott can be a real down-to- 
earth type guy. I've known Abbott for three full years 

other our own parents would probably cringe to hear. 

From his being very supportive of my Incessant 
practicing of the chanter in the room to his depend- 
dbility on giving a friendly ear. Abbott is the one man 
in the Corps I can turn to for anything. 

Abbott is one of the few guys in our class who 
never lost that sense of the true Brother Rat spirit, 
when most felt it "washed away with the mud" Not 
many in the corps know who Abbott is. Those of us 
who do know him, know he is not one to be forgot- 
ten Sm sure Abbott will be there during our 80 ,h 
Reunion, clapping his hands and singing the Spirit. 

To Lisa, I wish to congratulate you on finding a 
man like Abbott. In this ddy and age of high divorce 
rates and bdd marriages, true love is a very rare 
thing. I've watched Abbot in the lost three years as 

at one time, Abbott was so nervous talking to you he 
would write out beforehand what he was going to 
say, then read that to you over the phone? I gave 
you a hard time about it, Abbott, but in the long run 
" /orked out fine. Best wishes to you both. 

J.R. Mahala 

to thank my roommates and BR's. Without these 
close friends I never would have survived. ! would 
like to thank my rat, Devin thanks for rolling my hay all 
'year, I wish you well for the remainder of your 
cadetship. Ldstly I would like to thank my parents for 
supporting me during my struggle at VMI. 

1997 - Keith Peterson 
2003 - Brian Gardner 


1997 - Trey Porter 

2003 - Devin O'Brien 

Paul L. Keeton 

Powhatan, VA 

PK, Toolboy 
Army ~ Civil Engineering 

Kellballs, Matty Killer, Methane Man 
Air Force ~ Economics 

Who would have 

10 years ago, 

back in "God's Coun- 
try", that we would be here now? We've always 
, talked about how far off things seem: High School, 
(drivers license, 18, High school Grad, 21, yet we've 
already passed so many of them, and they're al- 
ready starting to fade away Paul is a unique indi- 
vidual for whom I hold a great deal of respect. We 
will always bicker, and I will always make fun of his 
shoes and pillow cases, but I will always respect him. 
He has overcome adversity and hard times in our 4 
years here, and sometimes I think his experience may 
have been a iittle"more trying than everyone else's, 
but he has kept his head up and his eyes on the goal, 
and he has succeeded. Together, we made the 
decision to come to this sh't hole, and together we'll 
leave it, and we'll always be friends no matter where 
life leads us. My time here at VMI has changed me in 
many ways, most of which I hope are arguably posi- 
tive. While I am pleased to soon call myself a VMI 
-TTian, it is not the stereotypical transformation from 
boy to 'VMI man' that I take the greatest pride in 
Instead I treasure most the changes I can't attribute 
to the institute itself, but rather the era in which I' 
entered and endured it.l take no pride in the changes 
VMI has endured for political reasons, in fact I am 
embarrassed by most of them, but those of us who 
retained our honor throughout deserve the admira- 
tion of those who came before us as well as those 
who follow. As my license plate will denote forever, 
we matriculated into the 'last class with balls', and 
will graduate a member thereof, This coincidental 
class defines many of us as the last of an era, but 
also as the beginning of another I leave here proud 
of my class and proud of my close ties within, but 
most proud of becoming my own person within such 
a strong autonomy of culture The trend is to follow 
suit at this crazy place, but change was unyielding 
and inevitable for us and I am forever cherished with 
what this brought into my life. 

"Matt Keller... Kellballs. Methane Man. Matty, Killer 
How am I supposed to begin this? I guess I 
will begin this as I began my experience at VMI; re- 
ally confusedl Well I remember the Hell Week work- 
outsV>n the Parade deck, doing sit-ups and all. Matt 
was the knowledgeable and model rat during the 
rat-line. 'However, it was not until fourth class year 
when I got to know Matt. Consuming certain bever- 
ages inNew Science, to 2nd's room and then under 
the desks of 466! 

JMU is the place of many memories. Ev- 
erything from chilling at the Palmerdoger's house, to 
our experiences at Short Hall! Then third class year, 
where .we broke a few rules. Ok, too many rules, 
good thing Col. Williams won't see this! How about 
the **"adel??? Or the Naval Academy seeing " I 
know what You do Last Summer 1 .' talking to the wise 

ber too much about it other than Doltz spilling his 
guts, and almost getting arrested! There was English 
where neither of us had a clue. Then there was 
rooming with Mr. Personality himself, Dave Emmerich! 
Baldwin where you thought you were a bartender, 
by mixing stuff that had never been mixed before! 
Spring Break was pretty fun, as was my 21 s ' Birthday 
up in the Great Lake STafe! 

Now we're Firsts, we've got some interes™ 
Trig rats, especially yours. The Nieboer 2000, what a 
strange dude. We've had fun chilling at the Palms 
and Spanky's with the Doltz man! We have to make 
some more trips to JMU! New Year's in NYC will kick 
major ass! You and Brent have-been the best friends 
that I have ever had. So, after graduation, we will 
go our separate ways. I hope^hat the Air Force 
treats you well, I know that you and I will keep in 
touch just like we have the last three years, God 
bless and God's Speed... 


1997 - Steve Cengeri 

2003 - Adam King, Brian Sinkule 

Well, it is finalrjTbveri it has been a longT<| 
years. I came here for thte wrong reasons, but lik I 
it and stayed for the right ones- this is what mattel 
I am one of the few fools that loved the ratline! J 
was a lot more fun than eating Shit, and retakil 
classes, serving confinement, and marching PTs. Tj 
best parts of my cadetship, though, are locked aw 1 
in the memories I'll take With me as I flick-off bl 
racks for the last time. These memories are shanl 
with great friend's I made the best friends I will mal 
here, no doubt Chuck, Matt, Marty, Anthony, Je? 
Shawn. Pete, Paul, Craig, Ron, and Doltz- 1 hopevl 
will all keep in touch. We had great times we do 
remember. Best of luck to you. The most regret 1 
experience we have to endure is common to a J 
member of the class of 2000. LCWB- need I sJ 
more? Me as a rat. . . To start with the obvious, h] 
week sucked. After that, I thought it was fun 
ina everything was my #1 priority. Grades were abc| 
#10. Pee-strainer, panty hoes, wall locker di\' 
weird. As 3rds we ate it. Not known by "civiliarl 
to be an evolutionary progression from being a rcl 
Covington- water-skied on a buoy, drunk. "' 
Dominion- "borrowed" an ambulance hit the ligrl 
to and from; riding in the back, drunk. Annapolis--! 
Know What I Said in That Movie; -drunk. The Citao 
got lost in the ghetto, got a hotel room, a phdtj 
cab, drunk. Mardi GrasTl- uhhhhh, yeah. Sprir 
fun at the cold, cloudy beach, drunk. C 
forget Betton's house, ybll can't anyway, but 
heard, drunk. I loved second class year! The tri|1 
were great. This is going to sound stupid, but I hav J 
to put it. I got so much satisfaction from trainirl 
rats- you were great, thank,s! Ring Figure- awesorrl 
' ' " " , the! 

a surprising but ultimately fun trip. We started th; 
yut wars. Finally- a rat with some rats, great at 
tudes- can't clean. Monte, Matthew- I'm proud < 
you . . . STUDY! Just for the record, yes I am bitte 
Goodbye barracks, hello, life. Mom. Dad- Thar 
you for everything, especially your patie 


1997 - Daniel Rippy 

2003 - Curtis Rat 



- Richard Dixon 


Matthew McBride, 

Adam Monteleone 

Iff m "M m 


Robert S. Kennedy, II 

Fairfax Station, VA 




Todd D. Kennedy 

Lexington, VA 

W ^^ 

Scott J. Kuebler j 
Charlottesville, VA 

Army ~ Economics 


Army ~ English 

Heckler, Koobler, Cookieman 
Air Force ~ Electrical Engineering 

;1 My time here at VMI has been anything but en- 
jtable, but oh well; I'll get over it. The most Ifcnpor- 
T\t influence in my life are my parents. They have 
fched me and supported me to succeed even 
dien I doubted myself. My appreciation and love 
tf them could not be summed up in words. Little 
tpther, your impact on my life is larger then you 
pbably realize. Your ability and potentional, while 
nybe you haven't realized them, are phenomenal, 
lyhere is one thing I hope you have learned from 
re it is to never quit. I can't forget my roommates: 
«ron, the most hardheaded person I have ever 
ret; Frankie, probably the most laid back person 
lb ever met (two heartbeats away from a coma); 
Ad Mike (bka CB). the oldest friend I have and al- 
\nys good for a laugh. It's been a blast; too bad we 
\prent at a real collage. Of course wed never 
(bduate, but it would have been a hell of a lot 
fpre fun! My former cellmate; Willy, quit getting me 
iltrouble. And of course Eric, the voice of reason 
cid this institutes finest citizen soldier. There ore some 
diers Id like to mention, but it's four in. the morning, 
tis was due two days ago, and I'm tired. Besides, 
u all know who you are. To my beloved com- 
Jndant and staff, your wisdom, superior leader- 
d, and key judgment has instilled in me the quali- 
s of a shining and devoted citizen soldier that I am 
day. In conclusion, I wish everyone the b.est of 
k in their later life. 

Activities: Rugby, RDC 

fne TJme^haT TodcTpassecT out in cTEar vThle a 
beautiful woman regaled him with sexual overtones 
in Hemingway's literature . the time that Todd missed 
a date with a beautiful Belgian girl because he for- 
got what time to pick her up ... all the times I pushed 
for him as a rat: all of these are Todd stories that I'll 
forget, I could write and fill the bomb full of Todd 
anecdotes, but I won't. However, I will tell all about 
the Todd I knew at VMI and the brother Rat I'll re- 

..rnember. Todd was a Rat that never quit or became 
discouraged. He was a friend that Was- always there, 
especially for his co-dykes. Sometimes I got so an- 
noyed with Todd that I never wanted to see him 
again, but i usually forgot Why I was mad in less than 
ten minutes because you just can't help but like the 
guy. Anyone who took the time to get-td-know Todd 

' can tell you that. - 1 might have laughed more with 
Todd than with anyone else in the Corps. These are 
just a few of Todd's good qualities. I also want to say 
that I'm glad Todd shocked us all. He went from a 
clue-bag rat to a Corps leader as a member of the 
OGA and editor of the Cadet. His grades went from 

■ the square root ciub to. probably graduating with Ac 
Stars. Todd, I know your family is proud of you, your 
dykes are proud of you, and all of .your Brother Rats 
are proud of you-. Todd, you have nothing to apolo- 
gize for. You did everything the right way. You taught 
me more than I taught you, and of that I'm sure Stay 
strong and keep focused, You'll go as far as you 
want. And remember I've always got your back. To 
me you will always be more than abrother rat; a true 

Njrother, Matt Vordermark 

■ * After four years, it would be hard to say that I still 
IqVe this place the way that I once did.'; I do, how- 
ever, still love the people I have met here. To my 
B)|\ thank you for the Times that you were there for 
n% and the rest of our BR's. I can only hope that I 
ha%e managed to be able to help even a few of 
you. half as much as you have helped me. You have 
changed my life. To my roommates and co-dykes, 
thanks for all the memories, i truly have had the time 
of my life TK 

What a long, hard four years it has been. I can 
say though, that it is the best thing that I have ever 
done. The experiences that I have lived through 
and the friends that I have made are truly invalu- 
able. I wouldn't trade them for anything. There is no 
way that I would have made it on my own. Mom, 
and Dad thank your for your constant love, encour- 
agement, and support. You were always there on 
my side no matter what. Thanks for always being 
there. Larry, my first class year would not have been 
the same without you. Thanks for all the weekend 
parties and crashing at your place. I am glad that 
we finally had a chance to catch up. Meg, I will 
never, ever forget Ring Figure. That was a magical 
beginning for us and I can't wait to see what is in our 
future. Thanks for aiways being there just to listen, I 
have learned so much from you. This place has 
tested our love and we have made it. To all of my 
friends qnd BRs, we are finally done! LCWB.,.what 
else can I say? Thanks for all the laughs, pranks, and 

some great times. It was great to see how close we 
became, you all are brothers to me. To EE 2000 (J- 
Dawg, Head, Wookie, Spaz, Lips, Double-K, Mono, 
Barb, Corkie, and of course PT) I would have never 
made it through EE without you guys. The constant 
joking and heckling made EE bearable. I wish you all 
the best and look forward to meeting up again 
John, thanks for helping through EE and AF I hope 
that I run into you and Steve in the "chair force". To 
Chris and Will, hang in there and never let the "I" get 
to you, I hope I have taught you well. I know I 
learned a lot from you. The key to making it though 

takes to make 


1997 - Drew Osborne 

2003 - Rob Sarver, Justin Sayko 

1997 - Joel Harding 
2003 - Dave Loeffler 


1997 - Travis Bartley 

2003 - Will Belmont, Chris Bluhm 

Matthew J, Kukla 
Holland, MI 


William A. Lambert, III 

ML Joy, PA \ 

Kenneth M. Landberg 

Army ~ History 

e to VMI in hopes of finding myself amidst 

of challenges this. school had to offer, 

had time, make some memories. My rat year 
less than desirable and I did not find the person 
was seeking, so I resigned my cadetship and went 
. Michigan State University to find myself. After the 
death of my best friend, and Brother Rat, Nate 
Kowrach, I did not find it hard to leave the "I;" in fact 
it was a break I needed. My year at MSU was one of 
the greatest years of my life, and although I enjoyed 
it and treasure it. and miss it, I knew thafl could not 
stay. I had made a promise to return one year later 
and I did. Though it pained me to return to such harsh 
conditions (i.e. no pretty girls, video games, or beer), 
I did, and I kept my promise. With the love and sup- 
port of my close friends, girlfriend, and family, 1 have 
endured what is known as the "VMI Experience!' This 
"experience" is one in a million. Some people may 
use the word "hate!' but I believe that only cadets 
know its true meaning. I have spent countless nights 
in my rack cursing General Hunter for not destroying 
VMI properly when he had the chance, and wished 
I had a time machine to go back and help him. But 
it is not his fault, how could he know they would 
rebuild it. 1 mean usually when someone comes in 
and destroys something that's a clue that, hey, 
maybe nobody likes you. But someone was deter- 
mined in making people miserable, so they rebuilt 
this place and here I am today. 

All kidding aside this place, the professors, 
my friends, the entire ordeai; the feeling of being 
trapped in purgatory, serving out my time, waiting 
for my parole, has all shaped me in a way that no 
other school coulkt In the end, when I look back on 
my whole experiijpe I see that I did accomplish- 
what I came here^fc. do. I found myself, a person I 
am happy with, arKLthrough it all I made a few 
memories that I would never want to trade. 

Air Force 

tTHasTJeen an excepTionoIIy"criallenging7our years 
here at VMI as a cadet but despite my disappoint- 
ments, I am very thankful for my successes academi- 
cally, athletically, as well as militarily. Matriculating to 
this School as a cadet has brought out the absolute 
worst but finest demonstration of my character and 
feel yet-closer to discovering the intrinsic beauty of 
life. Whatever the future may hold as an United 
States Air Force aviator or medical scientist and pe- 
diatric surgeon, I can only hope with my soul that I 
find true happiness in my challenging pursuits and 
continue to grow in my relationship with our Lord for . 
the rest of my existence. Although I have not com- 
pletely been given the opportunity to prove my true 
abilities' here as a leader, I will do so in all aspects of 
my life, both as a second lieutenant and later as a 
physician. Thank you Mom, Joel, and Dad for your 
support during the most difficult time of my life. I 
owe you the world for the opportunities that you 
have given me. To all of my brother rats, I wish you 
the ultimate of success; and to the other classes of 
barracks that I have encountered in my travels, may 
all of your dredms come true. To Lee Davis and 
Brandon Mathews, my dykes, I hope that you subse- 
quent years as a cadet are as much rewarding as 
they are fun amidst the greatest brothers and friends 
on the face of this earth. May you find true happi- 
ness and prosperity. To Joe Smith, my roonrirncrnK. 
may you accomplish your many aspirations and earm 
success as a distance runner and mechanical engi- 
neer. To all the skydivers and mountaineers, be safe 
and have a blast. Thank you also to my friends and 
instructors of the Emergency Response Team, Tae 
Kwon Do Club, Regimental Band, and Faculty. My 
best wishes also to all Air Force ROTC cadets ana 
officers Having lived the life here-as a VMI man, I can 
only hope and pray that the ideals and level of ex- 
cellence academically and militarily remain of true 
|e.nce in the finest degree of tradition. 


Army \Economics 


1997 - Eric Jones 

2003 - Brandon Naughton, Brian Ward 

There is really no expedience that I can com 
the past four years to. TnWe is the good and 
It is good because it has instilled many acquirec 
thafl would have never learned anywhere else 
bad is all the mickey mouse bull(5)$!# that I had 1 
through in order to get where I am. There 
times where I thought that rny sanity was lee 
me but somehow persevered through it all. I 
seen the best of friends removed from this instit 
which brings out' some of t{ie hostility that mai 
us share. The big dogs might tHInk that they 
everyone on a short painful leash... but NOT me! 
though. I have had some of the best times of rr 
hear because I made, them the best times. 
some of the worst times as well. Guess you 
have your cake and eat it too. RIDES!!! I would li 
shout at the following people: double E, Gilforc 
rats of 140, Hayden- best of luck to you in a q 
where the cards are always stacked against yo 
balls, both J Neais, Skip, Axl, Pabin. D Merch 
Hernn, Chode, Nest, Cornelli. Pus ( should be he- 
Schottie, Blunder, Po Po, Broham, Willie Wil. bas, 
Players, Self, KB, EP DP (house of Payne). TP Re; 
Bone 22. Dong, Ewalk, the raquetball team, a 
Hard Chargers in this place, GF, IB, Wags, T Wag ( 
about your luck). RB, Tweed, RC, RR, CR. the Gc 
the eyez in da sky, PJ, MM, MD, SH, all the Bulls' 
Sprad, Chance, Firkytirk, CB and the Hot Nutz. ' 

Dave and all the clownz who thought their '5 i c 
stink.. .think again!!! LCWB Oh yeah., .most dT a 
folks (who wouldn't let me transfer-haha)and L 
without out yall I would be'ilost to the world. Yc 
are the greatest. Thanks far tellin me to stick vt 
or this story might have had a different endir 
love you all to death. Grandma and Gram- wit 
your support it would have been.impossit 

Keep on Truckin! ClicK* 


1997 - Eric Patterson 

2003 - Lee Davis 

1997 - Max Casteleyn 
2003 -Jason Hayden 


Brian M. Lee 


Paul M. Lee, III 

Camp Lejeune, NC 

~ Psychology 

"It Is a great profession. There is the fascination 
watching a figment of imagination emerge 
3ugh the aid of science to a plan on a paper. 
in it moves to realization in stone or metal or en- 
y. Then it brings jobs and homes to men. Then it 
vates the standard of living and adds to the corn- 
's of life. That is the engineer's high privilege. 

The great liability qf the engineer corn- 
ed to men of other professions is that his works 

out in the open where all con see them. His acts, 
p by step, are in hard substance. He cannot bury 
"nistakes in the grave like the doctors. He cannot 
ue them into thin air or blame the judge like law- 
s. He cannot, like the architects, cover his failures 
i trees and vines. He cannot, like the politicians, 
5en his shortcomings by blaming his opponents 
d hope that people forget. The engineer simply 
mot deny he did it. If his works do not work, he is 

On the other hand, unlike the doctor, his is 

a life among the weak. Unlike the soldier de- 
letion is not his purpose. Unlike the lawyer, quar- 

are not his daily bread. To the engineer falls the 

of clothing the bare bones of science with life, 
nfort, and nope. No doubt as the years go by 
3ple forget which engineer did it, even if they 
3r knew. Or some promoter who used other 
Dole's money. But the engineer himself looks back 
the unending stream of goodness which flows 
ti his successes with satisfactions that few pro- 
sions may know. And the verdict of his fellow- 
ifessional is all the accolade he wants." 
-Herbert Hoover 

Army ~ History 

IT^alTy'do7iTk"n"ow "where To SegTrv "waTTl T<riow7 
the beginning. It was a long and stormy night... no, 
that's not right. Ok, I remember now, I was a rat, just 
like everyone else. I still remember C'ptc McCarthy 
waking my drunk ass up in a BR's rack, which almost 
guaranteed my spot in the # 1 club; but thankfully 
did not. Thus is the story of my cadet ship, the # / 
being the worst penalty from raiding the guardroom: 
(GREAT IDEA GUYS, you know wh6~-VQU are) 

Third class year was short seeing as I got 
'■the travel bug and left the good ofe "I" -in seorch of 
greater fortunes. Fargo, ND. New Orleans, La, 
Cancun. Mex.; and various other beaches up and 
down the coast were the places I traveled to find 
those fortunes, I fled Lexington only to find myself 
, living in Staunton, home of Scary Mary, -wttt^my goocL 
"friend Andy Trout, That house still holds many fond 
'. memories of booze, women, and wild parties. 

I don't know what it was that brought me 
i back; but whatever it was, I will hunt it down and KILL 
' itl I left a life of bartending and just about every 
comfort known to man, to come back here. Oh 
well, I guess I made the best of it. My First Class year 
was spent in a drunken haze. I still found a way to do 
better in all my .classes than I ever have done. Thanks 
Lee, Ryan, and doe for showing me the error in my 

Many people say that I havachanged dur- 
ing my hiatus. Granted I have gone from being know 
as the "General; to "Fatty," but I fail to see the dif- 
ference. Must be something that you notioe after 
ome time away. 

As to who to thank., well no. one really, 
ing as I got through kicking and screaming, I do 
nt to thank God for keeping me out of the trouble 
sily could have gotten into. 

Marine ~ Mechanical Engineering 

FoTjryeaTs TTa've - c"o?rie — aTia' "SorTe - T"sTrrr"Ti<3VeTH 
figured out what drew me to VMI; Tim and John, the 
challenge, curiosity I wanted to see if I could make 
it here; if I could excel. Looking back on these 4 
years, I am proud of what I have accomplished. I 
am proud of what our class has accomplished. I 
think I can honestly say I won't miss VMI, but I will miss 
the people who lived this experience with me. I feel 
that I have met the best friends of my life here and 
no one can ever take that away from me. I cant 
really put every name in such a short space, but I will 
mention a few. My roommates, John, Mark, Will, and 
Luke. We have had some great times together. I'll 
never forget some of those conversations and games 
we played. We stayed together for 3 years and you 
are some of my best friends. I hope in the future you 
vyilt remember that friends don't let friends beer 
goggle-, Will and John, you should know what I'm 
talking about. Mark,... want to race? How can I put 
this; I Think you might be crazy I would have never 
thought you would join the Army but I think you will 
do well, Hooah. Luke, I didn't even know you until 3 ,d 
class year, we have grown to be great friends even 
though your not a Marine. Will, the future lawyer of 
the room, aerobie 335 is all I have to say. John, aka 
Puddle, we have been friends since high school, 
played football together, and then ventured into 
VMI. We still have lots of road ahead of us as Offie 
ers in the Marines. Now for Will and Bick, we made it 
through all the ME department could throw at us 
and came out on top. You two are great friends. To 
my family: Mom, Dad, Jen and Mary. You have stood 
with me in everything I have ever done. I love you 
and could have never made it without you. I think 
that covers it all, we've finally made it As Robert 
Frost's poem says, "We took the road less traveled, 
and that has made all the difference." Thank God its 

Mug, Secret Asian Man, Rimshot 
Army ~ Chemistry 

Mike, there is somewhat of a duality to you be- 
•cause you are very dedicated and hard working, 
yet at the same time you are easy going. You are 
involved in so many clubs and organizations that 
. you force yourself to burn the midnight oil, but re- 
gardless of how late you stay up I never hear you 
complain or even make any mention of it. You are 
very well-educated and knowledgeable on many 
subjects, when the plethora of people come with 
their queries you don't mind taking time to help. 
You're a listener to anyone whom could be consid- 
ered a friend — he will listen to anyone . Mike. I know 
deep down that you will achieve much once you 
are freed from the 'restraints of VMI; I am posifive 
that I will hear your name again in times to come. - 

It is hard to sum Mike up in the space provided 
here. He's more than just a few friendly adjectives. 
One moment, he's the determined student, studying 
all night in order to meet his high academic sfap- 
dards. The next moment he's out there partying and 
shooting the bull with his BR's. He's always willing to 
help others, from providing technical help for com- 
puters to providing hard to acquire products for men 
on confinement. You've been a great friend, Mike, 
and I know you'll go far in life. -MKB 

Writing this history has been helped me to realize 
how far I and everyone else has come. And just as 
importantly, it's made me reevaluate myself and why 
I came. Like alf the others I came here with the 
typical f 

friends I've found.- VMI has been a my own epiphany, 
from which I've emerged a different person than 
when I arrived Finally, none of this would have been 
possible without rrMfamily. Thank you for always 
being there. 

Mark L. Lineberry 

Dublin, VA 

Jonathan D. Long, III 
Manassas, VA 

2Pac, Catfish, Chronic Contract 
Army -History 

^Uisclpirie BfeeUs V7cfo7y3hose"we?e"frTe simple 
words I took away from the I after my first pre-strain 
visit. Little did I believe they would stick with me for 
so long and grow to mean so much. I came to VMI 
for the challenge; little did I know it wouldn't end 
after the ratline. Life here has no doubt been differ- 
ent. As -I sit here and reflect, it seems there have 
been more hard times than- good — maybe that's 
because I always had the tendency to "fly by the 
seat of my pants!' as a friend put it once. I've almost 
crossed the finish line — and for that I couldn't be 
happier. So fhany^people have- played an integral 
part in keeping me here and helping me out. My 
roommates for the past three years. Will, Luke, John, 
and Paul, no doubt took the brunt of my. for lack of 
a better word, "originality". Thanks so much guys, 
you are truly my best friends. I know the stories we'll 
fake away from here will never be forgotten — the 
picture below pretty much says it all! Will, good luck 
to you in law school— I had no idea the power of a 
pill could make you so smart, I wonder if it could help 
me grow in some other areas? I will never forget the 
things we've done or the places we've been. Thanks 
for being there; after all it's hard to tell what would 
have happened if that fat girl had kept sitting on my 
leg! Luke, we've been friends since the first day of 
basketball tryouts rat year Basketball might have 
faded for both of us. but our friendship never h«fc 
thanks for listening and letting me sing my songSB 
jam-fret John, you're awake and not reading a 
comic book! Thanks for the memories, but more 
importantly the unique listening pleasure you've of- 
fered for the past three years. Paul, you've been a 
good roommate and an even better friend over the 
last four years. Good luck to you and John during 
your time spent in the Mannes:»Jb my boys on the 
pitch, especially Fudd, keep playing— rugby is the 
greatest sport in the world. To all of my other friends 
in-the Corp (which are too numerous to list)— thanks 
for laughing along with me through the trials and 
tribulations of our cadetship. And lastly, a great deal 
of thanks goes-tp all of my "family" 

Army ■ 


WeCTcan't beTieve^afrarrTflnaily atTne'J 
in my cadetship whereastom writing something I 
means it is time for me to graduate from this pj 
Although I would love to sit here and give "stj 
out" to all the great friends I have become clol 
over the past four years, 400 words is just not en- 1 
space to include everyone individually. So i 

and just not mention any of you losers!! I never I 
most of you anyway! You airsrtek! 

On a more serious note I would like to I 
a much-earned "Thank You" to my parents. \j 
out both of your love and support over the last -i 
years I would have never made it here. You 
gave me all the right advise through the good t 
and the bad. Over the last four years I feel as thcj 
you guys have really become more than jusb 
parents, but also two of the closest friends I hi 

I would also like to give a huge thant 
my fiancee Jen Meres. The dedication and c| 
mitment you have given me over the last fev 
has just been unreal. It takes a very special pel 
to put up with all the crap that comes with havii 
boyfriend at this school. Maybe the biggest rec 
I can't wait to graduate ts so I can begin to sp 
the rest of my live with youJ 

Lastly. I would like to leave a fev 
wisdom for my rat, John Tamborino. John, what | 
I say " ' 
I askea 

years will be tough to swallow, but I know you 
do it if you set your mind to it and want it I 
enough. I know you wjlhsucceed. I am loot 
forward to coming back'ttere and seeing you 
your ring and graduate. I know you'll be fine, 
always only be a phone call away if you need < 


1997 - Arthur Jai 

2003 - Scott Ferrebee 


1997 - Matt Perry 

2003 - Brendan Barclay 


1996 - Mike Ohleger 

2003 -John Tamborino 

Christopher J. Lowrance 

Lexington, IN 

Christopher L. Lucas 

Centreville, VA 

Army ~ Electrical Engineering 

. OveTlhe pasfTour years, roffen questioned 
l ether attending VMI was worth sacrificing -all of 
t luxuries of being a normal college student. Al- 
i ugh difficult at times, I tried not to think „about 
vat it would be like if I was at a normal college. I 
::iw I came to VMI for a reason; so whenever I 
vuld start thinking about the other side, I would 
4iind myself of those reasons. One of the major 
Bsans I attended VMI was that I won a scholarship 
I arded to Indiana students to attend VMI in honor 
> alumnus, James C. Sansberry. Along with my 
I isberry scholarship, I won a four year Army ROTC 
< olarship, and the combination of the scholarships 
r de it possible for me to attend VMI for free. Be- 
i 3S attending college for free, I found out that VMI 
yited me to play tennis for them. I knew that no 
\sre else in the country could attend- such a well 
eognized college for free and play Division I ten- 
i All of these materialistic perks made my college 
::>ice a little more easy, but there was something 
is that brought me to VMI. Deep down in my 
I :rt I wanted to go to a college that I could be 
*ud of and know that I went the extra mile to earn 
rj diploma. After actually going through the VMI 
)erience, I can say it has been very Tough, but 

ays tried to make the best of the oppor- 
es given to me, and I knew that always being 
iter about VMI would hold me down. I have gdinea 
luperior education, friendships that will last a life- 
lie, and so many skills essential for life. My expert-, 
ere -at VMI could not have been possible-. 

ich for my goals Dad, thank you for always pro- 
g for all my needs. My brother, Sam, thank you 
ilways pushing me to do my best and guiding 

ff to always do the right thing. Finally, I want to 

link all my teammates and friends for being like a 

inily to me for these four years. 

Luc, Lucas 
Army ~ Economics 

WSIfweTr We'lCwfTaT TTTeTielf'CdTn IcTy - IfiiTTiaT 
been perhaps the worst four years of my life, and to 
tell you the truth, it's something that I could never 
ever wish upon anyone for as long aS (live ..that is 
unless I really hate you, but anyways; that's a differ- 
ent story. I guess the thing about this place is that 

Dad and yeah, even Lindsay. I mean if 1 didn't have 
your support through day one at this place, the 
chances of me being here would be pretty low. So 
I really have to show how appreciative I am of you 
guys, and I don't know if I will ever be able to show 
that as long as I live, but seriously. thank you!! The 
next persoa-khave to thank is my shadow, my other 
half, ancflf you still don't get it she's aiso known as 
"the wife." To Jenn, I really don't know how lucky I 
was to have met you and have you walk with me 
through each of these long years at this pleasant 
place and still manage to stay with me (especially 
during Ring Figure, and "the ring toss!"). That s a feat 
in itself, and all weekends at HU, the e-mails, care 
packages, and late night phone calls helped us both 
make it through these long years apart It will never 
be an unforgotten experience, and just think, you 
get to spend it everyday with this Keydet after I get 
the hell outta here! Finally, to the boys of 1 39, peace 
out fools! The three years have definitely been an 
experience. To Sat. Peterson, Chicago ED. kill some- 
thing for me, to Schnabel... dun-ga, to Miller, the world 
didn't end in January 2000. and to (©., oh YEAH!! 

Frankie ] 
Army ~ Computer Science 

' Dykes 

1997 - Reece Edgington 
003 - Andy Biesterveld, Patrick Collins 

It's all come down to this. ..GRADUATION. Finally 
outta this hellhole. It was tough, but I did it! Id like to 
thank God for giving me the mental strength through 
these years. To my family: Mom and Dad. ..without 
you I couldn't have done it. Thanks for giving me the 
opportunity to succeed in life, and start my life on 
the right foot. You are the greatest parents a son 
"could have. Arnold... not only have you been a great 
brother, but also a great role model. Although your 
lectures put me to sleep, I took them in and learned 
from them (j/k). Aileen and Audrey... we've gotten 
closer as the years have gone by and you've also 
been great role models (thanks for keeping your 
lectures shorter than Arnold's). I hope I will be as 
successful as you all have been. And to Christine, 
■Jamilyn, Jesse, Sydney, Aaron, Jordan. Dallas, and 
Pungo.,.You have also been great to me. You all 
were there for me and you knew I could do it, even 
when I didn't think I could. You all were a crutch and 
supported my every decision... good or bad. Thanks 
for always understanding and backing me up. I love 
you all and I hope I have made you all proud!! To all 
of my friends at home. all have believed in me 
through these hard years. I know I may have slipped 
away from a lot of you. but you haven't forgotten 
about me, and that means a lot. To my cellmates: 
Mike . . . your laid back attitude, Bobby ... your way with 
words, and Aaron... your wisdom, will never be for- 
gotten. You are all one of my best friends, to say the 
least. The endless nights have been fun, but it's all 
over now. Good luck to you all and I'll be keepin' in 
touch. Willy,. Lei, Eric, Trey, Ollie. Brandon, Austin, 
Matt, and Gil... the same goes for you all, too. I'm set 
and ready to roll. DAMN... it feels good to be gettin' 
outta here! See ya when I see ya...FJ. (a.k.a Frankie 


1997 - Terry Ingram 

2003 - Scott Brotherton 


1997 - Reese Edgington 

2003 -John Faff 

James R. Mahala 

Abingdon, VA 

.*»"» ^pv 


Ryan J. Mahoney 

Golita, CA 

Navy ~ History 

Army ~ History 

Marine ~ (jkjil Engineering 

When I think of a true friend, JR quickly comes to 
•mind. During the three years .that I have roomed 
with him he has been a close friend and a true brother 
rat. One of the things that first comes to mind when 
„> I think about rooming with JR is yelling at him every 
-morning in order to make sure he gets up in time for 
class or formation. 

JR is a history major and this is truly the perfect 
major for a guy like JR. In the time that I have known 
JR he has always been an avid reader, frequently 
reading books on his own, sometimes when there 
are other things that he should be doing, on history 
topics. He has ajpassion for history, especially mili- 
tary history which is evident by the types of books 
that he reads." 

The single thing that has been most characteris- 
tic of JR's cadetship is his passion for the bagpipes. 
Bagpipes have been a constant part of JRs daily 
life. Between playing the practice chanter, morn- 
ing, noon and night including when he should be 
studying, or listening to bagpipes on the stereo, there 
■> is seldom a day that goes by that he is not engaged 
with the pipes for at least an hour. If there is one 
word that describes what JR has been while at the 
Institute, bagpiper is definitely the one. 

I wish to thank all my brother rats, especially those 
who have lived with me during these four years. It 
takes a special sort of person to put up with the likes 
of me. I wish the best of luck to my "honorary" 

brother rats in the.Pipe Band. It has been a pleasure 
being your Pipe Major for this last semester Keep up 
the good work. Talfey rat, Sam LaGrone, I hope you 
have a wonderful foyr years, and keep working hard 
with the newspaper. You will make a fine Editor-in- 

ion to West Point. It all started in 437 and he was full 
of questions on how to shine shoes. He eventually 
figured it out and pretty soon was telling other BRs 
how to get that "mirror shine." He didn't make much 
of a ripple during the Rat line but the name "Sheet 
Nazi" brings back some memories. Third Class year 
saw us in 359 With some good ole boys from Texas 
and Tennessee. Cadre corporal Mahle. who 
would've thufffc ft? Well, he intimidated the Rats and 
maintained his Ac Stars, he constantly tried to get • 
Gordy to give hirrrS-4 jobs to do, and would not 
leave his professors alone trying to get any help he 
could to get the "A." We didn't go out much to- 
gether because in January we finally met his woman 
Holly, who transferred to JMU from Cali just to be 
close to him. Second Class year began in 257 and 
we were ready to get our rings. Ring Figure was an 
experience and that's all we'll say about that. S-4 

Ac Stars still on his shoulders and the start of a major 
thesis (compliments of Turk McClesky) First Class year 
saw us all back for cadre week him as S-4 Capt, me 
as well. ..his It. It was nothing but running around get- 
ting water and supplying radios What funl It was 
almost as bad as advanced Camp. well. J don't knoW 
about that. Commissioning and graduation are com- 
ing in May and hopes of branching Infantry and be- 
coming Pathfinder is a common conversation in the 
room. Who knows what the future holds, but it will 
definitely be great for Colin Mahle because he will 
make it be great. Good luck-in the Army buddy, I 
^aa^rj^curi .into you one day running around in the 

I canTfinTenTSh^eTT^S^ifTrtlrTre"TrTaTTsaTA'1| 
Here was this hard core Vlarine from CaliforniJ 
out of Boot Camp with awn line across the til 
his head. That was our Raj year. Looking bl 
smile.., there was always the wrestling by the II 
ers, smoking cigars, and running the block tcl 
Star Wars when it hit the bid, screens. Once Brecl 
was just a memory, Ryan; was the one wittl 
Roanoke connection that would get us drunk ail 
topless parties at Sweet Briar. Even now I cal 
picture Ryan's face when he told me one o| 


desire to spend as little time as he could at V 

the menu ... drinking was what Ryan did, 
with converting his roommates into listening to Fl 
326 TV nights emerged when we had "no" he 
work. Sunday on Ring Figure was one of the I 
lights of Second class year. November made I 
the beer provider. Running RUC roadblocks & shl 
ing the Sh't with British cops and a bag full o 
propaganda filled spring break, 1" class year bra i 
Ryan back with a great desire to leave the Mo 
Corps. New Years with late mor/iing breakfasts 
Harvey Wallbangers in Santa Barbara put Ryan I 

I think that.Ryan sums it all up with sc| 
thing I heard him say once, "VMI is about the frit 
ypu make-.,, ones that would jump on a plane a- 1, 
cftop of a hat to trade their life for yours" It is Fj 
who makes friends like that. 


Pvt 41; 8' h Cpl 3; 1" Plt'S^t 2; Intramural softbal 


1997 - Chris Bowers 
2003 - Sam LaGrone 

1997 - Robert William Youngren 
2003 - Jason Harr, John Boceck 


1997 - James Jeter 

2003 - Robert Ospowicz 

Eric D. Mann 

Rock Hill, SC 

Brett R. Martin 
Coral Springs, FL 



" J 

Matthew V Martin, V 

Virginia Beach, VA 

Army ~ Psychology 

"It is a great profession. There is the fascination 
watching a figment of imagination emerge 
'tfough the aid of science to a plan on a paper. 
it moves to realization in stone or metalvor en- 
(jy. Then it brings jobs and homes to men. T.hen it 
«svates the standard of living and adds to the com- 
f ts of life. That is the engineer's high privilege. 

The great liability of the engineer corn- 
fired to men of other professions is that his works 
h out in the open where all con see them. His acts, 
sto by step, are in hard substance. He cannot bury 
H mistakes in the grave like the doctors. He cannot 
ue them into thin air or blafme the judge like law- 
>. He cannot, like the architects, cover hh ure 
i trees and vines. He cannot, like the politicians, 
sen his shortcomings by blaming his opponents 
d hope that people forget. The engineer simply 
nnot deny he did it. If his works do not work, he is 

On the other hand, unlike the doctor, his is 
fe among the weak. Unlike the soldier de- 
uction is not his purpose. Unlike the. lawyer, quar- 
ris are not his daily bread. To the engineer falls the 
1 of- clothing the bare bones of science with life, 
mfort, and nope. No doubt as the years go by 
ople forget which engineer did it, even if they 
3r knew. Or some promoter who used other 
ople's money. But the engineer himself looks back 
the unending stream of goodness which flows 
l>m his successes with satisfactions that few pro- 
Issions may know. And the verdict of his fellow 
pfessional is all the accolade he wants." 
-Herbert Hoover 


1997 - Berchman Grinage 

2003 - Darryl Haymon 

Marine ~ Civil Engineering 

BTetFTvlaTTirnTaTleaTTo'm" South Horida" hoping To" 
learn more about his heritage, to become the long 
snapper for the Keydet football team and to earn a 
degree in engineering. He survived the Ratline with- 
out too many regrets despite how tough irwas those 
first few months. In an e-mail sent home he wrote, 
"they're dropping like flies': referring to the classmates 
who just couldn't take it Taking two_-minute showers, 
gulping down Crozet mystery me^ts,. straining and ' 
..taking insults from the upperclassmen was taken in 
Wride by the Class of 2000. The Corps seemed to 
change a lot over the next four years but faithful 
friends remained. My roommates even saved me a 
spot for. when I returned from my "vacation!' Taking 
19 credits. Intone of the final semesters was insane 
but who needsfree time at VMI? For fun Brett served 
I as a punching bag/tackling target during- those long 
\ football practices in the first two seasons. Only the 
kicker seemed to appreciate him. For some reason, 
i the coaches kept quitting so Brett turned in his cleats 
». as well, Somehow during his stay, Brett evolved as a 
i virtual computer nerd, who else gets 65 e-mails per 
'day? As for the best fun of all. Bulldog training for 
i the Marines was a grand finale to the campus ex- 
perience." Pals back, home attending those 'party" 
schools could hardly believe what Brett, the cadet 
had done. Alas, he loved the military experience so 
much that he decided to go for the Commission. So 
now it's off to Quantico for more funlBrett, what a 
trip this was, I hope he is glad to finally going to get 
the hell out of here for a change. You did have your 

townfalls, (i.e. third class year's forced furlough) 
ihich left me high and dry without youJo have to 
k^k around. The one thing that is sure with this man 
isyhat anyone who talks to him at length, are going 
tafae laughing by the time before they finish. This 
rrwi has the most apathetic outlook on homewOFk, 
I dwYt think I ever saw this guy up past 2 am working 
omomework. He always managed to stop (not 
fin^necessarily) . I'll still never forgive you for leav- 
ingsbr Christmas rat year a FEW days earlier, but you 
have brought humor into what ever was going on. 
' you Brett. STS 

Navy ~ Economics 

Where to begin. ..well, this goes out to my friends 
and family, because you all will be the only ones who 
read this! When I say friends, you guys know who 
you are... my boyz here at the "I" and the Brothers 
from home. I guess I'll start at my Rat year, man. why 
did I do that? I can remember the days of sweating 
balls and straining until no tomorrow, or so it seemed 
That first night sleeping on the pillow with no hair. 
Thanks rat-roomies for cleaning up the "mess" Hops 
were always fun too. ...oh, and the end of the Old 
Corps. On to the good ol' Third Class year, that was 
fun. The food and water balloon fights with rats, the 
numerous trips to Scary Baldwin, and the end of our 
All-Male School, sad. Should have dipped like Frank 
second semester. . . On to the best year, Second Class 
.year. What can I say? Ring Figure, 21 s ' Birthday, hav- 
ing my car, numerous excursions to Tech, just an all 
around'good year Ah, the final year of in this won- 
derful place. First Class year, 2000, Last All-Male Class! 
We are it fellas, the last class, so I hope we live this 
year up. See all you military contract types in the I 
field/fleet, Go Navy, but to the rest of you boyz, get 
a job and make that green stuff, that is what it's all 
about, getting' paid! Well, maybe have some fun 
and so something you are good at too! Thanks Mom, 
Dad, and Brian for supporting me these last few years. 
All in all, we had some good times and bad, but we 
made it. God bless all of you! See you out there. 

1997 - Gary Compton 
2003 - Erik Figueroa 

Jason R. Maslow 
Columbia, SC 

Sloth, Maz, Rock 
Army ~ Civil Engineering 

FindTIy!nVlyT:a^eT^ipTsTorrwig7o - arrencr TTs 
.been a long, hard road to say the least, but I can 
now see the light at the end of the tunnel. First. Id like 
to thank the Heavenly Father (or seeing me through 
the good times and the bad times, and also for giv- 
ing me the many blessings I have today. I also want 
to thank all of my family and friends who have helped 
me along the way Dad. you have always been 
there for me to provide the guidance I've needed 
to stay on track and set my goals high - I couldn't 
have done it without you. Mom. Jamie, and the rest 
of my family, I want to thank you for your love and 
support throughout the last 4 years, it's really meant 
a lot to me. My roommates, Ben, Joe, and Jimmy, 
without you guys I would have lost my mind a long 

great memories. To all my CE br's, we survived the 

good luck and hopefully we'll cross paths out 
woods or in the sky someday. Well, through all of the 
good times and bad times, I've learned a lot of les- 
sons. Probably the most important lesson I have 
learned is how to be consistent, giving 110% in ev- 
erything I do, everyday. Furthermore, I've learned to 
stick out the tuff times and stay determined, while 
keeping my head held high. Pain is temporary, pride 
is forever. VMI has also taught me how to be" a 
leader, along with many examples of how not to be 
a leader, all of which I will take with me into the army 
as a 2" a Lt. I truly believe that "You May Be Whatever 
You Resolve To Be." To Craig, Aaron, and all my other 
friends I leave behind, hang in there, you're time will 
come Finally, I'll leave barracks with a diploma and 
a ring, but more iFTiportantly, I'll leave with friends 
that feel like brothers, everlasting memories, and a 
sense of pride and accomplishment in becoming a 
true VMI Man LCWB 2000 

Activities. 4- Football, 3- 5th cpl„ Football, 2- 
Ranger Challenge, 1st pit. sgt. Ranger Company, 1- 
Ranger Challenge, RDC 

Robert C. Mason 

Dallas, TX 

1997 - Chris Coates 

Guiliano, Aaron Fegley 

GQ Deacon, Mason M. Mason, Esq. 
Army ~ International Studies 

'H^rrosTTie^decl'an'oTheT nSofTTmaTe" Cadre 
week: day two. As the company was assembled on 
the stoops learning rifle manual, Rob screwed up 
one too many times and attracted the attention of 
Big Irv. After several non-successful attempts to learn 
the proper way to execute manual of arms, Rob 
exclaimed "What the .... am I doing wrong... sir?" 
And Big Irv took Rob into a room for further "instrue 
tion" By virtue of an unexplained miracle. Rob some- 
how refurned to us later in the evening (slightly dehy- 
drated but by and large no worse for the wear). The 
community-minded Rob made it a point to indoctri- 
nate his roommates about life's simple pleasures, such 
as Jimmy Buf fett and How to Distill Your Own Apple- 
Juice Based Beverage (Mason, RC. The Slacker's 
Guide to Good Living with Minimal Effort . PP 1839- 
1997 Parrot Publishing, 1996) The remainder of our 
sentence in Club 439 found Rob beginning his studies 
under Hamel of "How to worm out of everything". A 
willing and studious pupil. Rob had mastered his les- 
sons so well that, when he returned second-class year 
after a two-semester sabbatical, he managed to 
avoid marching a parade or standing an inspection 
for the duration of his stay here. Though known 
throughout the corps as the most laid back man in 
barracks, the Pretty Boy from Dallas' ability to make 
everyone with whom he associates feel at ease 
coupled with his empathy made him the perfe% 
candidate for two crucial jobs at the Institute. As sH 
first Rob served as both the Cadet Program Board 
President and the Cadet Title IX Staff CIC. 
AsConducting investigations of suspected sexual mis- 
conduct and educating the corps about sexual ha- 
rassment balanced well with booking bands for hops, 
showing weekly movies to the corps, and making 
sure the corps — " 

batical). Kristin — I love you! Chris — You trained the 
ultimate 1" class private. Chris and Vicki— Keep the 
traditions alive. Jeff — You'll make a great officer 
Gust remembe><o relax). Joe— I admit it. are 
an (asshole. 

Army ~ Civil Engineering 

Iv^rfTl^HtlA^KSlirCHeTe' I "rriToTF years ; 
four other colleges later. Nmean they said you r 
haven't gotten the VMI experience unless yo 
been suspended. The list is long and the gratitu 
endless, but I would have to say it starts with rrr 
you know who you are. VMI is an experie 
wouldn't trade anything for, it is the most beai] 
place in the world, as long as you aren't here. I 
made me who I am today and who I will be i 
years. There have been a lot of people that hi 
influenced me, but VMI and the endless support 
love of my parents has brought me through the to, I 
est four of my life. I have learned more than just I 
Engineering and I think 'everyone knows what I m 
If I could tell everyone one thing, it would be to I 
from your experiences and do what your gut s< 

I've had some of the best times at the "T" ran 
from Runway 69, to Mardi Gras and let me notfol 
that little hike up the road this year. For all the gj 
Christofer, the Wardass. Joe Joe, and Tater, " 
buds for making friends what they are. Thanks tcl 
Beth, and Tedd "Hey Sparky, get off the IM." Will, 
will always be my conchy. And to all my ball pla>j! 
"GOOD GAME! 1 , especially Joe" It is ashamed 
we are the last of the Old Corps, we have sq 
thing to remember, boys. _^^Sfll 


1997 - Chris Farrar 

2003 - Chris Adams, Vicki Ortiz 

1997 - Tedd Black 
2003 - Robert Berry 

Douglas A. Massie 

Mechanicsville, VA 

Bob, General 
Army ~ Civil Engineering 

Thomas J. McCarthy 

Princeton Junction, NJ 

Samuel F. McClureJV 

Staunton, VA 

Marine ~ Biology 

Varsity Wrestling; 4 

Cadre; 3,21 

Big Red Club; 3,21 

Rat Challenge. 2 

RDC; 1 


)e best environment for young men pursuing the life 
a citizen/soldier. The problem with VMI starts at 
je top. Everyday the administration grows stronger 
id the corps grows weaker. Jhis process will even- 
ally annihilate any control cadets have over the 
)rps itself. And at our tervyear reunion, we will 
onder why we did not stand up for what was right, 
vll will have changed so much that you will wonder 
it is the same institute you matriculated at years 
ior. VMI will be filled to the brim with political cor- 
ctness and the rat line will not even exist. Only a 
ass system will keep rats from taking leave and 
wing cars. Our honor system; it will .exist Yet, be 
iforced with as much enthusiasm as shining shoes, 
e real VMI will only exist in the hearts and minds of 
ose men who truly loved the institute with every- 
ing they had. I pray this decent of the beloved 
itifute will never happen and I am proved wrong, 

The love and support of my mother, father, 
ter, and girlfriend is more than any person could 
:k for. Letting me make my own decisions and 
ways steering me in the right direction, even if it; 
eant hard times. Your love for me will never be 
irgotten and always be deep in my heart. To all my 
ends, thank you for constant harassment and dy- 

3st to carry on the tradition. John, carry on the 
adition and always do the right thing. Ann Marie, I 
ill always love you. 

Screw this place. Twice. I 'was sorely disap- 
pointed, what can I say? There are a few things that 
I have learned though through the course of these 
four years. For example.. McDonalds coffee sucks 
Or how about the fact that frat parties are over- 
rated? A car wash is a great place to meet a girl. 
Tigger is a silly guy. Chiflins and grits are not food 
items. Neither is fried okra. Dr. Evil impersonators are 
funny, Life is difficult when you are ugly. Organic 
Chemistry is best when taken four times. Colonel 
■Wingfiela isn't really a colonel E mail is a godsend. 
Water balloon warfare is a science that needs to be 
studied and advanced. Texans can't dress, Geor- 
gians talk slow, and Californians are-always weird. 
As far as my $100, 000 education? I don't remember 
a damn thing. Hey! Room 126! Thanks for putting 
up with my ever presence Nick slice... don't ever 
drop that sense of compassion - and don't forget 
our pact. Fish! That punk/emo influence of yours will 
be with me until I die. Goleta Postmortem! Stevie, 
the Tipmaster, beware of the penguin. ..hey Where's 
April? Heehee! Bobby, always remember that "Girls 
are a waste of time."'re#1! Beat Rocket? 
I got two bucks, go to town baby! Guuhhhh! 
Scott. . .why the hell aren't we in Prague? Thanks for 
listening when everyone else was sick of hearing it. I 
needed that. Evan, give me a hug. .give me a hug 

Evan. You silly bastard. Davis Q, Wheeler IV stop 

aiming for peoples balls in lacrosse. Thanks... you 
made my job as a dyke too easy kiddo. 
Brian. ...lemme get a spot in your band? Nomie? 
Wow.... if you ever take anything from knowing me, 
learn to do what you want no matter what people 
tHjnk. As long as it's right. And hold on to that rare 
innocence, it really is an attractive thing. Traci...keep 
he&in line, OK? Heehee! As for everyone else that I 
higye known and not mentioned, you will never be 
forgotten. Well, that about raps it up. I love you all 
ana' I could never possibly pay back all that you 
have given to me in these four short years. Take 
car©., TJntil next time 

Finely, Super Sam, FUPA 
Army ~ International Studies 

If^lTfarTecTwhen my faTmTTy'dT^p'p^o^eoffTiere" 
for the first time. I remember my mom crying all the 
way. Four short years later, here I sit staring at a blank 
sheet of paper and trying to find 350 words or less to 
describe the time I served at the "I". I have decided 
to share with you a little about the people who I 
have grown to consider my brothers. Big Worm is the 
man I come to for advice because he is twice my 
age and even though the whole mid-life crisis thing 
gets a little oid, you my crazy neuga. Pig, damn ' 

got so much apologizing to do but maybe 
- id little man. Jigc' 
and I are so much alike it scares me. I look forward to 

some other time you 

jgles, you 


1997 -Jason Ancarrow 

2003 - John Roche 


1997 -Nakia Young 

2003 - Dave "Stormin Mormon" Wheeler 

Brian "Who?" Searby 

embarrassing you with my big gun for at least a 
couple more years. Tina, the man who truly cor- 
rupted me! I will never forget my night in the weeds, 
Sweetbriar, or how you do that crazy puke thing. 
Red Red. mushy mushy! I still owe you an ass kicking 
for losing my duty jacket and cover during exam 
week. Want some - get some! Pauly, I am con- 
vinced you were an alligator wrestler in a previous 
life. Remember the wiggle dance I did in the locker 
room with your stalker, and my handicapped girl 
friend. My lips and pits are burning! Fat boy! Desitin 
Rules! Two words, spring break. You are the one who 
introduced me to girls in cages, rumrunners, and the 
camcorder. H-E-L-P! Oh yea Pauly, I'm pumping my 
fist right now. Jake, remember when we saw a pig 
call himself a monkey? And when I had to pay that 
lady a quarter for farting while eating pizza? I love 
you guys. Thanks for the memories and I look for- 
warato many more! Johnny Cab. I learned the most 
from you buddy You taught me courage beyond all 
limits, living each day to the fullest and showed me 
the importance of faith. Thank you for giving me the 
•chance to know you. I miss you. You will be with me 
always. It was all of you that pulled me through this 
place. I will always be there for each of you regard- 
less the circumstance. Thanks for the ride. To my 
family, thank you for all the support love. Andy, if 
nothing more, this place will teach you about your- 
self. Good luck with everything. I will always be here 
or vot). 

1997 - Chris Strock 
2003 - Andy Manos 

Army ~ Civil Engineering 

Well, it's been a long four years. I can't really say 
•that I enjoyed all of it, but I leave here with a lot more 
than I came with. I'll leave with a diploma (hope- 
fully), the greatest friends in- the world, the best 
woman in the world, and a lot of great memories. I 
■have a lot of people to thank for helping me trough 
Sill: Mom, Dad, and the rest of the family for mak- 
ing this all possible. Matt, Greg, and Pete for not 
killing me rat year; Jonathan and the other room- 
mates, for not killing me the other three years; Gena 
for being there, getting me away from This hellhole, 
and giving me^omething to look forward to after 
graduation. I can'J wait to spend the rest of my life 
with youTo our rats, Patrick, Chris, Reid. and Justin, it 
' ■'..; , ■ ■■ : : ,-eern like t now but all the hard work will 
pay off. Work hard, but remember to have fun and 
not take this place as seriously as I did. You've been 

good rats and I know you'll make great cadets. To 
rowg, they screwed you over man; we've missed 
you. To the Supreme Court and the administratiqn; 
congratulations on ruining a damn good thing. "May 
■'the Institute one day regain it's former glory!' Craft 
'94. 1 have known Matt for 1 years. He is the closest 
thing toa brother that I have ever had. We played 
together, went camping together, went to school 
together, and then we came to VMI together. I still 
remember calling him our senior year of high school 
and telling him that I was going to VMI, and thatbe 
had to come with me. I have seen him take the best 
and the worst the Institute has to offer. Our rat year, 
he did his share of push-ups and got plenty of atten- 
tion from cadre: We made it to Breakout, I watched 
him repeatedly nadke the Dean's List, and finally pin 
on stripes We never thought the day would come, 
but soon I will wafab him walk across the stage and- 
accept his diplomofeMatt has been a great cadet 
and a great friend, afafld npy first beer with him and 
I hope he is there wrrehJ have my last. Congratula- 
tions Matt, we did it!! I could have done it without 
you, but it wouldn't have been nearly as much fun. - 

T/Vell, while I am here sitting up late yet another 
3 on the computer, T figure I shoul" "' - 
write this history that I have been putting of 
I have been putting off because I never thought 
thafH would be doing this for a while and now here I 
am writing this history. Time sure does fly. I am finally 
going to- graduate and though I am ready to move 

wants to stay (it is a very small part though). They 
are the only reason I made it through this place I 
think and for that tarn grateful. To Room GO: Aaron, . 
FJ, Bob... Thanks for-'puTting up with me. We have 
had some good times and actually made this place 
fun sometimes. I hope- we all stay in touch through- 
out the years to come Willie B, AC, Lei, Frank (Ae 
tion), PG, Schnabels, Nick (Mashburn), Mo, Mike A.. 
Deffy, ...the same goes for all you too. Thanks for 
the good times. I wish you all the best of luck. Also, 
I want to thank my dykes Warren, Darryl, Maurice 
and Franco, thanks for being so cool and showing 
me the ways. To the rats: Brandon. TJ, Sayko, Rob, 
Mike and John, you all hang in there. We were wor- 
ried we were going to get some gay rats... but you 
all are pretty cool. Some times will be rough here 
but if I can make it, I know you all can, Good luck. 
Lastly, and most importantly I would like to thank ray 
family. Without their love and endless supponBj 
Wouldn't be the man I am today. I love you alP 
Thank you for everything. mean the world to 

graduating and though this 21 year old is 
. i what lies ahead, through everything I have 
been taught by the people that have touched my 
life, I feel lam ready to turn the page 

jncertam > 

a great profession. There is the fascina 
of watching a figmenfVf imagination emei 
through the aid of scienceYto a plan on a pa 
moves to realization (n stone or metal or 
ergy. Then it brings jobs and homes to men. Th< 
elevates the standard of living and adds to the c> 
forts of life. That is the engineer's high privilege, 

The great liability of the r - 
pared to men of other professions is that hi 
are out in the open where all con see them. His a 
step by step, are in hard substance. He cannot t 
his mistakes in the grave like the doctors. He can 
argue them into thin air or blame the judge like li 
yers. He cannot, like the architects, cover his faili 
with trees and vines. He cannot, like the politick 
screen his shortcomings by blaming his oppone 
and hope that people forget. The engineer sinr 
cannot deny he did it. If his works do not work, h 

On the other hand, unlike the doctor, h 
not a life among the weak. Unlike the soldier 
struction is not his purpose. Unlike the lawyer, qi 
rels are not his daily bread. To the engineer falls 
job of clothing the bare bones of science with 
comfort, and nope. No doubt as the years, go 
people forget which engineer -did it, even iftt 
ever knew, Or some promoter who used ot 
people's money. But the engineer himself looks be 
at the unending stream of goodness which flc 
from his successes with satisfactions that few p 
fessions may know. And the verdict of his fell 
professional is all the accolade he wants 
-Herbert HooverWPfc, 

1997 - Kirk Summers 
2003 - Patrick Atchison 


1997 - Warren Jones 

2003 - Brandon Waltrip, TJ Claytor 


1997 - Keith Braxton 
Alicia Williams, Danny Whiteha 

Steven E. McMenamin 

Fayetteville, GA 

Alec T. McMorris 

Salem, NY 

Army ~ History 

Air Force ~ Economics 

Army ~ History 

ling a figr 
he aid of t 

ien it brings jobs and homes to men. then it 
spates the standard of living and adds to the'com- 
fls of life. That is the engineer's high privilege. 

The great liability qf the engineer com- 

pied to men of other professions is that his works 

§| out in the open where all con see them. His acts, 

Jp by step, are in hard substance. He cannot bury 

{fnistakes in the grave like the doctors. He cannot 

ue them into thin air or bldjne the judge like law- 

. He cannot, like the architects, cover his failures 

trees and vines. He cannot, like the politicians, 

en his shortcomings by blaming his opponents 

J hope that people forget. The engineer simply 

mot deny he did it. If his works do not work, he is 


On the other hand, unlike the doctor, his is 
a life among the weak. Unlike the soldier de- 
ction is not his purpose. Unlike the-lawyer, quar- 
gre not his daily bread. To the engineer falls the 
of clothing the bare bones of science with life. 
Tifort, and hope. No doubt as the years go by 
Dple forget which engineer did it, even if they 
r knew. Or some promoter who used other 
■pie's money, But the engineer himself looks.baclc 
the unending stream of goodness which flows 
Ti his successes with satisfactions that few pro- 
sions may know. And the verdict of his felloWs 
fessional is all the accolade he wants." 
Herbert Hoover 


1997 - Brian Martin 

1003 - Clifford "Cookie Monster" Cook 

been one of love and hate, bliss and sorrow, no dif- 
ferent than any other cadet who passes through 
the Ts" arches. Others more talented than I may 
wax philosophically upon this journey's greater mean- 
ing. For me, the experience, while unforgettable, is 
now at an end. The friends were.,.great, if not the- 
circumstances. There will always bea special place 

Jn my heart' for the times I spent never knowing if it 
\(qs okay to look up in 457, to Georgian Oktoberfest's. 
and expensive doors in Charleston. While grateful 
for al! the memories, my -houq: ts turn to "the giri 
who's been with me through it all. Without whom, 
none of thfe-would have been worth it. Jeni, from 

, the beginning, I knew you were the girl I- was going 
to marry. I just couldn't stand to let that •smife be 

i reserved for somebody else. Thanks for being there 
through the good times and the bad. For sticking 
with me when all I had to offer was time apart from 
you, locked away in Virginia. You're the best thing 

.that's ever happened to me, and you're my angel 
on earth. Thus, in the final calculation, VMI was 
worth it. Not because I got to live out some macho 
experience or play soldier-boy, but-because I finally 
realized that the'tone thing in life that will let me be 
the person I want to be, in order' to be truly happy, is 
not a career or a job, but something Nraa all along: 
a girl I call princess. To us Jennifer, and to. our future 


FTrst~n~earing aFoTTF TFeTnsTFFuTe Trbrn IvTartTn 
Blumenson's book I traveled the fateful 12 hours down 
here, the first of countless trips up and back on the 
1 1 th Patton's day. From the get go things seemed to 
click, except of course for the fact that I stayed with 
cupie doll Blanton. Following the disorientation of 
cadre week I met the one man who helped me get 
through the ratline the most. Heath. First impressions 
are the most important and in saying that Dan still 
owes me a light bulb. The craziness and anarchy of 
good old room 427 will stay with me forever, a 2 out 
of 6 survival ratio is pretty harsh. After spending my 
entire summer at Ft. Benning's school for boys I was 
more than glad to return to school. I got to use all of 
my Drill Sergeant material on the rats, and I success- 
fully became the most hated man amongst the Delta 
rSTs,' much to my chagrin. Luckily I by chance fell 
into rooming with Devo, Scrawn Tron 2000 and Scott, 
where I stayed until graduation. Now is where the 
crew really started to form, with almost all of Delta 
boys in Goldcoast corner. Second class year was a 
blast. The crew stayed intact, each member of the 
misfits adding a little samething which made us the 
most dangerous brain trust the Institute had ever seen. 
Devo, the computer expert; Dave "DAH" trivia ex- 
pert and my weapons buddy: Tony "Self proclaimed 
Mad Cuban" the story teller and car expert; Jeb the 
well read porn star; Dantana "Honky' Alvarez the 
political activist and resident minority; Jimmy 
'Scrawny" the impressionable Marine; Scott the lush; 
Kelly the permit and WWF wrestler metamorphosis 
after 2230hrs..every night; and Ben "BJ" the trendy 
guy. Together we were unstoppable. If there was a 
parade, we marched it, when there was guard duty 
to pull that was us on post. First class year, we actu- 
ally were put in leadership. The gears started turning 
for future careers and Akos joined us. Me, DAH and 
Scrawn decided one day to take a walk up route 1 1. 
Four years filled with National Guard drill, exploring 
the depths of post and humping furniture finally came 
to a head, hopefully we will always stay in 
touch"Pursue the enemy with utmost audacity" Gen. 
- Pnttnn 

Marine ~ Chemistry 

Michael T. Meyer 
Baltimore, MD 

For Dad. 
CokRobert G.Mellon 
Semper Fidelis! 
I Sean 

1 ' 

Marine ~ Mechanical Engineering 

~ "SATellTTdntYlime To flnally'BTToilf o7he7e~TFRTri 
AS A BIRD!!!) It's tough to think that my 4 years are up 
already, but I'm sure I'm ready to get out of here. It 
doesn't really seem like it was 3 years ago that our 
balaUieads were hating life here, feeling like we had 
all won the lottery when we got a chance to get out 
of this helt hole. Going to places like Mardi Gras with 
money, hand grenades, and-huge beers to go, Or- 
lando chillin with Lina and Willy, Paris at the hotel 
Winston, and TMew York at the Hammerstein ball- 
room were all real tight. Well anyway, Brodes, thanks 
for chillin at cbmrnpnders and stuff. (Brady - AMERI-. 
CANS!) Rats, make sure you spend at least one se- 
mester out of here, preferably more. Mom and Dad. 
thanks to all of your help and support. Guys, I'll check 
you out either on the slopes or on the road. Later. 

Have fun, 

Navy ~ Mechanical Engineering 

PTobablyThe - m~t~ffejllTairoTv"MT Cadi J 
trying to explain why weVstay here, I have rr » 
times been asked the question and have nevel 
ally been able to give it a fittihg reply. True, there! 
many intangibles That bind Cadets to "The I" bull 
come to believe that there is one thing abov \ 
others that characterizes the near masochistic 
dencies of VMI men to relish their time spent l"j 
and that is brotherhood. The only Way VMI i!i 
motely bearable, is knowing that your brother;! 
be there with you. Because givirra up on VMI wi, 
be a sellout of not only yourself, but of those ; 

real pain in the ass. 



4,3,2il-Varsity Lacrosse; 4,3.21 3, Corporal, 2- 
'jties: Commanders, Regimental Band, bu- geant; 1- Lieutenant; 4,3,2:1- M.E slave. 
" Quintet, water polo, and Rat Challenge MEA-Gone, but never forgotten 


1997 - Bonnie Hasseltine 

2003 - Ryan Berberich, Sam Newsome 


1997 - Christian den Br ok, 

Derek Stephenson 

2003 - Matt Demarco, Rob Mittlestadt 


1997 - Chris "Lenny" Feltman 

2003 - Dave Narcum, Brian Desautel 

Matthew T. Milburn 

Mechanicsville, VA 

Jason S. Miller 

Lovettsville, VA 

Peter M. Miller 

Marshall, VA 

Marine ~ International Stud 


Navy ~ Economics 

Army ~ Chemistry 

■ He was an original member of the PreStrain Posse. 
Hen in the closing days of Summer Tran he hpet a 
qbious character on the foosball circuit and teamed 
i with him to become champions. The unsuspect- 
% Milburn did not know at this point that thi* devi- 
qt would become his Rat roommate. Matriculation 
Ifljnd the two of us once again paired up. Both of 
•dwere shy but soon found a friendship that would 
l{t a lifetime. He became one of the favorites in 
■|(iia Company. After the destruction of India Com- 
nny. Matt found himself selected as a cadre cor- 
neal and a Aleader of the corps.@ The late night 
dtics with his roommates ati Hunan's were always 
ileresting to watch. Many a Sight was spent carry- 
and being carried from .the wonderful garden, 
ond semester third class year .found Matt in Spain 
jre he would meet another deviant that would 
mpete with his roommates for his attention. When 
]ff found his way back to AMother l@ he brought 
'ttle extra weight from Spain which he would end 
losing as a second classman, We found Ring Fig- 
naze mixed with a variety of different things, 
cond class year would once again find the trio at 
'" ' se in Chester, VA where work was always 
y with refreshments to follow shortly thereafter 
ith surf-and-turf. When Matt's 21" birthday 
around, it would be a day to remember for- 
mer. Matt showed his true friendship that day when 
dtempting to save the cadetship of one of his rbom- 

b back to barracks to once again attempt too do 1 ; 
mething for his roommate by talking to the Tacti- 
il Officer. The Tac understood the situation and 
ns able to make out the words of the under the 
Bather Milburn. This once again was just d demon- 
ation of his character and willingness to sacrifice 
r his friends. Matt would become, like his Dyke, 
>tel Company commander after an unauthorized 
it Line activity filled Second Class Year. Matt never 

It's 1 1:30 on a Thursday night, here- 1 sit with nothing 
else to do but recant my experiences , as a "keydet,' 
Many moons ago I came to this place as a special 
forces warrior waiting to happen; now here I sit, a 
special student, no less proud for it, Second'Corpo- 
ral, a six month stint in Europe and again, here I sit a 
first class private and proud for it. To many stories to 

..tell.... Cotton balls in the nose, Meosporine stops 
bleeding, eating grass to sober up,*who wants some 

ipi 422, to many Smarties, Panama City low crawl, 

^e're leaving right now. 239 guard "•team, first rugby 
games, first trips to all girl schools,, get' some under- 
wear that fits, please. This place is any college kid's 
idea of hell, but four years latter were all still here, 
cursing our lives. We could sue this place for mental 

.anguish and attempting to ruin any social skills we 
may have had, but it's to late-hopefully we are all 
out of here by now, Four years is a long time, espe- 
cially when your only 21. Some would say that the 
"Institute" took our best years and they are probably 
right, unless you're the "Shepard" type. Hope to 

, graduate ana furnish my apartment. Here's to thirsty 

Thursdays, mental breakdowns, cheap bear, worst 
shots of whisky at the bar, her not being that ugly, 
other schools, wet sheets, road trips, holidays, things 
you don't remember in the- morning, throw'in it out 
there, and venture capital. 

Thanks. Thank you, to my family extended and 
extra extended, NOVA. Thanks especialW to Mom, 
Dad, Bdrt, Anne for allowing me to do ifmy way. 
Thanks to all those who helped me and were there 

■*when I decided I had enough of straight legs. It's 
raeen a road, long in some places, shqrt in others. 
Traank you for all those who have made sacrifices 
fdk me. Who knows what hole Id be in without my 

ILwouldn't do it again for a Million dollars but too 
law for that. I'll be a two year old until I die now. 

Pete,' entered this hallowed institution much like 
the rest of the class. ..optimistic and set for the chal- 
lenge ahead. He distinguished himself amongst his 
peers in the areas of academics, personal cnarae 
ter, leadership and discipline. He weathered the wrath 
of the rat line and escaped the doldrums of 3rd class 
year plus an explosion in the chemistry lab with a 
smile on his face. He has shown persistence and an 
undeniable quest for excellence in most areas. See 
ond class year found Pete counting the bricks in front 
of barracks for a while before obtaining that gaudy 
looking thing we call a ring. While he didn't make 
rank his first class year, he still strives to make a differ- 
ence; volunteering at a local middle school, Stone- 
wall Jpckson, ana UVA hospitals. His achievements 
.are far. ranging with the talents God has blessed him 
with. He has managed to bring much warmth into 
the bledk lives of many of his brother rats. One thing 
about Petes VMI experience is that it has taught him 
a lot about what being a leader is all about. I will 
always remember the weekends at James Madison 
where his easy going manner and rich humor won 
him many .a ladies heart. God has blessed him with 
many giffs and it is with these that he embarks upon 
a career in medicine. I can only wish you the best of 
luck with it. During our cadetship, we've often been 
mistaken for brothers. I will always take it as a com- 
pliment. I will always look back on our VMI experi- 
ence with fondness for the good times we shared 
and the bonds we forged. Three words will enshrine 
Petes cadetship.. Vini Vidi Vici!!! 

To God be the Glory for our success! 

~~" Dykes 

1997 - Noah Slemp 
2003 - Brian "Spanker" Smith 


1997 - Bill O'donnell 

2003 - Josh Bandy 


1997 - Blake Lackey 

2003 - Alan Maxey, Paul Manns 


Charles R. Minski 
Roswell, GA 


The Navy Guy in the Village People 
Navy ~ Economics 

i We mefFe7OTeTFemernBer~ "on THepara3e~3ecl< 
during Hell Week. All I remember about Chuckford 
during Rat year is that you were a spaz monkey. 
Being a Forth was a little different. Many nights were 
spent under a desk or in a random academic build- 
tog. A few trips up to JMU were enough to make 
bath of us envy those "normal" college students 
That is, until we found out they were communists. . . A 
couple of trips up to Shorts Hall made a few perma- 
nent memories. We went to Atlanta after Rat year 
and I must say one thing: Auburn would have made 
an excellent second semester of third class yearlhen 
Third Class year..', hmmm. Not much to that one. 
Just some really boring classes and a weekend or 
two of sin... or three, or four, etc... Oh... I remember 
a bit of Charleston... that was pretty crazy too. The 
Citadel was nothing special, but the city was good 
to us... who would nave known that like 10 people 
could fit in one room?Then Second Class year. Well, 
this one was a pretty good one. Ring Figure was 
nreat, of course... that is, only if you can remember 

First semester I never lived near you, but after that 
you became my roommate, along with Dave (the 
Stud Horse) Emmerich. Thank you,., you know why. 
Well, we had some cool weekends in Second Class 
year. And Spring Break, which was pretty cool. Hove 
the drinking age in Canada. The summer after See 
ond Class year was pretty crazy, but at least we had 
a few beers And now it is First Class year. Chuck: 
from spaz monkey to Blaf monkey! Doltz better get 
his stuff up here because we always have a good 
time at Spanky's when he is in town. Too bad 20 cent 
wing night is Thursday, because you have Squid PT 
Fridays Hmmm Well, First Class has definitely been 
the year of Women Problems That will pass So, you'll 
be flying rubber dog out of Hong Kong soon, I 

guess.. The Navy will be good for you., you will 
meet a bunch of pe%f$le Who are just like you. Just 
kidding, you will have a good time. And I know we'll 
keep in touch because you are my best damn friend. 
Good luck and God Speed. 
-Matt Keller 

Rhyno, Mitch 
Army ~ Civil Engineering 

Nicholas L. Mollenhauer 

Alexandria, VA 

Navy ~ Mechanical Engineering 

This is so typical VMM I'm writing this at the last 
minute, along with most every other first classman 
I'm sure, to escape a hefty bone. To the Institute, I will 
not miss you but your hardships have made me a 
betffer man, in a very lengthy amount of time. I do 
thank my loving and awesome parents for support- 
ing me through my career here at the Institute. They 
never once faltered in their dedication and encour- 
agement to me. Mom, those little notes you sent 
me meant the world to me even though I never told 
you. Dad, you've set a great example for me to 
follow with your character and integrity and I think ■ 
the world of you. I love you both and hope to keep 
making you proud. Another thing I will take away 
from this place is the life-long friendships I've made. 
From the baseball team to the Civil Engineers to my 
roommates, I will miss all of you very much when we 
graduate. To my rats, you guys were really great to 
nave around and to chill out with. Good luck with 
the rest of your VMI careers. Chap, I can't leave you 
out of here either. You are an amazing man and I've 
been more than blessed to know you. You shine 
every day with the radiant glory of Jesus Christ, and 
it shows. Most importantly, Tthank Christ for sticking 
with me through thick and thin. I know that I'm not 
even close to the-man that Christ would have me 
be and I'm sure there are some guys at VMI that 
could testify to that But; I can testify to I Ins, il "^B 
teamed anythinghere it is that Jesus Christ is Lord anal 
Knowing him is LIFE!!! Now, off to the next challenge! 

me stopped by VMI to usjfc the restroom on our \ 
back from visiting VirginiaYfech. Little did I kr 
that the NEXT FOUR LONG YEARS of my life wc 
be spent here. April Fools. II would later decid< 
come here to be "hardcore".., what the hell w 
thinking? But, here I am, 150+ PTs later and tryin; 
be just about the opposite of what I wanted tc 
four years ago. Luckily for me I had a friend fi 
my old home to help me through my rare gc 
times and my abundant bad ftmes. I also ho. 
pretty cool dyke and some great co-dykes (tfv 
that are left) to help me through. I needed all i 

ball coaches, a Commandants staff that has grc 
three times as large, but does one 1/3 of the ' 
he should, and many more. We have seen BR's co< 
and many of them go. Those of you that are'i 
come May 20 ,h ; I would just like to thank every < 
of you, and even the guys I never got to kno\i 
would really like to thank my roommates. Matt < 
Frank. My co-dykes: Ed, Matt, Dwight (were e 
you are) and even Ron. All my Navy/Marine b 
later, Boo, Stew, Wes, Sweet Chuck, Ron, ' 
London. Paul, Will, Tim, John. Id like to thlnli Jfi 
Colin, Paul. Jason. Therin, TJ, Greg, Tim, Joe. f 
and everyone else. If I missed your name. , and ) 
actually care... sorry; you know I didn't do it on p 
pose. I m a richer man for having spent these ye 
With you all. As for the Admin. can eat 
Yes ..every last one of you. Few things in this wc 
will cause me too get mad. But, you guys can d 
every time. I have never, had nor hope to he 
again, the misfortune of going to school under i 
"guidance" of a bigger "group of backstabbii 
close-minded, ignorant, bureaucratic, two-fac 
liars. I understand that you guys have to be hard 
us, but give me a break. Maybe if you idiots si 
ported us every once in a while, instead of cutti 
one of us loose the first chance you get, maybe"' 
could begin to respect you. 

s b 



1997 - Bryan Smith 

2003 - Greg Shpunder 


1997 - W.G. Smith 

2003 - Ryan Spivey 

e> ^# 


1997 - Brian Martin 

2003 - Kenny Stein, David Walker 




William E. Moore, Jr. 

Gloucester, VA 

Michael D. Mule 

Richmond, VA 

Clint A. Mundinger 
Omak, WA 

Army ~ Economics 

Marine ~ History 

j 'Activities BC. president 96-97 VMI wrestllng.96-97 
\1I rugby 98-99. 

I will definitely remember some unique qharae 
t's from this hell we call home, mainly my room- 
rhtes. John Pomfret, i.e. pinky puddle, the wall 
fjinter, your unique method of waking up will for- 
ser be remembered. Your comic books abnormal 
Seping habits and your inability to take a hint make 
\|u a truly intriguing character. Mark Lineberry i.e. 2 
ftc, The Chronic, Contract, your wonderful sense 
t) humor will always be remembered fondly. You 
quid make anything funny even a plastic bag and 
CDizza box. The only regret [have was that! was 

able to help you at W&L with those fat girls but I 
\is not ready to fall on that grenade yet, now that 

m older I realize the error of my ways. Truly friends 

ijht rat year, FUNNY On to Luke, you are definitely 
Dnormally large" and you make others around you 
I at way too. T will miss our debates, about com- 
iptely random stuff. I will miss the oerobe 335 com- 
tition with the Ukranian Nightmare, I am sincerely 
Itinkful that I was not sucked in, during one of your 
luring tantrums. I am sure you will be successful as 
( Army officer as long as you can temper justice 
h mercy. To Paul, you know this is coming so here 
;omes Alley, boy we did we lead you astray. In 
rrospect. we probably should have stopped you. 
t the expression on your face when we saw you* 
3kes me laugh too much to regret it. Good luck in^ 
3 Marine Corps. I could not write a history without 
sntioning Paul Webber, i.e. mini me, the Hobbit, 
id our honorary roommate. I enjoyed playing rugby 
th you and Tharen and this summer was the only 
"ve ever had in Lexington even if we didn't spend 
jch time here. 

Dinger, Minky 
Army ~ History 

to do rather than class work. That was the routine 
but it all got done sooner or later! The first time I ever 
laid eyes on the VMI campus was on August 19 
1 996, Matriculation Day I was not quite sure what to 
expect. I but managed to survive the rat line, de- 
spite the best efforts of one Phil Zoffuto and my 
alcohol #3. (Thanks Kevin!) *-iftS> 

at a commission in the Corps. Through the Glee 
club, the church, and brother rats I have made a 
.great number of friends and been given-numerous- 
opportunities that ) would not have received at any 
other school. But by far the best gift I received from 
this place was the woman I will call my wife. Merissa 
went to Mary Baldwin and she has been my guiding 
light. Thank you babe, for putting up with me these 
past years. I know we have a bright future!! To my 
roommates and BR's, thanks for alTthe good times. I 
know there will be more in the future!! To the "Rooster 
Man:' my sole remaining co-dyke,- best of luck to 
you, never give up, I know you can do it, and if not 
SWO won't be to bad!! A special thanks goes out to 
my family. They were always there when I needed 
anything. Thanks Mom!! To the rats," remember, 
grades are the key to the kingdom around here 1 ! 
Keep on it! ! ^^w*. , 

As Patton said, "The purpose of war is not to die 
your country. It is to make the other poor bastard 
for his!' Club 149 RULES!!! 

Well another year at the Institute has come and 
gone. This particular year is special because its my 
last one here. Perhaps in a few years I'll look back 
and enjoy my time at the "I". Well a message to me 
in 5 years, remember: It sucks as a place to be. It 
hasn t all been bad. My rat year was spent with the 
silly antics of the 4 ,h stoop. Fire was our trademark 
And we will always remember the good times. The 
end of rat year brought a bad occasion to us all. 
Our friend Nate Kowrach passed away and we will 
always miss him. I treasure my time spent hanging 
out in 498 with BJ and Nate. Third Class year I was 
again absent from my room either in 398 with BJ, 
Jason, and Brian and Capital Punishment, or in my 
second home of the TV room. I'll also always re- 

jnember the walkway outside the window. I man- 
aged to pull my grades out of the dumps with the 
help of Brian against Col. McClesky. Second class 
year wqs a good yeor at the "I" I moved in with 
Jason, BJ and Brian completing the group and finally 
stopped getting boned for visiting in barracks. Ring 
Figure was a good time had by all... I think. I man- 
aged to breoK the out of state confinement and 
spend time with Elizabeth who took me in and al- 
lowed me to spend time with her. Second semes- 
ter, Don moved in and we had a great time running 
and hiding from the tacs. Spring break was one of 
the best times of my life in my trip to Ireland with 
Matt, Ed and Ryan. Finally first class year arrived. 
Tony joined the room and Club 142 was in effect. 
One of the greatest road trips was to Charlotte for 
the unexpected Creed concert and most impor- 
tantly the WWF PPV among other things with Matt 
N., BJ, Paul, Wit and Stretch No matter what I'll 
remember my time here, I just look forward to doing 

*my reminiscing on the other side of the Mississippi. I 
can't get bock to the West Coast fast enough. Well 
is been real, its been fun, but it ain't been real fun. 

Activities: Private 1,2,34; Rat Challenge 1: VMI 
Firefighters 1; Wrestling crew 2, ACIC 1; Capital Pun- 
ishment Drummer 1.2,3; Friends Crew 1,2,34; Irish- 
American Club 1,2; 

1997 - Erich Nitzsche 
2003 - Dermot Gavin 



1997 - Kevin Vallerie 
Luke Kingree, Brian Nailling 


1997 - Rob Worrell 
Mark Klassen, Kyle Pfieffer 

Benjamin C. Murray 

Chesterfield, VA 

Benja, Benny 
Army ~ English 

Kenneth J. Myers, 

Virginia Beach, VA 

Army ~ Economics 

Jeffrey G. Neal 
Severna Park, MD 


Army -^Psychology 

It has been my honor and privilege to have lived 
■ with such an outstanding gentleman for the past 
four years. A man with more resilience I have rarely, 
if ever, met. Four years of persecution, yet you have 
always returned. Accomplished the goal which you 
"have set. Your tour is over, post relieved. Innocence 
was shed, honorable were lost, but we now can 
move on with clear conscience into a better place 
and a greater peace. Thank you for your inspiration 
and patience, only you know the true strains of bond- 
age. Roommates of four years, Friends for life.. May 
God's hands rest over you. The journey has only be- 
gun. V>^ 

Tour long years spent at VMI flew by quicker then 
anyone of us could have imagined we have over- 
come so much and seen the mother I change be- 
fore our eyes. I would like to thank my mom and 
dacffor everything they have done for me. Without 
them I would hove never made it here at VMI. They 
kept me going. And you my Brother Rats kept me 
coming back. The friendships-that we acquired here 
at VMI are the ones that will last a lifetime. 

Eric, Adam, Don, Mac, and Jeremy we have had 
a lot of fun tdgetfier. The times we spent at JMU, VA 
Tech, and Penn State were great. The random week- . 
ends running down the streets at Penn State and the 
burning of the chair at Tech were unbeatable. Where 
ever we went we were the life of the party. I could 
not ask for better friends than you guys. Good luck 
in everything that you do in the future. I know that 
you all will be very successful in whatever path you 
decide to follow, 

Brad, Yutthapoom keep up the good work. Make 
sure you keep your nose clean and enjoy the time 
spent here. I know that you will miss this place once 
you graduate. 

And to all my Brother Rats, be safe and 1 will see 
. ya at our 5-year reunion. 

Activities: Football (4);.Big Red (4-1); CIG (2H); H 
Volunteer Forest Firefighter (3,2,1); Cadet Prografljj 
Board (1); Students In Free Enterprise (21); RDC (1) 


To VMI, thanks for giwig me the opportunity 
go to school here. These Vast four years have btj 
a miserable mixture of escape and capture 
hope it was worth it If it wasn't I'll be pissed. 

To my family, you guys have been my wol 
Through the years you've endured much more tf 1 
what was expected. Thank you Dad for alwil 
being strong and abrasive when it was needed cl 
thank you Mom. for always being firm yet unc| 

While I didn't always realize it, everything you P 
was with my greater interests at mind, thanks. Dc 
you've been my teacher for 22 years now and He 11 
forward for much more. You've taught me wh| 
am while hinting toward who I should Be. All I knii 
about honor and courage has come from y(j 
When I grow into the man that you are I know I 1 
have achieved true success. You'll have to explJ 
to me some day how you kept your sanity throul 
all the trials and challenges of raising two kids. Ml 
thanks for being my brother. We went through a I 
but everything we did was together. I hope for tl 
same in the future. To Stephanie, Id like to thank vl 
for showing me that there is something greater ml 
I am. To Grandma Melton, Id like to thank you' 1 
inspiring and guiding me. Finally, Id like to thank t \ 
erydne who has known me in my 22 years here. J 
like to say I've learned something from everyorj 
but that's a bit too much information. Id just like I 
thank all the people who pushed me dlong throu J 
the bad times and the good. To Matt and She J 
thanks for the laughter and friendship. I'll never U 
alone with you guys a phone call away. 

It's been great so farqna there's more to corrj 


1997 - Mark Baltz 

2003 -Michelle Carillo, Anthony Essig, 

Michael Lokale, Alia Hamad 

1997 - Allan Williams 
2003 - Bran Hildebrand, 
Yutthapoon Sarthgem 


1997 - Dave Hudock 

2003 - Paul Fernandes 

Jeffrey S. Neal 
Richmond, VA 

Matthew S. Neely 

Statesville, NC 

James L. Nelson, III 

Madison, VA 

Army ~ History 

Navy ~ Economics 

Army ~ Civil Engineering 

| It is a great profession. There is the fascination 
Ik/atching a figment of imagination emerge 
Hugh the aid of science to a plan on a paper, 
hh it moves to realization in stone or metal or 
iqrgy. Then it brings jobs and homesto men. Then 
■ tevates the standard of living and adds to the 
:cnforts of life. That is the engineer's high privilege. 
The great liability of the engineer com- 
iqjd to men of other professions is that his works 
if out in the open where all con see them. His 
id, step by step, are in hard substance. He can- 
idbury his mistakes in the grave like the doctors, 
Iffiannot argue them into ithin air or blame the 
jhe like lawyers. He cannot, like the architects, 
:cfer his failures with trees and vines. He cannot, 
kjfhe politicians, screen his shortcomings by blam- 
ldhis opponents and hope that people forget. 
r engineer simply cannot deny he did it. If his 
^ ks do not work, he is damned. 

On the other hand, unlike the doctor, his is 
ic a life among the weak. Unlike the soldier de- 
( ction is not his purpose. Unlike the lawyer, quar- 
sare not his daily bread. To the engineer falls the 
D of clothing the bare bones of science with life, 
I ifort, and nope. No doubt as the years go by 
Miple forget which engineer did it, even if they 
P r knew, Or some promoter who used other 
J iple's money. But the engineer himself looks back 
he unending stream of goodness which flows 
1 his successes with satisfactions that few pro- 
Ions may know. And the verdict of his fellow-- 
i fessional is all the accolade he wants." 
Herbert Hoover 

He rapidly made good friends with his cadre corpo- 
rals and his company tac Col. Hammond. As his 
progress at the Institute continued, he moved to 
Hotel Company and fell victim to the evil influence 
of the Econonimics and Business department. In 
Matt's case his first major. EE, reallv.,did mean "even- 
tually economics." As a Rat Challenge cadre mem- 

<ber for 3 years, he was always dedicated to the 
"School he loved to hate. Matt's nights' at the Insti- 
tute were often spent within the configns of the 
barracks study room, and he always had time to fix 
his brother rat's computer problems. First Class year 
brought a reunification with his old nemisis. Col. 

, Hammond, when Matt became gainfully-employed 
in the Headquarters Office (what ever that is). The 
consumate Lady's Man, Matt Neely's disco dancing 
skills are legendary both in Virginia and North Caro- 
lina, A master of computer games. Suede Wade 
was known to spend hours connecting his brother 
rat's computers for a four way, grade destroying, 
game of "Duke Nukemr First Class year found NeeTy 
in the VMI weight room several hours a day, and he 
will leave the Institute ready to take on the fast paced 
world of Gradudte School and maybe the militant 
wing of the Salvation Army. 

Brother rat, co-dyke, rat roommate, best friend, 
and confidant, James Lee Nelson III has been my 
brother for my entire cadetship, and I am certain 
that this relationship will remain well after we gradu- 
ate. Truly a jack-of-old trades. I have had the plea- 
sure of watching Lee apply his analytical mind to 
numerous engineering problems, farm tasks, carpen- 
,try projects, car engines, and an assortment of aca- 
demic endeavors. In fact, I am willing to venture as 
far as to say that Lee could excel in most anything. 





four-year friendship. I can say with certainty that Lee 
has been successful in his campaign to minimize the 
"military" in the Virginia Military Institute. In an effort 
to achieve this accomplishment, Lee has spent not 
.one, but two semesters abroad in the United King- 
dom. Should you ask Lee why he spent only three 
years at the Institute, he will immediately pull out his 
photo albums filled with pictures of serene moun- 
tains, beautiful landscapes, and cute blue-eyed na- 
tives. One glance at these photos and the inquirer is 
convinced that Lee's studies in the UK were time well 
spent.This is not to say that VMI did not instill in Lee 
those qualities of character and honor that are so 
important to our school, not to mention the neces- 
sary skills to avoid the wrath of Pattie's cookies. A 
virgin First-class private. Lee represents all of those 
traits and traditions that VMI holds dear In Lee I find 
assurance in the fact that it is the private in the Corps 
of Cadets that makes the corps function and goes 
the farthest after graduation. A product of the last all 
male ratline, Lee has given his family a great many 
reasons to be proud, especially his father, class of 
'70. There is no doubt in my mind that one day there 
will be a third graduate from VMI bearing Lee's family 
"name. I envy the next Nelson to attend VMI. for he 
will have an outstanding roll model and inspiration 
from which to draw guidance and advice. 


97 - Homer Komthirath, Steve Cengeri, 
Eric Patterson 
2003 - Ryan King 


1997 - Kenny Pierce 

2003 - Chris Gromadski, Nick Foster 


1997 - David Zirkle 

2003 - Matt Bartles, Auste Monticuite, 

Daylon Brown 

"■• j 1 



■ ■ 

Ryan E. Newman 
Selinsgrove, PA 

* • 


Joseph O. Nester 
Coraopolis, PA 

Nhan T. Nguyen 

Richmond, VA 

Navy ~ Civil Engineering 

Army ~ International Studies 

."It is a great profession. There is the fascination 

Then it moves to realization -in stone or metal 
energy. Then it brings jobs and homes to men. Then 
■it^elevates the standard of living and adds to the 
comforts of life. That is the engineer's high privilege. 
The great liability of the engineer com- 
pared to men of other professions is that his works 
'are out in the open where all con see them. His 
acts, step by step, are in hard substance. He can- 
not bury his mistakes in the grave like the doctors. 
He cannot argue them into thin air or blame the 
judge like lawyers". He cannot, like the architects. 
He cannot, 
like the politicians, screen his shortcomings by blam- 
ing his opponents and hope that people forget. 
The engineer simply cannot deny he did it. If his 
works do not work, he is damned. 

On the other hand, unlike the doctor, 
not a life among the weak, Unlike the soldier de- 
struction is not his purpose. Unlike the lawyer, quar- 
rels are not his daily bread. To the engineer falls the 
job of clothing the bare bones of science with life. 

ever knew. Or some promoter who used other 
people's money. But the engineer himself looks back 
at the unending stream of goodness 'which flows 
from his successes With satisfactions that few pro- 
fessions may know. And the verdict of his fellow 
professional is all the accolade he wants" 
-Herbert Hoover 


lam not sure if I can truly say whether being here 
has been a pleasure or a pain. To my brother rats, 
you have been the definition of friendship and I will 
not forget you. You are the bond that holds me to 
this place forever To those in the administration who 
have made this Institute their political arena, I can 
only hope that what goes around comes around. 
Your lies and politics have raped and forever tar- 
nished a beautiful and rare thing. Regardless of what 
they say. when 2000 leaves the institute, the lights will 
be made a little dimmer. To those of you who remain 
and remember, 'carry on the traditions as best you.. 
can I wish that I could say that our struggle left the 
"I" a better place than we found it. For those of you 
closest'to me this short message can never express 
the gratitude I have. I only hope that I have been 
worthy of you friendship because I can never repay 

anywhere, anything I'll be there. Your families and 
your problem have become mine too. D-Ferg the 
show must go on. What ever comes in the future 
we'll meet just like we met this, head on and to- 
gether. To James Austin Bartels I hope you find what 
you're looking for. Thank you more than you know. 
You will always bea brother Mom, Dad and Alana, 
you have been a well of love and support that has 
never run dry. This would have never happened wfffiL 
out you. To my dyke. Joe, sorry about the dyke-lineP 
You taught me a lot. To Hedgehog and Chat, work 
hard and do the right thing. It'll be over before you 
know it. I have accomplished what I came here to 

do. _Eric 1 VMI 0_ We had our laughs at JMU, 

'recked the Taurus, ran with the bulls, diddoughnuts 

November. We got boned senseless, met all the 
wrong girls, and had a few beers too. For what its 
worth, there are things I'll miss. On the other hand, if 
• that bugle again it will be too soon. 

After a long four yedfe here VMI, I have 
ally realized and appreciate what the institute 1 
ally about. I had learned oYew things about fi 
ship, civil engineering, and regulations from be' 
the corps of cadets. I can think back my rat 
the funny things that Charlie's cadre did to me. 
of my company laughed when cadre tried to 
make me do funny stuff. For example; one dc 
had a formation, on the 4 ,h stoop, I saw my f 
geant had a stack of stickers in his hand. He 
to me and slapped it on my chest. Oh no! Chart | 
saw it the big sticker on my chest that read 
proud to be an American" He ripped it off anc 
'Nugent, if I see it again I am going to kick yc 
then walked away. Unfortunately, my first sercj 
would not stop. He kept putting more sticker 
Well there are a lot more funny stories, but ' 
write all of them. However, all my brother ra"1 
know what I am talking about, especially Cl| 
company, "Cold Steel Charlie". 

Third dnd second class years passei 
very fast. Now we are looking forward to GRAj 
TION DAY then enjoy the real world. I will r< 
every moment here at VMI and my best brotheil 
They have always helped dnd supported me v* 
ever I have struggled, especially in English, I just 
to say thank you to them all, and wish them the 
of luck in the future. Hopefully, we will he 
union someday and visit VMI, a small place in Le| 

l > Big Red Club 4; Intramural Soccer 

National Guard 1; International Club 4: Martic| 
Club 4, Volleyball Club 3. i 

■ hear t 


1997 - Noah Slemp 

2003 -Josh Sorrels, Matthew Kluk 

1997 -Joseph Kmiecinski 
2003 - Robert Hedglen, 
Chantjaroen Chat 


1997 - Tuan Anh Nguyen 

2003 - Collin McElroy 


Jeremy M. North 

Cleveland, TN 

Nooga, ODB 
Army ~ Chemistry 

Joseph M. Odak 

Swissvale, PA 

Matthew D. Okuley 

Chesapeake, VA 

Navy ~ Mathematics 

Army ~ Economics 

I don't really know where to start The past four 
3rs have been. ..well its been four years. Ifijs the 
idard to complain about everything at VMI. Now 
It the time here is almost over, it is time to reflect 
some of the good aspects of VMI. I honestly 
hl/e to say that I nave had some really good 'times 
0VMI. I have never and probably will never have 

tfc first time since my semester furlough. Well I guess 
I r would be the appropriate time to thank every- 
ts for helping me get through this place. John, I 
r illy don't even know where to start. You have 
k en the brother I never had. ' I will never forget the 
i izy things we have done together. Room 247 will 
fi/er be the same. No matter where we end up, 
*u and I both will know that somewhere, somehow 
'" -' mission could be in process. John you have 
en me more than any friend I have ever known. I 
gi going to miss the hell out of you. We'll definitely 
roommates in the old folks home. Nadia, I am so 
d I. met you. Thank you for always supporting 
fa You have always stood by my side no matter 
Biat, I love you with all of my heart. Mom and 
Eve, thank you for providing me with love and 
jpport. You Two have always supported me, and 
Ken there for me when I have needed you. Thank 
III for always supporting me in my decisions even 
Bien you did not always agree with them. I love*. 
Nu Mom and Dave. I would like to thank all of my\ 
fends for all the great times we have had together, 
fere is something special about New Barracks, we 
pknow that. I wilTmiss all of guys, and hope that our 
fliths will cross again. Peter, Jared, Mike, Graig, and 
[.Trick, you guys hang in there. Before long you 
8iys will be writing your first class histories. I wisn you 
i the best of luck in everything. Well I guess this 
flngs this part of my life to a close. It is time to finish 
is chapter of my life, and open another. 

"It is a great profession. There-Is the fascination 
of watching a figment of imagination emerge 
through the aid of science to a plan on a paper. 
Then it moves to realization in stone or metal or 
energy. Then it brings jobs and homes to men.- Then 
it elevates the standard of living and adds to the 
comforts of life. That is the engineer's high privilege. 

The great liability of the -engineer com- 
pared to men of other professionals that his works 
.are out in the open where all con see them. His 
>S$cts. step by step, are in hard substance. He can- 
not bury his mistakes in the grave like the doctors. 
He cannot argue them into thin air or blame the 
Judge like lawyers. He cannot, like the -architects, 
cover his failures with trees and vines. He cannot, 
like the politicians, screen his shortcomings-Joy blam-- 
ing his opponents and hope that people forget. 
The engineer simply cannot deny he did it. If his 
works dp not work, he is damned. 

On the other hand, unlike the doctor, his is 
not a life among the weak. Unlike the soldier de- 
struction is not his purpose. Unlike the lawyer, quar- 
rels are not his daily tor-ead. To the engineer falls the 
job of clothing the bare bones of science with life, 
comfort, and nope, No doubt as -the years go by 
people forget which engineer did', even if they 
ever knew. Or some promoter who. used other 
people's money But the engineer himself looks boci- 
goodness whjch flows 
ith satisfactions that few pro- 

at the unending stream of goodness 

from his successes 

fessions may know. And the verdict of his fellow 
'■■professional is all the accolade he wants." 
'» -Herbert Hoover 

Well gentlemen, we are finally here! The light at 
the end of the tunnel has made an appearance. 
Hard to believe it's been 4 years. I know we're all 
glad it's finally over. It's been tough but looking back. 
I m glad I came to VMI. Id like to take this opportu- 
nity to thank some very special people in my life. 

First and foremost, I would like to thank God 
for giving me the strength, encouragement, and faith 
to succeed. When times got tough, I could always 
find strength in God, Secondly, Mom and Dad, thank 
you for always supporting me in everything I have 
ever done. Without you two, none of this would 
have been possible. No son could ever be as proud 
of his parents as I am. Mike and Teri, what can I say, 
thanks for all those times you let me chill at your 
■bouse. Hope I can pay you back someday. Meghan, 
thanks for all the cookies. Little Noah, can't wait to 
take you fishing. Finally, I would like to thank my 
Grandparents for their prayers and support. 

To my roommates, Bobby, can you believe we're 
finally done with this hellhole? You've been a great 
roommate and best friend. Thanks for always being 
there to bitch to. Good luck with whatever you 
decide to do. TJ, it's definitely been a memorable 
year. I know you'll never forget the "beat rocket' 
Guuuhhhh! Good luck with SW.AT. my man. Steve, 
rat year was eased with you as a roommate. Good 
luck in the military. Justin Wood, you've always been 
a great friend man. Take care and good luck with 
grad school. To the long lost Josh Hilewitz and Aaron 
Taylor, you guys aren't forgotten. I'll always remem- 
ber the crazy-yet good times we had as roommates. 
To my rats. Evan Scott and Rick Reid, good luck with 
your VMI prison terms. Keep your heads up; you've 
done well this year To all the BR's that have hung in 
'there and stood the test of time. I look forward to 
seeing you all at our reunion decorated in plaid pants 
and puffy little shoes. I leave with this, as George 
Strait said it best, "I ain't got a dime but what I got is' 
mine, I ain't rich but Lord I'm free." 


1997 - Will Martin 

2003 -Jared Hull, Peter Hugger 


1997 - Brad Pickelsimer 

2003 - Mario Megetic, Derek Brown 


1997 -Stuart Walters 

2003 - Rick Reid, Evan Scott 

Kyle E. Pabin 
Pinckney, MI 

Binski, Stabin 
Navy ~ Civil Engineering 

Jonathan R. Palmer 

Harrisonburg, VA 

Palm-Dog, Chunk, Palm-Diggity 
Air Force ~ Electrical Engineering 

Chwan-Shing Pan 
Washington, DC 

Army ~ Mechanical Engineering 

Well, what can I say, I can't believe that I made it 
"through four years here. First of all, I would like to 
extend my utmost gratitude to my parents. Even 
though I never say Thank you, I am more grateful 

Wright, Matt Black, Scott, Brian W, Cho, Nelli. and 
Read, you guys have been the best of friends. I will 
never forget all of the crazy times I have had with 
all of you.l love you guys like brothers. To Herrn. I just 
want you to know that I will never forget what you 
did for me. I would not be here if were not for you, 
and I just want you to know that if you ever need 
anything, call me up, I'll be there, blood lasts forever 
bro. The countless late nights and strange mornings 
in this place have changed my life forever, and 
even though my life here has been tough, I will al- 
ways remember my brothers and never forget the 
good times I had. Peace. 

"As long as I live. I'll never forget that day when I 
talked to Jonathan on the phone our senior year and 
he talked me into coming to VMI. We made a pact 
that we wouldn't let each other quit and we kept it. 
We Voluntarily went to the RDC together. We spent 
three years as roommates, which I'm sure was worse 
for him than me. He listened to my complaints and 
bossiness and amazingly never tried to kill me He did 

fair share of drinking and on occasion I joined him. 

_ the nigt ' 

Bissell and I ran just a little bit further than he did. For 

That caught up to us the night we ran from Captain 



that I watched hira,march many a PT and beg the 
Governor for amnesty. There was the porn drawer, 
the raptor dance, and his 19 th birthday, strapped to a 
rack in the new courtyard with a female TAC asking 
what was going on. we studied till two in the morn- 
ing, drank together at Ring Figure, and he slaugh- 
tered me in racquetball weekly. Now, here we are as 
first classmen. It seemed like this day would never 
get here, but it has. Over the past 10 years we've 
been through a hell of a lot together! I know that 
regardless of where we go and what we do after this 
place. we'JJ always be like brothers. Congratulations, 
Jonl-MsM Its hard to believe that in a few short 
months I will be walking across the stage to accept 
my diploma. I will finally be finished 
VMI cadet. All I can say is that it's bee 
ride. I would like to thanR my parents, 
Lori, and most of all my Brother Rats. Thanks~guys. 
never forget you, I couldn't have done it with* 

Private 4,3,21 Number 1 Club 21' Reg Band 4,3,21' 
Commanders 3; Title IX Officer 1; Dean's List 41' IEEE 
agle Scout Club 4,3.21 Last All Male Class 

As everybody knows,,People call me "Peter 
even though it's not my r^ql name, but hey, "It 1 
easy to remember, so, why\not!" I am a exchar 
student from the Taiwanese Air Force Acadei 
came to the States all bymyself, no relatives 
no anything. Especially, I didn't speak English at 
the very beginning. More than that, I came to \ 
days late, so all the company "Cadre" was a 
me a real hard time. The only thing came up fc 
mind was, "I want to go home-" As time goes 
have some very good friends now, they help me 
when I'm lost or don't know what to do. I really 
predate that! And I will never forget about ^ 
you'll stay in my memory forever. Thank 

of the cadetship. 

Thank you. Dad, Mom, my brothers, and siste] 
your thorough support, I love you all! 


1997 - Andrew Osborn, Shannon Baines 

2003 -Jonathan Simrak 


1997 -James Jeter 

2003 - Chris Byington 

" Dykes 
1997 - Jyh-Gang Daang 
2003 - Peter Choi, Kai-Chuin Liou 




Read B. Parker 

Riverside, CA 

Edward A. Pearson, II 

Hampton, VA 



Andrew R. Pelton 

Virginia Beach, VA 

Navy ~ History 

Army ~ Computer^Science 

Pig, Chubby Bunny, Gromet, Pelt 
Navy ~ Mechanical Engineering 

j Veil I really don't know where to begin but first 
IT foremost I would like to thank my parents. You 
v\ have been such an inspiration to me. I know I 
i'ce put you both through some hellish times but 

<v much. To my entire family, thanks for all your 
jf and support. I am so grateful for having a family 
u'l as all you. To all my boys, peace. Best of luck 
biill of you and your futures. To my straight edge 
aChris. Your nothing but a punk but your a good 
icj You'll be my bro for life. Wotch your back and 
■q'll get through. Jenn. I know you will be success- 
uwith wherever your adventures take you, Take 
:ds of yourself. Other than that, I'll catch you all on 
h flip side. 


You have been a true father, either for console of for 
that extra push for baseball. You have always been 
there and I do mean ALWAYS. Mom, thanks for all the 
-times you slipped me money before you left, if 
helped. You have been giving mee-ncouragement 
"sthe entire time and it helped. Jol, thanks for the 
numerous pairs of shoes and someonie to talk to when 
I needed it. Christina, thanks for listening to me and 
putting up with my brotherly ways. To the rest of the 
family, thanks for all the support. It has been a wild 
and crazy time af the "I"; from room 410 (Poppa and 
■>Ward) to 190 (Q, Killah. and Doe). To all the fellas who 
.reported August 9, 1996 and are still here; remember 
'jwe are the warriors, from the tough three a day prae 
itices to early morning work outs in Cameron Hall. I 
;wish I was still playing, but who knows there is always year. Remember the BW's of rat year, the Promaji 
;.parties, the nights of going "HARD" or whatever, we 
nave many stories that can never be replaced. Also 
' a friendship that will last forever. Q and E, it has been 
a pleasure living with you two for the last two years, 
we know who the nasty one is. To all the boyz: Rich, 
Punch, Pat, Chiz, Demory, FJ, Chode... Nester, Sprad. 
Nelli, Sleazy E, Landstien, Meathead, E-Walk. Grayson, 
. Spank, Cool Rob, it has been some shit, but now we 
can all get the hell out with a degree, well for most 
y of us after next year. To the baseball team, keep 
wtprking hard, pitchers making your 200 times, and 
hmers putting them on the hill For all the underclass- 
man I know, Good Luck in the years to come, you will 
need it Well until next year 

Well, what can I say fella s it has been a long four 
years Without you guys I don't think I could have made 
it here. We have been through good and bad times, 
I will remember the good times best of all. KK, the old 
wise man, you have taught me a lot over the past 
four years. Your willingness to help a brother out is 
definitely a characteristic you should hang on to 

s And you better hurry up and get out of this place 
and enjoy your life before you are forced to retire, 
you old bastard.Tina, you are about the most laid 
back bald kid I know.l don't know if it is because you 
are aging twice as fast as everyone else or what, but 
keep chiflin. Albino pigeon, you are definitely worth 
many laughs, but one thing you need to do is "shut 
your mouth and know your role" Finley, the adjee 

...five that best sums you up is super, super Sam, with a 
super temper has a super FUPA. Oh yeah, Sam just 

because you were raised by a bunch of you know 

what I'm going to say, your lucky I am a nice guy, and 
this fat kid will fall in love eventually, I just have to 
experience life a little before I get chained down. 
Floridaridian, I have no doubt in my mind that you will 
succeed in life, the way you spaz, you can accom- 
plish anything. Paulie, I have known you for a long 
time and I have never known someone quit so unique. 
Whenever you want a butt kickin, let me 
know.Extreme, you have helped me through many 
of my classes and I really appreciate that. One of 
these days I know you are going to wander into the 
right girl. Don't forget, no matter how extreme you 
think you are. you can't hang. Selden, we have had 
many good times together, but I think we have many 
more good times ahead of us, if I can just peal you 
away from your wifeYou are definitely a good old 
boy, but remember, no matter how chubby or what- 
ever I get, I will always be able to knock that ridel 
clean off your head. Last but not least. Dirty Dave, I 
think we all have learned a great deal from you over 

have a special place in my heart forever. 


1997 - Shannon Baines 

2003 - Chris Green 


1997 - DeShawn Johnson 

2003 -Joe Darin 


1997 - Stock Dinsmore 

2003 - Sean Brown 

James, Taiwanese Terrorist 
Army ~ Computer Science 

OneofTrTy'bestexperiences at VMI was meeting 
James, It was Parents weekend rat year. James s 
parents were in Taiwan, mine in Texas, and we both 
were on guard. Supernums that is. We made the 
best of a bad situation, and wound up being room- 
-mates third class year. Each weekend it was, "Hey 
James want to go up town?" No man I got to study" 
Finally James said, "Yeah man!" So off the South 
Philly Phats for pizza, subs, music, pool and uh... bev- 
erages. I knew then that I had created a monster. 

Each weekend we made it back for taps 
and would enjoy James' tea to help with the ... uh 
... headaches, yeah. Second class year come 
around, and I suggested going to Texas. From this 
the NO BULLS. T ROADTRIP '99 was born 20 hours from 
Lexington to Dallas, no sleep breaks virtually. Billbobs 
Texas, eating Fajitas with Brent, Ron, me and the 
Colonel. James is a man of the highest caliber and I 
wish he would stay in the states. But the U.S.'s loss is 
Taiwan's gain. You are my brother, and I will alwqys 
remember that "Yao-Zu Peng, was a friend of mine" 
Thank you. Will. Semper Fi always. Thank 
you. Dad and Mom. Thank you, the Su's and the Lin's 
thank you, my mother country, Republic of China I 
am glad what I have been through. Life is tough, 
you gotta to be tougher!! Thank you, VMI- ' 

*rf£' ^*S 

Joshua W. Petry 

Richmond, VA 

Marine ~ History 

Petro, Tree Dish, Crazy Cracker] 

^OTellTTt "nas - D'een a long~zT years. TTiave"aone 
things that I would never have done nor would ever 
want to do again. But hey, some of it has been fun, 
I would like to Thank my roommates, Jason, Paul, Eric 
ancfcvChris for putting up with me. From the early 
mornings for Bulldog and RDC meetings to my trash 
talking. -They have seen it all. I also want to say 
thanks to Kafer. Maslow, Poppa, Sheldon, Cat, and 
Bone. And Mbgge, we haven't forgotten you, the 
same to Smith. It is only by the grace of God that 

quality of people this school produces and while the 
job sucked, I am thankful to have had the opportu- 
nity to 'do it. It doesn't seem real while I am sitting 
here writing this, but it TS almost over. Who knows 
what's next, but one thing is for sure, it will involve the 
friends that I made during my sentence at the "I." 
Before I go. I want to give one more thanks to the 
kid. Kid you are the only reason that I made it, when- 
ever I was losing it, you talked me back down. Thanks 
to everyone that deserves it and well, if you don't 
know whether you deserve it or not, you probably 
don't To all those still here. Better you than me. I'll 
see you onMtie other side. 

Despite the repetitive formations, overq 
dance of regulations, analogical procedures, ; 
never regretted my decision to attend this irl 
tion. An institution made; up of tough pe [ 
tougher times, and even tougher rules. No rrj 
how much I complained, Its rewards, althougl 
seen at times, are worth the effort. As a rat [•{ 
wondered what I had gotten myself into and ii 
ined how wonderful life must be for high school I 
dies who had chosen a more comfortable anc| 
demanding college experience; However, I ' 
never trade places with them as it would resul i 
college experience void of Break Out, or Rir 
ure, or the pride that'can be seen in mom's 'ft 
eyes and in dad's subtle grin during parade. fl 
lieve it was those same teary eyes and subtle* 
that showed in Jackson Memorial Hall during r| 
nal good-byes on Matriculation Day that helpe*! 
to persevere, reminding me that my efforts '■ 
not going unnoticed and that somewhere oul 
of limits gates were a pair of proud and hoJ 
parents, along with a mentoring brother whoser 
good deeds helped me endure. Returning to a 1 
and silent barracks during ungodly hours of the n| 
ing soon became a traditionahpractice, 
had to imagine what "real" college would 
been like. However, experiences such as the 
I associate with this institution are less important* 
what I have learned from these experiences ami 
take from them to use in life. A heightened sen] 
morals due to an unparalleled honor code, gel 
rrtanly behavior, time management, determinal 
and sacrifice are just a few of these, ThanH 
everyone who has made, my VMI experiencj 
" se memb 

' 'ng up| 

VMI "good deals" and laughing off all of the p| 
bullshit. I've enjoyed the many experiences wf 
shared, the lifelong friendships weve made, c 
look forward to sharing a couple of cold ones 
you on the balcony of Moody Hall 


1997 - Richard Fu-Guo Huang 

2003 - Liang Kuo-Ruey, Cheng J. C. 

»* - 


Christopher J. Pilger 

Springfield, VA 

-TS ■»- 

John A. Pomfret 

Springfield, VA 

Adam C. Pool 

ML Jackson, VA 


Army ~ Mechanical Engineering 

Marine ~ Civil Engineering 

Marine ~ English 

;hris entered VMI just likethe rest of us prepared 
take it by storm that hot and steamy August -which 
w forever be engrained upon our memories, it 
ejms like a lifetime has passes since that hell of a 
;k, month and year. Eventually the leaves did 
ie back on the frees to Chris's happiness and he 
jthered the rest of the rat line with that winning 
He on his face. He lived tine life of luxury over in 
"ila/id for a year showing them how to party keydet , 
3 and oh yeah earning some credits in the mean- 
ire. Second class year was great with the ring and 
3('ies I will never forget. Oh and don't let us forget 
t>e mony excursions to Mqdison the land of milk 
3 I honey... great times I w|l always remember, I 
never forget the vacation to Nags Head, and 
tte girls... where did they come from again? One 

IBS he \ 

R"he I. Although he never achieved any corps 
o< he will always stand out in my mind ana others 
Jp man of leadership, understanding and compos- 
Mi. Finally, thanks to God, without whom nothing is- 
Jj.sible, for getting us though this and for a friend 
Hyou. After completing one of the hardest ma- 
ci on time at the hardest undergraduate institutions 
nine country Chris... I salute you as a friend and dl 
ther and I look forward to many more good times 
ccome. To God be the Glory for our achieve- 

I'm perfect, ask anybody. Dsvin' Jones, Kenny 
Sykes, and I made for a pretty slack rat room We 
must have had more items confiscated than any 
other room on the 4 ,h stoop. Cracker Ball. The areat 
cigar selling incident. I had the same four room- 
mates for the last three years. Luke Hale, the Baldwin 
man, the Ukranian Nightmare, Da Bears. Titanic, 
soundtrack and Jewel (I've beecu&carred for life),' 
the Snorin' fool: he's putting bedvefs&Jut of work, the 
drool monster. Paul Lee, friends since 10 ,h grade, 
l^ve his parents, the Alley incident (Deer in Head- 
lights). Mark Lineberry. 2Pac, contrast,, who I can 
beat in a race any day (though hed never admit it), 
and could never take a joke, outa control, never 
knew what he. was going to do next, .Will Moor.e, 
Nigerian Nightmare, Telly messy messy; his, "buddy" 
Star: friends don't let friends beer goggle, the Com- 
mand & Conquer champion, the ally in the heated 
debates versus the rankers, future Commanddnt of 
the VMI Corps of Cadets: God Help us All. Aerobie 
335. The priceless Nintendo 64 and Commodore 64 
monitor gave us endless hours of entertainment for 
all 3 years. Heated-games of Fifa, Madden, Turok, 
and Bond. Never getting caught with the Nintendo 
was the room's greatest accomplishment. Paul 
Webber had might- as well have been a roommate: 
Floors don't got carpets. Mmm sgood. 

Participated in: Varsity Football, Rugby, Rat Chal- 
lenge Cadre, new cadet cadre.Ranger Challenge, 
Strenght Fitness Club, Boxing Team/ Pre-Law society, 
Thi-Alpha-Theta, Model Arab League/ Four years of 
frustration. It was an experience. I learned a lot 
about myself and I managed to have a little fun. 
Eric, Kenny , and Don, it's really not a good idea to 
, swim in the ocean at dark in November. Even if you 
' are trying to get away from fat girls! Chadder, buddy, 
i'll see ya in San Fermine. 

Keep your mits up Benny. Poppa, AYE!, HEAD! 
Mac, go easy on the talc! Maz, I'll catch ya in hooah 
land and thanks for holding that bag while I was 
puking in that girls car! Turp, sorry about the bleach 
and may ya always have a crisp wave and a dirty 
.hat! Gil, 501 baby! To my parents, I made it. Tmyold 
friends, I did do something right. To my rat's C.J. , 
Andrew and Huck, have fun! I hope I helped you 
guys out, stick it out and be smart Keep your noses 
clean and try and have a little fun. And VMI, I can't 
say that it has been real fun but it has been real 
something. So I'll just say this, "I'll probably talk to 
you later 


1997 - Sebastion Joly 

2003 - Nicolet Weiver, Nick Shallcross 

Love y< 


1996 - Craig Letterby 
2003 - Taylor Goodall 



Joseph M. Poppa 
Kansas City, MO 

Charles B. Pramawat 

Springfield, VA 

Poppa, pope,Joppa 
Army ~ Economics 

apa- god's most complex creation? 
said than done, but here goes nothing. He has a 
control over his mood swings to the extent that some 
would say is non-existent His love for Ranger Chal- 

Marine ~ International Studies 





His compassion is admired by all He leaves a lasting 
impression on everyone he meets, just ask Cpl 
Maslow. Joe is a man of many talents. Rugby, tennis, 
soccer and the military lifestyle all yield to his inher- 
ent ability and forte. He proved himself in the swim 
team locker room, and can take a beating and 
keeps on going. Me conquers any and all tasks he 
chooses to undertake with the ease and agility of a 
divine being. Joe is a man's man, lover of the out- 
doors and insects, and can break bottles with an 
unsurpassed ease over his head. He has a way with 
the opposite sex, which deceives the rest of the 
male race, and unfortunately, the female race too. 
He is a good man who will be a great Motor- T of- 
ficer. It's just a crying shame that the Army Reserves 
will get all of his superior effort that we all know and 
expect of him in the Army, KC. look out, because 
here comes Joey Poppa. The man, the myth, the 
legend. God bless Joe, and good luck to all you 
may encounter in your life. -I do know the friends I 
made here are like no other in the world. From 410, 
and Fast Eddy P and Will the Thrill, to the boys of 1 46. 
Those trips to Tech,-that sickly ride to Panama and 
the Ocean. Fellas we had a good run. we shared 
some good memories, and I will never regret any 
dream that becqme our reality. Boys, we got those 
damn bars, nuff said. We all had our little breaks. 
some chosen, sonte forced. I wouldn't have stayed, 
if for my friends hete. I wouldn't have had a shoul- 
der to tell my worries to without my mother, and this 
entire experience arwfepporrunity would never have 
become reality without my father. I've been Institu- 
tionalized, and I've been Donged. More so, I will 
never forget those people who got me there, and 
made me the man I am today. Thank you all, and 
see you down the road. > 

knoWn to me, came the "I" ready for anything, ex- 
cept what the "I" gave him. Taken by surprise by the 
disgruntled boys in uniform Jimbo quickly rebounded 
and fought his- way through the ratline. He endured 
the Charlie cadre, swimming for the Keydets, and 

of 2000. Third class year found Jim still swimming, 
smiling and now involved with Young Life. Strum- 
ming his guitar in front of people puts Jim in his atmo- 
sphere'and made rodm 328 a song writing studio, 
which produced such hits as "Supernum" and "I want 
to live where my hay's unrolled:' amongst others. 
But, undoubtedly, the most significant even in Jimbo's 

from Texas engaged in studies and the University 
next door. This was undoubtedly the reason Jim was 
so anxious to get back here come 2 pa class year. A 
ring, and a car kept Jim a happy Keydet for a semes- 
ter, but second semester he took off for Japan to 
sample another culture, and room 2" 
absence. Thankful to have him bac" 

new appreciation for rats and asked Miss Burr to be- 
come Mrs. Powell in a most romantic way. Jim will be 
greatly missed when he leaves this place. A smile, a 
song, a joke, some advice - Jimbo you always bring 
us back into the real world. Jim, "May the road rise 
to meet you, May the wind be always at your back. 
The sun shine warm upon your face, The rain fall soft 
upon your fields, and until we meet again. May God 
hold you in the hollow of his hand. , 

First and foremost, Id Hke to thank my dad h 
patience and understanding. I couldn't have I 
it without you. Okay, now we can get do\J 

I came to VMI after a hedonistic summer h<l 
to forge my character into steel. A living., brecf 
"superhuman" golden boy.- Like many Defore* 
the rigorous regiment of barracks life overwhel 
me. It seemed 'as if I was a lonely tadpole | 
enormous pond. However, my rat roommates i 
aged to provide wild and memorable times de it 
able only to those who were there. It's a good n 
my sanity has always been suspect otherwise it 
would have been a lot a salvaging to do. So vi'd 
to become of the once lonely tadpole? Notf 
just a confused frog with an unquenchable thirj 
"bud-weis-er" Let This not be misleading howj 
I've also learned a valuable lesson. My father 1 
told me, "always settle for the best because | 
never be unhappy with it." After these four end 
years. I now appreciate his words of wisdom. I sS 
have gone to a different college. 

just joking. 


1997 - Drace Clevenger 

2003 - John Rios 

1997 - Andy Mcquade 
2003 - Karen Wheeler 


1998 - Vince 

2003 - Arthur "Bubba" Matthews 

Chris "Chameleon" Duffield 

Adam T. Priest 

Bena, VA 

Priesty, Tafty 
Army ~ Civil Bjigineering 

m ^ 

Jason R. Rasch 

Williamsburg, VA 

Rescue Rasch, Buda 
Army ~ Economics 

Anthony J. Rayome 
Englewood, OH 

Little Yut Yut 
Marine ~ History 

If I had to give Anthony a nick name after having 
watched him here for four years, it would be "The 
Teflon Marine" No penalty, no hardship, no obstacle 
ever seems to be anything more than a minor set- 
back. After an alcohol number one his rat year 
("But Sir, I don't drink any more than anybody else!") 
, a number six for raiding the guard room, a narrow 
escape of another number one for a controversial 

' incident wherein a rat MAY have been struck by an 
M-14A-1 rifle, a number six for letting a BR borrow his 
car, and countless hazing attemps, Anthony still 
soared to the top ten percent of the rank structure 
every year, receiving academic stars his first class 
year. Second semester of his third class year. An- 
thony^ bravely assaulted the European Continent, 

-with a. decidedly Gaullic preference. Not having 
been present for NCO selection boards due to this, 
he returned to Ohio and received a call from his 
company XO, informing him that he had been pro- 
moted to company first sergeant. Irreparable dam- 
age was done to his mental health the second se- 
mester of his second class year, when his best friend 
, Lee Nelson (whom he sent to the RDC as a rat, but 
that's a WHOLE other story), studied abroad and he 
was forced to room with Kennedy and Rhodes. First 
class year, Anthony pinned on captain's stripes, re- 
turned early once, again, and hit the ground running. 
Taking rats gave Anthony the opportunity to share 
his wealth of experience in answering specials and 
provided several much needed comiereliefs. His 
devotion to his friends is near legendary Upon learn- 
ing that a BR had blown up Anthony's car, his first 
reaction was to ask "Are you alright?" and receiving 
a response in the affirmative, began to laugh at the 
situation. Training at Parris Island before reporting to 

*VMI (graduating boot camp a scant three days be- 
fore signing the matriculation register) , Anthony is 
also a devoted Marine. Serving in the reserves as a 
combat engineer for his rat and third class years, he 
also worked hard to prepare himself for Officer Can- 
didate School in Quantico after his second class year. 

When I first came to here I didn't know what to 
sect, I had an idea but that didn't quite prepare 
i for what was going to be the next four years as 
ill as the next four summers of my life. I hav,e now 
e to realize that the most important thind I am 

After a while you learn that what 
you really are is all the experience and 
all the thoughts you've ever had and all 
the people who have touched your life, 
no matter how briefly. " ■ •'. 
Having said that, I am off to become whatever I 
olve to become whether that is an air boat driver 
he Florida Everglades, a coastal engineer wher- 
3r they will take me, a Hollywood movie producer, 
an airplane pilot just to name a few possibilities, I'll 
wearing my sandals and ratty khaki shorts trying 
sing Buffett songs and of course having a good 
e. I want to say thanks to Ad, Dan, and J for 
fting up with me along with my loving roommates 
irty and Al and good luck to Will and Micah in any 
their future endeavors. And don't forget "Work 

you don't need money. Love like you've never 
en hurt, and always Dance like no one's w.atch- 

O what can I say about this wonderful place. Rat 
year started out horribly with dykes who loved to 
dress up like KISS demented rat roommates and a 
radiation poisoning from too' much tim#1n the dun- 
geons of Mallory hall. With my new found position as 
leader of the pack dubbed by big worm, hell be- 
came a little more tolerable as WOLF went frolick- 
ing in the woods almost every weekend. I quickly^ 
found a love for decaying bodies and became 
j<nown as rescue Rasch as I lived with beeper Brown 
Stnd became a squirrel with backboard ■Brad. Fatty 
Matty's long lecture sessions about dominos and the 
notorious nuke dog I quickly became know as Buda 
by some of VMI's finest. First class year tops is all by 
trying to overturn the Moor dynasty finding socks my 
rat had violated, getting the ambulanc's-lpst in the 
back streets of the- greater Lexington area, and can't 
forget God betterT<nown as supafly The time has 
finally come for the last class to go out into the 
wonders of life with women (no Crabs real women) 
and as for I; I am off to Europe to experience legal- 
ized prostitution. 


1997 - Addison Hagan 

003 - Will Ragland, Micah Plemmons 


1997 - Steven Jones 

2003 - Alex Samms, Jeff Dame, Joe 


BS HB «« SB 

" Dykes 
1997 -Joe Howard 
2003 - Auste Monticuite, Daylon Brown, 
Matt Bartles 

Jeffrey M. Reddington 

Midlothian, VA 

Red-Red, Powder, Albino Pigeo 
Army ~ History 


Jeffrey P. Rhodes 

Sandy Spring, MD 


Nathaniel W. T. Rhode 
Dallas, TX 

Army ~ History 

The albino pigeon who flew to the fourth stoop 
■ from the safety of Midlothian, VA. In high school Jeff 
had fun and studied little. For his higher education. 
Jeff did the same thing. Always the scholar, he en- 
L tered VMI as a business/economics major and will 
Pteave with a degree in history. Jeff also started out 
playing soccer and retired to pursue the difficult 
game of golf. Jeff will never be afraid to take on a 
challenge. We think Jeff may have been scarred 
during his encounter with the RDC as a rat. He is the 
only rat that we have ever known to be ready for his 

meeting 3 hours early! We thought an albino pigeon 
couldn't get any paler, but he did. And also, it prob- 
ably wouldn't hurf you to get out of your rack once 
and a while and do something athletic. You might 
even develop a muscle. Jeff also has an incredible 
talent in putting someone to sleep. We will always 
remember the unique sayings ana mannerisms that 
we had to put up with over our stay at the I. Jeff has 
always been ready to voice his opinion, and good 

how to "Shut Your Mouth and Know Your Role! 

I would like to say thanks to my Dad, Mom, 
Beth, and'Krista for your love and support. Id also like-' 
to thank all my boys here and the ones who aren't 
with us. Without all of your support, this wouldn't be 


^SBP ' 

Thanks to everybody for helping me stay sane: 
Mom, Dad, Cindy- I know I'm not easy to deal with 
when I'm feeling 'overwhelmed but you were all al- 
ways there to talk when I needed to. To my long list 
of roWnmates: John- you're one of the hardest work- 
ing people I know and I look forward to seeing you in 
the Army: Matt- you are the only man I know who 
can run Rat Challenge for three months with shin 
splints and still stay off of the Gim; Derrick- 1 can't tell 
you how thankful I was to have another Northerner 
in the room rat year: Tony- thanks for cleaning Scott's, 
room all the timepBrew- get back here ana gradu- - 
ate; Anthony- I will never ever go running with you 
again — I wasn't right for a week after that (...sorry 
about the car...); Breht- you know I'll be back to 
watch you commission ; Ryan - tell Paula thanks for 
the Easter baskets ; Rob and Joe- 1 would have either 
or quit or had a heart attack (or quit and then had a 
heart attack) long ago if it wasn't for you two keep- 
ing me steady when I was about to lose it. To the 
rats: I know I was never around for you guys and if I 
had it to do again I would definitely spend more 
time with you a IE A.Dr - you were alw.qys In the room 
when I needed you and not there- when I didn't- 1 
never went to a parade or inspection that you hadn't 
prepared me for;- Melissa- you never let me down 
and I know that with your work ethic you'll have dc 
stars at some point. Chris- You better decide to comw| 
back; A. J- I'll be back to watch you commission^ 
too; Ortiz: be good. 

Rat4; pvt: 3; sgt: 2, It :1 ; Rat Challenge: 4,3.21 ; 
MNMB assistant S3: 1; Co-Education Committee: 3,2 
; King To6K4,3,21 

Unlike many of the country club boys froml 
mond, VMI was not the orVv school upon whicrl 
my heart, but after high whool I knew I nel 
some discipline in my life. I fame to the concl 
that this discipline, which I so 'desperately sell 
wasn't going to come from. the botfom of an e |t 
keg at the University of Texas (although that |e 
seem appealing at this point). I chose VMI f c K 
most simplified reasons. I thought the uniforms ■ 
cool, and I was duped (like 400 of my other br h 
rats) into thinking that the Rdtlirie would not If 
bad. Well, it was, and long days as a third an le 
ond classmen kept getting longer and longer, iti 
ended up to where I aim now. I can't say that thic 
been the best experience of my life. Being, oth 
Honor Court, I have seen a dark side of VMfwl n 
given the choice to do all over again I don't krt 
I would - Ignorance is truly bliss - but it's bee-l 
most loved job I have had here. I know the MEIYl 
carry on its legacy will maintain the integrity cl 
beloved court. But VMI is not all that bad and 1 
thank the "I" for a couple of things. Thank yoi I 
for all the parties I wasn't able to go to, all the I 
I didn't get to spend with people I loved, an<| 
deflated GPA i have to show to graduate sch'l 

Most importantly, I would like -to thank my pa I 
for your support through the years and my siste I 
brothers; who without your guidance and love I v 1 
not feel as blessed as r do. You are the best cl 
know! To Matt and Chad, I have only known ycl 
a short while, but it seems that I have laughed i » 
irt these few short months, than I ever have ii in 
cadetship. Thanks for tt^good times and the « 
to come. I know where ever ya'll end up, you'll j 
on your feet. Takecare^Ml and to all of those fi 
support our SYSTEM, I salute you 

"It's never too late to be what you might ii 
been." - George Eliot 


1997 - Carey Michael 

2003 - Dan Zhang, Brent Bohan 


1997 - Scott Grogan 

2003 - A.D. Burt, Melissa Ward 


1997 - Oliver Johnson 

2003 - Thomas Hancock, Clint Alan 


Army ~ Civil Engineering 

want to thank God for helping me through all of 
truggles at VMI. Mom, Dad. Chris, Angela, Noony, 
Michelle thanks for all of your support. 

.ctivities - 
ootball - 1 
ower lifting - 12 
Sanger Company - 
anger Challenge 

So why did some hick northerner from Indiana 
decide to leave the flat lands of home and come to 
a strange place like VMI"? I once knew the answer, 
but now I have forgotten. 'After four years here 
though, I can tell you why I stayed. The friendships I 
have made and the bonds that were forged have 
made me glad to have stayed. From my room- 
mates over the four years to my.,.chem buddies. I 
could not ask for better friends Rattyearis a blur. 3" 1 
..class year even more distant. The last two years 
ftere stick out fresh, 2 nd class year was filled with 
good memories (Vanderbilt) and bad ones (El numero 
uric), 1" class year is much the same, good memo- 
ries (graduation) and bad ones (administration). The 
road is now-over for VMI. I will take what I have 
i learned and use- it to the best of my afe)ti*y W 

' To my dyke Paul Reedy, I thank him for sending 
ime to the RDC so I would no longer fear them as 
! much (sorry, Shawn D. told me). To my roommates, 
j you have dealt with a difficult person. Thank you for 
| putting up with me. Hey Jim, Brett, and Shawn, never 
: bet against me (Christmas return), Steve, you have 
'■•been a good friend and peer. You have a promising 
■ career and I look forward to serving with you, Kenny, 
partying with you is-something I won't soon forget. 
Micah and John/my chem buds and -I" class roomies. 
SEAL Team commander, those late-night seal mis- 
sions were great. You will eventually get Lentivech, 
no matter what the uniform; SEAL Team Inte! officer, 
' you did a great job of planning those missions 
throughout barracks. Good luck guys with every- 
thing you do, we'll be together for a long time. Long 
life Vandy weekends! To my family, thraugh letters, 
ewiails, and packages you have kept rne here. I 
hope I have made you happy and proud of me, 
RgSia, you helped me survive a brutal year and a 
half Handling those phone calls in the middle of the 
night you are the best. . I couldn't ask for anyone 
bitter You suffered through my number 1 with fly- 
ing colors. Our future looks bright and I cannot wait 
to begin the rest of my life with you! 

Well here I am, sitting at what seems to be the 
same desk as the one four years ago. It's hard to 
believe that graduation is approaching. It sure is 
amazing how fast six years go by. Mom and Dad. 
thanks for your patients while I journeyed down this 
long curvy road. I have triped and stumbled down, 
but you were always there to pick me up. I simply, 
love you. Joe and Jen, your support has pulled me 
along through this strange journey. Both of you are 
great roll models. I know I have been that crazy 
brother, but you dealt with me. You're the Best. I 
don't have a lot of time so I will make it brief. Welch 
and Williams, I will always remain your roommate 
even though you kicked me out, I understand. Here's 
to a great Tour years, this one's on me. See ya at the 
-palms. Matty (Pear), What can I say to you other 
than "I feel like part of your family, even though I am 
considered that short guy" Charlie and Matt, it was 
a pleasure, especially playing with all of those bal- 
loons. I owe the rest of my cadet-ship to the la- 
crosse program It was on the patch where I had the 
best oftimes with the best of friends. And finally to 
the "I" "What the hell did you do to me!' 

1997 - Mike Medlin 
2003 - Dave Barkocy 

1997 - Paul Reedy 
2003 - Mike Oliver 


Four years ago I made the decision to take the 
■ road less traveled and come to VM.L, and I've been 
kicking myself ever since. Before I left my Sister told 
me that she was proud of me and Brother said "It's 
your world squirrel, everyone else is just trying to get 
Si. nut." If he only knew what it was like being a Keydet 
on. the weekends, he would know that I was the one 
trying to get a nut. It's been real, it's been fun (some- 
times), but it hasn't been real fun. I would like to 
thank the two most important people in my life, my 
Mom and Dad, for forking over your hard-earned 
money so I could get a college education and get 
the hell out of your house. The education that I re- 
ceived here was excellent and I have to give credit 
to my instructors and most importantly my academic 
advisor for teaching me and showing me how to 
become a good student because I'm not the sharp- 
est tool in The box, I would also like to thank my 
roommates (Jason, Paul, Tharen, and Dung Ga!) for 
putting up with me over the years because I'm npt 
the easiest guy to live with, i would like to give a 
^shout out and thank my buddies (Bobo, Mickey-D, 
Willie, FJ., Greg. A-Double, Frank, Nick. Kukla, Chinky- 
Eyed-Bandit, Poppa, Mas. Benny Boy, Fag-Boy 
Sheldon, Brigance, Poole. Timmy Bosley, T.J., Webber, . 
Lineberry, Will, the RDC, and my Golf Co. Boys) for 
keeping me sane over the years. To my rat-tie Dan, 
thanks for helping me out in my most important year. 
It's been said that this place sucks to go to, but it's 
great to be from. Well I hope that is true, or else this 
place isn't receiving a dime from me, if and when I 
graduate. My father once told me that there are no 
gimmies or handouts in life, that you have to earn 
things Well Dad I definitely earned this one, as both 
you and Mom cafc attest to. VM.I. is GAY (God's- 
Awful Years) and God knows it So in my closing re- 
marks I would like ^^askxGod if he could please 
bring me to heavenpfepcduse I've done my time 
here in Hell. 


NAME: Joseph M. Schulkens 

nW: 7 1/8" WAIST: 34 SHOE: 9 Vi EEE 

HEIGHT 5'9" WEIGHT: 185 

BIRTH DATE: 11-1 1-77 

BIRTHPLACE- FJ Thomas, Kentucky 

style, Mary Baldwin and Morocco. 

A!! This is the last of o\r VMI chapter ...thank C 
I know that somewhere aWn the line I will miss ' 
but that will be far in the fu%e. I know that I will 
the friends that I have made especially cellb 
124. I bet all of you wondered what all that rackf 
1:00 am was. Well, lets say that it was i 
studying. ..yea that's it. On p more serious side, 
glad I am getting out of here now. Since the ac 
tance of women here, it has become' one big g 
rope. My hat goes out to all those who came I 
with the diluted notion that nothing had chan 
and that there truly is one standard. Ft is a real shr 




Either way, this is still the place I call home. As I 
out Jackson Arch for the last time. I will remembtt 
of the good and bad times that we had within! 
four walls of barracks. I will remember all those nil 
at the Palms and Spanky's; Will, Beau I am gladi 
there to help me remember what happened. | 
and who could forget the "Meca" up at JMJ 
Rec). You know there were some questions I 

were never answered like what? where? »l 

how? why? please. Maybe they will nevel 

answered. Say Conrad, remember to use the 
boy voice. Oh Will. Cowboy LIP!! And Bee 
Squad 4 is a big truck. And to Danny, Erl 

Vern you guys were right If there is any bit 

vice I would like to pass on to those classes be 
would be, you can't get a Purple Heart for frie 
fire. Lastly, thanks so much Mom and Dad for hel| 

me to get through the past four years it is all d 

hill now. 

To the last of the OldCorp we' 


: -A 


1997 - William O'donnell 

2003 - Dan Clark 


1997 - Mark Perrault 

2003 - A.J. Schmaus 

1997 - Michael D. Russell 
2003 - Keith K. Friedman 


Shawn T. Segreti 
Walkersville, MD 



Charles M. Semler 

Fairfax Station, VA 

Spazgretti, Spaghetti, Bob 
; Marine ~ Electrical Engineering 

!'VeryTewpeopIe'fFiat7ndI<e TRelouFrieyThrougF 
yll take the theoretical three-legged stool as seri- 
es as Shawn does. The regimental leg of thestool 
':he leg I think Shawn excels at. That's why he is the 
ie everyone in the room goes to find out about 
gulations (that's where the nickname blue book 
ime from). I could ramble on for a page about 
awn's admiral qualities. To sum these qualities up 
now that if Shawn went ort active duty and be- 
ime an officer he would be head dnd shoulders 
Dove his fellow peers due to his dedications, at- 
intion to detail, and his idealsrStephen Few, if any- 
jdy at this school has spent more time with you 
an I. From B Company rat year, through four years 

EE, and three years of [dominates, you nave 
sen there. Rat year you drove me crazy. 3 ,d class 
sar I ignored your oddities, 2 nd class year your oddi- 
;s became funny, and now your one of my best 
ends. It took me a good two years to except and 
iderstand the way you act. Whether our other 
!'s understand that is another question. You're a 
lastic tool but that is the way I like you. You have 
ways been there for the room when we needed 
3u. Thank you for that and thank you for being o 
end I will be looking forward to those beers from 
e bar in your house. Kennyl want to thank every- 
ie that helped me get through this painful ordeal. 
om. Dad, and Monica who all gave up their time- 
i come down here and visit me. Matthew and 
svln you both have taught me valuable lessons, 
id I hope you have learned from me as well. „_ 

To every member of the class of 2000, the lastS 
ass, you men are the best friends anyone could 
spe to have. Nate, I know you have been watch- 
g from afar, thank you for looking over our class, 
heryl. it really does take quite a lady to put up with 
Keydet for four years of antics, thank you for be- 
g there for me when I needed you the most. Thank 
ou for putting up with me at my worst, and for 
aiting for me, I love you Cheryl and I hope I return 
I thelove you have given me. 


Joseph F. Setina, III 

Midlothian, VA 


Mac, Sem, Dirty Mexican 
Army ~ History 

l"aTn~e~suTprls^aTncTl"am'^t^Tng"aT Tn"e com- 
puter, writing my class history. Making it through this 

hellhole is a feat in itself I can't really say that I am 

§oing to take much from this place when:) graduate 
ecause I don't really understand what it stands for 

anymore. One thing that I am grateful for, is the 
friends that I have made here ana how much I real- 
ized that gimps could thrive in p jnHitary environ- 
ment. I'm sure I will feel different -on the outside 
looking back in, but not too different. J do believe 

'ever that if I never came to' V.MI I probably 
v/ouldn't have lasted long at a "NORMAL" school. It 
toe* me three and a half years to learn, just what 
school not to visit! Swimming has added to the four 
painful years here, but I will never forget my team- 
mates and all of the fun times we had:- N Weli, not- 
much else to say- .about this "Glorious" Institute of 

• First off, I want to thank my dad for tricking me 
into coming here, seeing that he was a frat-boy next 
door. Mom, I can't believe that you actually put up 
with all of my whining and complaining. Katie, now 
.its your turn to feel the wrath of college. Bill, you 
almost made it, but oh well, -I'll see you in NY soon 
enough, thanks forbeing a best friend. Storck, "did 
you eat all of that acid?" hope that you graduate 
somewhere! Sammy, you naughty bastaad, 

redneck I've ever met. Jeff, awwwww, might as 
well help yourself in. Foley, why is this place filled 
<iwith so many chaches. Clark, that's right Johnny, 
Taevon, 3 ,d stoop disco parties. Supoa. you're the 
risbst amazing hebrew ever. Swim team, have you 
safen my baseball? Jim, you are the hardest, make 

Myrtle the Turtle, TD, Tina 
Army ~ History 

Josh came to VMI with a little hair and now he will 
leave with a whole lot less. The same thing goes for 
his eyesight. You better find that dream girlyou've 
been holding out for, because let me tell you with 
no hair and poor eyesight, she could get hdrd to 
find. Hey Josh, next time your getting your groove 
on at JMU with a girl next to a mirror, and being that 
friendly, there's probably a reason (so get off). Also, 
next time survey the land in the light not the dark 
because there could be a big surprise waiting for 
you, DC, say no more! You might want to steer 
clear of those benches so the don't break your gimpy 
legs. Thanks for always persuading us to go to sleep 
early so you could get some "work" done with Dr. 
Bizarrio. We'll also never forget the countless times 
,-DeRose made you his $%&*@.. You might have been 
able to keep up with him if only you would have cut 
back a' little, Marlboro Man. But hey, we definitely 
enjoyed, having you as a roommate and friend. 

Thanks guys for the nice memories, your 
too kind. On a serious note I would like to thank my 
Mom and Dad for the continuous support through 
out the years. I couldn't have done if with out you. 
Thanks mom for those road trips my rat year and 
dad for those little pep talks. Jeff, wow what a 
character, your never ceased to amaze me. Jake, 
there must have be something in the water. Doyle, 
it was always nice to see some one that hated this 
place more than me. DeRose, I here that the WWF 
is looking for a few good men. Sam, I just showed 
you the doors you opened them. KK, it me still be 
growing up there, but youll need that viagra sooner 
than me. Pig,' that's all. Seldon. you have proven 
that rednecks can be pretty boys Davo. save me a 
seat. Ill never forget ya 


1997 -John Duckworth 

2003 - Paul Quinn 

1997 -John Jenkins 
2003 - Jason Boncher 


1997 - Joe Harrell 

2003 - Joe Ziadeh, Slobadan Stipic 

Well Jim ounTme is almost - up and having you 

■ around was truly an experience. You were the 
scholar of the room and The mastermind of the sys- 
tem; the only guy who got o number 1 and spent 
more time off post than on. The center of Joe's 

-jokes, but you always gave back a good fight. The 
Colonel always wanted center stage and got it on 
his 21" birthday. We marched while he slept-l wish i 
could have been a Keydet swimmer like you. Jimmy, 
the guy that is cold with the change of the wind, but 
parades around in his is time for 
Boxers Jim. You have helped me get through the "I" 
with your unique personality Take care Jimmy "Air- 
lat" Sheldon It's been fun. By the way, you are the 
smallest but the guy with the biggest heart and an 
inspiration to us all. Later-Benny Four years, it seems 
to have gone by in a blink. But I cannot say that I 
didn't enjoy VMI. in fact, I liked it. My roommates 
were the best, each offering a different quality and 
uniqueness that helped me become who I am to- 
day. Ben. Joe and Jason-All I can say is thank you for 

■ being there and putting up with me (And that goes 
for all of my friends here at the "I"). But credit has to 
be given when it is due. and my family has done 
more than I will ever know. Michael, Charlie, Sister, 
Aunt Kay, Uncle Jim and even Rob have all contrib- 
uted to my delinquencies and accomplishments- 
thank you. Mom, you are gracious and understand- 
ing, and for that I am indebted to you for life. Nana, 
you are a truly generous and good person who I can 
proudly call you not only my grandmother, but also 
a friend-Thank you for giving me direction and a 
place to call home. My father and Paw get the 
award 'or warping my mind and instilling the most of 
my desire to be the best man possible. Honest men 
seeking only to infcrove the life of those around 
them. Thank you lBcaiving me everything I have 
and everything thaflBp coqne. Through you two I 
have all the gratitude and humility to carry me on in 
life. Finally, Doctor McDonald Doc, thank you for 
your time and guidance. 'Judge a man by his ques- 
tions, not his answers" 

""What can you say about Shyong? We met him 
our Second Class year and we weren t quit sure what 
it was going to be like rooming with him. At first 
Shyong played the quiet role, but it was not to long 
before he started talking mad trash like us. He was 
always good for a laugh and always seemed to put 
his roommates in a good mood. He has come to VMI 
from Taiwan, which must have been very difficult 
coping with the different culture, but he has ad- 
justed very well and even though he doesn't think he 
can speak Eriglisb very well, he can. 

Shyong chose to take "the road less traveled" 
and has succeeded very well here at the "I" We 
always, tried to take him away from his studies be- 
cause we were messing around constantly, but be- 
ing the "great" Taiwanese student he was, Shyong 
managed to get the grades he wanted. Josh ana 
Jake, along with myself have learned a great deal 
from Shyong. He brought a different aspect of life 
to our room, and we all shared knowledge and sto- 
ries about our cultures and backgrounds. I remem- 
ber many a night where we would all stay up late 
messing around on the computer trying to find Shyong 
that "perfect" Japanese girl on the internet, because 
we all know Japanese girls are the hottest. Heh 
"Slong" don't forget those many ass whooping that 
DeRose handed you. You didn't think it was that funrjy, 
but all of us did. 

Our First Class Year is coming to an end anal" 
know all of us will miss you when you return to Tai- 
wan. We wish you the best of luck in the Taiwanese 
Army, and we will be keeping track of whether or 
not you become the "General" that you say you 
are. ft has been an honor to call you a friend and BR. 
May God bless you and look over you throughout 
your life. Jeff, Josh, Jake, and DeRose. 


a great 

profession. There is 

the fascinali 


Then it moves to realization in stone or meta'J 
energy. Then it brings jobs and homes to men. Til 
it elevates the standard of living and adds to 
comforts of life. That is the engineer's high privilel 

The great liability of the engineer ccl 
pared to men of other professions is that his wc| 
are out in the open where all pon see them. 
acts, step by step, are in hard stubstance. He cl 
not bury his mistakes in the grave like the docM 
He cannot argue them into thin air or blame j 
judge like lawyers. He cannot, like the architei-. 
cover his failures with trees and vines. He canr] 
like the politicians, screen his shortcomings by blcj 
ing his opponents and hope that people fore- 
The engineer simply cannot deny he did f ,fl 
works do not work, he is damned. 

On the other hand, unlike the doctor, h| 
not a life among the weak. Unlike the soldier 
struction is not his purpose. Unlike the lawyer, qui 
rels are not his daily bread. To the engineer falls | 
job of clothing the bare bones of science with 
comfort, and hope. No doubt as the years go 
people forget which engineer did it, even if, t! 
ever knew. Or some promoter who used otl 
people's money. But the engineer himself looks b<| 
at the unending stream of goodness which flcl 
from his successes with satisfactions that few pT 
fessions may know. And the verdict of his fell! 
professional is all the accolade he wants." 
-Herbert Hoover 


1997 - Travis Bartley 

2003 -James Holloway 


1997 - Fu-Guo Richard Huanf 

2003 - T. Ho 



1997 - Bryan Smith 

2003 - Brian Andrew. Peter Geromell 

' " ~-i' ' :L 

William S. Sjem, Jr. 

Garden City, NY 

Brian D. Skusa 
Orlando, FL 

^ ^ 

Joseph A. Smith 

Livermore, CA 

Army ~ History 

Tender Warrior, Co%int Skusa 
Marine ~ International Studies 

Air Force ~ Mechanical Engineering 

is a great profession. There is the fascination 
Bf watching a figment of imagination emerge 
sirough the aid of science to a plan on a paper. 
Tien it moves to realization in stone or metal or 
hergy. Then it brings jobs and homes to men- Then 
elevates the standard of living and adds tb the 
bmforts of life. That is the engineer's high privilege. 

The great liability or the engineer com- 
ared to men of other professions is that his works 
[re out in the open where all con see them. His 
jets, step by step, are in hard substance. He can- 
bt bury his mistakes in the grave like the doctors, 
e cannot argue them intOjthin air or blame the 
Sdge like lawyers. He cannot, like the architects, 
over his failures with trees -and vines. He cannot, 
ke the politicians, screen his shortcomings by blam- 
(ig his opponents and hope that people forget, 
he engineer simply cannot deny he did It. If his 
/orks do not work, he is damned. 

On the other hand, unlike the doctor, his is 
lot a life among the weak. Unlike the soldier de- 
struction is not his purpose. Unlike the -lawyer, quar- 
ts are not his daily bread. To the engineer falls the 
5b of clothing the bare bones of science with life, 
tomfort. and tiope. No doubt as the years go by 
jeople forget which engineer did it. even if they 
Wer knew. Or some promoter who used other 
leople's money. But the engineer himself looks back 
it the unending stream of goodness which flows 
rom his successes with satisfactions that few pro- 
essions may know. And the verdict of his fellow-, 
jrofessional is all the accolade he wants." 
-Herbert Hoover 

A lot has changed for me since matriculation. I 
wanted to go to military school, but I don't any- 
more. I wanted to commission, but I changed my 
mind. I enlisted in the Marine Corps, and, Well, I have 
almost four years left. Yut. The experience has cer- 
tainly been interesting. They couldn't have possibly 
found four more different people to put in my rat 
room. Living with BJ for three years has definitely 
opened my eyes to a side of humctn existence that 
is quite difficult to describe. Then came Dinger, a 
rational and stabilizing influence at times, and 
others... well I won't get into that. Along came Tony, 
who fit into room 142 pretty well for someone who 
just came up to us on the first night of the year 
looking for a' home. I can't forget Jason, my co- 
dyke and roommate of two years. If nothing else.T 
left the corps with. the 'Skusa Claused I would also 
like to send a special shout out to Gov. Gilmore: 
thanks for the amnesty, bud. As for my rats, 

g an out-of- 
state cadet that is always on restrictions. The jury is 
still out on how good of a decision this whole VMI 
thing was. Ask me in ten years. For now. my best 
memories Involve those of Axis and Allies games, 
Capital Punishmdnt on tour. Ring Figure, mass quan- 
tities of alcohol, and of course, my rack. To Lee 
Davis, what would the corps do without us? I can't 
believe we made it back this year. Special thanks 
to Angelica. To the distinguished members of the 
Number One Club, I feel your pain. Also thanks to 
my professors in the HI and IS departments. I learned 
<S(,lot and you made it enjoyable. Special thanks 
c8§o to LTC Dickson, an outstanding professor and a 
n-jan who refused to compromise his integrity amid 
cf^ommunity of corruption. Con tu exemplo la lucha 
cofitinua. To all those who will still be here when I'm 
gone... better you than. me. Long live the revolu- 

"It is a great profession. There is the fascination 
of watching a figment of imagination emerge 
through the aid of science to a plan on a paper. 
Then it moves to realization in stone or metal or 
energy. Then it brings jobs and homes to men. Then 
it elevates the standard of living and adds to the 
comforts of life. That is the engineer's high privilege. 
The great liability of the engineer com- 
pared to men of other professions is that his works 
are out in the open where all con see them. His 
acts, step by step, are in hard substance. He can- 
not bury his mistakes in the grave like the doctors. 
He cannot argue them into thin air or blame the 
judge like lawyers. He cannot, like the architects, 
cover his failures with trees and vines. He cannot, 
like the politicians, screen his shortcomings by blam- 

works do not work, he is damned. 

On the other hand, unlike the doctor, his is 
not a life among the weak. Unlike the soldier de- 
struction is not his purpose. Unlike the lawyer, quar- 
rels are not his daily bread. To the engineer falls the 
job of clothing the bare bones of science with life, 
comfort, and nope. No doubt as the years go by 
people forget which engineer did it, even if they 
ever knew. Or some promoter who used other 
people's money But the engineer himself looks back 
at the unending stream of goodness which flows 
from his successes with satisfactions that few pro- 
fessions may know. And the verdict of his fellow 
professional- is all the accolade he wantsT 
-Herbert Hoover 

1997 - Greg Reynolds 
2003 - Tim Rogers 

Dykes ~ 

1997 - Brett Springer 
2003 -Joe Parks, Dan Goldberg 

~~ Dykes 

1997 - William Martin 
2003 -Jason Boatright 


Jared W. Snawder 

|| Colorado Springs, CO 

Army ~ Civil Engineering 

Army ~ Civil Engineering 

Paul W. Staton 

Madison Heights, VA 

Stretch, Hollywood 
Army ~ Civil Engineering 

ch, Ho, 

Civil E 

Where to start. The late nights in the study carrel 
■ or ...hmm... the late nights in the study carrel? Over 
the past four years of living, eating, studying, and 
hanging out together I believe that we've gotten to 
know each other quite well. Perhaps ....a little to 
rwell?? Maybe those late nights in the study carrel 
pondering The contents of "the box" instead of do- 
ing what we should have been doing, homework. 
We owe all those late nights to air delusion that we 
could become environmental engineers. I think we're 
better suited to become movie critics, bad come- 
dians, or even porn stars. We know that we could 
do the job! Well we've thrown back a few brews in 

"""It is a great profession. There is the fascination 
of watching a figment of imagination emerge 
through the aid of science to a plan on a paper. 
Then it moves to realization in stone or metal or 
ene>gy. Then it brings jobs and homes to men. Then 
it elevates the standard of living and adds to the 
comforts of life. That is the engineer's high privilege. 
The great liability of the engineer com- 
pared to men of other professions is that his works 
are out in the open where all con see them. His 
acts, step by step, are in hard substance. He can- 
not bury his mistakes in the grave like the doctors. 
He cannot argue them into thin air or blame the 

First Class Private 

Roommates over four ytears: 

Tim Stork, David Stormont, Mitten "Babar" Li 
Wang, Nate Friedline, Jih, Danny Boyers, "Cc 
tain" Carl Hammond, Matt "Fuzzy" Brigance, 
"Hobbit" Webber 

times on post for that matter. But after your endless 
disappearing acts to Sweet briar on the weekends. 
I wish you and Amy the best throughout yalls life 
together. I know that yall will make it, Hell Amy's put 

-RECON baby. Go RECON the TV! 


1997 - Pattana Punmongkol 

2003 - Wes Swank 

like the politicians, screen his shortcomings by blam- 
lents and hope that people fi 
simply cannot deny he did it. 
works do not work, he is damned. 

On the other hand, unlike the doctor, his is 
not a life among the weak. Unlike the soldier de- 
struction is not his purpose. Unlike the lawyer, quar- 
rels are not his daily bread. To the engineer falls the 
job of clothing the bare bones of science with life, 
comfort, and nope. No doubt as the years go by 
people forget which engineer did it, even if they 
ever knew. Or some promoter who used other 
people's money. But the engineer himself looks bdcV 
at the unending stream of goodness which flow" 
from his successes with satisfactions that few pro- 
fessions may know. And the verdict of his fellow 
professional is all the accolade he wants." 
-Herbert Hoover 


1997 - Dale Moore 

2003 -Jeremy Harper 

Nicknames: "Stretch" and "Hollywood" 
Brother/Alumni; "Fathead" 
Frequently asked question: How's school goB 
Answer: It sucks!!! 

Real reasons for staying: ??? Rumor has it th 
will know 10 years 1 

Favorite Beer: Gulnne?s 

Favorite Stall: Sinks bathroom, next to last 

1997 -Josh Smith 
Mike Wright, Derrick Simmon' 

Stewart S. Staton 

Lexington, VA 


Civil Engineering 

(Days, weeks, months who knows where time 
les in this freaking place but another door has 
fen closed in my life. I will carry with me the memo- 
1. of my friends and the names of my BRs but one 
frig I will never forget.... what this place imbedded 
iip my soul. 

Wagner my short friend you have been q won- 
B-ful friend. 

Fat head stay away from those older women. 
j Computer nerd I hope you spend more time doing 
wprk than studying. 

i To all three of you I know we have had our bad 
Ijes and good times but Ijwill never forget you 
cys. Keep in touch and thejbest of luck! 


John J. Stewart 
Dallastown, PA 

J.J. , Johnny-I}oy 
Navy~ Mechanical Engineering 

/ ~ 

Kenny T. Stigler 

Alta Loma, CA 

Marine ~ Economics 

I meT^loTTn onTviatriculofioh aqy ,as one oFmy 
roommates. However, I did not know at that time 
that we would remain roommates throughout our 
cadetship, and that John would become a true friend 
to me. John and I became friends right away, there 
was something that was similar between the both of 
us, a common understanding I guess. We could both 
. do stuff or say stuff that most people might think'N 
was retarded or immature but we could both under- 
stand each other and laugh togethef or at each 
^ther even if nobody else laughed. John and I could 
just be sitting at our desks doing: nothing and still 
have fun and laugh at each other, I guess when you 
can do that you know you have a. true friendship, 
John was s friend who helped me get through my 
.four years here. Together, we experienced many , 
I difficulties but many good times as well. There is not 
j enough room to write down all of the good memo- 
i ries so I will write a few that will always remain in my 
; mind. First there was those visits from beat down 
; when we were studying and don't forget the chair 
squeak incident, There was also those 326 "TV 
nights"(lt is a wonder„we passed our classes). Our 
80+ march to New Market will be something I will 
never forget as we. could hardly walk afterwards. 
Then there was the two. in the.morning snowman we 
made in the courtyard with the first snow of our first 
class year. John Stewart is a good rhan, even if he 
does like 90210. I know, and believe that, one day 
John will reach his dream of becoming a Navy Seal 
because of his strong will and heart. In the Bible the 
~'2>ook of John 15:13 says: "Greater love has no one 
" ' , that he lay down his life for his friends," John 
frould proudly give my life for you brother, you are 
,rue friend. 

' BN XO 1; Navy BN 1,2,3; Navy Scholarship 1.2,3 

I first met Kenny 3 rd Class year when I moved into 
club 367 I, like many of our BR's, knew little about 
him. I knew that he was "permission-to-touch" boy 
from rat year. He was Cold Steel Charlie all the way. 
He was the man who walked down the stoop, on his 
way back from the weight room, with a scowl on his 
face as he asked everyone he passed by "do I look 
bigger?" He was, to say the least, rough around the 
edges. For a while, I feared for my life. In the end. 
however, I would realize that living with Kenny would 
be among the greatest decisions that I'll ever make. 
After three years, he is still rough around the edges, 
but I have learned that he is also much more He 
may try to hide his better qualities from everyone, 
but anyone who has taken the time to get to know 
Kenny has seen right through the facade. He is intel- 
ligent, intensely loyal, diligent, and. to put it simply, 
one of'the greatest guys I have ever met, or will 
meet, in my life. Anyone who has not taken the 
time to see these sides of Kenny has missed a great 
deal. He is a quiet man that is always willing to listen 
to the problems of others, and he has never once 
been scared to let others know exactly what he 
thinks. Most of all, he is a man that sets goals and 
remains on a steady course to meet those goals no 
matter what obstacles he meets in between. For 
four years he has. continued to pump iron, worship 
Mary Ann, and build his GPA. There is no doubt in my 
mind that great things await Kenny no matter what 
he decides to do with his life. I have been blessed to 
know Kenny for the past three years, and my life is 
the better for it. He is a true Brother Rat, and a model 
for the cadet I sometimes wish I had been. TDWell. 
I Just want to say thanks to all the people who sup- 
ported me through my fours years at this place es- 
pecially Mom, Dad, Priscilla, Evelyn. Chris, Frankie, 
Cora, Cindy and my beautiful girlfriend, Mary Ann, 
who has endured the long distance relationship since 
the very beginning. I am just glad that I got out of 
this place early. -Kenny 


1997 - Brad Davis 

2003 - Mike Rhodenizer, Toby Kearney, 

Nick Work 


1997 -JeffStaub 

2003 - MIA 


David N. Stormont 
Duck, NC 

Stefan M. Supon 
Stamford, CT 

Kenneth M. Sykes 
Midlothian, VA 

Army ~ Economics 

Bruce S. Taylor 

Washington, NC 

Riddel, Jiggles, Brucey > 
Air Force ~ Civil Engineering 

n TT6 5F Gab K~afm \nou7~years~a~t "VMTT 
to put in words all' of the experiences I 
'ountered. I can not think of any better wards to 
ress my time at VMI than the same ones that my 
'her used eight years ago when he graduated. 
VMI, "has been the best of times and the ; worst 

mes!' and now it is over. 

iow for a small tribute to my boys, the true rea-. 
through this place. Big Worm Big Perm, 
e a daddy to me ever since the first day I " 
. .. into this place. It is a good thing we have 
such an OLD WISE MAN to guide us down the 
paths for these years. .Pig, my chubby little 
dy. I have to admif. you hjpve taken the heat of 
:i:t of the picking that goes. on, but that is because 
mfthe boys love you the most. Super Sam, I swear 
la good thing I have got another few years living 
h you, to keep teaching you about temper ana 
jia control. We are going to have an absolute 
iht in Raleigh buddy. Now on to old room G29. 
M that is an interesting site.- Ian, I don't know what , 
fe we could have done to tear you away from the j 
pks, and corrupt your cadetship, but you are just ; 
(' damn strong for all of that. Rosey, you have i 
Ived to be a scrapper looking for a good ass 
Idn most of the time. I hope I gave you enough 
pn you came asking for one. Tina, there is no 
lime in a little Rogaine You take care of what you. 
he left buddy. Jakey if we only knew you had 
bided to take a walk around post for the taps ' 
Stus check, maybe we could have saved you frora, 
jne painful confinement. Red Red, what's up dude^ 
and Red. I still don't know my place and my role 
de. Davo, what can I say buddy, you have taught 
i to live every day to the fullest. I know you are up 
ire right now looking down at our group just laugh- 
. Well let me tell you my man, we miss you more 
in you could ever imagine. You will be in our 
arts for the rest of our lives. I love all of ya'll, you 
</e become my second family.l want to express 
thanks for all of the support to (Dad. Mom. Carney, 
ne, Kelly, and'the boys) 

Jack A. Thornton, III 

Virginia Beach, VA 

Fudd, Buckshot, Elmer, Fuddiddly 
Army ~ History 


endless PTs and confinement, "keeping me here at 
this beloved Institute so that I could meditate on my 
sins and better myself. But, believe it or not, even 
Fudd has had some good times here at the T How- 
ever, I do admit that it would not .have been pos- , 
sible without the help of certain p^bple. First of all, 
a sincere thank you goes out to my parents for put- 

■%ig up with all -my bitching these four years about 
the injustice of the administration, they calmed me 
dawn quite a few times. Liam, my 'confinement 
compadre for three yedrs now, the road has been 
rough at times with many arguments and even a 
punch thrown here and there, but we through .. 
all the weekends that we were stuck here together. 
You are definitely the champ of the Fudd and Liam 
Football League (FLFL). To Al and Low, you guys 
were newcomers to room 112, but you fit right in 
(even with the stripes, Lowrance) and it has been a 
pleasure to have you guys as roommates. Al, sorry 

. about always stepping on your hay coming through 
the window, but, if I jumped, -I might fall and knock 
putting up with me waking you up and making fun 

and 1 s ' class years) is the extended complaining 
sessions, which would not have been possible with- 
out Bobby Bartolomeo. Bob-o, we could not be 
matched in our gripe sessions, regulariy lasting hours 
qfed hours — we came up with some goad ideas! To 
rrSV Rats, Joe Voorhees and Phil Hampton, I better 
rTO hear that either of you have rank. Finally, to the 
Regimental Staff and the Commandant's Officer- 
traffi-(ks for nothing. You. have been a royal pain in 
my ass and I have nothing good to say except that 
I qfci't have to put up with your "cool ideas" to 
improve Corps morale anymore — keep on winning 
Welt it' . lime t . rio fishin! 

Charles C. Townes, II 

Colonial Heights, VA 

K.G. The "General", Cerebus 
Army ~ Civil Engineering 

irseemsllelT ^s~n[y^esTera r dy — thai weTTearB 
General Bunting say "let your sons go because they 
belong to the Institute now" Indeed we are the last 
sons of the once great I. I believe it is our Manifest 
Destiny (James K, Polk) to be great, but only time will 
tell. In my time here I have had the great satisfaction 
of putting many smiles on a lot of people's faces, 

^especially the prisoners of 141 (my mission accom- 
plished). I must admit I took great pride in corrupting 
John, James, West, and Ray. We took nothing and 
created great entertainment for ourselves, which is 
something I will never forget. I only hope that when 
you lookback at our sentence here that you say, 
remember when..." I will be thankful forever for our 
meeting. If you ever find yourself in a fix, just find me 

^and we'll walk down that path again. My advice to 
our rats is to work hard (not just at VMI) and remem- 
ber that' nothing is worth having unless you worked 
for it (Dad). If you ever have any doubts just look 
down oh your finger at what is on that gold ring, if 
there is nothing then you have failed... if there is too 
much to show, then you took my advice and the 
possibilities are endless. For those that doubted my 
desire (you know who you are) 'picture me roll'n (Tu 
Pac), Now it is time to do what it is we do best.... kick 
ass and take names. 

Accomplishments: Rat Rumble Boxing Team (un- 
authorized) 3, Tau Beta Pi 1, SallyPort Gatekeeper 
3,21 KG 3,21 Cerebus 3,21 BMF 4,3,21 ...forever. 


1997 - Rob Worrell 

2003 - Rollin A. Steele, 

Daren M. Williams 


1997 - GregRussel 

2003 - Joe Voorhees, Phil Hampton 

; wm 


Matthew N. Tyson Kelly R. Underwood j Matthew T. Vordermark 

Radford, VA Radford, VA Roanoke, VA 

Air Force ~ Psychology 

Air Force ~ International Studies 

ArmyT English 


through the aid of science to a plan on a paper. 
Then it moves to realization- in stone or metal or 
energy. Then it brings jobs and homes to men. Then 
-it elevates the standard of living and adds to the 
comforts of life. That is the engineer's high privilege. 
The great liability of the engineer com- 
pared to men of other professions is that his works 
are out in the open where all con see them. His 
acts, step by step, are in hard substance. He can- 
not bury his mistakes in the grave like the doctors. 
He cannot argue them into thin air or blame the 
judge like lawyers. He cannot, like the arqhitects, 
cover his failures with trees and vines. He cannot, 
like the politicians, screen his shortcomings by blam- 
ing his opponents and hope that people forget. 
The engineer simply cannot deny he did it. If his 
works do not work, he is damned. 

On the other hand, unlike the doctor, his is 
not a life among the weak. Unlike the soldier de- 
struction is not his purpose. Unlike the lawyer, quar- 
rels are not his daily bread. To the engineer falls the 
job of clothing the bare bones of science with life. 

ever knew. Or some promoter who used other 
people's money, But the engineer himself looks back 
at the unending stream of goodness' which flows 
from his successes With satisfactions that few pro- 
fessions may know. And the verdict of his fellow 
professional is all the accolade he wants." 
-Herbert Hoover 

"Kelly, I cannot express to you how appreciative 
and privileged I am having been your roommate for 
the past four years. Despite your countless attempts 
to endear me to country music and use me as your 
wrestling dummy, I have emerged unscathed, for 
the most part. Please give me a give me a call when 
you take your "cheek speak" public or join the mid- 
night maniac wrestling circuitrOh, and when you get 
elected into office or become a Southern Baptist 
minister, don't forget the little people that got you 
there (patronage). Stay cute - you always did look 
like Michelangelo made you ana some...- and keep, 
pud on the menu. I treasure your friendship Kel. Love 
ya - Peace 


1997 - Max Casteleyn 
Reid Lonergan, Justin Phelps 



1997 - Brian Bagwan 

2003 - Tony Essig, Michael Lokale. 

Alia Hamad 

IfThardTo'rJeTieveTfTa.TTnow'sTfirrFhe dusT< o) 
cadetship, thinking aboutfyhat would be sopoign 
to write about my history with Matt. From the fir 
first saw Matt on the parade\ deck during matric 
tion, I knew that we would get along well. As I sti 
alone, I needed someone to talk to and a guy w- 
ing boots and jeans seemed like the person the 
good-old boy from Tennessee could relate to. L 
aid I know we would go oh to become Rat rc>' 
mates. From the fudge incident of Cadre week 
a fate worse than death in RcrfGhallenge, to Sw 
Sixteen ("Hey, you guys would have done it!") 
Breakout and the trips to Roanoke and Tennes 
that ended Rat year, -Matt and I were always 
gether. Third class year brought a new sex in 
racks, cadre corporal's bars for Matt, a trip to the 
("If there was a black cadet . . " No, we won'1 
there!), and new roommates in 359. With the a: 
tion of Colin and Justin, cadet life seemed c< 
plete. Yeah, right. Coming back second class y 
Matt acquired the stresses of being a regime 
ranker ("I just can't take it anymore! Screw this! 
going to Roanoke to sleep!), and helped make 
the trio that became Tool Shed 257 Thank God 
had Justin to keep us sane. Too bad for Matt, f, 
reigned the worst Ring Figure ever possible c 
Keydet, but I am sure we made up for the drunl 
ness some other time. Finally, this year. Matt go 
stuff together academically and started pulling 
grades that he should have all along. Despite 
groanings of a certain parental figure, and the O 
mandant. Matt again strove for excellence First C 
year. As Vice-Prez of the OGA. Matt was finally n<| 
the hot seat during EC meetings or OGA invest 
tions. Matt, I can't possibly begin to mention hep] 
the crazy s"t that we've been through togethe] 
would fill volumes. I can, however, say this . . . with! 
you, Hoss. I never would have made it through] 
God-Forsaken institution. I am forever indebted 
your helping hand, support, and willingness to listej 
me gripe about my parents, classes, or my lif I 
general. You're a true friend. God bless. - JW.D.I 


1997 - Francis Buser 

2003 - MIA, MIA 

^ "^ 


Josh B. Wagner 
Newton, NJ 

Eric M. Walker 

Union Hall, VA 

Army ~ Economics 

Jllon dollars. The jet industry will make sure of that. 
fen Josh first came here, he was on a wrestling 
*iolarship and it was his life. After a year and a few 
bnths of that and two different majors, r\e de- 
ded to part ways with wrestling ana become a 
siness Econ Major. Next came the Bomb permit. By 
3 start of 2" 3 class year, he was second in com- 
]nd of the Bomb. Then came the fateful night 
3t helped him in his decision to part with the insti- 
te for a semester or two and attend Montclair 
]te back home in New Jersey (where his one and 
' ie came 

>rson. He had grown up a lo|. He was still short and 

my with big ears but was much more serious about 

hool. His job at Jet Care helped with that a lot. 

only the occasional South Park episode, a good 

urs both semesters, grades are priority number 
So in 10 years from now when he. is married to 
iris and the Jet industry, he will be the only BR with 
private jet, over a million dollars in his bank as 
itint, and a nice personally made house in NJ with 
big plot of land a few Goldens in the back yard. 


1997 - Shannon Baines 

2003 - Toby Kearney 


Walk, E-ivalk, G (upper 
Army ~ Economics 

Weirfi6w"fTme"TTie"s — l^anlti!rrenTemT5e71yTfTgln 
my bed the night before I matriculated on August 
1 8 thinking to myself what the hell am I about to get 
myself into? How time stood still then. I wish I could 
say the same for now. Four years have come and 
gone in a blink of an eye. At least I can say this for 
my cadetship, I came unknowing and leave unknow- 
ing where the hell I am going but let us all pray that 
it turns out for the best. But one tfiifig this place did 
teach me along the way is how to appreciate some- 
*H"iing for whot it's worth. Id like to begin by thanking 
<3od for giving me this opportunity, answering all my 
prayers over the years and getting me through this 
place. One thing the T did allow me is to make 
some life long relationships and friends along the 
way, Jon it's been one heck of a ride... .W^'ve been, 
side-by-side the vyhole way and I can say of the 
times we shared together I wouldn't have given them 
up for anything. Best of luck with Jen. You two 
deserve each other and I am sure you'll make a 
great husband and father one day. Matty I know 
you won't have a chance to read this but I just didn't 
• quite feel right writing, this and leaving you out. You 
are definitely one of the best friends anyone could 
ask for. Dave and Derek best of luck to you. We've 
had many a laughs this year, taint that right. Grayson, 
Mike, and Rob you guys have been there since the 
beginning for me and I thank you alitor being such 
great friends. I couldn't have made it-through this 
place without you. To my dyke Josh, keep your 
head up and remember that this is all well worth it 
^and you will persevere. To my dyke Philip, keep on 
%iiling and working hard it will pay dividends on and 
<m the diamond. Mom and Dad, the two of you 
Nave been there for my high times and low times, 
flakmy first college baseball game, first homerun, 
cite for the many other experiences you have 
shared with me I will alwqys be thankful. I pray every 
nigjit that one day I will turn out to be as good a 
pqjjpnt as you both have for me. I love both of you 
uch. And I thank you for giving me this oppor- 
for it has been an experience that I wouldn't 
for anything in the world, 



1997 - Mike Edwards 

2003 -Josh Gonzales, Philip Hendrix 

" «*3* x- 

Thomas J. Walker 

Stafford, VA 

Army ~ Mechanical Engineering 

Tris~a greaTpTofessioTT TFe7e"infteTa~inaFiorT 
of watching a figment of imagination emerge 
through the aid of science to a plan on a paper. 
Then it moves to realization in stone or metal or 
energy. Then it brings jobs and homes to men. Then 
it elevates the standard of living and adds to the 
comforts of life, lhal i\ ih- ■ ■ 'h-jin-.-' s high or . il-.-.i- ■ 
The great liability of the engineer com- 
pared to men of other professions is that his works 
are out in the open where all con see them. His 
acts, step by step, are in hard substance. He can- 
not bury his mistakes in the grave like the doctors. 
He cannot argue them into thin air or blame the 
judge like lawyers. He cannot, like the architects, 
cover his failures with trees and vines. He cannot, 
like the politicians, screen his shortcomings by blam- 

works do not work, he is damned. 

On the other hand, unlike the doctor, his is 
not a life among the weak. Unlike the soldier de- 
struction Is not his purpose. Unlike the lawyer, quar- 
rels are not his daily bread. To the engineer falls the 
job of clothing the bare bones of science with life, 
comfort, andhope. No doubt as the years go by 
people forget which engineer did it, even if they 
ever knew. Or some promoter who used other 
people's money. But the engineer himself looks back 
at the unending stream of goodness which flows 
from his successes with satisfactions that few pro- 
fessions may know. And the verdict of his fellow 
professional is all the accolade he wants." 
-Herbert Hoover 

2003 - 

1997 - Scott Weisiger 
Dave Tavenner, Wynn Looker 



& || 



^Wf W| 

James R. Wallace 

Sumerco, WV 

Air Force ~ Economics 

Island Florida, and ended in Lexington. Virginia about 
14 hours later. The difference was like night and day. 
I couldn't believe that I had left the island to spend 
Hhe next four years of my life here. But, I look back on 
the last four years with few regrets. This place has 
been really good for me, I finally buckled down and 
got serious, studied really hard, made some pretty 
good choices, and now I'm ready for whatever is 
next. Yeah. ..I've always been sort of an outsider, but 
I wouldn't want to be a part of any other class. 

Mom, Dad: I never would have made it through 
this place without "all of the praying, and supportive 
conversations and emails, and all of the care pack- 
ages and letters that you all have provided, David, 
Richard; i have always looked up to you two, thanks 

sisters. Sara, Chip, Chelsea, Little D, Amy Beth; I love 
you and you are all the best nieces and nephews a 
■>guy could have. make "Uncle Meffie" proud. 
Misty; you have single-handedly made my senior year 
the best of all, I only hope that you enjoy being with 
me as much as I enjoy being with you. Ron White; I 
couldn't have made it through this place without 
you... you are the best young Christian I have ever 
met, and thank you for all of your "words of wisdom" 
over the last few years. Tony. Dave, guys^ 
have been great roommates, thanks for letting me 
live with you, Doug; keep those grades up and keep 
making me proudl Just because I'm gone doesn't 
mean that I won't still be watching. Cowherd, Sink, 
Carr. .good luck over the next three years, don't let 
this place get youfcown. 

And now, I look ahead to a road trip that I will be 
taking very soon. r»yill start here in Lexington. Vir- 
ginia, and end up in sunny, ..anywhere but here! I 
guess that means it's time for me to peace out of 
here. I might see you, and I might not. Go hard, 2000! 

1997 - Randy Boersma 
2003 - Doug Warner 

Lei Wang 

Charlottesville, VA 

William L. Ward 
Mineral Wells, TX 

Marine ~ Computer Science 

^*-"TTis~a greaTpTofessioTT "TEere isTheldscination 
of watching a figment of imagination emerge 
through the aid of science to a plan on a paper. 
Then it moves to realization in stone or metal or 
enetgy. Then it brings jobs and homes to men. Then 
it elevates the standard of living and adds to the 
comforts of life. That is the engineer's high privilege. 

The great liability -of the engineer com- 
pared to men of other professions is that his works 
are out in the open where all con see them. His 
acts, step by step, are in hard substance. He can- 
not bury his mistakes in the grave like the doctors. ; 
He cannot argue them into thin air or blame the 
judge like lawyers. He cannot, like the architects, 
cover 'his failures with trees and vines. He cannot, 
like the politicians, screen his shortcomings by blam- 
ing his opponents and hope that people forget. 
The engineer simply cannot deny he did it. If his 
works do not work, he is damned, 

On the other hand, unlike the doctor, his is 
not a life among the weak. Unlike the soldier de- 
struction is not his purpose. Unlike the lawyer, quar- 
rels are not his daily bread. To the engineer falls the 
job of clothing the bare bones of science with life, 

which flow^ 
fessions may know. And the verdict of his fellow 
professional is all the accolade he wants." 
-Herbert Hoover 

1997 - Jyh-Gang Daang 

Wardass, Fatboy Slim, Porkchop 
Marine ~ Mechanical Engineering 

l^riTlhlJnklToTTioTkilijng me andr5ad _ you fais 
me to be the man I anrV I love you both. 
Wilson, you were the best thing that ever happen 
to me and I hope to make you proud. James Per 
you are my brother and I will never forget you. IMt 
for Brent Harrington. You are my friend and r 
former roommate and the Army is a better servi 
for having you. We will be seeing each other. As 
the inmates of the Cellblock.., Conrad, rememt 
that thing about the bag of Cheetos and fly No 
proud. Joe, man I wish we had roomed sooner. Y 
have been the man this year and 1 look forward 
you completing OCS so we can do some 
stompin and ear droppin. Beau, OH GOD you n 
me your straight up coney. You three made t 
year worthwhile and kept me from flinging m\ 
off the first stoop. From kidnapping Conrads 1 
"movie" time at Joe's computer, learning all abo 
squad 4, Brandon swearing that girl was 18, Splc 
eating everything in sight, sleigh rides on the Ei 

backboard, GySgt. Highway, Conrad's n : 

bugle, the frag-o for arctic warfare school, the ev 
present threat of a ruptured spleen, Whew. Joe \ 
a sec. Hey dude look at my hemmoroid. and 
yeah mine and Beau's birthday(refer to picture). F 
Lee, if I could have a brother I would pick you. 
took the FatBoy and turned him into the Wardasi 
fly a starship across the universe divide, and wh 
reach the other side, I'll find a place to rest my s 
if I can, Perhaps I may become a Highwayn 
qgain." Johnny Cash. IHTFP FIIGMO. 

Pvt, 41; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; House Mnt. Chessie Trail 3, 

vice pres)21 Inmate Cellblock 124, 1; Highwayrrrj 

2003 -Jason Lambert, Blake Traina 


1997 -James L. Reid 

2003 -Jay Splain, Brandon Turner 

William T. Warthen 

Manakin Sabot, VA 

Will, Scarf ace, Skeletor; Patch 
Army ~ International Studies 

"We,TFie"cIassot 2UUU. sTTffeT^cTtT-ieTeTTipeTrngHo" 
sss which made men men Since then, this process 
js been labeled as unsuitable, barbaric, and in des- 
;rate need of change We have no alma mater: 
VII is dead. Admitting women was only a mistake. 
1 ignorant attempt to preserve something that had 
sen condemned. What has survived is merely an 
nomination, a perversion of what it was. 

VMI, I have beater) every challenge you 
jve thrown at me. In my last three years I have seen 
nough contradictions, double standards, and lies to 
1st a lifetime. The powers that be have made every 
|fort to dilute and pervert the integrity of our class, 
hce we are the last true graduates. Those that tried 
i save the school and s-ooajor its ideals, you have 
iy utmost respect. Those who brought on its down- 
ill- this is the contradiction with which you must al- 
lays live: you have destroyed what you sought to 
train. You desecrated a noble institution to pro- 
ote your own selfish ambitions, and by doing so 
3u will only inherit the putrescence you created. To 
,1 of you I have one last middle finger to throw in 
Dur face: LCWB, 

Scott, you and the Ferret are the best room- 
•dtes In Barracks. Christine, thank you for standing 
/ me for the last three years. You mean the world 
> me. Mom and Dad, thank you for never letting me 
sttle for my best. 101 109, 115 - enough said. Jim, 
>m. Nate, and Ed, it was an honor to serve with you. 
"rfil we wash our hands of this place, keep the faith, 
- "It may be suitable that the women should have^ 
leir turn on the stage, when the men have quite^ 
lished their performance." - Plato, The Republic 

Paul M. Webber 

Newcastle, CA 

Marine ~ Economics 

TTTe Vp peT-cTas^an'sTia no's ~afe~lhfovj~up~ir!fo' 
•he air, his eyes grow larger and his hair seems to 
stand on end Then he screams "California!!? Why in 
god's name would you come all this yvay to be 
"reated like this, you're an idiot RAT"?!? I didn't really 
have an answer then, and to be honest I still don't 
have one now. Do I regret it? No, I'm glad that I 
choose to take the "Road less traveled' Yes, I've- 
had to constantly answer questions like "what part 
of L.A. are you from"? Um.l dont live anywhere 
&ear L.A., and no, I don't surf or live on the beach, 
and have never experienced an earthquake. I've 
made life-long friends, learned valuable lessons, and 
supposedly got an education. It's been very difficult 
at times ana there is no way in hell that I could have 
done this alone.. My friends in India .Company, the 

' next door neighbors in sally-port and the sinks made 
this place tolerable. To my roommates; Stretch, Fuzzy, 
and Carlos thanks for everyt-hing - the late nights, 
beer drinking, and a whole lot of wasted time. I'll 
miss you guys next year. Finally to my mom, dad, 
brother and my entire family I love you all very much. 

,and your support me.qnt more to me then anything. 
Without your guidance and love there is no way I 
could have done this. 


Chadwick M. Welch 

Roanoke, VA 

Army ~ History 


goodbye. Somehow I managed to have some crazy 
times despite the absolute anguish I was convinced I 
was going to have t face for four long years. Going 
to NYC with Matt and Tony, although my roommates 
and hopefully life-long friends, ripped my clothing 
and bashed my head into a curb. Tom, I am proud to 
have indoctrinated you into the wonderful world of 
NASCAR. My father, the Class of 2000 Public De- 
fender, will probably miss bailing my friends out of 
trouble. I must give sincere thanks to my parents for 
supporting me and putting up with my frequent com- 
.plaints about how miserable my life could get at 
VMI. In any case, VMI has been an experience I will 
never forget, and I can only hope it has made a 
lasting Impression on me. Admittedly , I am appre- 
hensive about making the transition from the secu- 
rity of Barracks to the real world, but I am anxious to 
see the profound effect my Brother Rats will have on 
our nation and he rest of the world. To all the mem- 
bers of the All Male Class of 2000, I wish you the best 
of luck and I hope our paths will cross again soon. 
God Bless. 

Activities: HC Pres. 1. Assistant Prosecutor, 2. 2 nd 
PL, M. SGT, 2 nd Bn Commander. Academic Stars 
21. CIG 3,21. Pre-Law 2.1. Blood Drive CIC 4,3.2. 
rength and Fitness 3,21. Generally pissed off 4,3.21. 

Vrestling: 4,3,2 Rugby: 21 Perennial Bad Grades: 
LCWB 4,3,21 Official VMI Sux club: 4,3,21 India 
3any Preservation Society: 3,21 

Cadre 3,21; RDC 21; C Co CO; Pre-law society 2; 
LCWB 4,3,21; Big Red 41; Ranger Company 1; Ran with 
the Bulls Pamplona, Spain 1. 

1997 - Scott Saunders 
2003 - Will Blanton 


1997 - Brian Lee, Brian Schwaryn 

2003 - Vinny "The Rock" LaPietra 

Alex "Rizz-A-Toe" Rizzato 

James B. Wescott 
Poquoson, VA 

Army ~ History 

"TFIs a greaTprofession. TRere is7he"7ascincftion 
of watching a figment of imagination emerge 
through the aid of science to a plan on a paper. 
Then it moves to realization. in stone or metal or 
energy. Then it brings jobs and homes to men. Then 
Kit elevates the standard of living and adds to the 
comforts of life. That is the engineer's high privilege. 
The great liability of the engineer com- 
pared to men of other professions is that his works 
are out in the open where all con see them. His 
acts, step by step, are in hard substance. He can- 
not bury his mistakes in the grave like the doctors. 
He cannot argue them into thin air or blame the 
judge like lawyers. He cannot, like the architects, 
cover his failures with trees and vines He cannot. 
like the politicians, screen his shortcomings by blam- 

works do not work, he is damned. 

On the other hand, unlike the doctor, his is 
not a life among the weak. Unlike the soldier de- 
struction is not his purpose. Unlike the lawyer, quar- 
rels are not his daily bread. To the engineer falls the 
job of clothing the bare bones of science with life, 
comfort, andTiope. No doubt as the years go by-., 
people forget which engineer did it, even if they 
ever knew. Or some promoter who used other 
people's money. But the engineer himself looks back 
at the unending stream of goodness- which flows 
from his successes with satisfactions that few pro- 
fessions may know. And the verdict of his fellow 
professional is all the accolade he wants." 
-Herbert Hoover 

*J v 



2003 - Steve Nakazawa 

Army ~ Mechanical Engineering 

S7eaTIy"cl^Trur^upToTFyearTin Tust"cTfew" words" 
So I'm not even going to try. I would just like to thank 
parents for all their love and support over the years 
even when I was being a real pain. I hope all you 
guyS.have the best of Tuck. 

Cross-Co 1 

untry, I 

Indoor/Outdoor Track all 4 Years 

Wet, Rock, Dave 
Mecha&ical Engineering I 

b~cbme~Fo VTvirTJrvFiTl 

amazed at this "peaceful" looking place. I cal 
after the rat mass had broken out so I had no icl 
what I was getting into. (What was once so cloij 
is now so clear) What was I thinking? What were cj 
of us thinking? We still don't know what happen j 
but we are almost finished. This may be the bl 
thing that happened to us. Lord has been look! 
over me my entire life, but had to pay more att'j 
tion to me for the past couple of years. My rat ye] 
I won't forget some great guys Anthony, Lee, cj 
Matt. I won't forget -the excitement in the ro..i 
around mid afternoon during breakout, as wej 

forever. My family played a huge role in helping j] 
through that first year. They never have missecl 
home football game. Dad helped keep me on I 
right track while Mom always was there for wfl 
ever I needed some help. Ray Ray, thanks for be! 
there. James, stay explosive. John I hope to mr| 
you in the air. Charlie, thanks for brining my wei 
body to the hospital that night (physically unal 
myself). To my rats I say this: duck, and when \\ 
think it is safe to get back up, duck again. Wbrlfl 
for The dean, I have seen plenty ot events url 
where a man was in the wrong place at the wrcl 
time. So, Andrew, Chris, slow down and check 6. 1 
the rest of the people who look for me later, 'I 
Navy will have me for the next eight or ten years. | 
those who are still awed hy women being here, § 
member there are things <j woman can do thai 
man can't do, so accept it! 

Rat Challenge 2H ■ 
Deans list, 4,3 
ASME Treasurer 1 
Trident 4,33 Treasurer 3 



1997 - Mike "Free Beer" Freer 

2003 - Thomas Gorski 

1997 - Mike Moody 
2003 - Andrew Asher 

Christian Drinkwater 

Snoop Devil Dog 
Navy ~ Mechanical Engineering 

1 lf7Thel;ourselbfT^man^xpenence"a"n3 erTdeavor 
3 come to a place that effects that course iti ways 
3 could never predict. Coming to VMI is quite pos- 
ily one of those places As cadets we train to- 
sfher, laugh together, and suffer together. We share 
rrows, hopes, and dreams. Convinced of an all 
icompassing -unbreakable brother hood between 
.men of the Corps, I have discovered just the op- 
'jsite exists. There are only a few among the crowd 
ho have the moral strength to be there through . 
ink and thin; like a brother, like a friend. In making 
Is discovery I have met and befriended some of 
|e best people I have ever met in my lifetime. For 
! those brother rats that supported me over the 
ars I give my wholehearted;thanks and apprecia- 

ting ~ Psychology 

Maddogg, Fathead 
Army ~ Electrical Engineering 

nfiank^ocTfor his conTinuihg presence in my 
life and getting me through these struggles at the 
T My parents and brothers who are always with 
me, I thank them. Also, to my girl who keeps me on 
my feet and never let's me get down on-myself, 
love ya. Shouts to my crew in rm, 190, the football 
squad, and the people who be in the concourse 
chillin' (Chiz, Billy Dee, Frost, Yarbo.Deffy, Ken Black, 
Geno, Dre, Doe, Al Mitchell, Nick, Rich, Tex, Dowdy, 
Cheddar, Nard, Vaughs, Funch. Nestor) and every- 
body who I didn't forget. You know the 25's are 
always gonna be around this place! 

in. For my friend, my ACE, my Brother 'J' I give a 
ecial thanks. Since the early rats days to commis- 
ining and hopefully for the rest my life you have 

;en there; giving words of encouragement i 
as down on myself and words of caution wnen 1 1 
as full of myself. To the VMI family at large; get real 
id lets practice what we preach. How long can; 
ir Institute endure if we, due to our pride ignore the 
laracter problem faced by cadets under the guise 
a reputation we no longer feel inclined to main- 
|in? You all know what I'm talk about. Most of all, I 
buld like to give praise to Jesus Christ for his protee 
pn and provision over the years. I had a few hard 
nes when the Lord provided a way when there was 
p way. There is a quote I heard once before " 1' 
low I am not what I ought to be, but praise God I'm. 
)t what I use to be". We all have our unfinished parts :s 
jt Christ loved me just the same despite them. All 
y success and achievement at VMI is by his grace 
td power. I'm nothing outside of him. If anyone 
an remember me offending him or her during my 
»ur years I have to apologize. Our cadetship was a 
;ng hard road and at the same time a quick snap of 
a I don't know how I'll view my experiences at the 
stitute later in life but, for now let's say I won't soon 
irget the lesson learned. To all, fair winds and fol- 
wing seas. Peace. 

With his Bath county accent and attitude, you 
wouldn't expect Matt to be as smart, friendly and 
successful as he is. The once football player is now 
EE student. With as much testosterone as heart, he 
is a great friend to us all and good ally to have in a 
bar right. As an all around athlete, he was always 
first on the parade deck for those impromptu foot- 
ball games and basketball games in Cocke Hall. Hard 
work paid off for him, with a high gpa he won't have 
any problem finding a good job which his friend tells 
him will pay about 70 grand. He can pick up the tab 
next time we all go out. Thanks for being a friend 
and good roommate Matt. Cfb 

I just want to say thanks to my family and 
friends, who supported my through this prison. They 
kept me inline and helped me to stay the same 
unlike many of those who let this place change them 
into something they weren't. 

And 'to all those who never let the party die, let beer and. j 




1997 - Tony Bobb 

2003 - Matthew Waite 


1997 - Ron Hill, DeShawn Johnson 

2003 - DeAngelo Plather 


1997 - Shawn Ladrigan 


Matthew T. Williams 
Madison, NJ 

John S. Wilson 

Irving, TX 

Navy ~ International Studies 

Jacob T. Wilson 

Baltimore, MD 



VMI is an experience that I will never forget, al- 
'though I complain as all cadets do. It is hard to 
believe that this surreal journey is almost over. In a 
way I am apprehensive to meet the real world, and 
Jeave some of the greatest people I have ever met 
Pttoat I have the privilege to call friends. In reflection 
I can remember looking down from my rat room on 
to the first stoop thinking that I will never get there, 
"uthen ' 

will always remain in my memory, I will never forget 
NYC with Chad and Tony. Hollins with Chad and 
Matt G, starting to drink at 9a.m. (bonging bloody 
marys). I would like to thank all my friends and their 
families for putting me up for all the countless eve- 
nings (Bruce W). Burns, how could I not mention your 
21 birthday, some has to becouse you don't remem- 
ber. Mom and Dad. I want to thank you for your 
unwavering support that made all the difference 
between failure and success. I love you both very 
much. Everything must come to an end, so good 
Tuck to all. "10 ml- - ' 
go^ James Taylor. 

S-rRdTbeen an infeTesTihgfour years, ancTTcan j ake was ready to helve a fun college caree 

hardly believe it is over. I can remember the first he set out for the Virgir I titute that : 

; behir 

ie with 10.000 more to 

days of summer -transition. Now we are selecting gU st day in 1 996. After the^irst few days, thoug 
graduation speakers. I would like to thank some indi- didn't seem as joyous as he had hoped. After m 
vlduals for really helping make the VMI experience, "why am I even here" questions bouncinq throuqt 
To the 49 club (Dr. Mule, Beaverland, and Gonzo). head, he was stiil hard pressed .to reach a con- 
thanks for all memories. The memories: barbie girl s j on , | n time, however, he realized that the Lord I 
night, Maj. Steenburg vs. the alcohol, on post cor /Ml in his plans all along. Hailing from Boltimore, M. 
third class year, sending rats to the | an d Jake made quite an impact on VMI as 
sling shot, pizza eqting the Lexington community. After a semester 
contest, rise of the internet in barracks, triangles up j a i<e bought a truck, and what little city slicker ' 
at Bqldwm, and making each other laugh so much | e ft in him was soon gone. Jake Was an outstanc 
we spit up our food at formal dinners, birthday eel- Young Life leader in the community, and what t 
ebrations, getting engaged (for some of us), and he wasn't spending with his brother rats, he ' 
playing' rat games. Will, lets go look at cars. Mike. I spending with Rockbridge County High School fc 
wish I would have theatened the Italians too. j a |<e became a master at high ropes, and has 
Armando, I will put the trash can by putting your rack thousands upon thousands through many of the 
anytime you need it. evated courses with which he works. Jake ne 
There are many others too. Sgt Major had a bad day the last few years of his cadets' 
Hockoday, Sgt. Hudson, and YNMC Nelson gave me probably due to the freshly ground coffee tha: 
good advice and set the standard for this "young enjoyed each morning. Some of Jake's grea 
man." Keane, Kelly, and Justin did well and made j oys we re two horses, which he tended to quite- 
proud of my class. Other outstanding cadets in- quently, and even kissed occasionally Betw> 
elude McDowell, Arlen, Wild Bill, Tex, Texas Club, Glee Young Life and his horses Jake never spent too m 
Club, Robert Mason, Belmont, Stigler, Mike Amann time on post, though he manaqed to hold siqnific 
and many, many more. Todd Kennedy (the little sh' + *-■ -'" " ■ -• " ■ 

at's just Jc 
sed by m 


go far). Long live India company, the worst 
pany that ever existed. 

Finnally; to Patrick my rat and little brother, 
keep up the good work. I hope I have planted some 
good seeds. You may be what ever you resolve to 
be. Never take counsel of youx fears. Strive for your 
goals. Go to church. Study. Don't BS others. Never 
BS yourself. 

Hebrews 12:1 "Let us throw off everything that us and the sin that so easily entangles, and 
yith perseverance the race marked out for 

friendships with many other cadets. That's . 
style. For this reason, Jake will be missed I 
after departing this institute We all hope tha' 
<ireams of being a cowboy ace realized, and ' 
those days are long and prosperous. Yee-haw 



1996, 1994 -John Ripley, Sean Small 

2003 - Tate Preston, Brent Barth 


1997 - Kevin Vallerie 

2003 - Patrick Reimer 

1997 -Jason Roberts 
2003 - David Woody 

Kenneth M. Wing 

Clifton Forge, VA 

^r '*- 

James C. Witten 

Richmond, VA 

Marine ~ Civil Engineering 

''WhoFcTTyoLT t7yIri T To - 3'o7*' "SeeFg'asTio.wVM' 
is the only place to which I applied, I had no 
Dice, but to come to the "I" I quickly learned all 
out VMI. I also learned all about running the block 
d that there really is a life outside of VMI, thanks to 

Third class year was a blur, and then came 
iRing. Where did the time go? I'm not complain- 
,-buf I never thought that the day would come 
en I would be writing this. ' 

Id have to say that I'm going to leave this 
ice a different person, than what I came. I don't 
3W if that is good or bad., i.yet. I've met some of 
i greatest friends in the world. Good luck to you 
keep in touch and I'll see you around, I would like 
give my utmost thanks to my mother for being 
sre for me and helping me out In every way pos- 

Killer, Bomberman^ Mr. Evil 
Marine ~ English 

"..At last, with sweat of horror in- his hair. 
He climbed through darkness to the twilight air, 
Unlodding hell behind him step by step. ." 

My days at VMI have finally come to ah end. I 
look back and know that I made the right choice. I 
would like to thank those who aided me on my jour- 
ney: God, my parents, my family,., and my brother 
rats. Without you all I wouldn't be Where I am today. 
Mom and Dad... you always supported me... thank 
>pu. John, Charlie, Ray, and West... thanks for the 
good times and laughs That we all had in 141. To my 
rats Brian and Buzz: you've got a hard road 
ahead. ..stay strong, fight hard and you will prevail. 
Matt, Chad.-and was an honor working 
with all of you and I wish you the best. Alec, Seatba 
Sean, Dan, Ben, Jeb, Bone, Matt V, Wildmdn, D-Ferg, 
Scott, Pat, Justin, and all of my other brothers in 
arms. ..good luck in your endeavors. VMI. ..I took 
your challenge and I defeated you. I followed the 
legacy of those who came before me, and now I 
leave my own behind in faith that it will also be 
followed. Brothers, we're short-timers now. Together 
we will emerge from the heat and fury, catch our 
breath, and wipe the sweat from our faces before 
we head off to View battlefields but I'll meet you 
all again in Valhalla, we've already served our time 
in Hell. Jttfc 

Eternally on the High and Narrow-Path. 
James Wf ten . 

^ *T 

Justin G. Wood 

Tazewell, VA 

Army ~ Chemistry 

l"canT believe TCs7!ignTma7eTraTm61F6^nTrial 

VMI a cocky country boy from Tazewell. Va. I thoughl 
I was ready, but I guess it's true that one can never be 
ready for such a shock. Thank God you were there 
Jared. You were the reason I came and I will always 
be appreciative. It was tough, but very, very reward- 
ing. I guess it is time for me to go way back and start 
to thank a few people who were there for me along 
the way Many of you will never know how much I 
care, but I do, I love you all. Mom, you are the best. 
You have been the one to pick me up and make me 
believe in myself since day one. Dad, thanks for the 
love and support. I thank you both for the chemistry 
^set back in middle school. It made the difference 
arfd I' love you both! Jared and Tanya, thanks for 
letting me crash at your place. Jared, you know you 
are the best cook. Nana and Granddad, I love you 
both so 'much. Thanks for being there. Mommaw 
and Poppaw, I miss you both so much. Poppaw, thanks 
for going down in the mines for all those years in 
order for Jared and I to go to college. By the way. 
thanks for "the truck. I love it! I will take you for a ride 
one day. Mammaw, thanks for being my prayer war- 
rior. Col. Schreiber, you were truly the best friend I 
had at VMI. You qnd Charlotte were so good to me. 
You gave me confidence and the desire to better 
myself. You were the best advisor a guy could ask 
for. I love you both! Glass Lab Forever! Props to: BT. 
Nick, Paul. Matt, Chuck, Mary Beth, Keith, and 


1997 - Dale "Bird Dog" Burdette 

2003 - Philip Kerns 

RDC Operations Officer 1; OGA Suspect 31 Col. 
lams' office regular 1; Sallyport Gatekeeper and 
lutioner 3,21; Sniper 4,3; Convicted Terrorist 4 (#1 
B); Smokestack Climber 4,3; Rat Brawl Boxing 
(unauthorized) 4,31; Little John Crew 1; The 
Spirit 1: LCWB: forever. 

-\q yoi 


1997 - Tripp Costen 

2003 - Brian Zell, Buzz Anderson 

iy rats Becky and 



Matthew Linderman 
g- Bahrns, Rebecca Stewart 

Air Force ~ Computer Science 

~~ F wrot"e~a seTilbrRisToryTsasecTorrFhe yearFThaF 
I've been here, but even though I only mentioned 
one key memory from each year, it was still entirely 
too long. I say that so when I read a much briefer 
history that I wrote it will precipitate some memories 
of what specifically had happened. RAT year sucked 

things just won't be the same for any class at VMI. 
Also I met Dana, the girl that I love and will marry. 
First calss year is pretty good so far. Thanks Justin, 
Evan, and Dav'e for at least trying to make things 
real easy for us. we really do appreciate it. Nothing 
like a little positive reinforcement right Gil. May 20, 
2000 can't approach fast enough. I m sure at some 
point in my life I will look back and wish I were still at 
VMI, but for now I'mgoing to be happy to get out of 

Laslty Id like to thank a few people. The lacrosse 
team, thanks, you guys have been fun (yes even 
the coaching staff). I thank my parents for obvious 
reasons, they put up with a lot, and they helped out 
a lot so thanks mom, thanks dad. Id like to thank my 
dykes Bill and Mike for getting me through RAT v 

I thank you Ben and John, you're great 
rnenas ana I don't want to imagine doing it without 
you. Thanks to the VMI Class of 2000, and lastly I 
want to thank Dana. You bring comfort, happiness, 
love and many more things that I can't possibly list 
to me and can't imagine living without; Thank You. 

I want to end with a quote I don't recall where I 
heard it, when I heard, or even who I heard it from, 
but I believe it is trtie ond it makes all of our struggles 
here worth it: " 

"VMI isn't a good place to be, it is a good place 
to be from." B 


I ~ ■m. ^ 



B0r '' '.. 7!! i«H 

1' * -»*-* r^^B 





.... i • 

\ [ '-^M 








Alexis Abrahms B 
Jeff Akers 
Oscar Alfaro 

Keith Allen 

William Alley 

Michael Andrilliunas 

Todd Anthony 

Kenneth Armentrout 

Britton Annstrong 

Stanley Armstrong 

Albert August 

Tremayne Austin 

Christian Barrett 

Douglas Bates 

Mark Bauserman 

Luther Beazley 

Adam Belmont 

Charles Benbow 

Joshua Berk 

Charles Blanton 

Daniel Blevins 

Janett Blevins 

Jennifer Boensch 

Derek Bogdon 

Cory Bond 

William Boulware 

James Bourie 

Tillman Bowling 
Brandon Bowman 
Anthony Bravo 
Adam Breeding 
John Brockman 
Stephen Brown 

§ # ! # 

% % 

ft \ 

Richard Bruce 
Charles Bunting 
Eric Burleson 
Cregg Burns 
Richard Burton 
Christopher Butera 

Michael Butterfield 
Nathaniel Buxhoeveden 
Jonathan Cabrera 
Daniel Campbell 
Aaron Cantley 
Andrew Carbone 

Kenneth Carmichael 
Brett Carter 
Speros Casey 
Christopher Catanzero 
Ryan Cates 
it, Visun Chanarat 

Charles Chang 
William Charles 
William Charlet 
Tennille Chisholm 
Michael Christensen 
Erin Claunch 

Jason Co 
Michael Collins 
Sean Collins 

Ryan Colvin 
Drew Conover 
Kevin Consedine 

Anthony Conway 
Howard Cook 
Thomas Cornell 


Brian C 

Patrick Curtis 

Christopher Dabaldo 

Brady Daniels 

Paul Dart 
Charles De Courcel 

William Dickinson 

Matthew Dotson 
James Douglas 
Stephen Dugan 
William Duncan 
Jaroslaw Dyhouse 
William Farris 

William Felvey 

Brain Ferguson 

Ron Fiocca 

Samuel Fishbume 

Marry Fitzpatrick 

Gregory Ford I 

Thomas Forsyth 

Brain Frank 

Kevin Fromm 

Matthew Frye 

Joseph Furtek 

Christopher Qaddy 


Eric Gannon 
Michael Qantert 
Glenn Garrett 

H Anthony Gelormine 
jj gj James Gleason 

H Jason Gleason 

Thomas Gleason 
Michael Graber 
Thomas Graham 
Hassan Grari 
David Gray 
Jeremy Griffin 

Benjamin Griffith 
Richard Groen 
Joseph Gunter 
Rajiv Gputa 
Carl Haas 
John Hagel 

Randy Hager Jr. 
Fred Hair 
Eric Ham 
Justin Harber 
John Hardy 
William Harley 

Kenneth Harman 
Robert Harman 

Thomas Harman 
Steven Harris 

Robert Harison 
Sidney Hazelwood 

Kimberly Herbert 

Bradford Merrell 

Shawn Hobbs 

Eric Houck-Whitaker 

Clint Hull 

Joshua Hurley 

Patrick Hurley 
Michel lenco 
Roger Imhoff 
Pomroy Jackson 
Hani Jahkola 
Todd Jasper 

James Jayko 

John Jicha 

Zachary Johnson 

David Jones 

Richard Joyner 

James Judge 

Keith Just 
John Kearney 
Cambeli Kane 

Scott Keblusek 

David Khalek 

Phil King 

John Kitt 

Stephen Kolenich 

John Koubaroulis 

Kyle Kramer 

Jeffery Kuehne 

Jared Kuhnhenn 

Benjamin Lafon 

Brian Lakin 

Brandon Lambaiso 

Matthew Larrison 
Eric Lauer 
Charles Lawrence 
Daniel Lee 
Johnathan Lee 
Bradley Leigh 

John Lenart 
Brian Lengvarsky 
John Lentivech 

Daniel Lieber 
Chih-Wei Lin 

Lin Liu 

John Llewellyn 

Chad Lloyd 

Price Lykins III 

Daxton Lyon 
Brian MacDonald 
Adam Maldonado 
Tamina Mars 
Brett Martin 
Gregory Martin 

Michael Martin 
Taylor Mawyer 
Jonathan Mazur 
Francis McCabe 
Ebony McElroy 
John McQrady 

Reocel Mercado P 

Matthew Meyers 

Natasha Miller 

Andrew Modisett 

James Morroe 

Cannon Moss 
Deffy Mubangu 
Wilson Mustain 

Angela Myers 

David Nagel 

Mark riemeth 

Howard Hi 

John Niederhaus 

Charles Moll 

Ben Norris 

David Oliver 

William O'Neal 

Ian Ostlund 

Songho Pak 

Thera Palmer IV 

Stuart Patterson 

Luke Pernotto 

Jonathan Pettry 

Nicholas Phoreskey 

Nicholas Pomaro 

Eric Poole 

■ Scott Presser 
I William Prible 
f| Chad Price 
Justin Prior 
Matthew Prokop 
Charles Ransom 

Parker Reeves 
Christopher Riley 
Robert Riley 
Michael Roberts 
Christopher Rodgers 
Andrew Rogers 

Christopher Roman 
Anthony Rondeau 
David Russell 
Kendra Russell 
Kevin Ryan 
Angelo Sakellariou 

Kristopher Sandlin 
Agung Saputra 
Russell Savatt 
Kenneth Scott 
Daniel Schindler 
Kevin Schnute 

Jonathann Schott 
Jason Seagle 

Thomas Sebrell 
Joshua Shiley 

Eric Siebert 
Christopher Simpson 



Jarrett Somers 

Benjamin Stanley 

Adam Stanley-Smith 

Daniel Stock 

Kukuh Suharwiyono 

Kelly Sullivan ^^s^ 

Alex Tedla 

John Tempone 

James Tompson 

Paul Thompson 

• * • 

• • * 

i ■- ■ ■ 

* * • 
• • 


Sidney Toland 
Aaron Trombley 

John Turner 
Joshua Turner 

Christopher Tyree 

Maria Vasile 

Adam Vergne 

Shane Vinales 

Justin Walskey 

Eljjah Ward 

Michael Washington 

William Webb 

Ethan Weber 

Philip Weismiller 

Ryan Welsh & 
Jason Whitaker H 
Stephen Wiegel 9 

Jacob Williams 
Melissa Williams 
Brian Wilson 
Angela Winters 
^£ Quy Workman 
Justin Wouters 

Adam Woytowich 
Brian Wright 

Matthew Wright 
Joseph Wunder 



When first the call to duty and 

Now honor you and honor all 

To honor rang, 'twas then 

Who walked with you beside, 

A boy resolved, aspired to 

With hardiness and fortitude 

The company of men 

Salute in quiet pride. 

Those valiant men whose word is bond, 

Survey the field assembled here 

With courage never faint, 

This band of Brothers true, 

Who persevere and vie and win, 

In silent covenant to stand 

And serve without complaint. 

For them as they for you. 

Virginia's Sons, Dominion old , 

For soon in turn to stand before, 

Who strove with purpose high; 

The cavalcade review; 

You'll follow in their cadenc'd step 

To solemnize the kinsmen bold, 

The road less travl'd by. 

Who'd dare to follow you. 

Through spartan self-denial and 

Until the colors, cas'd and furl'd 

Exacting discipline, 

Until the last depart, 

Fulfill the highest calling of 

Sweet mem'ries of what happen'd here 

The soldier-citizen. 

Will swell and lift your heart. 

Though few had heard, yet fewer still 

This place you love, this monument, 

Were those did heed the call; 

This Institute of fame; 

Held fast, pursu'd the lofty prize 

Breathe silent vow, that none shall bring 

As one and won for all. 

But honor to its name 

Unto that call, apprentic'd to 

Whose glory to your own accrue 

Twin arts, the sword, the pen 

'Til last your cares lay down 

Learn'd each its rightful season in 

Trust God will grant the strength to bear 

The company of men. 

Its burden of renown. 

Your principle uncompromis'd, 

As life can naught but cede to death, 

Your purpose undeterr'd, 

When that good night draws nigh; 

Far known to friend, and foe alike 

Remember yet this hallowed spot, 

By deed, and not by word; 

The Corps, and VMI. 

In cloister'd halls of learning or 

And modest hope, before the dust, 

On battlefield compete, 

Pray, Brothers see again, 

In vict'ry ever humble, but 

Eternal, shall enfold you to 

Unvanquish'd in defeat 

Their company of men. 

From: To My Son, A Collection © 1999 

By: Malcolm DeWilde 


To The Cadets of Virginia Military Institute 

This letter is written by a man who did not attend The Institute, but who every day 
admires, respects and envies those who did attend, those who are attending and those will 
attend the finest college in the United States. No other institution of higher learning offers 
the unique combination of education in every aspect of human development and endeavor 
that has been offered by Virginia Military Institute for over one-hundred and sixty years. 

The principles and habits you develop during your four brief but critical years at The 
Institute will form a foundation for the rest of your life. Take every opportunity to build 
your foundation of the strongest blocks that human character can attain. 

Develop honor by demanding it in your 'brother rats', in your comrades and in the Corps 
of VMI, which you will represent for the rest of your life. 

Develop courage by seeking the challenges all around you, and in meeting and 
overcoming them, prepare yourself for the battlefields of the world which await beyond 
the gates of The Institute. 

Develop a sense of duty to yourself, your country and your Institute that you will 
unfailingly carry out, though personal cost be great. 

Develop integrity by holding yourself, as well as your associates, to the highest standards 
of conduct and, through action, demonstrate those standards to the world. 

Develop discipline by first commanding yourself, that your subordinates may recognize 
that strength of body and character that you, as their leader, will require of them. 

Develop tolerance for your own mistakes, that you may benefit from them and offer their 
lessons for the betterment of others. 

Develop and nurture the friendships that will be offered you in these intense years and 
their comfort and strength will endure until the ends of your lives. 

Develop an abiding appreciation for the unique place in history your attendance at this 
Institute confers upon you and strive to be worthy of those who have gone before, those 
who have hallowed this place and bought, at great price, its glory. 

As you depart these gates, resolve to live your life that you may return to these grounds, 
confident that you have discharged faithfully the duties of a graduate of Virginia Military 
Institute, the honor of whose name will rest in your hands, to magnify or diminish. 

An Admirer 



Member NASD 

Christopher M. Ryan 

Registered Representative 

448 Viking Drive Suite 240 

Virginia Beach, VA 23452 

Tel: 757-431-1414 



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1 Owners 

24th Street @ Pacific Ave. 

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supports 3 State 

Keydets annually 

with full tuition 

and textbook 


Thank you for your patronage 

shop your Keydet Bookstore for 

all of your textbook and supply 

needs ! 

Store Hours Mon-Fri, 8-5, Sat, 9-4 

200 Lejeune Hall 

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onewall Jackson Donors 





►♦♦♦« ►♦♦♦< $ 


— " " 







Ml and Mil At and Bonnie Jlunley 

jb>uandM*L William Klmyiee 

Ml. and Mm. William j. Jlauin 

M>u and Mu. RjcUafidand Mann Anne 


Mi. floHatliang. Vondenmank '70 

Ml. and Mil. jameL andJUnda Bclundlel 

Ml. and Mm. Ronald j. Alien, £*. 

MlL Danielle JleiakRifan 

Ml. and Mil Ronald and Elaine Pellon 

Ml. jjolut B. JlavUl 

Ml. William jolmton 

Ml* andMu. tfoanh and Sttian Ryan 
Mi. and Mu.&laine and Donald ^bnew. 


Ml. and MlL Qladif and SuAan Piewitt 

Gadet 'jbemick^uncAei 

Ml* and MlL Zmmdt and Banlana Monk 

Ml. and MiL MoAchL Q. Monk 

Ml. andMu. QnancilcM. Built 

"Ike. Klulz tfamiLfGonanatuallionl to the 

GtaU 0^2000 

Ml. andMnLAStelA. BeajleyOOO 

George C. Marshall Donors 

Colonel and Mu. jam&l£. Pafrk 


MnL Pat Mountain 

Mn~ Allen, PneUen, 

Mi* PatnichWannenRyan 

M>u andMu. Qnady andSu&an, Pneutitt 

M^CduM^W. ScAJJa 


M*~ and Mil Pete* and Many Ann, tfJikfld 

When you and your BR s march off 

You will not be the last. 
Wide-eyed, little boys will watch 

And thus the torch is passed. 

What drives young men to a place like this? 

Perhaps a common spirit. 
Like the sound that comes from distant drums, 

Yet only a few will hear it. 

But one by one the few will come. 

It '11 be cold and hard, they know. 
Not unlike another group did. 

About four years ago. 

Administrations come and go, 

And they may not really matter. 
But somewhere, deep in Barracks, 

Ghostly sabers clatter. 

Very soon you 11 join their ranks. 

And this thought with you comes. 
March well - small eyes are watching. 

Perhaps they hear the drums. 

Submitted by the family of Barracks ghost Brian Skusa 
VMI Class of 2000 






The Class of 2001 

Would Like to Thank 

Art Carved College Jewlery 
\ The VMI Commanders 
1 Bobba Seth 

The Brother Ship 


All of our Friends and Family 

For Making 
Ring Figure '99 a Success 



"Good friends are hard to find, harder 

to leave, and impossible to forget." 

I v^P^ V 

Mike Andriliunas Todd Anthony Kenneth Armentrout Britton Armstrong Stanley Armstrong { 

Ms. Brooke Catlett Ms. Amanda Davis Ms. Wendy Nicholson Ms. Wendy Foscue Ms. Sommer TankersS 

Charles Beard Luke Beazley Adam Belmont 

Ms. Katherine Samuels Ms. Sarah Diegebnann Ms. Corinne Dallas 

Cha rles Benbmv Josh ua Berk 

Ms. Wendy Fike Ms. Reagan McGuir 

Derek Bogdon Cory Bond William Boulware James Bourie Tillman Bowling 

Jennifer Brown Ms. Steward Milton Ms. Melissa Henley Ms. Alicia Harman Ms. Krystal Markham 

\ Stephen Brown Richard Bruce Charles Bunting 

is. Marissa Johnston Ms. Sarah Dunham Ms. Elizabeth Reynolds 

Eric Burleson 
Ms. Michelle Loh 

Christopher Butera ^M^KandiT Mike Butterfield Nathaniel Buxhoeveden Jonathan Cabrera 

Ms. Mary Hendricks 


Ms. Molly Mahoney Ms. Victoria Love Ms. Jennifer Blackan 

Michael Christensen Erin Claunch 

Ms. Christy Benson Mr. Chris Siefert 

Sean Collins Ryan Colvin Kevin Consedine 

Ms. Lynee Dardis Ms. Elizabeth Pease Ms. Jessica Scimone 

Tony Conway 
Ms. TriciaPiJko 

Howard Cook Thomas Cornell Mike Cortese 

Ms. Stephanie Rickert 

Jarrod Cronin 
Ms. Maggie Bellissimo 

: « 


1 1 

I J 1 

Brian Cummings 
Ms. Torrie Crabbs 

Stewart Curcio 

Connor Curtis 
Ms. Catherine Kitts 

Chris DaBaldo 
Ms. Aby Fite 

Brady Daniels 
Ms. Nicole Huff 

Jack Dempsey David Dewey 

Ms. Sarah Vanderwilt Ms. Sarah Bell Ms. Lauren Campbell Ms. Quincy Gibson 

Drew Dickinson 
Ms. Leah Scott 

lion James Douglas Stephen M. Dugan Andy Duncan 

Ms. Michelle Guinta Ms. Angela Shireman Ms. Meri Smith 

Jarek Dyhouse 
Ms. Jessica Diaz 


Irandon Farris Williiam Felvey Brian Ferguson 

Ms. Heather Gibbs Ms. Jordan Livermon Ms. Shawn Seebo 

Ronald Fiocca Samuel Fishburne 

Ms. Michelle Wakefiel 

Eric Gannon 

Michael Gantert Brandon Garrett 

Joseph Furtek Christopher Gaddy 

Ms. Noemi Reyna Ms. Elise LaSota Ms. Michelle Soule Ms. Jennijer Nichols Ms. Alicia Willis 

Toney Gebrmine 

James Gleason Jason Gleason 

Ms. Ma r\ Benbow Ms. Kristen Pine 

Thomas Gleason 

Michael Graber 
Ms. Kara Reese 

Thomas Graham Hassan Grari 

'Ms. Karen Histing Ms. Catherine Mitchell 

David Gray 

Jeremy Griffin Benjamin Griffith 

Ms. Mary Catherine Husto) 

I David Grilli Richard Groen Joseph Gunter Ronnie Gupta Jeremy Guy 

ps. Kathryn Mobley Ms. Shannon Robinson Ms. Kristine Kolenich Ms. Katie Bledsoe Ms Olivia Meyers 

Justin Harber John Hardy William Harley Joshua Harman Kenneth Harmon 

| '• A/5. Gretchen Dress Ms. Kelly Camiran Ms. Kristen Nolan Ms. Jessica Paulson Ms. Kristal Wood 


Thomas Harman Steven Harris Lee Harrison Kimberly Herbert Brad Herrell 

Ms.ErduushMaryTsoodol Ms. Jeannette Gantz Ms. Erin O'Berry Mr. Jonathan Bremer Ms. Tracy Roarty 

Chin-yaunHo Shawn Hobbs Richard Hodge EricHouck- 

Ms, Mona Ewees Ms. Susan Williams Ms. Rebecca Knoebel Ms" Eva 


Joshua Hurley Patrick Hurley Michael Ienco Roger Imhoff Ponuv\ fachson 

Ms. Courtney Browning Ms. Katie Hickey Ms. Elizabeth Christenson Ms. Lauren Gould Ms. Audrey Ney 

Harrijahkola Todd Jasper James Jayko Johnjicha 

Ms. Katariina Nousiainen Kristy Wheeler Ms. Jessica Moore Ms. Cindy 


David Jones 

Cambell Kane 

Ms. Stephanie Maynor Ms. Asheley Ashbridge Ms. Jennifer Lina Ms. Kadra Smith Ms. Rebecca Gross 

m mm *t 



Brian Lakin Brandon Lambaiso SamLaNeave Mathew Larrison EricLauer 

s. Elizabeth Cleveland Ms. Lauren Bright Ms. Stephanie Gibrall Ms. Sarah Kendall Ms. Christina Bleeker 

Natasha Miller 

William Miles 
Ms. Tracey Mullen 

GussieLord Adam Love Rachel Love Price Lykins Chih-WeiLin 

Mr. Duane t.ord Ms. Suzanne Gar asic Mr. Robert Love Ms. Katherine Tempone Ms. Tz-Shen-Su 


Viad Lloyd Scott Lowe Brian MacDonald Adam Maldonado AdamManeen 

Kathryn McLamb Ms. Suzanne Miller Ms, Jennifer Beacom Ms. Melanie Barnes Ms. Carrie Alexander 

Greg Martin Taylor Mawyer Jonathan Mazur Frank McCabe John McGrady 

Sarah Underwood Ms. Avee Burnette Ms. Meghann Atkinson Ms. Jessica Urbanija Ms. Rachelle Poole 

RoMercado Mathew Meyers Aaron Mitchell 

Ms. Myrra Rubio Ms. Eliazbeth Langhum Ms. Michelle Alcover 

Erich Miller 

Ms. Sara Foltz 

Andrew Modisett 
Ms. Amanda Simpso 

Cannon Moss 
Ms. Dawn Webber 

DeffyMubangu Wilson Mustian Angela Myers William Myers 

Ms. Kelly Hume Ms. Margaret Bray Mr. Ronald Davis Ms. Stacie Wetzel 

David Nagel MarkNemeth Howard Ni John Niederhaus 

Ms. Carter Thomas Ms. Erin Camden Ms. Kate Kobiashivili Ms. Jessica Blair 

Benjamin Norris David Oliver William O'Neal 

Ms. Dawn Bourgault Ms. Catherine Pressly Ms. Tracy Stitt 

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Ms. Paula Premo 

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Robert Riley Michael Roberts Chris Rodgers Andy Rogers Anthony Rondeau 

Ms. Heather Godwin Ms. Erika Wendt Ms. Natalie Cawthon Ms. Katie Cuppett Ms. Mandy Groseth 

1 David Russell Kendra Russell Kevin Ryan Angelo Sakellariou Kristopher Sandlin 

Ms. Melinda Pangel Mr. Richard Russell Ms. Danielle Antolik Ms. Anna Constantino Ms. Sara Wooden 

AgungSaputra Russell Savatt Daniel Schindler Jonathan Schott Kevin Schnute 

Ms. Shelley Valentine Ms. Heather Lucas Ms. Jessica Herbert Ms. Patricia Gabin Ms. Sarah Breedi 

Kenneth Scott 
Ms. Michelle Kady 

Jason Seagle 
Ms. Jennie Bajnai 

Tom Sebrell 
Ms. Sarah Huber 

Josh Shiley James Shircliffe 

Ms. Crystal Beasley Ms. Kristin Wilson 

Benjamin Stanley Adam Stanley-Smith Daniel Stock Kelly Sullivan AlcxTedla 

Ms. Khris<, Stone Ms. Megan Ward Ms. Gretchen Covert Mr. John Sullivan Ms. NicoleTate 

John Tempone 
Ms. Beth Basla 

Aaron Trombley 
Ms. Leslie Coffey 

Brad Thompson 
Ms. M argot Russo 

Paul Thompson Sidney Toland II Othman Triki 

Ms. Lisa Phifer Ms. Tijuana Wilbourn Ms. Queenie Wong 

John Turner Josh Turner Christopher Tyree Maria Vasile 

Ms. Shelley Norton Ms. Nicole Gilkeson Ms. Sarah Huggins Mr. Shawn Whalen 

Ethan Weber Philip Weismiller 

Ms. Meredith Hoffler Ms. Erinn Singman 

Ryan Welsh Jason Whitaker Stephen Wirg 

Ms. Cara Reske Ms. KariLynn Mankex Ms. Crystal Newcombe 

Jacob Williams Melissa Williams Brian Wilson 

Ms. Kathleen Denk Mr. Marshall Williams Ms. Jill Sibley 

Angela Winters Guy Workman I 

Mr. Samuel Fishburne Ms. Kirsten HoneycutA 

Adam Woytowich Justin Wouters Brian Wright 

Ms. Coleen Santa Ana Ms. Ami Wampler Ms. Jenny Bressan 

\ 'icto r Zottig Adam Zydron 

Ms. Alana Cutshall Ms. Brenna Evancho 

Matt Wright Aaron Yarboug'h II 

Ms. Susie Rees Ms. Yodit Woldegabrm 

J 02 


m Wr w 


H *!K>0S 







Jason . 

Berton Austin 

David Baber 

Brady Bagwan 

Eric Baines 

Mick Barcheski 

Jesse Barnard 

David Becker 

Brandon Bennett 

Brandon Bentley 

Jesse Bilthuis 

Christian Blanch 

Mathew Blanchette 

Landon Blum 

Jason Breeding 

Shaun Breen 

Tim Brennan 

Maury Brickhouse 

Matthew Brooks 

David Brown 

Dominik Browne 

Tim Burke 

James Burket 

Paul Busenburg 

Jeff Bushman 

Edwin Cade 

Mark Camblos 
John Carleton 

Sam Carney 
Chris Carrol 

Paul Carrol 
Jackson Castleberry 

Walter Chalkley 
Sophead Chan 
Robert Christafore 
| Dan Chung 
Matthew Cichy 
Timothy Cole 

Christian Collamore 
Kenneth Collins 
Nicholas Compher 
Jared Conrad 

V! _j-~— -sP [j Danee Cook 

!/»_ L" ■*?> l James Copty 

Louis Cowardin 
Lloyd-Jarell Davis 
Ryan Davis 
Daniel Dean 
Frank Deerr 
Charles Dekeyser 

# 1 

Dustin Delcoure 
Anthony Donahue 
Christopher Donnelly 
Richard Donohue 
Michael Dunn 
John Eddy 


Jake Ellsass 

Michael Entsminger 

Matthew Erwin 

Michael Escobar 

Brian rennimore 

John Fidler 

Layne Fielder 

Kevin Fields 

Brendon Fitzpatrick 

Nichole Ford 

Vadiim Fradkin 

Brian Francis 

Anthony Franklin 

Tim Friece 

John Fuller 

Nathan Qabor 

Jeff Gannon 

Douglas Qarbark 

Joseph Qarrett 

Daniel George 
Sergio Qiacchetti 
Joseph Gibson 
Jason Goldstein 
Keith Graham 
Craig Grainger 

Mark Grigsby 

Daniel Groover 

Travis Guidt 

Jason Halin 

Ileal Hall 

Joseph Maluska 


Daniel Manna 
Kevin Hanna 
Andrew Harrison 
Bryant Harrison 
Alex Haseley 
Robert Hendricks 

Ryan Hickey 
Odis Hickman 
Andy Hill 
John Holland 
Sean Hoover 
James Howard 

Shu Hsiang Hsu 
Tom Huffman 
Abraham Hughes 

Ronald Hull 
William Hunsberger 
Paul Hunter 

Mathew Hylton 
Sven Jensen 
Angela John 

Donna Johnson 
Dustin Johnson 
Stephen Johnson 
Matthew Jones 
Nathan Jones 
Tasha Jones 

Ming Jou 
Robert Kaczowka 
Lisa Kasper 
Robet Kendrick 
James Kenna 
Patrick Khattak 


Salmaani hhawaja 
Pual Knick 

Earl Kocher 
Jason Kocher 

Brian Komett 
Mick Kron 

John Krzeminski 
Darian LafFerty 

Jason Lamendola 

Chris Lane 

Jared Lapp 

Ryan Lapsley 

Jude Lau 

Pierre Levie 

John Leake 

Steve Lee 

Chad Leo 

John Leon 

Joey Leoncio 

David Lester 

Edward Lewis 

Dominic Liberato 

Cory Lindsey 

William Lyles 

Ryan Manor 

Alexander Martin 


Chad Martin 
Angelica Martinez 
Heidi Mason 
Matthew Maxey 
Rachel McQraw 
Wade McKann 

Jeffery McKelvin 
Charles McMath 
Marc Mcriamara 
Joel Meeks 
Neil Mellen 
I Ben Midura 

Devon Miller 
Chris Mills 
Mark Mills 
Matthew Mitchell 
Withers Moncure 
Harry Montoro 

Chris Morris 
PuaJ Murphy 
Michael nelson 
John Nemish 
Ted Nevatt 
Magnus Nordenman 




Richard Palmer 

Henry Papiano 

Brent Pasko 

James Paulson 

Stuart Payne 

Ryan Peay 

Phakdey Pen 

Renard Phillips 

Naomi Pike 

Nathan Plecha 

Jon Pogranicy 

Matthew Poulos 

Gordon Powers 

Wes Powers 

Jeffrey Prausa 

Jed Pusczkowski 

Cameron Rex 

Dylan Reynolds 

Robert Rice 

Christopher Roman 
David Ross 
David Rossi 
Daniel Runion 
Joseph Scarbrough 
Thomas Schillo 

Steve Schmidt 

J. Schreiber-Schoonyan 

Tracy Schultz 

Larkin Scott 

Ronald Sebeck 

Matthew Serra 

Bryan Shepard 
John Simmons 

Ed Skarda 
Steve Slavin 
John Sloan 
James Smith 
Lamoytna Smith 
Wesley Smith 

Puthyuoth Sok 
Bradley Sorrell 
Mark Stallard 
Paul Stamp 
Bryan Starcher 
Cory Stavinoha 

Jason So 

Natasha Strain 
Anthony Sturgill 

Chirs Sullivan 

Steve Swann 

Qeorge Swenck 

Caleb Sylvester 


Jon Tatum 

Jason Taylor 
Larisa Taylor 

Timothy Tendall 
Matthew Thompson 

Jonathan Tibbs 
Clarence Toney 

John Trant n 

Reuben Trant 

Frank Trigueros 

David Troxell 

Andy Tsarukyan 

Yaote Tseng 

Jacqueline Tugman 


JN-o ~^S 

§ t Li # 


Virginia Upham 
Eric Vik 
Juan Villar 
Angela Vizzi 
James Wahlgren 
Scott Watts 

Marc Weber 
Greg Wells 

Warren Wessling 
Brandon Wheeler 

Neal Whillington 
Bache Whitlock 

Jerry Whitlock 
Max Whitman 

Nicolas Wilbom 
Shane Wilhelm 
Jarrett Williams 
Joseph Williams 
Shakir Williams 
Blake WithereU 

Timothy Wolford 
Louis Wong 
Luke Wullenwaber 
I Micheal Zanetti 
Kevin Zirkle 






Congratulations Jason, 

We are very Proud of You! 
With all our Love and Prayers. 

Your Parents & Brother 
Linda & Robert, Clacey 

Cadet Derek B. Overstreet 

(alias: overkill, overbyte, hightower) 

and Brother Rats 


You've made it! 

We're all proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, Daniel and Family 

You Met The Challenge 

And Passed The Test 

To Become One of 

VMI's Best. 

Congratulations Jay. 

A Proud Member of the Class 



Mom, Dad, and Jenna 

I _i_ -i 







Kelly R. Underwood (Bubba) 

Kelly R. Underwood, you have 
accomplished much; high school 
graduate with honors, VMI 
Academic Scholarship recipient, 
\ roommate, friend, Rat, Brother 
Rat, cadet, student, VMI award 
recipient, officer, GC member, 
VP of Class of 2000, dyke, 
athlete, thrower, track team 
captain, Governor's Task Force 
member, and Regimental 

But most important, you are a son, brother, 
grandson, and nephew. 

We all are so proud of you! 


Where there's a 

Will there's a way! 

Congratulations Will Warthen 

Class of 2000 

on all your accomplishments 

and congratulations to your dyke, 

Will Blanton Class 2003 

for a great beginning. 


Dear Joe, 

Through the years, I have watched you grow. 

You've met every challenge with grace and honesty. 

You've accepted both victory and defeat equally 

with dignity and humility. You've exemplified 

perseverence and determination. 

As this chapter of you life comes to a close and 

you embark upon a new path, know that I love 

and admire you. Words cannot express how proud I 

am of the man you've become. 

Love, Mom 

Dear Joey, 

We are very proud to have been part of these 
past four years and to see you reach this goal. There 
will be many more in the future, but few will be equal to 
this accomplishment, or be remembered more fondly. 
We hope your experience at VMI will continue to play 
a positive role as you undertake other challenges. 

Love, Grandma and Grandpa 

& \ 



Love, Mom, Wayne, Morgan. Grandma. Grandpa, Ritchie. Nancy. Ashley. Tracey, and Dan 






MOM, DAD '65, HUGH '92, 



Timoty Andrew 
Dowdy '00 


vWlltow ^Maven L^ab 

...Your little "peace" in 
Rockbridge County... 

Nightly and weekly rentals 
(540) 464-1008 


* respect inspirit! 

Cadet Michael R. Zanetti 

"Congratulations Mike" 

2 down 

2 to go 

Good Luck next year! 


Mom and Dad 





"...the harder the conflict, the more 

glorious the triumph. What we obtain 

too cheap, we esteem too lightly..." 

Thomas Paine December, 19 1776 


Cadet Joshua Berk 

Keep up the good work! 

We are all very proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, Rachel, Matt & Reagan 






Much love, 
Dad, Mom, Sam & Jake 

Congratulations and Best Wishes to 
Paul and the Class of 2000! 

Dad, Mom, and Matt 

You Deserve to feel 

wonderful about what 

you've accomplished.... 

We love and are 
proud of you! 

-Mom & Dad 


Justin Sayko 

for Breaking Out 

In 2000 


Mom & Dad 

James Wallace 


Lara Marie 


VMI Class of 


We are so 

proud of 
you and all 

you have 

this year! 

Love You 


Mom, Dad, 

and Dougie 


Patrick Shawn 


VMI Class of 2000 

Our Best Wishes! 


The Tylers 


Gerard William "Jerry" Hoffner '03 


Your family and friends. 

iVe are very proud of your accomplishments! 

Congrats Alia, 

We are Proud of you! 

Mom, Fritz, Nadia, 
Olivia and Viktoria 


Cadet Nicholas J. Shallcross 
Class 2003 

Our continued love and support. Dad and Mom 






^ II 

William Alexander 

Andrew Alissandratos 

Benjamin Anderson 

Jon Anderson 

Mathias Anderson 

Brian Andrew 

Jason AnnisJ 

Andrew AsherB 

Patrick Atchison I 

Douglas Bahms 
Thomas Baldwin 

Joshua Bandy £■ 
Brendan Barclay ■■ 
Andrew Barden Bfc 

David Barkocy >j£ 

§ f 1 f 9 

David Bartus 

William Belmont 

Ryan Berberich 

Robert Berry 

Daniel Bertran 

Raymond Best 

Andrew Biesterveld 

Craig Blackwood 
William Blanton 
Thomas Bliss 
Christrepher Bluhm 
Jason Boatright 
John Bocek 

Mandre Boggess 

Brent Bohan 

Jason Boncher 

Benjamin Booth 
Pat Botlero 
Christopher Bowman 
Robert Bowman 
Matthew Brady 
Justin Briggs 

Eric Brindley 
Adam Britt 
Scott Brotherton 
Daylon Brown 
Derek Brwon 
Sean Brown 

Christopher Byington 
David Bull 
David Burdette 
Mathew Cambell 
Fmklin Carleton 
Mark Carr 


■ ■'•'• 'M 

iaugh jm 

AbCtS H 

Jonathan Cheng H 

Peter Choi ■ 

Dan Clark 

Fat Collins 

Clifford Cook 

William Couvrette 

Charles Cowherd 

James Crews 

Sarah Curtin H 

Robert Cuthberson 

Jeffery Dame g| 

Joseph Darin 

Elizabeth Davis 

Mark Davis 

Andrew Dawson |p 

Matthew Demarco !»' 

Michael Demayo rj^ 

Brian Desaultes 

William Diaz 

Jennifer Dineen 

Matthew Divito 

Matt Dixson 

Edward Donohue 

i i ix ii \ i l At 


/ ^* S N 

I I 1 1 

m t j 

1 1 : t 1 r 

William Dressier 
Dennis Needwater 
Christopher Duffield 

Banks Dupree 

I Ian Dyche 

jf| Eric Edwards 

Jarret Estep 
Anthony Essiq 
Richard Eytel 
Jonathon Faff 
Erin Fegley 
Paul Femandes 

Justin Fenterss 
James Ferrebee 

r 1 t i 

Robert Flowers 
Ryan Forsness 

Rachael Forest 
HH Nicholas Foster 
HH Jordan Fox 
■ Jeffery Foy 
9 Ted Francis 
,^B Keith Friedman 

Charles Frye 
Anton Fuline 
Brian Gardner 
Blair Garrett 
Dermot Gavin 
Aric Gerke 

Michael Gengler 
Peter Geromel 

Mary Qettier 
Michael Gilbert 

Thomas Claytor 
Daniel Goldberg 

Josh Gonzales 
Patrick Gonzalez 

Richard Goodall 

Thomas Gorski 

Charles Green 

Christopher Green 

Dale Griffin 

Darnell Griffin | 

Sean Griffis 

Chris GromadsKi 

Mihaela Guberovic 

Craig Guiliano 

Edmund Guy 

Justin Guy 

Michael Haag 

James tlaecker 

Kyle Haire 

Alia Hamad 

John Hampton 

Thomas Hancock 

r 1 t T 


<-•. «•'. 

Ti r 

? ? ? i .? 

1 1 


I I 

Daniel Hardman 
Edward Harper 
Jeremy Harper 
Jason Harr 
Gerogory Harris 
Philip Harris 

Ashley Harrison 
jH John Harrop 
':; Randall Harvey 
I Jason Hayden 
« Darrayl Haymon 
f Keith Heindal 

m i \ I tm m 1:1 l 1 

Philip Hendrix 
Shawn Herrick 
Bradley Hildebrand 
Josh Hillsman 
James Hitch 

Robert Hodglon 
Qerard Hoffhex 

James Holloway 
Brian Holt 

Craig Howard 
Chris Huff 

William Inge 
Ronald Ingram 
Robert Johnson 
Steve Johnson 

William Johnson 

Ruth Jun 

Valentine Kapuza 

Brendan Kearney 

Toby Kearney 

Matthew Keck 

I Y \ A 

Philip Kems 

r Kim V 


Sung Min Kim Lfc 

Kennon Kincaid W^ 

Adam King I 

Ryan King 

Luke Kingree [il 

Wesley Kite Lj 

Mark Klassen 
Matthew Kluk 
John Komaromy 
Nichole Kramer 
James Kuhn 
Sam LaQrone 


/ ill if Ad ( 

11 f 

■ i I n ..i_. I 

Christopher Lambert 
Jason Lambert 
Britton Landry 
Vince LaPietra 
Patrick Lavoie 
Andrew Lawson 

John Leggett 
Kuo-Ruey Liang 
Michael Lipari 
Baldwin Locher 
David Loeffler 
Jj Michael Lokale 

II _ ilk I ill 


iiii / / 1 r 

1 1 1 

At I/i 

Richard Lonergam 
John Longest 
Johnathan Lowery 
Christopher MacDonald 
Marid Majetic 
Paul Manns 

John Manos 
Andrew Marsh 
William Matkins 
Arthur Matthews 
Brandon Matthews 
James Maxey 

j David Mayo 

Matthew McBride 

Austin McCullough 







—■ in m 

90§30*m!^ %^^ 

~y£ ""7."? 

,j*>ty* *%£*■ 



SpF* 2 

BK»;.S(l w 

- *^- i i^3 

\Ufv "^^ '^H 

W* r ^ *>> 


1 An - 

- r _^\. ~^ *^^^M^Mlt jBV. 

■e- ■ J iL>j^J 


/** ' v MgoJE ferSBp* 1 


F'f&iJl^I^' iff •■ fil 

Jjj | 1 


Raymond Mcfi 
Rob McLe 
Daniel McNair| 
Matthew McQueen 

Johsua Middleton 
Marco Midence 

Matthew Miles 
Chris Mision 

Robert Mitelstadt 
Cullen Monk 

Adam Monteleoni 
Kenneth MoseleyJ^ 

Auste Motieciute 

Marc Moyeleski 

Justin Munden 

Drew Murphy 

Seth Murry 

Brian Nailling 

Steve Hakazawa 

David Marcum 

Brandon Maughton 

William Metherton 

Sam Mewsome 

P S. Mgankeu 


■■ Stephen Oliver 
ggHB Andrew Onello 

■jgM Jeremy Ongley 
^ J Victoria Ortiz 

Curtis nieboer 
John Noah 
John Noonan 
David north 
Devin O'Brien 
Sean O'Connor 

Seth Ostlund 
Robert Osypowicz 

Derek Overstreet 
William Padgett 

Joseph Parks 
Joseph Pederson 
Gary Pembleton 
Trent Perrin 
Roy Perry 
Kyle Pfeiffer 

Justin Phelps 
Clifford Piemick 
DeAngello Plather 
Micah Plemmous 
Christopher Polidora 
Mike Poliquin 

Tom Rackley 

William Ragland 

Joshua Rakes 

Andrew Reel 

Michael Reid 

Richard Reid 

Patrick Reimer 

Michael Rhodenizer 

William Richardson | 

Aaron Rickel 
Jon Rios 

Alex Rizzato 
Spencer Robbins 
William Robbins «^ 
Joshua Robinson |^|H 





K T 

John Roche 

Tim Rogers 

Krol Roman Kg£tf 

David Rothchild 
Dustin Rupert 
Alexander Samms 
Juan Sanchez 
Robert Sarver 
Justin Sayko 

I Frank Saul 
I Patrick Schaerrer 
jl William Schaller 
Mm Anthony Schmaus 
K Evan Scott 
K Brian Searby 

Matthew Senger 

Christian Semenowitz 

Nicholas Shallcross 

_ Thomas Sheedy 
H Dawn Short 
Greg Shpunder 
Jonathon Shuck 
Vadim Simakhov 
Derer Simons 

Jonathon Simrak 
William Sinkinson 
Brian Sinkule 
Christopher Smith 
Qerald Smith 
Mathan Smith 

Phillip Smolinski 
Kevin Solomon 
Joshua Sorrells 
Matthew Speers 
Levi Spellman 
Ryan Spivey 

Rebecca Stewart 

Slobodan Stipic 

Jacob Storey 

Qalen Swank 
Jared Swanson 
Patrick Szvetitz 
Evan Szymanski 
John Tamborino 
David Teslak 

Heidi Theule 

Stephen Traina 

Scott Trask 

Justin Trenta 

Adam Trombley 

Tu Dupont | 

I • f ' # 

f M fit 

William Talley 
Brandon Turner 

Justin Urbaniak ■ 
Matthew Van Wie g 

Edward Vaughns 

Joseph VoorheesK- . 

Justin Vorrasig^Sr 

Bryan WackerXji|- 

Charles Wagnergl 

Lars Wagnerifll 

Todd Wagnon 
Matthew Waite 

I David Walker Jr. 

I Chris Walsh 

I Brandon Waltrip 

I Brian Ward 

Melissa Ward 
Douglas Warner 

Martin Wasielewski 
Nicole Weaver 

rrr If 

B II 1 t 1 1 111/ 

t r i 

Nicolette Weaver 
Scott Weaver 

I Gregory Wheal 
David Wheeler 

: Karen Wheeler 
|9| David Whitehall 
IS Erik Wilkerson 
^(Andrew Williams 

Alica Williams 
Dare Williams 

I Donald Williams 
Gentry Williams 
David Woody 

I Nicholas Work 

Michael Wright 
Adam Wymer 
Brain Zell 
Joseph Ziaden 
Yu Zhag 
[ Bryan Zollinger 





^i^i«tt4 a^ 

a a 


k 1 ft 

:' ' ■"'•-■- • .Sb'/f*" £.?* 

:*^5 J '£f«- : : if tor-* 



-:f i 

"1" . 




The Rat Mass of 2000+3 
Into the class of 









Daniel A. Alvarez Christian A. Arllen Charles J. Brady IV Charles F Bryan III 



Thomas B. Craig Agustine O. Ekpoudom David B. Epperly Nathan K. Friedline 

Ross S. Fuller Craig A. Giorgis Michael PGoldman Christopher L. Haney 

Matthew T. Milburn Peter M. Miller James L. Nelson III Joshua W. Petry 

Kelly R. Underwood William T. Warthen Chadwick M. Welch Ryan A, Wheeler 

Kennith M. Wing Jr. Justin G. Wood James A. Boatwright John W. Downs 


Picture not 



Ian P Doyle Stephan E. Fern Jr. Christopher D. Campbell Carl B. Hammond Jr, 

William W. Huffman III Christopher J. Lowrance Collin PMahle J. Micah North 

t \ ^^^^ ^fr^fc 





Anthony J. Rayome Nathaniel WT. Rhodes James G. Sheldon James R. Wallace 



: .:. 



t&Mi. ff 



: tffBif m 









m -A 

t^ JK# ) 

■ ^ mIB 

r ■ 



■ ™/>i-'' \ 

rl ^v 

' ~~~~ 

flU/V3 |> 

' / 



^H * A f ' &■ 

L ,Jtf' ^ ; ■ '<WH| j5^\-M 

i J^W^4 

r ""^^^feSH 

Lv*ik *t ; 

3t T 



«■ - ^^^^^k 




L» "" " 




mIf 1 

















Georgia Southern 









William & Mary 



Western Carolina 



App. State 



The Citadel 



L Qiu^ 

. ^^^B _^^H ^^k" /\ 

Br* I" H 

•£- - ""' ,.^««3^r 

mr ^\mVw> 


7 II J> 


Southern Va. 




Shenandoa Univ. 




Belmont Univ. 








Alabama A&M 








UNC Ashville 




UNC Greens. 




App. State 




Coll. ofCharlestown L 











Georgia Southern 





















Southern Va. College 



Warren Wilson 






Oral Roberts 



Hawaii (Tournament) 









Virginia Tech 



Old Dominion 



Notre Dame 





101 - 86 



113 - 68 




Coll. of Charleston 









App. State 












Georgia Southern 



Western Carolina 









App. State 



Western Carolina 















J * ■ k 

J Wilts JJ^I 


1 , 


a* +- v-- 



# • 




Keydet Invitational 

Bloomsburg Invitational 

4 of 7 

Sheridan Invitatinal 


Midlands Championships 


10 of 12 
27 of 55 

Old Dominion Quadrangular 
Old Dominion 
Seton Hall 



George Mason 






James Madison 



Virginia State Intercollegiate 

6 of 7 




The Citadel 



Virginia Tech 



All- Academic Championships 

4 of 8 

App. State 



UNC Greensboro 






Southern Conference Tournament 

4th place 


l&Lr^ MJl^Mrj 

f- - H 

fSKB l^^^^^^^ 

Track & Field 



W . 

Dedication To Coach John O'Connor 
From the V.M.I Track Team 

John served The Virginia Military Institute Track and Field program for six seasons. He was in charge of the 
strength program and the throw corps which consists of the shot-put, the discus, the javelin and his first love the hammer 
throw. His dedication to the sport and his infectious enthusiasm was largely responsible for developing many conference 
and all-conference performers and two school record holders in his short time at VMI. 

Coach O'Conner graduated from Kent State in 1 99 1 with a degree in general studies. While at Kent State, he was 
a three time mid- American conference champion in the hammer throw, and earned a third place finish in the hammer throw 
at the 1989 NCAA championship earning all- American honors. In addition to twice earning all-American honors, the 
Xenia, Ohio native also participated in three U.S. Olympic Festivals and was twice a qualifier to the U.S. Olympic trials. In 
1989, he was selected to participate in the World University Games Duisberg, Germany. His personal best throw was 

Coach O'Conner believed in everything VMI stands for and embraced the principals of honor and integrity in 
everything he did. His contributions to the VMI Track program will be memorialized by a state of the art throwing cage to 
be built this summer. 

John was also a dedicated and loving husband and father. His wife Amy and his daughters Carlin and McKenzie 
live in Lexington and remain avid supporters of VMI. 


Col. of Charleston 


4- 11 

Col. of Charleston 





11 -5 












7- 14 

Mount St. Mary's 



Mount St. Mary's 


21 -5 

Mount St. Mary's 



The Citadel 


4- 17 

The Citadel 






East Tenn. State 



App. State 



App. State 


16- 19 



!2- 11 



12- 10 



12- 10 

Georgia Southern 


13- 10 

William & Mary 


5- 12 

Western Carolina 


5- 18 

UNC Greensboro 


2- 1 






* ^ , 








: _ jb; ■ 



\\V.\ . x V 












8- 10 




9- 11 




6- 16 

Air Force 



Mount St. Mary's 



10- 16 



14- 10 



9- 10 

St. Andrew's 


15- 12 

Ohio State 



3 - 22 
4- 13 

Washington & Lee 




|!f 1(1 

Hi JM 

W' ^ri <^sH 

If Je 1 ' - 


^mr i 


Ail \ 

1 1 mdm fc'v ^V V '**" 

I f* 19»m 


ta^i/' ^Sr 



^^r '' '^^j 

I 1 

m m»± 

;' '.j 

V^ I 




Cadet Stewart Scot Staton 
Class of 2000 

Congratulations Stew! 
You've come a long way. 

Remember that life is a journey 

And this is just one important station 

In life that you have reached. 

Just remember, that to whom 

Much is given, much is expected. 

We are so very proud of you! 

Dad, Mom & Byron 


up our 


Mom, Dad, 

Carrie & 



Harold Robert Caples Class of 2000 

"Skill and confidence are an unconquered 


-George Herbert 

"There is only one success-to be able to 

spend your life in your own way." 

-Christopher Morley 

You've always been your own man, even 

when you were small. 

We are and always will be proud of you "our 


You survived the "Last all male rat line' 

you can survive anything! 

Love Always and Forever 
Mom and Dad 


Due to all your 
hard work, you've 

graduated with 

honor from VMI. 

The Love and 

prayers of all 

those pictured 

here go with you 

as you move on. 

Best of Luck! 



Jonathan T. Hartsock 

Congratulations on your 
accomplishments and 
the man you have 
become. We are so very 
proud ! 


Mom, Dad, and Lori 

Andrew Cicero Bowen 

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the 

one less traveled by, and that has made all the 


We are so proud of you, and Love you very much. 
Momma, Dad, and Emily 

Cadet Andrew C. Bowen 
First Class History 

First of all I would like 
to thank my parents for 
giving me all the support 
and love that made my 
time at VMI possible. 
Next I would like to 
acknowledge my 
roommates that made 
VMI fun. Budweiser for 
always wanting to go 

Rick Flair always having food hidden away in his fo< 
box without that Cheddar and I would have never 
gotten through the day and Ratman for always telling 
people we don't like to get the hell out of the room, 
love you all like brothers. And To The Institute You 
make men of us all. 

Class of 2000 


Best Wishes, 

Matt, Bill, Worth, and Bubba 


Br en t Bo 
Class Of .20 


fl& -HjBUill/ 

YourEami 1 

Success is never final. 

Failure is never fatal. 

It's courage that 


NFL and college Football Coach 

Borrowing his words. 

Sending our love. 

The family of Cadet Dale Griffin. 

Museum of Military Memorabilia 

122 1/2 S. Main St. 
(in rear) Lexington, VA 

A Unique Exhibition 
Dedicated to all those 

who have worn a 
uniform in the service 

of their country. 


Wed.-Fri. 12-5 

Sat. 9-5 


Appointments Possible 


Please Call Ahead 

(540) 464-3041 

(All tours guided) 


Gene Marlowe 

Aerial Photography 

Route 2, Box 84A 
Lexington, VA 24450 



Chris J. Semenowitz 

For the rest of your life you'll remember the day 
You conquered "The Hill" with your determination 
And the assistance of your fellow Cadets. 
You traveled a road chosen by few men. We're 
Very Proud of your accomplishments. 


Mom, Dad, and Heather 

Congratulations to the 
Class of 2000 


Managed Service, Managed Better 

VMI Dining Hall 

Keydet Kanteen Snack Bar 

Managed Services, 

Managed Better 

"We are here to serve You." 

katulations, Chadwick!!! You made it to the top! 

We are proud of your accomplishments. 

President/Vice- President, Rat Disciplinary Committee 

Company Commander, VMI Corps of Cadets 
(Charlie Company) 

Company Commander Army ROTC 

Virginia Army National Guard, 
Ranger Company Team Leader 

Who 's Who Among College 
and University Students 

C adre Corporal 

£<mC Ste&i y&u <w tf6u eiiex t&e HtiUtwuf! 

We <d*ve tyou! 

Cadet Mark Nemeth 

From Cashel Bay to 
San Clemente, 

From Lexington to 

What a wonderful 
Second Class Year! 

We are so proud of you! 
Love, Mom & Dad 


CLASS OF 2000 

"The Rock", VMI Football, Southern Conference Academ 
Honor Roll, Dean's List, Army ROTC Scholarship, Cadet | 
Corporal, Airborne, Ranger Challenge, Bravo Company 
RDC, Academic Stars, Tau Beta Pi, Bachelor of Science- 
Civil Engineering, Second Lieutenant-U.S. Army Corps o 

Congratulations, Jay! 

Love, Dad, Mom, Jamie, MeMe, Pop. 
Grandpa, Grandma 


Be proud of this unique education. It builds men of character. 

Take care of The Institute for future generations as she has taken care of you. 

Pay homage to those who came before you: Jackson, Marshall, Maury and Byrd. 
Do them honor with your words and actions, for you have been formed of the 
same substance by her training. Remember, they loved her too. 

Be loyal to her. She has enriched you as a person. She has given you more than 
gold, she has given you knowledge. 

Be generous to V.M.I. Display good stewardship with both time and money when 
your life allows. 

Return to her often and revel in her warmth and wisdom. Each time you will 
leave her as a stronger and renewed person. 

Above all, never bring shame to The Institute. Never tarnish her good name. 

If ever things go wrong, look inside you and be strong. And you'll finally find the 
truth; that a hero lies in you. 

You wear The Ring. 
You are a V.M.I. Man. 
You are special. 

Love, Mom, Dad, 
Amy & Lisa 


Ct i ition 

Special Congratulations... Wes Kite 

.-4 complete line of crushed stone 
material a vai table for all your 
needs.. .Luck Stone/Elkton Plant 


We celebrate with you as you 

break-out. Best of luck for your 

future years at VM I... 

Break-Out 2000 

Some people dream of 

success... while others wake up 

and work hard at it. Brent you 

have made this happen all on your 

own. We are proud of your 

accomplishments so far and only 

wish you wonderful things to 

come. All the very best to you 

and your fello w rats! 


Mom, Dad, Chrissy and Patrick 



& 2d Lt. TOM CRAIG 

Four years of 

We're so PROUD! 

Love and 

God Bless You! 


J ^^ '.^sr ^^^^^B 

^■" ^ ^^^B 


A J 















Luke 9 

Congratulations on a job well 
done. We are proud of you. You 
have been a great dyke to Ian. 
We will be praying for you as you 
pursue your dreams. Rah VI if f if J 
Class of 20002 


We are so proud of you! You 
have worked hard and achieved 
academically and physically 
beyond what you ever thought 
possible. We love you 9 son. Rah 
Villi!! Class of 2003! 
Proverbs 18:24 

Love You f* 11 ysm 
Dad . iff out, and Rrooke 


CLASS OF 2000 





W^V^ watched 

you grow into the 

fine young man 

you are today. 


on a job well 


Your talents are many. It's your turn to 

pursue your dreams. Never be afraid to 

reach. It's all within your grasp. 

We love you - Mom & Dad 

Congratulations Lee! 

You made it through the 

first of man> hurdles - 

all with the thoughts and 

prayers of those who 

love you. Stay focused 

for the future. 

Love always. 

Mom, Dad, Kelly & 



Al Bangura 

VMI 2000 

"Life's a journey 

Not a destination" 

Thank you for being there and Good 
Luck on your journey! 

From 1969 to 


Welcome to 
the Old 

There is no stopping 
you now! 


During my first visit in your Rat year you told 

me now you realized you could accomplish 

anything you wanted to do in life. Isn't it 

funny...I have known that all the time about 

you...Thank you for being the genuine, unique, 

terrific, fun, young man you are. I am proud 

and honored to be your MOM and your friend. 

I love you forever and always...MOM. 

alias"Mother Nature" 

We are so very proud of you and we 

love you! Mom, Woody, Somer, 

Kelly and Ryan! 


^ovtf story 
It's History 

The VMI Museum 

filiations Chris & THE LAST ALL MALE 

We are truly proud of all that you have accomplished. 

Dad, Mom, and Jason 

Congratulations, Whit Johnston, and Brother Rats of '00 ! 

From bream to wild boar 

We've watched our Superman soar. 

Headquarters at our home 
Lynchburg has been a blast 
Entertaining you and the 

With love, Momma & Poppa 
Margo, Mollie, & Annie-Gordon 


Now only one is left to tight 

For the pride and honor they both had. 

So now in heart what both once had 

Must be carried by one bra ve knight. 

edc -93 

You have fought bravely to reach this 

milestone in your life. You, who were voted 

'Most Admired' in high school, are still 

admired for your commitment to the VM I 

principles of perserverance, endurance 

and excellence. Continue to follow your 

heart and dream your dreams. 

Don't lose the courage to follow 

'the road less traveled by'. 

Loveya! Mom & Dad 


- \— - — j~^ 

v — > „«=* 

5v """Jaf^ 




Cadet Joseph M. Poppa 

United States Army 
We are so proud of you. 

Matriculation 1996 1999 

Congratulations and Good Luck with All of our Love-Dad, Mom, LinLee, 

Sarah & Julia 



1*1 II II i 

q ilp 'i " ir 


Congratulations on four 
outstanding years! These 
have prepared you well 
for the challenges ahead. 
We are very proud of 

We love you, 
Mom and Dad 

ise Congratulations 
d Be Honest Be Loyal 


These friendships and others (Ben & 

Thor) will be with you forever 


Love Mom & Bart, Dad & Anne 

Eric & Shawn 



VMI Class of 2000 

Aug 19, 1996 to May 20, 2000 

The reward of a thing well 
done is to have done it! 

After a long and challenging 4 years your 

graduation from VMI is at hand! We never 

doubted for one moment that you would do it! 

We have always admired your wisdom, 

strength, and determination! You have always 

made us so very proud to call you our son! 

Mom & Dad 

> 3 


iy©a -were rfw$y$ 
there to gaiJe ©lit? 
Hose froro flw 
5Fivi>s &©m fogether yoa became the 
yoa rre, especially to sports. %ai e^eD M$hen 
Atfere youDg, yoa k>ew vfojt the #fr Force te 
oat. QooJ lade gaidtog oar eoaiDtry s>s yoa fly. 

Less than 10 minutes from the Institute and Lexington. Country 
charm and hospitality are combined with superb food to ensure a 
memorable stay. Located just over four miles from Lexington on a 
vorking sheep farm, you can relax by the creek or go for a walk and 
enjoy mountains views. Full country breakfast included. 
Dinner available to guests. Rates: $64 to $74. 

nnkeepers: John (VMI '90) and Sarah Burleson 

1374 Big Spring Drive 
Lexington, Virginia 24450 
Lavender Hill Farm Bed and Breakfast 1-800-446-4240 


The Class of 2000, The Last Class, the 
end of an Era, but the beginning of 
Great Leaders to embark upon the New 

Congratulations for becoming the man we prayed 
for. Love Forever, Dad and Mom 
(Frank L. and Linda F. Jackson Jr.) 

Congratulations from your Big Sister! You laughed 
at my Speech which included the reality of the concept 
of the "Circle of Life" from the movie "Lion King". I 
say to you now that we are both in that Circle. You 
have just completed an important part of your Circle, 
making you only a few steps behind me, running at a 
strong and steady pace. However, as We Both 
continue around the circle, you will always see me a 
short distance ahead -smile. Love You, Mamie. 


I've Been Waiting An Awfully Long Time For This Moment". 
Breakout 2000 

Congratulations Matt 
Mom, Dad, Cam & Ty 

Cadet Dinneen 
Class of 2003 



Theodore Roosevelt 







m of your lift 
comb J 

W«*y (Coach, tf/lna.T '5 in/ "rii*?*-' 

I fe 


lout, , 

feor> npsT scade to fiesT (lass-we 
nave reeh pkdud of you in EVEtnTtiirKi 
v ouvtDone Cona3ATuLA T ions r\tnnr 

on youp. (SADUATion fpon VAH We 


HtfiL Ht cOr\CS>< ' ' ' 

r'arr, «<»rly Training tor 

y/o \<3Ve*d yOu< Than, r\Ovj i a]»sc 

Mem, PaJ i <ZoU»ar 


We've Always Known 


'\OA, Dad Olivia. Astiift 

(jpahdaa. Aim Lrmt 

Sacam 6 Cmip 

•row boyhood to manhood m ut 


These CUTIES Wou Id Be I .*; I A 

Ot uou < 

Lov&. ("lorn & Pact 

S ^ears ago ^cu saarc^ad Tor scmatmng spe 
You vaaornad it " q yfV|\ Jaqrea: 
Kaaf climbing ^cvir K2. 


lout, . I Dad 

GOD Bless Your Futures! 



you, Matt! 

Lov£ ; 
DCLcL, Moid 
i. AfflCLqcLcL 




Of YOU ! 

M_LOvrL»««*fVa.,«rt I 

!T| om XO Dad XO & Alana XC 



LukE, FROMlhEbEGiNNiNq... 

ALLOur Love, 
Yolr FAMily 


-F/*s. *3 

Top 10 things to do at VMI 

10. Avoid the bone mobile 

9. Sit in your room & get drunk 

8. Learn to fear the rack monster 

7. Find another dip 

6. Win no games on a $10,000 field 

5. Win one game on a $1 million field 

4. Hook up with your rat 

3. Grazing 

2. Graduate 

The number one thing to do while at VML..see page 345 

Wanted Dead or Alive 

(Payable in either land, livestock, $500, or merits) 


The 2000 Boomb Staff 

Editor in Chief 

Jake Williams '99-Dan Schindler'00 

Business Manager 

Billy Huffman' 99- y 00 
Managing Editor 

Daniel Schindler '99-Adam Vergne '00 

First Class Section Editor 

Charles Townes 

Second Class/Ring Figure Section Editor 

Adam Belmont 

Third Class Section Editor 

Justin Wouters 
Rat Section Editor 

Chris Simpson, Adam Wymer 

* H 







1 W 1 *^ 










I i